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06-10-2005, 16:07
As I write this, there are less than 10 days until the Dutch 40k GT 2005. And as you are all such curious little buggers, me and some of the other Dutch boys deceided it would be nice if we would provide you with a little report on the event. I'll be taking my digital camera with me, so I 'll do my best to take some interesting pictures.

The Dutch 40k GT will be held on 15 and 16 october in the sports hall of the Tilburg University. Over the course of two days 6 Rounds of Warhammer 40K will be played, lots of peanut M&M's will be consumed and (hopefully) lots of fun will be had.
For those of you who are interested in the rulespack, you can download it here (http://ne.games-workshop.com/downloads/NL40KGT05.pdf).

And now... the contestants!
I thought it would be a nice idea if all contestants would post their info somewhat like this:

Previous GT/tourney experience
Their expected succes (if any ;))
GT Army (and army list)
Some pictures of their army (optional)

06-10-2005, 16:15
Contestant name: Leon (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Leonsophisticated.jpg) (sorry for the pic...)
Age: 21

Previous GT Experience:
I attended my first GT last year, so I might be considered something of a GT n00b. :p
Even more so as I ended somewhere around the 52nd place (out of 80 contestants).
I was very proud to be nominated for the best army though, the fact that I didn't win doesn't matter.

Expected succes:
Err... as you will see, my army isn't really 'made to win'. I'm going there to have a good time. Any games I win are considered a nice bonus. :D

Last year I brought my Imperial Guard, which I finished the night before the GT. :rolleyes:
This year I'll be bringing my Dark Angels, which I intend to finish somewhere next week but probably end up finishing the night before the tournament just like my Imperial Guard...

The army list, complete with some pictures (I'll take some proper ones when the army is finished):


Reclusiarch (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/Chappy1.jpg) : 85
Terminator Honours: 25
Plasma Pistol: 15
Jump Pack: 20
Frag Grenades: 1
Melta Bombs: 5
- 151


Dreadnought (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/HaelBuitenVoorkant.jpg) : 105
Assault Cannon
Missile Launcher: 10
Extra Armour: 5
Venerable: 20
Tank Hunter: 10
- 150


8 Marines (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/DASquadIIFull.jpg) : 120
Plasma Gun: 10
Veteran Sarge: 15
Stubborn: 5
Power Fist: 15
Plasma Cannon: 20
- 185


8 Marines: 120
Plasma Gun: 10
Veteran Sarge: 15
Stubborn: 5
Power Fist: 15
Heavy Bolter: 5
- 170


6 Marines (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/RazorbackSquad.jpg) : 90
Melta Gun: 10
Veteran Sarge: 15
Stubborn: 5
Combi-Melta: 10
- 130

Razorback (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/Razorback5.jpg) : 70
Extra Armour: 5
Smoke Launchers: 3
Dozer Blade: 5
Searchlight: 1
- 84

Fast Attack

Ravenwing Land Speeder (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/RWLandspeeder1.jpg) : 55
Assault Cannon: 25
Multi-Melta: 15

Fast Attack

Ravenwing Land Speeder: 55
Assault Cannon: 25
Multi-Melta: 15

Fast Attack

8 Assault Marines (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/AssaultSquad.jpg) : 176
2 Flamers: 12
Veteran Sarge: 15
Stubborn: 5
Power Fist: 15
Melta Bombs: 16
- 239

Heavy Support

8 Devastator Marines (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/Warhammer%2040k/Dark%20Angels/DevySquad.jpg) : 120
4 Missile Launchers: 80
- 200

- 1499

I'll keep you guys updated!

06-10-2005, 20:16
Vette pics hoor ;)

09-10-2005, 14:18
Contestant name: Bart
Age: 25

Previous GT Experience:
None. This will be my maiden voyage.

Expected succes:
Somewhere between tenth and last place. Don't see myself as an ace at the game, but I can have strokes of luck that make Matt Cauton (for the Robert Jordan-addicts) seem like a pansy

My very own Blood Angels successor Chapter: the Vayan Angels.

And it's compsed a little something like this:


Vayan Angels Chaplain Balthazar ‘The Black Bat’ Malthus (http://www.article.nu/fileadmin/Article_Images/100_0898.JPG) (Master of Sanctity)
Boltpistol, Jump pack, Terminator Honours, Adamantine Mantle, D3+3 DC Marines:
- 281


3 Tactical Squads of 8 Marines and a Sergeant each (looking something like this (http://www.article.nu/fileadmin/Article_Images/100_0900.JPG))
1 x Plasma Gun/ Lascannon
2 x Plasma Gun/ Missile Launcher
- 470 total

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Squadron (http://www.article.nu/fileadmin/Article_Images/100_0902.JPG) (bases still need work)
1 x Tornado (H-bolter/ Ass-cannon)
1 x M-Melta
- 145 total

8 Assault Marines + 1 Vet. Sergeant (http://www.article.nu/fileadmin/Article_Images/100_0899.JPG)
Power Sword, Flamer, Plasma Pistol
- 235

8 Assault Marines + 1 Vet. Sergeant
Power Fist, Flamer
- 234

Heavy Support

Baal Predator (http://www.article.nu/fileadmin/Article_Images/100_0901.JPG)
H-bolters, P-M'ed SB, Extra Armour
- 135

- 1500 exactly

P.S.: These pics are taken with my girlfriends camera, of which I do not seem to find out how the contrast can be turned down. Hence the ridiculously red look on the models. When you put on sunglasses you'll actually have a much better idea what they look like. ;)

14-10-2005, 21:46
35 yrs old
2 times a Dutch 40K GT before
Expected success; I hope to score more than last year. Might be hard. :)

I bring Dark Eldar;

Archon to lat down web-portal & close combat monster albeit a fragile one
Dracon to lead Incubi in a raider
3 units wyches in a raider
a warrior unit in a raider
3 bikes
2 units warriors (one of which will lay down a 2nd web portal)

A fast & furious but incredibly fragile "in your face" army.
Hope it all works...

17-10-2005, 10:07
Well, the first day-after post... GT was great! It was my first, and I had a very, very good time. My most unpleasant game was still rather interesting, and the rest was even better. Got to know a lot of cool gamers in person. All in all a great weekend.

And Melchor, I'm lookin forward to the pics...

17-10-2005, 18:26
And this is the second day-after post. :D
I've had a great time as well. Seen some great armies, met some great people and played some great games.

I've taken quite pictures that can bee seen here (http://photobucket.com/albums/v150/Pea_666/GT%202005/).

I placed 28th out of 104 this year, which is a lot better than last year. And I won an award this year! I scored highest in the Knowledge Quiz and won me the title of Servitor Lexicanium! :cool:

19-10-2005, 10:44
Well, since I've got nothing to do at the moment, I might as well give you all an interesting read of my experiences at the Dutch GT:

Getting into bed at 2:30 and waking up at 6:00 in order to complete your army is not to be recommended. Still, I managed to do it. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I packed up my BA, got into the car and drove up to Tilburg. A good 1 and 1/2 hours later, I arrived at my destination: the university of Tilburg's sports-complex. Seeing other people walk around with flightcases and army-transports is always a sight of recognition. So I took my sleeping bag, my cases and my backpack and followed a bunch of guys into the main hall.

Now, what to do? My first ever tourny, and since I was supposed to registrate, I thought it best to do just that. Getting all the stuff I needed, I moved over to my assigned playing table for the first round. On my way there, I ran into Melchor, who I recognised from the pic in his public profile. We had a little chat, after which we took a look at eachothers army and those of the other contestants. After the big man himself, Kai Glerum, held his opening speech, I went back to my gaming table for my very first round.

19-10-2005, 10:56
First round: Saim Hann Eldar. Since I had never played Eldar before, my opponent was friendly enough to give me time and skim through his codex. He also taught me a thing or two during the game. It was a recon mission, and since he had a lot of skimmers and I had no transports and even less firepower, he had an easy victory over me: 15-5. Still, it was a very enjoyable match and a very nice opponent.

After losing my first game the Swiss system kicked in and I was pitted against a more familiar foe: Space Marines. A secure and control mission, me owning three jump-pack squads, my opponent owning no jumpers AND no vehicles, save two drop pods. The only nasty thing happening to me was my
DC Chaplain dying to a force weapon, but other than that I managed to score a fast 13-7 victory: we took approximately an hour to complete a 6-turn game. :eek:

After a short break in which the three nominees for best painted army were voted (Ebolahond among others), the third round commenced. Again, I saw myself pitted against Eldar. This opponent had a little less vehicles, but still managed to shooot my force to pieces in the first two turns. Luckily I managed to get my DC into close combat and murder most of his Guardians, otherwise it would have been a massacre. Partly due to my Chaplain surviving three full turns of hth with a Wraithlord (threw 7 invulnerable saves in a row), I only lost 13-7.

Day 1 ended with a crazy dinner (expecting pizza or chinese and getting a luxurious buffet) and a crazy pub quiz, me and Melchor decided to play eachother in a friendly match of 40k: sort of an inofficial round 4. Then it was off to bed.

When I say bed, I mean the floor of a gymnasium, where the lights only went off after half an hour and we were woken up around three by the fire-alarm. Except for a couple of people that put so many time in painting, they completely slept through the whole ordeal (Ebolahond again).

19-10-2005, 11:14
Day two started with breakfast, and round 4. I met my first IG-opponent in a Take and Hold mission on Omega level. Escalation time! I was lucky, because we were assigned to a table with loads of terrain. I was also lucky because my opponent had the worst of luck and not only threw miserable, but managed to scatter all but one of his ordnance. I succeeded in winning 15-5.

On to roudn five, where once again, the terrain was in my favour. Secure and control against a non-vehicle/ non-jumpers Marine player. Granted, he had a lot of Devastators, but I managed to get into cc in round three and roll up his entire army. Furious charge for teh win! :D 15-5, and on to the last battle.

In the meantime, we had had the voting procedure for best painted army (guess who I voted for ;)) and the knowledge quiz, so everyone was pretty tired during the last battle. Somehow the organization thought it would be funny to pit two BA players against eachother, so me and my opponent knew all there was to know about our adversaries. This was an interesting game in theory, if it weren't for the great shooting and deployment of my opponent. He managed to wipe out my Baal and my speeders by turn two, leaving me with only my foot troops and jumpers to win it... in a cleanse mission. His tooled up honour guard ripped through my lines and the only thing I could do was wipe out his Chaplain and jumpers in order to score at least some victory points. Needless to say: I was massacred 20-0.

This gave me a pretty decent score of 55 points, which, added up to the 45 points awarded for painting, army selection and the quiz, gave me an ending score of 100 and place 83. I was pleased to see Melchor win the Servitor Lexicanum award and Ebolahond's paiting victory. The drive home was somewhat of an effort, since I had to do my best to keep my eyes open.

Next year, I'm certainly going again. All in all I know what to do better, what to bring along, but more important how good a time you can have at a GT. I've met cool opponents and learned valuable lessons whilst playing entertaining matches. See you all next tourny!

Vaya out.

19-10-2005, 16:19
Ebolahond? Who's that?

Nice summary by the way :)

19-10-2005, 17:05
He's around here somewhere.
You can probably find a thread of his in the P&T forum.

@Vaya: Nice report dude! Looking forward to next year's GT! :D

20-10-2005, 08:07
Yeah, me too. Only thing is, we have to wait a whole year... :(

Bran Dawri
22-10-2005, 11:27
Blimey! I didn't see this thread until now, so it may be a bit late, but whatever:

Name: Frank P
Army:Thousand Sons
Experience: 3 earlier 40K tourneys, considerably more fantasy.
Expectations: get a high painting score, finish somewhere in the top half.

Sadly, I suspect that the painting judges may have been colourblind, as my army received only average painting points. (Most other people commented on how nice my army looked, so it must've been the judges.)
I did finish 48th out of 106, so the second part of my mission succeeded.

Edit: I didn't take any pics myself, but the second-to-last picture Melchor posted was my dread, and the rest of the army looks pretty much just as good.

22-10-2005, 11:34
like the pikachu objective marker!

23-10-2005, 17:21
The Thousand Sons dread was yours? Looking good!
As for the painting judges, I see your frustration. Your dread looks really great, and the fact that it didn't reflect in your painting score is frustrating. I excpected a higher score for my army as well.
I think the problem is that the painting standard was very high this year, which may have influenced the judges ratings.

23-10-2005, 18:56
Weird. Overall I felt that the standard of painting was LOWER than the year before...

Bran Dawri
24-10-2005, 15:42
That was my dread, yeah. And thanks. It's the model I'm most proud of in my army.

I was busy putting the finishing touches on my 9 (!) rubric terminators until 5 o'clock saturday morning (approximately one hour per highlight per model), only to have the judges tell me that "I didn't put enough effort in my highlights and other detailing". I was more than a bit disappointed. I was pissed-off .

@ Elkerlyc: So did I. The armies that were painted well, however, were painted VERY well.

25-10-2005, 16:43
heee frank,

Nice to see you on the warseer forums to!
Come over to the non english treads and join in :)

Bran Dawri
25-10-2005, 22:21
Edit: never mind. Already found 'em.

18-11-2005, 22:02
And the results are in (finally)!

Link (http://ne.games-workshop.com/report/gt/eventreport.asp?title=Tilburg%20Warhammer%2040,000 %20Grand%20Tournament%202005)