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06-03-2008, 12:38
Hey Mates,

I'm starting a new fantasy army, it'll be my first for a long while. I'm going to start with a 1500pt Skaven "Skyre" army. I'll give you a basic rundown of the list and see if you have anything to add.

Chieftain w/ heavy armor, shield
Warlock w/ blades, accumulator, condenser, Dispel Scroll
Warlock w/ blades, accumulator, condenser, Dispel Scroll

Clanrat Regiment
29 Models w/ full command, ratling gun
Clanrat Regiment
29 Models w/ full command, ratling gun
Clanrat Regiment
29 Models w/ full command, ratling gun
20 Models
20 Models
20 Models

Gutter Runners
10 Models w/ Tunnelling
10 Models

Warp Lightning Cannon

TOTAL - 1571 points
MODELS - 171
DISPEL DICE - 4 (2 scrolls)

What can i cut out to make it an even 1500? Also, if i can find the points, what should i give my Chieftain? I'll be using him mainly for Ld bonus. How do Poison Wind Globadiers fare? I might swap out my Gutter Runners for some of them.

06-03-2008, 15:02
The list looks good, but there is a definite SAD theme on it with two mages, 3 ratling guns, 10 jezzails and a WLC in "only" 1500 points (although not a full SAD, but SAD'ish).

To make the list better I would split the gutter runners into two units of 5 as one unit of ten is a tad many in one tunneling unit. Also if you can muster the points, try to give the gutter runners poison hand weapons. You wont win any friends with two tunneling teams, but if you insist on 10, then use them in two teams.

Poison wind globadiers are great in smaller units to force your opponent to charge them or walk around them.

Your champions in the clanrats are a waste for the extra attack but are good to challenge opponents to protect your other characters (not for accepting challenges but to issue them).

Suggestion is to reduce the jezzails to 9 (or possible even lower) and/or skip one or two ratling guns. Use these points for smaller giant rat packs, poison wind globadiers and poison hand weapons for the clanrats.

Also decide if you cheiftain should be a Ld guy or damage dealer. A good and cheap combination is typically warpstone amulet and great weapon. He might die at the end due to the amulet, but thats only fun.
Even more fun (and defensive) is cautions shield and warpstone amulet.


06-03-2008, 15:17
remember... weapon teams are easier to pick off nowdays. and yes split your Tunnelers into two units of 5.

06-03-2008, 15:31
Well i would suggest the following changes to your army

lower the tunnel team down to 2 teams of 5 or a single smaller team. These guys arent good in big numbers they are best at killing mages in rank and file units, lone mages, Warmachines, and the rare jumping of missle units. give these guys posion hw

Id also suggest dropping the ratling guns, they arent very effective any longer with the new 7th edition los rules. As you will find out once you use them, you will play against someone with either a mage,handgun/archer unit somewhere either on a hill or within los of the silly weapon team, and kill them all before they can fire on turn 2-3. Netting them a easy 180 vp. Granted if your enemy doesnt shoot them or doesnt have any shooting or magic to kill them, they are indeed well worth those 60 pts :)

- id probably lower the jezzails to 9 for panic purposes.

- Id give one the mages a Warpstone charm/storm daemon combo, the extra warped lightning spell everyturn plus a reroll once per game is useful.

-May as well give the chieftan a great weapon or something so he can fight?

-Slaves at 20man some people swear by this, i do not however, 20 man units are easy to panic and then you would have holes in your formation and no more units to redirect charges with. Id say up these guys to 25 man with a musician. (allowing you take alot of losses on the unit b4 panic, and before you lose your rank bonus)

-Posion wind globe are ok, they are best as a cheap throw away unit to see ur enemy deploy another choice. They have a really limited range and actually arent to useful at it. Unless you shot a really big monster they arent to effective. If u want a cheap unit take 5 night runners with no equipment, deploy them first so your enemy has to deploy another unit, and since your unit is US5 they can claim a table corner netting 100vps not bad for a 25pt unit?