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Left wing jAy
17-03-2008, 17:13
I'm recently getting back into the hobby, in some capacity. The last time I was involved in it, the Wood Elves had just been released for 6th Ed.

Is there anything I shouldn't buy at this stage due to remakes or something? The guide linked to in the forum is very helpful, but is also a bit of date from what I can tell; it mentions some stuff 'on the way' in 2007.

My main questions are regarding my existing models.

First off are my Vampire Counts, seeing the new ones got me reading a White Dwarf again. Before I stopped playing, I purchased a Tomb King Battalion and some characters. I like both armies, and I'm wondering if it's a good idea to try and create a sort of in-between army, with models compatible for both armies. My thoughts for this are using skeletons in both armies (Can the current VC skeles be equipped with bows?), and my old metal VC Grave guard as both Grave Guard and Tomb Guard. Anyone think it's an idea worth pursuing? Obviously stuff like chariots, and characters wouldn't be used in both, just the bulk of the models. Few units of skeletons, the Guard, possible some Black Knights + Horsemen.

Another thing is my Night Goblins - Goblins have shrunk? I picked up one in the store, and he's like half the height of my old ones. I figured I'd just use the 40 I have now as a sort of retinue for a character, being bigger as his personal bodyguard or something - I hope the mix of sizes won't look too stupid on the field. I'm picking up BFSP so I'll have a few new ones kicking around.

Sorry if it's a long post, but it's been like 3 years so I'm a bit behind.

17-03-2008, 17:27
Well apparently the Dark Elves are the next big Fantasy thing, so if you felt like building an army of evil girlies, now might be a good time to make a start on some crossbows and spears.

Your idea of using common units so you can build both Tomb King and Vampire Count armies is very intriguing, and a good one too, I may have to steal it. There are some differences with the models, standards, pecies of equipment that don't match, but I reckon it can be made to work by mixing parts from different boxed sets. Thats assuming of course they are the same size, I not totally certain, but I think the new Vampire Count skellies might be smaller, best double check before your start forking out loads of cash.

If you do go through with it I'd invest in lots of Zombies too, that raise the dead spell is far too handy not to make excessive use of. Why go to the trouble of manouvring a unit into position for a flank charge, when you can simply create one in the right place instead!

Left wing jAy
17-03-2008, 23:41
Basically planning on those core/special ranked troops being able to make appearances for both armies. I'll make a different standard for each.

The new skeletons are really nice; I'd like to try and incorporate those into the VC's. They could eventually replace my old ones (Budgets mean I'll be building these slowly, hence the multi-army), or just become something else. Anyone else think the old metal Grave Guard look suitable for both armies? Again, I love the new miniatures, but I'm not in a position to stock up on them and I'd really like a couple of armies rather than one.

Also, anyone have thoughts on the goblins?