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09-03-2008, 09:30
Hello everyone, I've been lurking on here for ages as I haven't been able to paint for the last 8 months or so. I've been keeping up with the hobby thanks to Warseer and seeing many great logs. I don't expect this to unfold into one of those, but just to show people how I'm progressing at sculpting. I got into sculpting because I can't afford to buy a full set of paints where I'm living at the mo (especially because I wouldn't be able to take them home,and I have a full set at home anyway!)!

Like many others, I've done a little bit with greenstuff before (fur, hair, the odd piece of chainmail and gap filling), but with nothing except greenstuff to hand I have had to bite the bullet and attempt scratch builds!

I started off with some nurglings and a plaguebearer, mainly because I think Nurgle is the most forgiving GW 'race' for a fledgling sculptor. And because my only tool is a pin, lots of smooth areas would be quite hard to achieve!

Anyway, onto the pics. The models are a lot smoother than they seem to have come out here, and I hope this will show up when I get around to painting them up in the summer. I have tried 3 nurglings so far, each for different types of practice. The first one (the smily chap with the horn) was an attempt to do an open stomach and sculpt 'normal' eyes.



The second one (and worst one by a long shot) was an attempt to do a full mouth of teeth/incorporate a single eye. He looked ok till I decided to add arms and then it all went a bit wrong. Again I hope paint will sort him out. (pics of him later)

Number 3 was basically a blob to practice sculpting strange folds and 'nurgley' bits, and then the head was just an experiment. The teeth were done seperately and placed into the open mouth. I was very happy with the way it turned out!



Right, pics of the plaguebearer and of the rubbish nurgling to follow! I know it's not a lot but please feel free to give any C&C!

09-03-2008, 09:37
Part 2!

The Plaguebearer (seriously WIP!)

This is my first ever proper sculpt from scratch. I used paperclips to make a bit of a frame, not really realising how big he was going to be (not having other models around for scale and being too lazy to get a ruler out didn't help!). So since starting the guy, I decided he will have to be a herald for the upcoming daemon book(s).

I didn't really do much by way of concept work, but I did have two ideas behind him, one was that he would have skinny ribs and a big belly, and that his legs would be uneven (one with a big thigh and short calf and vice versa) for no real reason other than he was a daemon and didn't need to be entirely normal! Again, sorry to bore you with the background, here's some WIP pics...



And here he is with a finished face:



The second pic shows off his belly a bit better. I'm having big problems with the shoulder and arm joins at the moment, but I'm taking it all on board as a learning curve and realise it's a bit ambitious but hey! Enjoy!

09-03-2008, 11:06
whow, that plaguebearershead is awesome! nice work men

09-03-2008, 13:57
Nice start. :)

19-04-2008, 18:16
This is practically Threadmancy I know, but I have finally got around to getting some pics for an update!

The plaguebearer is nearing completion. Here he is with one nearly finished arm, both legs nearly done and a scythe added. I'm not too happy with the blade just yet but it is WIP. Got a bit stuck on the shoulders, so on shoulder he's had an armour pad sculpted on and on the other I went for something a bit weird (more as a means to cover up an anatomical error). I have tried to make it look like a larva or maggot has burst out of his shoulder. The maggot was intended to be nurgling number 4 but ended up being plaguebearer's mate instead.

Here are the pics:

Full body(front shot)

Full body (back shot)

Close up of scythe/arm (3 fingered for the nurgle effect)

the maggot

More to come including my next full model WIP!

19-04-2008, 18:24
I got distracted and started reading a tutorial from this site:

They give you a good beginner's guide to sculpting a face, so I took their advice and went for it. I ended up trying a few different races, and here are the results:

Attempt at a human head


This is actually the third or so attempt at a human face. I've been struggling to get even close to something resembling one but I think I'm making progress...

Attempt at a dwarvish head


not too happy with it, had real problems with the nose which is why it's a little massive. still, might look alright once a model's built around him :)

Attempt at an orc head


I was happy with the way this progressed. It actually inspired me to make a whole model around him. I thought the face looked pretty old and wisened, so he is going to become a portly orc shaman. Pics to follow of that too!

20-04-2008, 17:38
Well, for a start it's pretty good.
Each time i've tried scuplting something with greenstuff it ended in an infamous rubbish pile, so congrats !
The plaguebearer head is almost as cool as V1 plaguebearer's head, and i like the nurgling too.

21-04-2008, 14:08
Cheers Napalm! I'm pretty pleased with his head too. The ears were possibly the hardest part, despite the teeth being individual pieces!

Anyway, more pics. This time of the shaman I promised in my last post. I envisaged this guy to be quite a chunky old shaman. So far I've bulked out the areas I intend to add the detail too. On this model I'm going for robes(partly as an homage to Brian Nelson's first Shaman fig, one of my favourites to this day) which are much quicker and more satisfying than detailing every last bit of the body!

This is the basis for the body/legs:


Details like a belt, pouches and stitching will be added in due time. It's a shame I don't have any plastic bits to just stick on to the model to bolster my confidence a bit (I don't think I can do a decent knife just yet). Here he is with his head attached:


and a couple more shots for that 360 degree feel!



07-05-2008, 16:14

The Plaguebearer's nearly done. I'm kinda getting bored of him now though and just need to pull my finger out and get his right leg, his hand, the underside of the worm and the head of scythe sorted. Here's his current state:


I'm not too sure on the hand, but had no ideas what to put in instead. If anyone has a good idea I can easily chop the hand off and start again!

from the back:


I have created another Nurgling to accompany him. This one I call Jabba after his Star Wars lookalike!



07-05-2008, 16:21
and I haven't forgotten Mr. Orc either, he's nearing completion too. I do need some audience participation on this log though to help me finish him!

A) what do I put in his right hand? a scroll? an effigy of Mork? petting a squig?

B) what about the top of his staff? I'm currently thinking just a big glyph but made to look wooden.

C) This is more a reminder for me, but he needs more detailing around the belt area. what things do you want to see hanging from his belt?

(flash a little bit bright!)




My MADD (modelling attention deficit disorder) struck again and I've started a new model, pushing the bar on ambitious stakes considering what I've done so far, but I'll save the pics of that for later ;)