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Getifa Ubazza
16-03-2008, 16:13
Vampire Lord with Nightmare 225pts

3x15 Skeleton Warriors: full command 140pts each

4x5 Black Knights: full command 160pts each

2x5 Blood Knights: full command 325pts each

That comes to 1935pts. That gives me 65pts to upgrade my Vampire lord.

Does anyone think this army could work?

Any other thoughts would be great.

16-03-2008, 16:45
I don't think so and i will explain why.

First of all i am a big fun of blooddragon list as this was my favorite bloodline with the previous book.

With only one character you have terrible magic power and protection. Therefore, units like 15 skeleton's don't have lack on surviving in the game due to no inv on them. Maybe tougher ghouls if they feet with your theme

An easy going army with some shooting and magic power will have a good day against this army.

6 unit of knights are realy power but their only protection is their armor. I know it would be difficult for everybody to kill them but if they do there is little chance for you to bring them back.

Why you don't put some vampire with mixed magic and combat power

e.g. Vampire, Dark Acolyte, lord of dead, sword of might, flayed Hauberk, talisman of Lynchi
Vampire, Infinite hatred, dread knight, book of arkhan

They will suppport both your magic and dispel dices and your units.

Remember blooddragon lists had some discent magic after all.

Hope that helps

16-03-2008, 17:21
I agree with Yann-Drak. Your gonna get slaughterd by a shooty army. Your lack of magic will mean you cant replinish your units fast enough.

If you want to have an army that packs a lot of mounted punch I would condsider this.

Drop 2 units of Black Knights and 1 Blood Knight from each unit. That would give you back 430 points + the 65 you have now, 495 points total + 20 for dropping the Nightmare from your Lord. That should be enough to get a second Vampire, you can make his role casting and trick out your Lord.

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Haubrek, Dispell Scroll-195
Lord setup - Dread Knight, Red Fury, Infintie Hatred, Book of Arkhan,Wrists Bands of Black Gold, Helm of Commandment,-195
2 units of 5 Dire wolves to screen your Blood Knights(so they dont get led around by the nose) - 80

If you add all that up you still have 45 points left. Perhaps you could bulk up those skeles with that. Or add barding to the 2 units of Black Knights for 40 points.

You just need to be careful to keep your units in range of your vampires so they can march. I would put the lord with one unit of Blood Knights, keep one unit of Black Knights close to them on one flank and the Blood Knights with the other unit of Black Knights on the other flank, since the Blood Knights are vampires they can keep the Black Knights going

Of course this only works if my math is right...I think it is

Just some thoughts