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18-04-2005, 22:23
Hi All,

I am very new to Warhammer (still reading the rulebook) but have played 40K for a few years now (Imperial Guard). I wanted to get some feedback in choosing my army. Currently, I am looking at Empire or Bretonnia. I really like both the models and their background, but I am unsure of how they play.

More than likely I will just be playing at my local store and with friends, but I didn't want to get into an army and find out that they are overpowered or "cheesy" (this stems from some experiences in 40K). Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


18-04-2005, 23:16
Empire can play a bit like 3rd edition old guard codex if you take an artillery train. Brettonia is fast, hard to kill, hard hitting, and dead meat when facing a cannon.

People will call you cheesy if you take the RAF or the artillery train, but don't listen to them. You are only cheesy if you take the RAF and the Green Knight, which I don't think can happen. Well, not at 2k, which is the usual game size.

Oh, RAF stands for Royal Air Force, and has a Lord on a pegasus and a bunch of Pegasi knights, and a BSB on pegasus with the Banner of the lady.

The Artillery train is an Empire army with maxed out artillery (Who'd of thought?) and lots of shooting troops.

Hope that helps

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
18-04-2005, 23:22
well, brets are a massive Cav army, with the best flyers in the game, als long as u dont take too many pegasus knights. if you like a fast moving hard hitting army, go with them. empire, u can have almost any kind of army you want, all cav, shooting. i dont know much about them. if you want to know the strengths and weaknesses go here (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/gettingstarted/choosing_army.htm)

19-04-2005, 01:07
Here's the way I believe you should choose an army...

Look at all the figures in that army... which ones jump out at you? Which core units do you think look the coolest? (remember you're gonna be painting a lot of these things)...

Read some of the fluff... Which storyline appeals to you the most? (It's easier get into the character of something you identify with - Evil bastard? go with DE)...

IMHP, leave all that crap regarding who is the best Fast Cav, what are the best flyers, who is the fastes? .... just forget about it...

And especially don't worry about people calling you cheesy... If you have an army that you enjoy playing and painting and that you really identify with... then you will naturally have a fun gaming experience.... just leave those 3 units of CCK at home....



Lord Lucifer
19-04-2005, 01:44
As far as gameplay is concerned, the Empire trumps in in versatility, having a great many options available to it. Basically, anything you want to do you can try with the Empire and have a reasonable chance at success.
This versatility also helps in the long run in maintaining interest in your army
For me, it's nigh-on ten years and counting :)

Bretties rely a little bit more on the shock cavalry arm of the army and have some pretty uninspiring infantry at the best of times. They've got token versatility (one War Machine, limited shooting and harrassment options) but are the best bet if you KNOW for a fact you want to take cavalry-heavy armies

I'd advise also reading deep into the background for the two nations/armies and getting a feel for them, and considering the visuals and hobby-side of the armies

And if you get a theme formed in your head, that'd be a good 'deciding factor' (i.e. Imperial Religious Crusade, Bretonnian Questing Army)

19-04-2005, 13:34
Although you're probably not going to listen to me, I'd say Dogs of War, why? Reasons;

Pikemen; although expensive and they only have Light Armour unless upgraded, and although Musicains cost 10 Points, Pikemen are actually one of the best infantry units in the game, play multiple Pikemen units in a line and you'll be safe.

Light Cavalry; Adaptable to the situation at hand, great flankers, and speedy, Light Cavalry are one of the best Fast Cavalry units I've seen (Dark Riders, Dire Wolves and Chaos Hounds all roughly as good, if not better).

Heavy Cavalry; although expensive, and again, only having Light Armour, Heavy Cavalry for the Dogs of War can shatter units. I've had one unit go through five Skaven Units, while not actually *killing* any ammount of Ratmen, it sent them running because their flank had been bashed.

Crossbowmen; not used in any great ammount.

Duellists; a Dog of War favorite, I still need to get some of them (having only proxied an army full of them, to my demise (Orcs do damage.....).

Paymaster Bodyguard; they're an anchor unit, being stubborn, they'll not run unless attacked by undead or if they fail a Leadership test on an 8 (presuming you put your Paymaster here).

Dwarfs; Not used

Ogres; Got but not used (although I wouldn't use the Ogre Kingdom Ogres, a cheap way to get them is to buy Bulls, 3 (I can get a 10% discount from a very trustworthy man) an Ogre? SURE!).

Cannon; cheaper and just as good as an Empire Cannon, unless fighting some insanely high toughness Daemon or Vampire.

Anyother unit; yet to use.

Paymaster; You need one, but they're a Battle Standard Bearer, and since they don't have the banner, they can be given all kinds of stuff.

Wizards; Take 2/3 (just for fun, one fighting hero, fine, 3 Mages, fun) in 2000 Points, one with Heavens, one/two with Fire.

Hope for the Fire Wall and Comet (and remember to get the update for Heavens) with each Fire and Heavens caster.

What you do now is keep casting Fire Wall behind and infront of your opponents nastiest unit, trapping it while your Comets rain down upon it. DOOM!!!!!

Generals and Captain; Mainstay Heros, unless giving them Sword of Might, don't give them any Magical Weapon unless you're going against Elves/Vampires.
And then they have a veriety of items, same as the Paymaster..... Double Pistols, anybody? ;)

19-04-2005, 20:25
DOW???? you forgot the halflings.... gotta take the halflings.... they are just sooo darned cute!



User Name
20-04-2005, 01:39
Regerments Of Renown can add alot of spice to a DOW army too... this is just taking the thread a little off topic but its true... ROR are pritty cool.

20-04-2005, 09:21
You really have to use the halfling hot pot!!

Hideous Loon
20-04-2005, 11:29
Back on topic: Be a good Frenchie and play with Bretonnians. They have Knights, they have flying Knights, they have Grail Knights, for crying out loud. (They don't have flying Grail Knights, however.) The only downside of it is that they can't take DoW, and their weird concept of 'honor' is just a little too wierd.

OTOH, the Empire list is one of the most versatile ones in WHFB, and it can be played according to almost any theme. If you don't believe me, look in the UK WD, Fantasy section, A Tale Of Four Gamers, the Empire army that is there. He has a Stirland army, based around Militia...and more Militia. He has one of the strongest themes I have seen for an Empire army. If you don't like that, go for the Knightly Crusade instead, with tons of Knighties, or perhaps the Repenting Flagellant train, with tons of Flaggies and Militia. Plus, the Empire can take DoW, which normally means Ogre Bulls these days, and these guys are as hard as nails.

Rabid Bunny 666
20-04-2005, 11:47
i'd go for empire as for a beginner into fantasy, they're good all-rounders

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
21-04-2005, 02:06
Empire is a really bland army, i hate them.

Lord Lucifer
21-04-2005, 09:38
Bland? Hell no

I've been playing them for nearly ten years as I've already mentioned, and they're still interesting. Bland would be the last thing I call them

If I were to single out an army as being 'more bland' between Empire and Bretonnia I would have to say the one-note one-trick-pony of Bretonnia would be the bland one

But to each his own.
Each army has its merits.
The Bretonnians have a very powerful cavalry force and all the tools to make that work really well
The Empire has the ability to play most any option effectively, and allows a LOT of room for growth and experimentation, and a wealth of deep background information and history

Both are good armies