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06-03-2008, 17:01
So I posted this list yesterday after I got the model for the Fay Enchantress. I didn't get any replies, but I just assumed it was because my list was perfect ; )

For those that didn't see it, this was my list:

The Fay Enchantress *general* (Life)
Prophetess lvl4 (Heavens)
Paladin *BSB* w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty
Damsel lvl 2 w/ horse (life)
Damsel lvl 2 w/ horse (life)
Damsel lvl 2 (beasts)

9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner *cavalier is lady's champion*
8 KotR w/ FC *BSB here*
8 KotR w/ FC *mounted damsel here*
8 KotR w/ FC *mounted damsel here*
21 skirmishing archers w/ villein *prophetess and damsel here*

5 pegasus knights
9 questing knigts w/ FC

5 grail knights *Fay Enchantress here*

Total: 2999
PD: 17 + Fay bound spell
DD: 10

My first game was against woodelves that had:

Spellweaver lvl4 w/ wand that lets her reroll dispel dice
mage lvl 2
BSB noble with the banner of MR 1 and cause fear
Branchwraith lvl 1 w/ murder sprites

4X 10 gladeguard w/ full command
8 glade riders
10 dryads w/ champ

5 treekin
10 wardancers w/ champ (there might have been a wardancer noble...)

10 waywatchers

The board (for both games) was a 6X4 and from my view there was a hill on both short board edges. A forest in the back right of her deployment zone, a huge forest in the center, and a small forest between the center forest and the hill on the left board edge.

I deployed my archers on the hill on the right, then from left to right was a unit of KoTR (damsel), grail knights (1 long rank), KoTR (BSBB, and KE. Behind the forest I put the pegasus knights. Between the two forests I put the questing knights, and between the forest and the hill I put the other KoTR (damsel).

She deployed 3 units of her glade guade (mages) to face into the big opening with the treekin on their right, and the treeman on their left, with the dryads to the treeman's left. To go inbetween the two forests were the glade riders backed up by the other gladeguard (BSB). And on the far left she deployed the wardancers. The waywatchers went into the center forest.

Dispite my +1 and brets actually getting to roll for first turn I lost and WE went first.

Turn 1 WE:

Wardancers, gladeguard, treeman and treekin all move up as fast as they can. Waywatchers move up to shoot pegasus knights, and the dryads go into the woods behind them. All that happens in the magic phase it that the grailknights can not move next turn. Her shooting doesn't do much and only kills a KoTR from the BSB unit and the unit on the far left. (Waywatchers got 1 killing blow on the pegasus knights but my ward saved me).

Turn 1 Brets:

Pegasus knights charge waywatchers who flee and get away (putting my PKs in the forest), and the KE charged the treeman. The only units that moves were the knights on the left who moved up to charge the wardancers and gladeriders, but not far enough to get charged themselves. In the magic phase all I get off is celestrial shield on the BSB unit, but in the shooting phase my archers do 2 wounds to the treekin. In combat I do no wounds to the treeman, but this is countered by the treeman doing none back. The treemen holds. (I didn't know they were stuborn before this)

Turn 2 WE:

Dryads charge flank of KE, and glade riders charge the KoTR in front of them. Waywatchers don't rally and fall back more. The wardancers move into the woods on the left. Her magic phase is ended when she miscasts. In the shooting phase I lose a questing knight and a KoTR on the right. In combat I lose 2 knights to the dryads and 1 to the treeman, but some how so a wound to the treeman (sure 8 str 6 attacks do nothing but a couple str 3 attacks go through...typical). The KE hold. The glade riders do 1 wound to the knights and lose two of their own. They hold and I expand my front rank.

Turn 2 Brets:

Grail knights and a unit of KoTR charge the treekin, pegasus knights charge the rear of the dryads, and the questing knights charge the wardancers. The archers move up as do the BSB KoTR. In the magic phase I get off mistress of the marsh on the treekin and howler wind on the KoTR fighting the glade riders, and the horses of the glade riders can't fight. My archers kill 2 gladeguard. In combat my grail knights and unicorn do 5 wounds to the treekin (this is where she learns they are magical attacks), and the other unit does 2 wounds. Remaining treekin kill 1 KoTR and I run them down. The pegasus knights kill 6 dryads and the dryads and treeman kill 4 KE. The trees hold. My questing knights use ther handweapons and kill 5 wardancers and take no loses and run them down. My KoTR beat the gladeriders and run them down.

Turn 3 WE:

Waywatchers don't rally and go off the board. In the magic phase the she moves the trees in the back of her deployment zone to block LOS on the grailo knights. In the shooting phase I lose a questing knight and a couple of KoTR. In combat my cavalier makes a challenge which the dryad champ take but neither hurt each other. I kill a few more dryads, she wounds a pegasus and kills more KE and it ends up as a draw.

Turn 3 Brets:

KoTR on the left charge flank of archers w/ BSB, and the other KoTR also charge archer units. Grail knights reform, questing knights start working their way out of the forest, and archers move up. My magic phase is shut down, and my archers have nothing to shoot. In combat I beat and break both units that I hit in the front, but the BSB unit that I hit in the flank actually holds. KE are finished off but I kill enough dryads with my pegasus knights to win, but but units hold.

At this point the WE player threw in the towel since although the pegasus knights were doomed, it was only a matter of time before all my knights turned around and smashed them.

Solid victory to the Brets!!!

The next game was against DE, which had:

Lvl 4 high sorceress on a dark steed
Lvl 2 sorceress on steed
Lvl 2 sorceress on steed
Lvl 2 sorceress
Lvl 2 sorceress
(they had a bunch of power stones and dispel scrolls)

10 warriors w/ shields and repeater crossbows
10 warriors w/ shields and repeater crossbows
10 warriors w/ shields and repeater crossbows
10 warriors w/ shields and repeater crossbows
10 dark riders w/ full command
10 dark riders w/ full command

20 spearmen w/ full command

reaper bolt thrower
reaper bolt thrower
reaper bolt thrower
reaper bolt thrower

It was on the same board and I was on the same side. (We're a lazy group)

I deployed my archers on the hill and from left to right I had the KE, KoTR (damsel), and grail knights. The pegasus knights were again behind the trees. Between the two forests were the other KoTR (damsel) and on the left flank I had the questing knights and on the left the KoTR (BSB).

He deployed his dark riders and mounted mages on the left flank. All the crossbowmen were in the clearing with the other mages inside them and morathi behind, and the RBT between them. The spearmen were behind the trees.

DE won the dice roll to go first.

Turn 1 DE:

The dark riders moved up a bit and morthi flew behind the center tree but with LOS to my knights on the right. In the magic phase I let them get off a bunch of chill winds that did no damge and stopped the rest. The shooting phase killed a KoTR (BSB), 3 grail knights, and a couple of knights from the other units. (During the game the RBT's NEVER missed or failed to wound unless it was the third rank)

Turn 1 Brets:

On the left I move up the 3 lances to try and pin the dark riders in (I can't be too aggresive or else they'l run right by me. My other lances move up to charge the crossbowmen, with the grail knight wheeled to have LOS to Morathi as well. My magic phase is shut down, but my archer do two wounds to Morathi's pegasus.

Turn 2 DE:

Morathi moves behind my knights and that's it for movement (I was very confussed). In the magic phase both my lances on the left are hit with black horror, but I only lose 1 from each unit. (It was here they realized I had no dispel scrolls) The BSB unit is also now WS 1. The rest is stopped or does no damage. The panic test makes the WS1 KoTR with BSB run off the board. In the shooting phase I lose another questing knight and a lot of knights from the other lances. The KE are down to 4 models, the KoTR are down to 5. The KoTR going between the woods are down to 5 or 6. The fay is hit by a RBT but makes her ward save. All units hold though.

Turn 2 Brets:

I charge the dark rider unit on the right that has a lord and a hero mage with the questing knights in the front and the KoTR on the flank. The KE charge a unit of crossbowmen w/ a mage, the pegasus knight charge another crossbowmen unit, and the grail knights charge two RBTs that are nicely side by side. My magic is useless, but my archers finish off the pegasus (out of 12 hits all but 1 hits the pegasus and only 1 wounds). In combat all units are beaten and run down. The lances on the left don't make it into the other dark riders. The grail knights go off the board, as do the KoTR, but the KE don't quite make it. The pegasus knight overrun into a RBT behind.

Turn 3 DE:

Morathi moves towards the archers, and the darkriders move to the left flank of the knights. Spearmen turn around to be ready for grail knights. The remaining crossbowmen on the right turn around to phase KE. In the magic phase I stop most things but the archers are hit by black horror that makes them panic and run, but they only run 2 inches and are still on the board. The KE are hit by doombolt that kills 2 and they run off the board. Since the Fay's champion fled she takes a str 5 hit, but her ward saves her. In the shooting phase I don't take many losses since most of my units are off the board or dead. In combat I wipe out the RBT.

Turn 3 Brets:

Pegasus knights charge crossbowmen with mage. Archers fail to rally and go off the board. My knights come back on the board (grails run just out of spearmen LOS). My lances on the left flank reform. The KoTR reform into a long line to face the dark riders, and the questing knight turn to hit either the crossbowmen or the riders if they try running behind. Magic is shut down and I have no shooting. In combat I beat the crossbowmen and overrun.

Turn 4 DE:

In a momment that totally caught me off guard the crossbowmen charged the rear of the KoTR and the darkriders charged the front! The spearmen turned to face the grail knights. The magic phase makes those KoTR in combat WS1, and takes a wound off the pegasus knights. The RBT then kills a grail knight. In combat he kills my mage and another knight, and I do almost nothing back (can't remember if I even killed 1...). I run but bearly get away and am 1 inch from the board edge.

Turn 4 Brets:

Pegasus knights charge Morathi who flees but rolls badly and is caught. The questing knights charge the flank of the darkriders who flee and are caught. KoTR rally and face the crossbowmen. The Fay breaks away and moves to the flank of the spearmen and the grail knight makes a run for it (I may be a coward, but he's worth a lot of points...). I get off the comet and place it between the RBT and the spearmen.

Turn 5 DE:

The comet comes down and does nothing to either unit. His RBT kills the strategically redeploying grail knight, and the crossbowmen fail to do any damage to the KoTR.

At this point the DE player thows in the towel since in my next turn I would basically wipe him out and it was almost 11:00 pm.

Minor victory for the Brets!!! (My Brets are now 28W 4L 4T)

I thought I was in a lot of trouble there several times. First my knights get shot up by his warmachines and my BSB and a lance run off the table. And just when I'm turning things around my archers along with a prophetess and damsel run off the board too. All the while still being hit by magic and a RBT.

It was interesting to use the Fay Enchantress but at 545 points she really wasn't worth it. I could have had two more lances plus change for the same amount. I didn't even get to have first turn : (

Thank you for reading : )

06-03-2008, 18:18
Ahhh the Fay, cool! Thanks for the reports, I was sure you had lost that second one against the SAFH elves, but you pulled off the win in the end :D

Did the Fay really do much of note? I suppose she's mostly there to add her magic and maybe get you first turn (dunno her rules in 6th / 7th), and her killy unicorn killed something in the first report ;)

- Salvage

06-03-2008, 18:24
All the 545 point Fay Enchantress did over both games was:

-saved the grail knigths from doom bolt (then they learned she had MR 3 and didn't target her unit any more)
-do a wound to a treekin
-cast celestrial shield on a knight unit, but it didn't end up helping me
-get off the comet, that killed nothing

And that's about it... I mean her dispel dice came in handy, but nothing in the way of making her points back. She even miscast in the second game, but since it was at the end of the phase and she didn't get hurt I didn't include it.

Personally I would have gotten the same thing or better with a lvl 4 prophetess w/ the chalice (+1 DD), another unit of KoTR, and a paladin...

But you have to try each special character at least once right ; )

I'm probably going to convert the model to be a spell weaver on a unicorn for my WE anyway...

07-03-2008, 14:35
nice going. Pics would be nice ;)

07-03-2008, 15:15
I really should start taking pictures... although then you'd all know what I bad painter I am ; )