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18-04-2005, 19:43
Anyone have any info on the future of the U.S. GT's?

They were cancelled with no forewarning in March (I had been planning on going to the one in St. Louis).

And I got an e-mail from GW recently, in reply to a question I asked them regarding this same topic, in which they said they were cancelled until some time after July.

So, does anyone have any more info?


Crazy Harborc
19-04-2005, 01:43
I was told that the USA, GW suits fired the people who would have maned the floors at the GTs that were cancelled. Dah, dah, dah, (gunshot here) OH MY FOOT!!! The St.Louis and Chicago (area) crews wouldn't have been enough to man the floors. The GD in Chicago is still to happen (tickets were/are printed??? already)

The impression I have is that now GW, USA is under the Feudal system. Everyone now answers to the "king" across the pond.

10-06-2005, 15:22
I just took a look at the Chicago GT sign up. Looks like it is going to be a bomb as well at the rate people are signing up...

I think GW has really shot themselves in their collective foot in regard to the GT's for this year...

Crazy Harborc
11-06-2005, 01:40
IMHO, the suits at GW seem to believe that customer's plans, wants, desires, etc. means nothing. You want to do it when and where?? :p

I think that the suits decided that GW can save lots of money by canceling GDs and tournies. All those potential sales from thousands of eager to buy gamers!! The employees would have to 'work" ringing up all those sales. Besides, this way, the minie makers won't need to work OT making more minies to sell at the next tournie/GD.........more money saved :rolleyes:

I am beginning to think GW didn't shoot itself in the foot..........GW,USA has chopped the darn foot off at the knee!!! They have crashed and burned. Now, they are digging in even deeper!! :wtf:

Grand Warlord
11-06-2005, 03:26
well uh.. ill be at chicago lol

13-06-2005, 20:34
Hey, don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to put down the Chicago GT or people going to it...far from it. I've been to the Chicago Gt and it is a great event.

I'd like to go to this one as well, but its too far to drive in an evening, I don't want to fly and I don't want to have to use two vacation days in order to go to it.

14-06-2005, 16:10
what about the philly one? and baltimore?

Grand Warlord
30-06-2005, 04:23
Well last year they expanded to like 12 different locations and this year they decided to go back to the original locations and i think its hurt them in the short run but hopefully it will go back to how it was before their experiement.....

so hopefully it will become sold out once more... i dont think this years Chicago GT is even half sold yet... for fantasy that is.

30-06-2005, 18:19
They had too many GT's, many of which were geographically too close to each other, or had other things about them that did not make a whole lot of sense (Minnesota in mid February anyone :wtf: )

And then cancelling the St. Louis one about two weeks prior, with no explanantion given.

What I'd like to see them do is have 4-5 regional GT's, and then have one masters/champions GT, where it is invitational only and only the winners of the various categories from maybe the two seasons prior GT's get invited, or people who scored a set number of points in at least one GT in the previous or current season. I think that would be a neat idea. And have that last tourney in Baltimore, and make it semi-open to spectators.

Crazy Harborc
01-07-2005, 00:53
I agree about too many GTs, especially after the GW, USA "spring cleaning" of people. Nothing like "letting go" the people you can't operate a tournie without.

It was a complete surpise to us in St.Louis, when we heard about the non-tournie decision for here. Funny thing a non-GW con(tournie) was held a few weeks ago.....a big non-GW wargaming tournie success!! Two days of fun, gaming and happy people buying minies, great looking non-GW made minies.