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06-03-2008, 13:48
Or any others who might come across...
Heroes (885 points :o )
Vampire lord : general (duh!), level 3, master of dark arts, forbidden lore (metal&vampires being the popular ones), lord of the dead (there has got to be at least one of these!), sword of might, nightshroud, helm of command, book of arkhan (to be usefull even when not in combat and using other lore)=440

Vampire: bsb, dark acolyte, avatar of death (GW), black periapt, talisman of lycni, flayed hauberk=225 very hitty, fast, durable caster, who has a role before he goes Leroy Jenkins surprise-attacking everybody.

Necromancer: IoN, Vanhel, 2 scrolls, corpse cart with balefire as a mount=220 total supports one unit and with periapt's help spams vanhel when it matters.

Core: 522 points (very vell proportioned, don't you think? :P )
15 skeletons: spears, FC
15 skeletons: spears, FC=155
14 skeletons: FC (Lord's nest)
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves=40
Wolves harass everything, diverting and march blocking and threatening to be naughty sometimes.

Special: 415 points
5 fell bats=100 Trying to take at least one warmachine, doesn't look so good thus far but hey you got to have bats right?
20 grave guard: FC, shield&hwpn, banner of barrows=315 the anvil, that can take on any enemy and triumph, by attrition at least...

Rare: 175 points
Cairn wraiths: 2 wraiths+banshee=175 "OMG terr0r! :eek:"
10+1 PD, 6+1 DD, 1997 pts and almost ninety models before summoning (which, lets be fair, is not too much here, we concentrate on keeping people up, not getting more of them here). Advance as a 3-line formation, wolves at the front in weird formations like 1-wolf lines, redirecting enemies while threatening warmachines, GG at the center and spearskellies on both sides, and only the basic skellies in the back row with the lord with them. Wraiths at one flank, bats on the same flank or the other... I haven't decided where the necromancer goes yet, I haven't tried the CC yet, and he has been with the lord before (without the cart). It could work still...

06-03-2008, 15:14
well the good thing is he can't panic you with the Warmachines.

07-03-2008, 06:28
You misused Leroy Jenkins. LJ didn't surprise attack; the surprise was on his COMPANIONS, NOT the dragons in The Rookery. By describing one of your vamps as LJ, you say that he's going to get your entire army killed off by an angry swarm of tiny black dragons.

07-03-2008, 12:57
Oh dear, sorry about that. How can I ever repay this horrifying insult I did for the whole WoW community? I'm so ashamed, I'll go and slash my wrists now... :cry: