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07-03-2008, 18:50
Vampire players - I was just curious as to what your favourite setups are for your Lord? Not necessarily the most powerful, but the combinations you are loving at the moment.. be it fun, because it works with the rest of the army, or is just plain nasty.

I've had the book for a few days now, and still haven't been able to make up my mind on what to go for with the general - let alone the army itself!

07-03-2008, 19:34
Here's my 3 Lords, Eldest of the Elder Council, Triune of Blood:

General Malefecent, Prince of Terror, Scourge of the Three Kingdoms.
Red Fury (Extra attacks)
Aura of Dark Majesty (-1 to Leadership for all units within 6")
Flayed Hauberk (2+ save)
Dreadlance (Autohit)
Abyssal Terror

525 Points

As the Emo General of my dark armies I just imagine this guy flapping along the battle lines, cackling as the lesser beings run screaming from him as he smacks into the elite units in a bloody display of gore and slaughter.

Master-Necromancer Jaggaen, Head of the Covenant of the Sepulchre, Lord of the Black Lands, favored of The Master.
Dark Acolyte (+1 Magic Level)
Master of the Black Arts (+2 Power Dice)
Lord of the Dead (MORE Skeletons!)
Helm of Commandment (No idiots, THIS is how you swing a sword)
Wristbands of Black Gold (+3 Ward vs shooting)
Black Periapt (Save my Power or Dispel dice. Meh, why not?)
+1 Magic Level

440 Points

The head of my Necromancer Covenant, steward and quartermaster of the Land. He just throws a bunch of dead things into the fight. I have in my head the image of a character looking much like the Which King of Angmar sitting on a horse, surveying his forces smashing into the enemy lines. Which is pretty much all he's going to do.

The Cabalist, Lore Keeper of the High Tower, acoylte and student of The Master.
Dark Acolyte
Forbidden Lore (Know any spell lore)
Skull Staff (+1 Cast and Dispel)
Crown of Damnation (4+ Ward Save, Stupid)
+1 Magic Level

440 Points

Former Head of the Mage's sect, now commander of the Cabal of Vampires. This guy will be moody and brooding in the back, blowing stuff up. I've thought about giving him a Hellsteed and replacing the Crown of Damnation with either Wristbands of Black Gold or Ghoulkin, depending on the situation.

I designed them (hopefully) to be both fluffy, characterful, and useful in game. I doubt I'll use them together too often, both for background reasons and tactical incompatibility. Each one will have his own set of Vampires, Malefecent will have blood dragon-esque vampires, obviously, Jaggaen will have the caster vampires, and The Cabalist will have all the rest. The scum and outcasts that don't fit either category (The flying, the ethereal, the ghoulkin, the scary, etc).

Each army reflects the leader.
Malefecent: Dead hard and fighty. Lots of Elites and Cavalry. Black Knights, Blood Knights, and Grave Guard go here.
Jaggaen: Necromancer army. Massive amounts of Skeletons backed up with Corpse Carts, and all manner of summoning. Some smattering of Grave Guards too.
The Cabalist: All-Rounder. More fighting or tactical oriented heros/units and offensive spell-casting. Ghouls, Varghulf, Black Coach, Spirit Hosts and Fel Bats can all go here.

I've been wanting to share that with someone for weeks now...

07-03-2008, 19:57
So far I've found that you can either go magic heavy and dominate with magic or take a close combat lord and hope you can get away with less magic.

I find giving a close combat based Vamp lord the usual Red fury/hatred combo with a strong save such as the Flayed hauberk should allow him to take on most of what the enemy throws at you, but to really make this guy god like you'll need a hero level Vampire with Forbidden lore so he can cast The Bears anger on him...

This gives you a Lord who is S7, T6 and with 7 attacks that can become a potential 14 attacks with the bloodline powers :skull:

Give this guy the Black periapt and you'll help your support wizards get more spells out to :)

As for the more magically inclined Vamp lord, I go with what I guess most peeps are going to use, The Skull staff and Crown of commandment combo, add in Master of black arts and Lord of the dead for easy Skeleton boosting with Forbidden lore to allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to spell selection.

I'm hoping to find some more interesting combos to make more types of Vamp lords, a Vamp lord who can do magic and combat equally is the goal :D

07-03-2008, 22:09
Heinrich von Carstein, most esteemed master of templehof and it's beloved castle:
Red Fury or Master of the Dark Arts (depends on who i'm playing against)
Infinite Hatred
Walking Death
lvl 3
Sword of Might if i take red fury and sword of battle if i take master of dark arts
Walach's Bloody Hauberk
Book of Arkhan

07-03-2008, 23:55
Heres my favorite one, bit casty, but combine with non casty heros and its all good.

Vampire lord
Forbidden Lore (All spells from any lore bar life, + I.O.N)
Master of the black arts (+2 power dice)
Lord of the dead/summon gouls

Staff of sorcery (+1 to cast/dispell)
Crown of the dammed (4+ Ward, stupidity)

Or if you really want, take the staff of +1 to dispell and you collapse the magic phase, just keep him safe!

08-03-2008, 00:09
I'm not a VC player by any means, and I haven't even had a chance to look at the book yet, at least for any length of time. However, I noticed that E-616 mentioned that it seems to him that you can either go for a spellcaster geared Vamp Lord, or a combat oriented Vamp Lord, and hope to get by with less magic.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me, as I was under the impression that even a Vamp Lord built more towards magic was still a monster in close combat, although obviously not as potentially killy as a combat-geared Vamp Lord. None the less, many of the Vampire Counts armies I've been hearing about have seemed to be pretty darn good(understatement, actually) at both putting out hideous amounts of magic, and still being able to clean clocks left and right in close combat.

So I'm just curious if this is actually the case? Do you really have to chose one or the other, or is a Vamp Lord made to dish out spells still effective enough in close combat to compensate for a few lost combat powers?

08-03-2008, 00:15
No its not true, you can have a lvl 4 magic vamp, who casts i.o.n on skellies on a 3+, on a horse with a 1+ save, 5+ ward, hatred, +1 combat resolution, and STILL have 55 points for mgic items.

If you go full casty he can be lvl 4 with +2 power dice (or lvl 3, +2 power dice and knows ALL spells from ANY lore that isnt life AND i.o.n) with +1 to cast and +2 to dispell.

But to me, lvl4 is enough lol

The way vamps work is, you get lvl 3 in the vamp entry, then 100 points of vampire power AND 100 points of magic items, you can mix and match them in ANY way you like and ALL vampires can wear armour and cast spells, with no penalty.

Edit, sorry the above is for vampire LORDS, the heros are lvl 1, can ONLY be upgraded to lvl 2 if you take the vampire power and can only have 50points of vamps powers and 50 points of magic items. But it is stil possable to take a lvl 2 vamp, with a 2+ save and a great weapon

Or a lvl 1 vamp with movement 9, -3 to hit him with shooting, hatred, 4 attacks and scout, with the bsb

08-03-2008, 00:25
Okay, well that's answered then:) Whoa, in your first example of the Vamp Lord...well, I knew they could be tooled up, but wow. Nice. With all the points they have to play with in terms of abilities AND magic items, I guess it's certainly not necessary to sacrifice magic domination in favour of close combat power...which a Vamp Lord has, or can have, in spades regardless. My thoughts? Disturbing, very disturbing. Good to know though. Looks like I'm going to have to do some planning and make some changes to my Skaven to somehow be able to deal with this...

Right, I was mainly talking about Vamp Lords, because games smaller than that are of course limited due to only being allowed to take Heroes. Oh, they can ONLY take 50 point of Vamp powers and ONLY 50 points of magical items?;) Poor bastards!

It's becoming more apparent that the Vamp Counts are shaping up to be a real powerhouse, and I'm definately going to have to make some changes and adjust my tactics for these fellas, as I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to see a good few armies of them across the tabletop pretty soon. Thanks again for the insight, Spirit.

08-03-2008, 01:27
Bear in mind however that your tooled up lord is 450 points and your AVERAGE vamp is 170, the one i said with scouting is 200 points (225 with battle standard). So if you have a lord and 3 heros with no necromancers, then is 1150 tooled totally up, so they have a small army. my 2k army has 19 skellies, 18 gouls, 19 skellies, 7 black knights, vamp lord, 2 vamps, wight lord, a corpse cart and a varghulf thats only 70 models ish. which isnt alot when 55 of them are just core units. And only one vamp (the lord ) can make the skellies bigger, and only one hero can make th gouls bigger, the rest can only heal.