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06-03-2008, 01:24
Hi all.

This is my attempt at a 2000 pt beasts of nurgle list.


Doombull: 289 pts
Mon, hvy armor, shield and slaugthers blade.

Shaman: 131 pts
Lvl 1, Braystaff and 2 dispel scrolls.

Shaman: 131 pts
Lvl 1, Braystaff and 2 dispel scrolls.

14 x Beast Herd: 112 pts
7 Gors xtra wpns Full Command, 7 Ungors spears

14 x Pestigors (generals bodyguard): 273 pts
mon, full command, gw, hvy armor & war banner

3 x Minotaurs: 178 pts
mon, gw and hvy armor

3 x Minotaurs: 178 pts
mon, gw and hvy armor

2 x Chariots: 170 pts

7 x Warhounds: 42 pts

7 x Centigors: 140 pts
light armor, spears, sheilds & muso

Giant: 205 pts

2 x Spawn: 150 pts
mon upgrade

Total 1,999 pts

Well thats it c&c welcome

Cheers in advance

06-03-2008, 03:49
Perhaps 7 Centigors - or anyone on a calvary base - is a bit too much, mainly for maneuvering purposes; 5 or 6 should be fine. And with the extra points get more hounds, and separate them into two units so that you can have more options for flanking, but primarily screening.

07-03-2008, 02:57
As much as I love the Nurgloid dedication of your list, there are some things that aren't that effective in gameplay.

1) Spawn upgrades (of the Nurgle variety). Not worth it, IMO, and a 'regular' Spawn is disgusting enough.

2) Holy numbers. No, bad, get rid of. It is more than enough if your whole army numbers a whole multiple of seven, and it's points value is wholly divisible by seven (2250=bad, 2247=much better, 2401=bestest). Kidding! ;) But get rid of the 'must use magic numbers' mindset, unless you are prepared to use seven Minos too.

3) Pestigors up to 16 (full rank bonus with Doombull) or down to 12 (look good with three wide, two deep on either side of the Doombull).

Okay, that second one was silly too... For the estethics, 14 works too (unit is six inches wide, three deep, Doombull centered in front rank).

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14-03-2008, 19:14
Take herds in multiples of 4+1. So like 17. Take 7 gors, 10 ungors, with full command, etc.

I dont' think minotaurs can take HA, just LA.

Take more hounds.

it has good direction, just remember the beasts army plays more like WE than a normal block infantry army.