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06-03-2008, 00:04
I don't have the book yet so i dont' know the exact points costs of most of this, just bits i've gleaned and summised from what other people have posted, so bear with me on that front. However, i've been thinking about the new list and come up with the following. It's an undead elf army so i'm going for a smaller elite force...

Vampire Count
- Level 3, Forbidden Lore (Fire), Master of the Dark Arts, Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Lycin

5 Black Knights
- Barding, Command

4 Blood Knights
- Standard, Musician


- Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Dark Acolyte
19 Grave Guard
- Great weapons, Command, War Banner

- Invocation, Danse Macabre, Book of Arkhan

10 Ghouls

- Avatar of Death (Great Weapon), Dark Acolyte
19 Skeletons
- Spears, Command

10 Ghouls

Should total around 2000 points (obviously i'll tweek it to fit when i have the book)

Any comments form those who have the played the new rules would be great

06-03-2008, 01:05
Get a BsB ith regeneration banner (25 points for bsb 125 for regen) in your GG unit and watch it never.. ever... die. You also get one less loss in combat for the bsb, and anything that does crumble gets to regenerate the crumble wound!

Not sure why you would give your general M9, he should be in the core of your army.

Try a scouting thrall with M9, +1 attack sword, -2 to shoot at (-3 for single character) and hatred, comes to 200 points but boy it that one funny. Round the back of their army turn 1 with 18" movement, will collapse their movement and should be un-shootable (put him in a forest and not even cannons get him, and elves need 7's to hit him...

Its also worth noting that if you dont get the regen banner, you might as well take a BsB, vampire (or wight king) BsB's can STILL have a weapon AND magic items AND vampire power ASWELL as the Battle standard, as long as you dont give him a specific banner. And its only 25 points.

Edit, oh and that army is 2038 points by my count, not bad going!

Your gonna need summon skeletons and summon gouls in there somewhere, they let you increase the size of skeleton and goul units, without them, 10 ranked up gouls wont do a hell of alot.

Edit: And your lord has the 15 points spare for summon gouls, which i really think would be the best next step in the army.