View Full Version : 2000pts dark elf 'raiders' themed army. Please rate before I waste money....

07-03-2008, 13:42
Its the first list I've written for this army. I beleive it can both attack and defend pretty well.

Dark Elf High Born-lance, heavy armour, sea dragon coat, a dark steed, seal of grond.

Dark elf Noble-battle standard, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, dark steed

Lv 2 sorceress

LV1 sorceress-dispel scroll

25 corsairs-full command, war banner

25 corsairs-full command

10 dark elf warriors-repeater crossbows

10 dark elf warriors-repeater crossbows

5 dark riders-repeater crossbows, standard

5 dark riders-repeater crossbows

1 cold one chariot

1 cold one chariot

1 repeater bolt thrower

1 repeater bolt thrower

07-03-2008, 18:41
Couple things. Personally for me (and you will prolly hear this from others as well) if you want to do a raider theme'd list. I think you need to have some harpies. They just fit really well. Bolt Throwers are great, same with Dark Riders, except for the standard, its never worth it in my opinion, its usually just free VP.

The corsairs units, imo, are way to large. Thats alot of points you have in 2 units, which frankly while pretty good, are nothing to write home about in such a big unit. Try taking them in units of 18, or if you are including characters in them, 16 (such as I am doing now) This allows you to have two good solid troop choices and a good place to set your Nobles and Sorceress's for protection. I like the charriots, they are always good to have as they are tough as nails and a good supplement to your corsairs. The two units of 10 RxB Elves are a personal preference, I enjoy them, but in the list I am currently trying out now I dont have any and rely on shooting from a unit of DR and 2 Bolt Throwers.

The characters are a little thin, I think you should at least take the Dark Star Cloak on the lvl 2, so she can throw a few more dice out at her spells, but thats all personal preference.

08-03-2008, 03:11
Dark elf banners own. Take a banner of murder on your 2nd corsairs, and the banner of slaughter on the BSB.

You have way to much magic defense. With 2 sors and one seal, u should drop the dispell scroll and take lvl 2. drop the 20 crossbowmen (they really can't wound much) for 20 spear-men and a Darkstar Clock for your mage.

Captain Ahab
08-03-2008, 03:49
If I were you I would save my money til the new army book is out, looking to be around fall if you can wait.

10-03-2008, 11:18
If I were you I would save my money til the new army book is out, looking to be around fall if you can wait.

I was thinking of doing that but then I realised that all of the models I'd be using in this army are fine so even if they are updated they won't look bad.

Plus I've never had new army fever...

@Uriain. Once I find my army book I'll try fit in those changes.

@Conotor. Again thanks. I'll modify my wizards like you said. Once the book turns up. I had all that defense due to nearly every army at my club having a decvent amout of magic.

The banner of murder is to much of a risk to take with expensive units like corsairs. I wouldn't want to rely on it to get into combat so that sort of nerfs its point.

I've put in the crossbowmen to protect my RBTs. I'll try just using one unit of them for this purpose. I could get harpies with the spare points.

14-03-2008, 18:39
before you waste money write a 1000 pt list, try to check out the rumours of Dark Elves and see what is changing, what is not, etc.