View Full Version : 2250 Maruader's Mayhem Dwarf List

07-03-2008, 02:42
So after playing in Toledo a few weeks ago, I've gone for a slight change in my usual list by adding: A Flame Cannon, a Master Engineer and an extra Bolt Thrower to make my shooting phase a bit more effective. The FC can induce much needed panic tests, and the M.Engineer w/the re-roll will really help mow down rank and file, or take out chariots. Also by fortifying a machine (most likely the flame cannon), and giving brace of pistols on the reg. engineer (SS 2xS4 AP shots and 2A in CC), I'll have a better chance of having my crews hold out a bit longer versus skirmishers/fliers who want to act a fool. But anyways, onto the list :D

1 Dwarf Lord: Gromil Armor with Rune of Stone, Helm with Master Rune of Spite, Rune of The Furnace, Horn with Master Rune of Challenge, Shield Bearers, Great Weapon.

1 Thane: Gromil Armor with Master Rune of Gromil, BSB.

1 Runesmith: Gromil Armor, Great Weapon, 3x Rune of Spellbreaking.

1 Engineer: Gromil Armor with Rune of Stone, Ring with Rune of Luck, Great Weapon.

2x25 Warriors: HW, Shield, Heavy Armor, Full Command.

19 Longbeards: HW, Heavy Armor, Shield, Full Command, Banner with Rune of Battle.

10 Quarrellers: HW, Light Armor, Crossbow, Shields.

16 Hammerers: HW, Heavy Armor, Shields, Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner with Master Rune of Grungni (5+ WS vs. Shooting and MM's).

1 Bolt Thrower: Rune of Penetrating, Rune of Burning, Engineer with Brace of Pistols.

1 Bolt Thrower: Rune of Penetrating.

1 Flame Cannon.

1 Gyrocopter.

Total: 2250pts.
DD:5+3 Scrolls

Lord goes into the Hammerers in a 6x3 formation, while the BSB or Thane will go into the Longbeards 5x4. Thanks in advance for your comments!