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06-03-2008, 04:52
This list is based on the units given to you from the Spearhead.

I beefed up the characters quite a bit (the Vampire Lord is almost maxed out).

The idea is to be able to beef up the Skeletons and Ghouls in the earlier magic phases before any serious CC occurs. I also placed as much emphasis as possible on being able to heal units and to reduce the amount of models I'll lose from combat. In terms of each units' usage, it's your pretty standard strong core in the middle with calvary for the flanks.

I will, of course, have plenty of extra zombies/skeletons/ghouls on the side.

I'll leave a comment underneath a unit whose rules I'm a little unclear of or if it's a character attached to a particular unit.

(Beefy) Vampire Lord
-Forbidden Lore
-Red Fury
-Lord of the Dead
-Talisman of Protection
-Blood Drinker
-Flayed Hauberk
NOTE: Will be attached to the Grave Guard unit

-Dark Acolyte
-Summon Ghouls
-Sword of Might
-Cadaverous Cuirass

Weight King
-Two hand weapons
-Barded Skeletal steed
-Banner of the Barrows
NOTE: Attached to the Black Knight unit. Also, I'm unsure if I can give him two hand weapons with that config. If I screwed it up, please let me know.

-Extra spell
-Dispel scroll

-20 models
-Full command
-Banner of the Dead Legion

-20 models
-Full command
-Standard of Everlasting Death

-10 models
NOTE: To be honest, I'm thinking about cutting them due to the low number. I could possibly beef them up with the Vampire though.

Dire Wolves
-5 models

Dire Wolves
-5 models

Corpse Cart

Grave Guard
-10 Models
-Full command
-Great weapons
NOTE: Vampire Count attached to this unit

Black knights
-5 Models
-All steeds barded
-Full command
NOTE: Wight King attached to this unit

NOTE: Will be running on the flank with the wolves so they can march move and for support

Well, that's it. I'm hoping for this to be a good balanced, beginning army. Let me know what you guys think.

06-03-2008, 06:17
I haven't the new book yet so i can't check but generally heroes can only have on option (AHW + lance on wight king).
Also I would try to keep the ghouls around, they're cheap and hit hard (for undead) on lightly armoured things.
The FC on skeletards might be overdoing it, imo at least the champion isn't worth it.
And lol, now that I had my coffee I realized AHW on a cavalry hero is useless.

06-03-2008, 06:26
Thanks about the AHW info. I don't have a copy of the core rulebook with me. (I'm here in LA for a few weeks, most of my stuff is back in NY)

Well, that's a few extra points I have to spend. :)

06-03-2008, 09:56
Shield instead of AHW on the WK.

On your Count, I recommend either going pure caster or pure melee. The wishy washy style many people are starting to favor leaves him unoptimized for whatever role he's in at that given time. On that note, he's the only possibility you have for a powerful caster, whereas all of the Vampires can have Dread Knight and Red Fury (I think, I don't own the book yet either).

You'll have to keep the ghouls, as only skeletons, ghouls, and zombies count towards required Core choices (which ruined my plans for an all dire wolf army).

Keep FC on your skeletons, because the unit champ can keep your caster from being gibbed in a challenge, and you can just raise him back up in your next magic phase.

No Book of Arkhan???

07-03-2008, 01:47
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I may retool the Count to be a much more combat-heavy character. My idea was to attach him to the Grave Guard and use the Red Fury/Blood Drinker combo to keep the Count alive and to keep the number of Grave Guard up. So I'll probably cut-back on the magic abilites he has, maybe add an extra combat related one, and then (if I have the points) get a magic banner for the Guard or add more models to the unit.

By using the Dark Acolyte ability on the Vampire, she becomes a lvl 2 mage, effectively becoming as good as the Count (not counting vampiric abilites of course). I'll probably retool her a bit as well to be more magic-based, as she's going to be on her own and is there to mostly cast spells.

Due to point limitations, a regular Vampire cannot have both the Dread Knight and Red Fury abilities.

The Book of Arkhan is something I overlooked when building the army. There's a good chance it'll make it into the updated army list.

Thanks again guys. I'll post an updated army list whenever I get around to it.