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Rabid Bunny 666
10-03-2008, 18:26
Well, as per said in another thread, me and my mate Josh (Spartan-001: Master Chief) are gonna do a joint log of 40k, although there may be one or two dead things from my new undead army sneaking in...

Having been talked into making a joint painting log, both so Josh can paint his guard and forcing me (:eek: )to complete two 40k armies.

Lil' bit of background on us two; I'm an 18 year old lazy git studying a BSC in Geology at kingston Uni, been in the hobby for 10 years (!) and enjoy painting, gaming, videogames and generally getting sloshed with uni mates. Hopefully Josh will bung his in this thread

There isn't any given time limit on this, or monthly updates (not on my part anyways :D )

And to start off, the obligatory workspace pic...


The horror! Reet, from Left to Right, Ork Waagh WIP, Chipsticks and Popcorn, Grumpy Cup, Laptop, Broken printer with Chaos army, some Vampires and Ork Nobs on. Next to Printer is Vampire Count spearhead. On floor is Carry case and bitz box.
edit: i pressed enter by accident! Come back reel soon!

Spartan-001: Master Chief
10-03-2008, 19:00
Hey i'm Josh, and as jack said i'm here to get started on painting my guard army.

I pretty much do the same things as jack but take out the uni part and you have a carbon copy. We meet in the same games workshop 10 long years ago and have been good friends ever since.

I thought this would be a good time to get our acts together and aint an army or 2:D

As of yet i have no pics but will do tomorrow.

List of things i have to do:

Paint my infantry, finish my tanks and finish my space marines ( maybe my ogres )

my guard:

123 guardsman - need to paint
2 chimeras - need to paint
3 leman russ - 2 to paint
1 baneblade - need to finish

hopefuly with your help and enouragement we can finish our armies.

cheers Josh

10-03-2008, 19:07
-generic encouragement text-

Nice to see your still at it Jack. I'll be watching this log with interest.


10-03-2008, 19:11
Wow. That's messy :eek:

Galdur Hrafnsson
10-03-2008, 19:16
You living in Chancellor's by any chance?

Rabid Bunny 666
11-03-2008, 12:21
Chancellors? Erm, nope, Middle Mill halls at the mo, hopefully getting a house for next year.

Piccys since Josh nagged me so much, no pics from him though

First off, a Mortificator Marine from my Red Corsairs, i'm doing okd skool colour scheme for them, so every marine is a different colour. Apart from 1 Red corsairs, 5 odd of an old DIY chapter of mine and probably Lamenters because i enjoyed painting the last one.
Only the black and Grey are done though

Next up is my Undivided Chaos Sorcerer, sans left arm (somewhere in my Bitz box) I'm gonna do a termie armoured variant of him as hes my Lord's right hand man.

And my Slaanesh Lord, not the main one. my lord isn't a firm advocate of worshipping a speific God, so hes tried to moot the power of the different cults within his fleet. This bloke, along with a Sorcerer, 6 Noise marines and 1 posessed form the Slaanesh division. He looks weird because i didn't want the nice and clean Pink Slaanesh that are common, there was an old pic of a Noise Marine in the last Chaos 'dex with a messed up head with flayed skin everywhere, so i wanted to emulate that with the lord, sorc and Noise Marines.

thats it for now, i have a Pratical on toxic waste at 2, then a birthday party, then organising a visit to a house for next year. Quiet for most of this semester, and it all hits you in the last week :-)

Also, Josh forgot his password, point and laugh!

11-03-2008, 13:40
That slaanesh marine looks fantastic, i like the use of the chaos lord sprues head as some kind of claw.

At least i think its the lords head

Galdur Hrafnsson
11-03-2008, 13:51
Looking good, can't wait to see them painted!

Middle Mill... nice area, apart from smelling of stale river water!

Rabid Bunny 666
11-03-2008, 15:58
Oh god yeah, the storm over the weekend sent the river insane, it was close to overflowing on my side. Don;t get me started on the Midgie swarms, it could drive a Plaguebearer insane.

@Vasteye; thanks, the head is an incredibly hacked apart and resculpted Flagellant head, its the one from the stocks.

The sun is shining in my Window after a downpour. The advantage is you get shiney new pics, the disadvantage is i smell of wet dog.

Pic of my haos Boyz on the Windowsill. From right to left; 60 CSM, organised into 5 squads of 10. I prefer close range firefights and assaults, so each squad has a Plasma, Melta, Ion and a Champ with a Power Fist. 2 squads of 5 Havocs, one with Heavy Bolters, the other with Missile Launchers, with a spare of each so i can turn my squads into a gunline if need be. 1 Squad of 10 Termies, 2 Reaper Autocannons, 1 Chainfist, 1 Power Fist, 2 Meltaguns, 2 basic dudes, 1 Aspiring Champ with Lightning Claws, 1 with an Icon (The reasoning being you wouldnot trust your personal icon to a random dude, you'd give it to the hardest **** in the army) 1 Squad of 6 Termies, 1 Reaper autocannon, 1 Chainfist, 1 Powerfist, 1 Basic dude, 2 Combi Meltas, to deepstrike after the big squad so they can pop tanks. Chaos Lord in Termie armour well on the way to Daemonhood, he goes down with the 1 man squad of Termies. 6 Noise Marines, for dedicated anti infantry, 6 hosen with 2 Combi Plasmas, 2 Power Weapons and a champ, for sneaking up and disrupting firing lanes (or so the theory goes...) Undivided Sorc with Familiar, Slaanesh Sorcerer (WIP) Slaanesh Lord for going 1 on 1 with the enemy tough guys, 10 Slaanesh Posessed, for Zap Brannigan style combats (Hard and Fast, like he makes love) and of course, my nurgle Posessed Hellhammer for making stuff very dead very quickly.


Next up, one of two Raptor Marines, not to be confused with the Raptor Legion marine on my old thread (BTW, should i repost them?)

Rabid Bunny 666
11-03-2008, 16:33
And one more, an Orange marine. The fluff for this guy is that his chapter refused to kill unarmed civillians free from the taint of chaos, and were declared Excommunicate as a result. They wiped the Inquisitor who did it off the face of the Imperium, most began hiring their services out to Gangs in several hiveworlds to survive, whilst others turned rogue, fighting evil wherever they could. Others turned to Chaos, this one fought as a Bounty Hunter in Necromunda for a brief stint, hence the weathered armour, then turned to the Corsairs for more challenging targets, as unarmed gangers tend to go "pop" when hit with a boltgun round :evilgrin:

Note, the flayed skin from a defeated foe slumped over his helmet, this bloke means buisness!
Thats a Kroot Pistol on his hip, most of the WYSWYG marines have random pistols to show the ragtag collection they'd assemble.
Another flayed head on his oad, hiding his heraldry, also note the rough and ready Chainsaw scabbard, it will be painted up as sking to show the brutalness of the marine.

Rabid Bunny 666
11-03-2008, 17:37
Triple Post! Sorry guys, but pics from Josh (who still doesn't have his pasword)


11-03-2008, 21:52
Love the conversion work on those chaos marines! and good painting standard.

Thats ALOT of imps to paint!! Taken me almost a year to paint 50 vossies, although i paint maybe 2-3 models per week :P

good luck to you both

Spartan-001: Master Chief
12-03-2008, 10:38
@ hemogoblin, thanks!

I'll get some clearer pics but i got my command squad half done just have to paint the support squads.

Then its on to platoon 1

Rabid Bunny 666
12-03-2008, 11:18
Righty then! some more Slaanesh-themed updates for you guys and gals.

First up is my Slaanesh sorcerer, i wrote up a bit of fluff for him for the Order of Chaos group, but the lack of time for games meant that i fizzled out of it.
Firstly, he still needs a force weapon, trying to think of something suitably Slaaneshii for it, any suggestions, lob them my way.
Skulls and stuffs, this guy has 10 skulls over him along with books and scrolls, wanted him to look like hes been around the Galaxy and picked up some funky daemonic stuff (being slaaneshii, probably picked up other stuff too...) What you don't see is the Skull on the pad is the base of a Symbol of Slaanesh.

This is the Noise marine champ, the pads modelled to look like flesh tacked onto the pad, like i said in a previous post, i prefer the ceepy Slaanesh opposed to the clean flavour.

Basic Noise marine, wanted the helmet to look like a speaker cum gimp thing.

And the first Noise Marine i made, i'll do a frontal shot in a min, just that my camera doesn't have a memory card, 6 pics is about the limit for it!

Rabid Bunny 666
12-03-2008, 11:30
The others oming on now...

Front shot of the last one, the last pic came out blurry.

This dude originally had a Blastmaster, but i dropped it because i wanted some dedicated Anti infantry guys. The whip is his CCW, when i find the other 6, the others will be tooled out with them as well.

I wanted this one to look like a fresh convert to the Slaaneshii ways, so not much on him. The legs were originally done to have him running forwards, but the body makes it look like hes falling over.

Rabid Bunny 666
12-03-2008, 11:33
Last two... for now.

This ones head is a badly sculpted face, i wanted him to look like hes had a new face "built" onto an array of sensitive fibres with added braincan so he can really feel the thick of battle.

Pad o' Flesh, a mass of flayed skin and still-growing muscles with embedded speakers, just what Fabius ordered!

12-03-2008, 17:03
I'm really genuinely impressed with the green stuff skills on these guys. These most recent photos also aren't blurred, so we can really see them. I am in awe of your skillz (and patience!)

Now lets see some paint on em!

Rabid Bunny 666
15-03-2008, 19:13
Shamelessly asking for requests for Marine Chapters to paint.

Righty then, all my mates have gone home for easter, and i'm off home monday because i need to buy a book. That means two days of painting, so i'll update tomorrow morning and afternoon (hopefully)

In the mean time, heres some reposts from my old thread;

Marine from the Raptor Legion, with a crown of horns.


and last but not least, my WIP Speed Freeks army. Theres 2 Trukks, 2 Leman Russes (ones is gonna become a trukk)a Looted vehicle on top of the russes, for the lootas to ride in), a scratch build from my Dad (also need to re-find the limo Rhino), 12 shoota boyz, 2 squads of 12 sluggas with different flavour 'eavy boyz and Nobs (Big Choppa and Rokkit, Power Klaw and Big Shoota, a Chimera my Dad converted aboyt 8 years ago. Inside the vehicles; WIP kitbashed lootas (4 in one, 1 in another), 2 Big Meks with Kustom Force Fields, 5 Nobs and a Painboy.


Rabid Bunny 666
16-03-2008, 14:26
Right, todays update, i'll take a few more pics, but the cheapy light in my room turns everything a bit more yellow than it should be. Damn sunday lie in!

Fist up, an Angel of the apocalypse marine, a chapter that forces masive seismic activity onto a world via Dark Age tech before using overwhelming force on one area at a time to demoralise and hopefully get the enemy to surrender. The armour i did for them (used to have a full army, they got recycled into Corsairs) is black basecoat, Blood Red around the edges, blazing orange around the edges, then yellow, leading them to have the nickname of "Tron Angels" I couldn't get a decent pic of his shoulder pad, but the graffiti says "****** your false empereor!"

Next is the Vampiress model from the Spearhead, was very happy with the way the red came out.

edit: more pics

a WIP Minotaur, the yellow and red are gonna be brighter, and i wanted to show off the fancy boltgun.

a Posessed, all the Posessed have brown/blue armour instead of specific chapters, wanted them to look like they were slowly changing into beetle carapace or whatnot.

Rabid Bunny 666
16-03-2008, 14:43
An extremely WIP White Scar Termie, the leg is the only area where the white is done so far. I'm chuffed how simple the red was to do; White basecoat, the watered down Blood Red over the top, nice bright red without any of the pink!

Plasma gunner, this guy only has half of his armour done, the other half is gonna be a green. Particularly happy with how the metallics came out, and the red on the guncase is gonna be on all the Corsairs as a unifying colour to balance out the rag-tagness of the armour.

A Marine from the Black Sabres, their chapter symbol is a Sabertooth head, and in a parody, this guy has a Sabertooth Skull. Happy with the way the yellow came out, and that black is actually highlighted :P

Rabid Bunny 666
16-03-2008, 14:45
Hopefully the last two pics of today (21 replies and most of them are mine...tough crowd :D

This dude was the tester marine for the foundation paints. I liked him so much, he ended up in the army.

Front on pic
An extremely bad pic of the side, the red on his hand is painted up like dried blood, and the leg has been ripped apart by bolt shells. such is the life of the corsair.

Thats me done for today, hopefully Josh will actually update this thread, lazy bugger :P

16-03-2008, 14:54
Cool stuff man, I also like the idea of gross flesh covered Noise Marines as opposed to the preety in pink variety.

Rabid Bunny 666
16-03-2008, 15:09
Thanks Raven1, it just seems more chaotic.

I lied, bwuahaha! Heres a sculpt i did about a year ago, its the best i've done so far, its a Mutant for a Warband thats still WIP, his backstory is that him and his platoon was fighting Chaos, but were warped by it, they narrowly escaped execution, but were outlawed because the only reason they escaped was by the wholesale butchering of a Commissarat firing squad. He now lives in the sewerage system of a Hive world, attempting to create a utopian society where his mutants can live without Imperial Conflict. He still has ties to a Magos in the AM after saving his life when he was a Techpriest, and has used this to get his unmutated Daughter out of the sewers into regular human society. As nice as this sounds, his former military training as well as the remnants of his platoon, they have no qualms about heading upwards to shift the balance in their favour. Before the mutation, he was a tower of Muscle, and in mutation, this has only increased. These infrequent but carefully planned excursions results in massive culls against less well defended Mutie tribes. This has a knock on effect, as the mutant survivors join his group. This increases the birth rate, but the previously monitored worship of Chaos is starting to go awry...

An extremely fuzzy pic of his front, the Gs on the back of the Trenchcoat is fairly rough, but i don't want to go back to him as i;ve got a newer, bigger version on the horizon (well, the feet anhyow :D) The badges on one side are the Symbols of Malal and Zuvassin, and the buclke on his Beret/rasta hat is a symbol of Nurgle. On top of his Beret/rasta hat is a symbol of Undivided.

aaand a Scale shot, hes 1 1/3 the size of an =][= Guardsman.

17-03-2008, 15:42
Hopefully the last two pics of today (21 replies and most of them are mine...tough crowd :D

It just takes time for people to take notice of a Plog like this. I passed over it for a while, not realising you were doing such awesome Slaaneshi stuff. Your GS skills are great, and inspiring. I'm subscribed. Keep up the great work.

17-03-2008, 17:51
that mutie is FANTASTIC

you sir have my undying envy

Rabid Bunny 666
24-03-2008, 21:11
Alrighty then! A nice week of relaxing back home (2 week easter break) but sadly, i have a metric phukload of work to do (poster project (70% total grade for a module), Field Trip (7 days, no drink! worth another 70% of a module), physics test (worth 15% of a module, so if i do good on the field trip and mapwork, i can afford to balls it up) and more impoartantly my 19th on the 5th of april. Date for your diary!

Back on topic, heres some dead stuff..

First off, a Vamp WIP converted from the =][= Female, picked up at GW Richmond's death, a cruel coincidence...

Turned the breast armour into a weird corset thing, the green on the robes is made to look like its blowing in the wind. Knife and pouch put there to hide an area i messed up.
Back with a thing to keep the armoured, for want of a better term, assplate up (idea mooched from the current female vamp) Also, different layers of robes.

a WIP Ghoul, the second tester, the first tester was cack, and is due a repaint.

Rabid Bunny 666
24-03-2008, 21:16
and last but not least, a Vargulf, didn't like the waving pose of the original, so hes got both arms down, and looks like hes snapping at something at his side.

Ther corpse at his feet is from the ghoul sprue, a very funky kit, worth picking up as i can easily see them being used as Mutants. The green on the back is its heckles with an embedded skeleton torso, the reasoning for this being the Ghouls that worship this copied its macabre decoration. Down its back, there are bones through its skin, basically added for the more tribal look of the Ghouls.

and last but not least, there was about 40 of these on the Hight Street today;

it says "I'm lost
Please find
My home
txt; ***********"

So i did :D

24-03-2008, 22:01
Some Really nice painted marines in here. I will be keeping an eye on them ;)


25-03-2008, 01:19
I'm so longing for my first order of GS to arrive.. Looking at threads like this gives you abstinence.. ^^

Kasrkin 666
25-03-2008, 02:05
Wow this log is AWESOME! What kind of primer do you use?:p


Col. Wales
25-03-2008, 03:11
Very nice on the marines, as far as the bloody handed marine goes if that spattered blood is old it should be a bit browner.

25-03-2008, 03:42
I particularly am fond of your Red Corsairs. Such nice paint jobs, and conversions. Make sure you keep up the progress. I'll be watching.

25-03-2008, 04:28
I love the creativity of the corsairs, so many different kinds, and sweet color schemes. I'll keep my eye on this, ace painting!

Rabid Bunny 666
25-03-2008, 15:46
@Mutantdale, Illuminator, Pazshadow, Col. Wales, ; Thanks, hopefully i won't run out of ideas for colours for them :D @Wales, the blood isn't brown because i didn't have any brown paint at the time :D

@Kasrkin666; just GW Black

@Fallan; i went to GW kingston yesterday and they were out! Scuppered my plans for zombie conversions i'll tell you.

And now some older pics that i've just bunged up, the back of my Hellhammer;

A backshot of the former Imperial shrine, the idea is that the Hellhammer was nicked and posessed, and these poor souls are trapped on the back for all eternity. The one on the bottom left has an Hour glass in his hand, reminding anyone that tries to hit the back armour that they'll be living on borrowed time when it goes Catastrophic and blows everythnig within a stupid distance to pieces
Rear shot showing the flesy bitz underneath the skellies.

A little note, this won't get painted until i finish my Undead army, the reasoning; more Skulls, this little doozy has 80+ on its turret and hull currently.

25-03-2008, 16:00
sweeeet tank! love it! and the other stuff too!always been anoyed by the fact that everyone is so much better at converting than me:p

Great work guys, keep it up! not much painting done though, you getting there?


Kasrkin 666
25-03-2008, 16:15

I would LOVE to see this army in person. I love your paint style! Its so clean, yet gritty! Any secrets you have that you wanna share?;)


25-03-2008, 16:34
More greenstuffing madness from Jack is what we like to see :p

keep up the good work mate

25-03-2008, 18:05
Chancellors? Erm, nope, Middle Mill halls at the mo, hopefully getting a house for next year.

Piccys since Josh nagged me so much, no pics from him though

First off, a Mortificator Marine from my Red Corsairs, i'm doing okd skool colour scheme for them, so every marine is a different colour. Apart from 1 Red corsairs, 5 odd of an old DIY chapter of mine and probably Lamenters because i enjoyed painting the last one.
Only the black and Grey are done though

You've got some really nice work up here Rabid.

How did you do bone like armour on this guy? Looks to be what i'm after.

Subscribed aswell.

Rabid Bunny 666
25-03-2008, 18:38
@FurryMiguell; yes indeedy, slowly but surely :D

@Kasrkin 666; erm, no real secrets, i normally mix in fortress grey or Dhneb stone (the last of which has gone walkabouts for the moment) and i tend not to water my paints down as much as i should.

@JonesRob; thanks, you know its my thing :D Nice to see you're keeping up your obscenely high quality of painting in your log.

@Ocid; i can't remember exatly as i tend to just paint on the go, but i think it was Ianden Darksun as a base with increasing dhneb stone mixed in for the colour. I'll knock up a Bone coloured marine this week to see if that is the right recipie.

Kasrkin 666
25-03-2008, 18:46
So you just mix the paints into whatever your doing? Interesting...


Rabid Bunny 666
25-03-2008, 19:03
Pretty much, Grey mainly for black, blue, purple and green, although it can work with yellow, dhneb for red, orange, yellow. its worth experimenting with different combos to see what happens.

Kasrkin 666
25-03-2008, 19:30
O.k. I'll give it a try. Thanks!


25-03-2008, 21:10
Thanks dude :D wish i had your greenstuffing styley tho.

Rabid Bunny 666
27-03-2008, 10:00
Lil update, a mini by Werener klocke, picked up a few a few months ago and this is the second to have a lick of paint.

like so many situations in life, the only way i could get a shot of the skin colour was by looking down her top :D

@Ocid, i'm working on the bone marine, so far its Tau Ochre highlighted with ianden.

27-03-2008, 10:29
*hur hur* (first thing I thought when I saw the picture) you paint the skin very nice, good job mate.

Where is that model from? cant recal to have seen it ever before


Rabid Bunny 666
27-03-2008, 10:34

Couldn't find his webpage, so heres a link to his stuff on another site, i got mine from ecclectic gaming in Reading, i also have the Chaos Sorceress and the Chaos witch.

edit; guh, so embarrasing that i missed it, heres his site;



reet, didn't get straight to work today, which meant 2 hours spent painting, also an update on the vamp (worked on her about 3 this morning whilst watching Torchwood)

Glass armour idea that i shamelessly nicked from John Blanche's idea. The skin is Tallarn Flesh, blood red/chaos black wash. elf flesh, elf flesh/skull white, skull white, looks like ivory. The fabrics are all done from Charadon Granite base, with either Dhneb Stone (front dress and frilly bits on sleeves), Elf Flesh (corset) or Astronomican Grey (arms) mixed in.
front shot, blood splattered mouth, with drips of blood on her booblies (couldn't think of a better term, honest)

better pic of the freebooter mini, i'll try and get a pic of her face, pretty happy with it so far, only got the sleeves, her bag, and miscellaneous bits and bobs to finish now.

edit: this is the best front shot i can get, the other was too light and washed out all the layers, this one shows the blush and eye liner (man , i feel wrong knowing about that).

27-03-2008, 12:45
Be strong my friend. have faith in the gods!:p

Great painting, very nice. I can see you dont rush things, unlike me;). one thing, the hair: how?


Rabid Bunny 666
27-03-2008, 12:48
Stupidly simple *puts down ice lolly*

White undercoat
Ianden Darksun/water 80/20 over the top
Calthan Brown/water 30/70 wash
Ianden Darksun/Astronomican Grey - 3 stages, one 70/30, 50/50 then pure grey.
Calthan Brown/water 30/70 wash
Ianden Darksun/water 30/70

very simple, it only takes a while because you're waiting for the washes to dry :D

27-03-2008, 12:54
Stupidly simple *puts down ice lolly*

White undercoat
Ianden Darksun/water 80/20 over the top
Calthan Brown/water 30/70 wash
Ianden Darksun/Astronomican Grey - 3 stages, one 70/30, 50/50 then pure grey.
Calthan Brown/water 30/70 wash
Ianden Darksun/water 30/70

very simple, it only takes a while because you're waiting for the washes to dry :D

This is simple? I think refining plutonium takes less steps then this.:D The hair and dress came out really great.

Kasrkin 666
27-03-2008, 19:24
Its not THAT complicated:p


27-03-2008, 20:38
Bah, everyone can refine plutonium in the basement at home! that hair takes a labratorium and thirty scientists!:p
Great mate, thanks, though come to think of it, I have no models with hair to paint. they are eighter bald goblins, Dark Elves with helmets or Daemons;)


28-03-2008, 08:54
Great stuff jack, the armour on the femme vampires leg is very cool

28-03-2008, 13:37
This is some very nice GS work here mate.. keep it up.. also the paint jobs are good as well, but the pictures need some more work..


28-03-2008, 15:08
Some really great paint and sculpting work there. I really want to see some of these guys finished.

28-03-2008, 16:13
All your stuff is badass. Nice background story for the mutant :D

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 16:15
Thanks all

@Furrymiguel; plutonium's on my to-do list ;-)

@JonesRob; thanks, i was surprised how it came out, took 30 minutes tops.

@mark_logue; There will be some done.... honest

Also, lack of Josh here is worrying, i'd fear for his life, but meh.

back onto updates now! Nothing until next friday tops, because i have a luvverly field trip that i mentioned eariler. 5 days in Dorset looking at rocks. No booze... Currently reading what we have to do and making notes off wikipedia so my notebook looks like i know stuff >: )

One of two big meks with KFFs. Head remoddled to have propa tusks.
werky gubbinz.

Trukk driver. If a Gorkamorka thing ever starts, he'll be called Treevz, after my mate treeves, purely beause both have glasses.

Ork with paler skin, this is the yoof colour scheme. All the ladz will have different shades of green skin to vary the horde a bit, as you will see next post...

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 16:21
@dr.otek3r; thanks, makes a change from the evil warlord types.

more ladz;

Red not yet done, one of the mid green tones. The yellow is because in my army's background, the two meks wanted an army of jalopies, but couldn't afford it. Following a failed commision job for some flash gitz involving belt fed shokk attak gun bullets and 3 facebiter squigs, they had enough money to build their force afterall.

Slightly darker lad, chuffed with the teef on him.

nob of one of the trukk boy squads, they have choppas and a missile launcher, this one has an 'ooge choppa and a suitable amount of dakka.

side shot showing the highlights.

NB; red not done yet

28-03-2008, 16:29

I love orcs! (or orks...) yours look great, though I dont ee how you can manage to paint an entire orc horde where no skin looks the same;)

Good luck mate, and good luck on the plutonium!


Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 16:44
Thanks Furry, some more orkses for you lot then;

Shoota for the 'ard boyz trukk, eez dead 'ard y'know.

side view of the 'ard boyz trukk, its more 'arder coz of da kustom plates an' bigga inside coz i put the side pannels on wrong.. 'onest

Looted Wagon for da lootas; Ded kunnin' this;

Trakks for terrain

weelz for roads, also, yooz got a skorcha for burnin' stuff.

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 16:47
and my mek's bodyguards. Weren't exactly hired for da job, they hang around and da meks pay them to not 'urt them.

Nob with power klaw liberated from a chaos boy. Featuring his pet squig Klegg (gonna be painted like my Jack Russel of a similar name, clegg)

Cleg! This is about 3-4 years old, hes started to go bald in his tail now, and hes scared of anything loud.

Former Warbozz Itztuff of a Savage ork tribe. Saw the trukks and never came back. dead 'itty.

More pics coming, my camera is wubbish and photobucket is slow.

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 17:06
This is the last update for today....probably..... well, one more post of pics.

Aerial view of the 'ard boyz trukk. Bigga and moderately betta.

Old Akkit, hes got an old skool power klaw, and when i get some more greentsuff, a peg leg.
slightly less old skool than my chaos havocs.

This Nob has a huge choppa, with all the power klaws around, this puts him on cannon fodder duty.

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 17:18
The story behind this guy is that in his yoof, he was almost krumped by a Chaos Verminator, but got back up and killed it but good an' propa.
Front shot, eez got da dakka and a lenz fing that helps 'im it betta (thats what the mad dok says anywayz...)
Side shot of former krumping, ded 'ard.
Not wanting to waste a pic space in a post, heres the aformented havocs (extremely blurry, but you'll get the jist)

Also funky (no pics) is one of my mates used to collect ages ago, just dropped off his old stuff, i have a tzeentch lord on disc, and Crom, as well as flock and 10 odd paints. Swish!

Rabid Bunny 666
28-03-2008, 17:19
and last but by no means least, an update on the female vamp and an old WIP of a Blood Knight;


28-03-2008, 17:46
kooL! and I say again, WAAAGH!:p

man, got-a get one of those ork trukks! looks wicked cool!
the vampire looks great, never seen the model before

As for the chaos havocs... *cough*


Kasrkin 666
28-03-2008, 19:08
Those Orks look AWESOME! Nice to see some unique stuff. And the Blood Knight horse is coming out great!


Rabid Bunny 666
03-04-2008, 19:06
Got back from my trip an hour ago so went shopping. Thankfully, the lecturers didn't care about drinking, so i may have drunk 3 bottles of Vodka :D Saw the distinct differenves between hazards and geologists; they weren't allowed near cliffs for danger of landslides, we were encouraged to go up and hit them with hammers :evilgrin: Good news is that i have a weekend without friends to distract me, bad is that i have a helluvalot of work to do and the fact that 17 stones of me plus Hay Tor granite equals broken camera...

thanks kasrkin 666

FurryMiguel, it is a darned nice model (Trukk)
and the vamp is from ;http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99060108070&orignav=10

Rabid Bunny 666
24-05-2008, 23:18
Gah, Exams are over! Because i'm lazy, ignorant and generally blunt, this makes me almost unemployable, meaning i've got alot of free time over Summer.

Watch this space, another addition to this lot is some Rackham Wolfen and 20 more skellies.

25-05-2008, 03:38
It's a lot of variety so far. good log. Love the hellhammer.

Rabid Bunny 666
26-05-2008, 23:40
Thanks madd0ct0r, one pic for you (my cameras still buggered, i can't work out the settings, so it will really just be one :D )

This is my wolfen army so far, i'll run you down the components;

Left side of the box is 2 groups of 6 Great Fangs with 3 special fighters (Rune Guardians help protect the unit, Repentants take hits for the unit and Grave Guardians inspire them)

Top middle is a converted Bolt of Yilla, they're not in the Army book, but i brought the Card pack and it was in there, Middle bloke is Serethis, the Hero for the Wolfen from the starter set, below his is a WIP of Onyx, the pack leader of the Throne of Stars, then the bottom left is Syriak, brought because its a cool model, then to his right is Y'anrylh, the greatest of the Throne of Stars pack leaders, he died and earned the Moon Goddess' ire by ignoring her will, but she brought him back to aid Onyx and to rebuild the Throne of Stars.

Top right is 8 Hunters in various stages of WIP, who accompany Serethis as they flank the enemy, below them are 8 Fang Warriors to accompany Onyx.

for some reason, i've lost a set of Legs and a Torso, so the Bolt of Yilla may be living on borrowed time...

and yes, there is a French Roll under my bed :D

27-05-2008, 06:39
Dude, you create pwnzorz stuff :p

Rabid Bunny 666
01-06-2008, 20:46
Thanks Kraal

STILL no pics, but i'll get up nice and early tomorrow to try and get the Camera repaired, but more importantly


Not any charity thing or something that will save lives, but it will leave you warm and fuzzy inside (like eating a kitten)

I have 41 Marines (add on another 15 on top of that from the new 40k box when its released) that need Colour Schemes, so i'm asking (not begging) for Colour schemes from DIY chapters to use on my Renegade boyz.

On the update front, i've got another 3 or so Marines with fully done armour and have found a quick and easy way to unify the force; Red shoulder Rims and battered Bolt Guns (with Red casing scratched to buggery) and have tried it on a few Marines, i think it looks neat. If i get the Camera fixed Monday, you too can see!

Also, looking through the 40k roundup at the shiney new Marines coming out, my alcohol-deprived mind has put together some concepts (these will require your imagination to fill in the gaps)

here be Rumor Roundup (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145425)

The Tactical Marines will have the same GS treatment as the rest of the marines, although i've improved in my Gs-Fu slightly since i came to Uni. The Dread will be either legging it forwards or treading on a dead thing, with the Sarcophagus ripped open slightly to show a sreaming Corpse leaning out. The commander's coat will be de-purity sealed and turned into a Fur cloak with a Xenos head on one side (hopefully than my first attempt you haven't seen yet, it looks like a plush Lion) The banner will be replaced by an impaled Corpse, i have the banner ready, its the body from the Corpse Cart with the spear through it.

Also, when/if i get a job, i'll be getting 3 Predator tanks which will be getting HB/Autocannon loadouts ready for some 5th edition Troop killing.

And there you have it, my plans so far

01-06-2008, 20:53
I like the sculpt on your blood knight mount. Is that a pegasus horse as the base?

01-06-2008, 20:57
Well, here's the only DIY scheme I've come up with; Imperial Fists successors, The Templars Crimson:

Also you may want to have a wander through this thread:
There are a few half decent schemes, and a lot of very dogy ones, but may be something there to inspire you.

Hope this helps

Rabid Bunny 666
01-06-2008, 21:03
I like the sculpt on your blood knight mount. Is that a pegasus horse as the base?

Yes indeed it is, its been changed slightly now, its got a trimmed down Bird Head from the Spawn sprue now, and stubby clawed arms in place of the front legs.

thanks Arhalien, with the robes and all, that scheme will be used on a Heavy Bolter dude.

01-06-2008, 21:03
I'm not a fan of the bone coloured tabbard with the "Dheneb Stone" armour - the two colours are too close. You might consider making the tabbard black like the shoulder trim - even white might work better. Otherwise, I think it looks great. Do you plan to use the fist symbol or will they have their own chapter symbol?

01-06-2008, 22:29
Check my (not so updated) Plog in mah sig for my scheme (half-arsed, by me)
Atleast i like it :D

01-06-2008, 22:42
@CYgnus: they should have a templar cross, but the B+C painter doesn;t have that. And I like the idea about the black robe, although I'm still quite fond of the bone colour; the armour is more very dirty, weathered white than bone (oh what does it matter, it;'s not as if I'll ever do the army ;))

Rabid Bunny 666
01-06-2008, 22:45

Thanks Krall, i've actually done a marine like that already. Great minds eh? :)

01-06-2008, 22:48
Great minds indeed :D

02-06-2008, 06:48
Nice work rabbid, like the potential scheme for the crimson templar's


Watcher of the Lost
24-07-2008, 01:36
some amazing stuff there, your a real good painter and converter.

My favourite is probably the Raptor Marine and the Bounty hunter marine

Watcher of the Lost
24-07-2008, 01:46
hmmmm i thought i messaged, evidently not. I digress you are an amazing painter and converter, my favourite so far is the Bounty Hunter Marine and the Raptor marine its nice somebody actually painting them instead of just being in Forgeworld and Firewarrior

Rabid Bunny 666
29-07-2008, 20:04
Thanks Watcher of the lost.

Righty dokey then, this is somethnig i've been working off and on since it was released, its a LOTR Plastic Troll converted into a Slaaneshii Daemon Prince, althought is stands in for a Greadter Daemon if i want something unexpected. Still needs the legs given those weird leather Tight things pinned to his skin, the straps filed flat and studded as well as other little things such as a paintjob :D


Also, i have 20 Daemonnettes and 20 Ghouls, both representing Daemonettes, the Ghouls are lightly converted, they recieved a full body trim (Mother of all Brazillians was my least favourite part in the trimming...) and have heads similar to the Daemon Prince, with the right arm a hand and the left being a claw.

As of now, i've got just under 1,000 points of Slaanesh Daemons (4 units of 10 Daemonettes, champion and icon, 1 herald, 2 fiends and a DP), i need to get another model for a Herald (working on one from The Masque)and another High Elf Chariot. Basically, another box of daemonettes means i have a model for a Herald and some for my Pleasureseekers. The High Elf Chariot box sees the two lions become Fiends of Slaanesh (waiting on me to find my pin vice so i can give them spines so they look less cute), the horses get cut in half and turned into Steeds, the one i have WIP at the moment looks like a bald ostrich ridden by a transexual amputee, but thats another story ;)
On the Chaos Space Marine front, i've found a way to paint my termies, i paint them in a battered metal colour and paint over some of it with a chapter scheme so they look battered to buggery, namely becasue i just deepstrike them in to take the enemy's firepower so my basic marines can go about doing their funky stuff.

In the Real World, i passed all but one of my modules which i have to retake, so if you see a scruffy looking fat bloke walking around the Guilford/Dorking area looking at rocks and measuring stuff, its most likey gonna be me :D. I'm in a new house at the moment and when i've not been revising, i've been working my way through my mates DVD collection bit by bit, but i can't bring myself to watch scrubs...

Bit off topic there, but C&C welcome (if you can make anything out with that pic)

Rabid Bunny 666
31-08-2008, 19:35
Well well well, another post in my log sans pictures, but i CAN explain. If you're in the UK, you'll see that its pouring, thunder and lightning, all very cool.


Moved into my new house, my mates dropped their stuff off and left, so its just been me making a mess here. Finished my exam retake stuffs and i have made progress, i'm heading back to the jolly ol' land of Sluff tomorrow so hopefully it'll be sunny.

Stuff I have done;

*5 more marines WYSWYG'd up, waiting for an undercoat.
9 basic CSMs un-WYSWYG'd, most missing the odd Pistol or Grenade
*Chosen Squad broken down and remade, gonna have 10 basic guys then special guns/weapons, prolly 4 meltas/Power Weapons/combi bolters, 2 plasmas/Power Fists and 1 icon.
*Lord; Built a lord with Jump Pack and 2 Lightning claws (using ork Power Klaws, looks menacing as hell)
*Paint on as many as 2 terminators! New WD one also converted up to be a heavy flamer termie in squad 3 (yep, 30 termies)

Basically, i have more ideas mulling around, mainly for vehicles;

Rhinos; Gonna need 13 (6 for troops, 1 for Noise Marines, 3 for Havocs, 3 for Elites)
extra armour ideas; one will have metal plates bolted to it ragtag, one will have the gaps at the front and back filled in, one will have bodies strapped over it :evilgrin:. Thats about it for Extra armour, the Rhino for the Posessed will be gribbly, think practically walking and you're close. Noise Marines one is gonna have the exhaust vents removed and replaced with massive siren type things. Gemstones, tapestries, the full shebang.

Predators; First one will be an Imperial Fist one, all grubbed up, very little chaos details apart from the defaced Imperial scrips and Chaos slogans.
The second will be a Razorback, piled up with Sandbags, instead of Sponsons, the hatches will be trimmed down and glued open, with chains holding them in place, with two Havocs leaning out of the side. Figured it'd look fairly rag-tag. The last one would be a Red Corsair coloured one, fairly cut-and-dry chaos style.

AOBR; You get 10 marines, 5 termies and a Dread per box, i need 10 more marines to max out my Troops choices, 13 Termies to get the 30 i need and i want 3 Dreads, so thats 3 boxes if i don't trade the Orks.

Dreads; converted to have twin DCCWs, might keep the meltas seperate for just in case games. Might get the Siege Dread arms for one, would look suitably brutal. Rogue Trader era graffiti on them, such as "Death is Easy"

Marines; 7 marines go to Troops, 3 CSMs from my bitx box get a Plasma, Melta and Power Fist and join them to make my 6th troops choice. 3 sarges from AOBR become Havoc champions, with suitable conversions, 18 marines go to the Havoc squads. Remaining 12 get converted into Chosen squads and/or options.

Commanders; One will become a Chaos Lord, the others may become Chosen or could be used in that Apocalypse Lord formation.

Troop Squad tweaks; Gonna make another 12 Champions, 6 with Power Weapons, 6 with Combi Bolters (twin linked) and another 6 Meltagunners, if i do a Rhino rush army, Plasmas would be dropped for Meltas.

All in all, probably another years worth of work :D

01-09-2008, 14:34
Jaaaack!!!! i'ma back with a new name loken555 :D i will be posting pics soon ( i always say this but its gonna happen). I have put guard on hold due to work ( i work at legoland)
and i have started new projects.

Necrons and speed freaks.


21-09-2008, 23:47
I'd give you my scheme to try, but I've made two people at my local GW go slightly insane (well, insaner) trying to emulate the orange...

If you want to try, go for it:
chapter symbol is a green lightning bolt.
Orange Armour Plating:
Solar Macharius Orange straight
Blazing Orange straight
Yellow Ink

Not hard, just mind numbing :p

Dark Green pads;
Dark Angels Green
Snot/Dark Angels 1:1
Snot Green straight light drybrush

Blue Eyes/Lenses:
Regal Blue
Enchanted Blue
Ultramarines/Ice 1:1

If that's clear...

Anyway, big fan of your GS work, pretty damn amazing stuff in here.

Elazar The Glorified
15-04-2009, 06:00
Awesome plog mate! Your Greenstuffing is of a legendary level and your painting is great too. Some very impressive minis in here. In particular I liked the Slaaneshi Chaos Marines and characters. Top stuff!

Rabid Bunny 666
15-04-2009, 06:13
Thanks, its a bit of a thread rez, but this will probably give me a kick up the proverbial to do a bit more painting and modelling. I'll put up some pictures later on if i can find either my Camera or Needle file.

edit: Probably should update this with what you should expect!

Drop Pod heavy Imperial Fists (sadly they've got Ianden/Tausept paint obscuring all the little things i changed on them)
Orks, now with a new (not necessarily improved) paint scheme.
Hordes of Chaos: Cavalry force
Chaos Marines and Daemons: Placed on the back burner.
Night Goblins: Worked out everything i had, this was depressing enough to put me off painting them for a while. Just under 200 Gobbos, and after 40 minutes of removing mould lines i had about 6-7 done.

22-07-2009, 17:35
A very refreshing log here, lots of nice refreshingly interesting stuff to look at. Your marine chapters concepts and paintjobs are great, I like how you seem to avoid the usual cliches people give their chapters and go for things that are a bit more different and unique. My favourite is the "Tron Angel" :D sculpting is good too btw. I'd like to see you have a go at converting/sculpting one of the minor alien races out there, wheather they be a single model or an army....

27-08-2009, 01:21
dude everything on this thread looks beastly and the painting is phenomnal

that hairs not complexicated just takes for forever and a day to get it just right like all other painting

and going of TimLeeson's idea about a minor alien race how bout making al ur dudes squats and using them as a chapter something like the Broken Axes or the Fallen Beards you get my dwarf referencey drift