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Cirrus the Blue
08-03-2008, 06:10
So, I'm doing a few conversions for my favorite special characters thus far in GorkaMorka and am at a loss for some interesting colour schemes besides the flat basic drybrushed metal with dags and checks as were the original colour schemes. I need some good ideas for paintjobs, particularly for Da Krusher and Dregmek Blitzkart.

Would you think they'd belong to any particular clans, or would they simply have more unique and gnarly paintjobs all their own? Basic Boltgun Metal just seems really stale to me these days no matter how many checks and dags I'd put on. :p

- Cirrus

09-03-2008, 14:24
Definitely just have their own unique paintjobs. I think da krusher would have a very worn out rusty paintjob, formerly some menacing black and red, or black with flames painted on (or whatever kustom job orks might do to look scary. perhaps mimic the necrons since they seem to be the big bad guys?) as he's a outcast/loner. I've made a scratch dregmek, I've done his copter as chipped blue over rusted metal (blue for luck, rusty scrap as it's cobbled from bits.).

It's a good opportunity to add in unique colours, especially since they are individuals who are not loyal to a particular mob (also why I made a point of painting the blue copter different from my red and white mob.)

10-03-2008, 01:11
well just remember way back when gorkamorka came out 2nd edition was out.. so theme your paint schemes around the ork clans from 2nd edition. for the blitzkart guy, perhaps lots of red and blue (red for faster, blue for luck)

as for da krusher, i cant wait to see your conversion of it! it sucks they never made a model of it.

Cirrus the Blue
15-03-2008, 11:34
Those are some pretty good ideas! I'm considering something along Bad Moonz for Da Krusher, 'cause Yellow looks phenominal on mega armor of any type and obviously he's well-off enough to have been able to afford all of those hefty 100+ bioniks. :p The flame job sounds funky, too though. I'm sure I'll think up something cool for him. :)

As for the conversion, he was actually really easy! Ghazgkull's body and arms for the base along with minor conversion work. I only actually scratch built one part for him and that was super basic, too. Just a fuel tank on top of his back, an extra bit of armor plating to cover up the front part of the chest, and the Black Orc Fantasy Banner Top bit for his head! (this comes in plastic now, so is easy to nab off of ebay. ;) ) Had to convert up a bionik eye for him, but that wasn't too hard, either. :D It works great and go figure, it's not as big as you'd think so it works really well!

- Cirrus

17-03-2008, 03:36
haha wow sounds cool.. so where's the pic? :)