View Full Version : HoC Lords and Heroes joining units

07-03-2008, 17:01
I know that you can only have a hero/lord join a unit that has the same mark as him. Does this mean a hero/lord can never join a unit of marauders (unless you are fielding Krom, which marks marauders with MoCU)?

What I'm getting at is can an undivided hero/lord join a unit of marauders? What about chaos sorcerers?


07-03-2008, 17:20
You have it backwards - a unit with a mark cannot be joined except by a character with the same mark.

Marauders have no mark and so the rule does not apply.

07-03-2008, 17:23
Now that is awesome news!! Thanks!!

07-03-2008, 17:24
And why are you even discussing Chaos? It's all about the Undead these days!

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