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18-03-2008, 00:03
So I have been collecting warhammer and 40k for around 9 years, some armies has come and gone but at the moment I have 7 armies, ok one of them is newly started and just 1 unit ofKnights of the realm, a standard bearer, a paladin and a damsel on foot.
At the moment I'm pretty broke, so I will probably mostly be painting and converting what I have although that is something.

Well might start off by telling what armies I have and a short version what the plans are for each.


Orcs and Goblins:
Started to build a Grimgors hard boys army, didn't buy that many black orcs though but bought 20 of them when the new plastics came. Have around 40 boys(gonna get more of those), 20 blorcs, 10 squig hoppers, giant, 7 Werevolves from confrontation count as trolls, 2 battle for skulls pass worth of night goblins(and will probably get one more) and much more. A total of maybe 3k points

Tomb Kings:
Have around 2k points of theese painted, my only full painted army. But I included it because I want to add some tomb guard and Ushabati in the future.

Played them alot in the past, sold most of them except all the warmachines and some units, but now with the BfSP boxes I have a reasonable force, and if I get one more I don't have to buy much for them, maybe a regiment of ironbreakers or hammerers.

Always wanted to start playing with theese, some few weeks ago I converted a wingless pegasus + rider into a paladin of sort and that was the start, probably gonna go slowly forward with theese.


Imperial guard/Skeleton guard:
Most of theese can be seen in my other log, see sig. They are the slaves kinda for my chaos shortly said. Also includes the start of a warhound titan, legs and weapons done so far.

Very death inspired, my thousand sons seen Here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100931)
and will convert som plauge marines from fantasy chaos warriors in the future, don't want them nurgly, just beefier and older looking armour. Have lot of troops and some vehicles and terminators. 2+k points probably

My favorite army when it comes to converting, it's theese and skeleton guard I'm working mostly on atm. have around 9 bikes all scratch built and much more that needs to be painted, need to buy some of those new boys, some bigger vehicles and zzap cannons so I can make a 1750pts list at least, so I can paint it up nicely and play at tournaments if I feel like it.
Most up to date with these is the warboss, pic here (http://static.pici.se/pictures/BRbcbiCpB.jpg) and here (http://static.pici.se/pictures/btednsmra.jpg).

Other than that I have some small random projects here and there, but that will come up as it comes.

Current pictures:

The shelf containing maybe a third of my collection.

Baneblade with WIP dozer blade.

Random stuff, some 1k sons half painted and the bretonnians and other stuff.

2/3 of my tanks with some orks in front, close up of them will come in my next post, nice shelf eh? Mad it yesterday purely of practical reasons...

18-03-2008, 00:10
So currently I'm painting some skeleton guard and today I sprayed the following Orks for painting.

4 Bikes, the trike is my favorite:

The old goff orckers + speakers, I reckon I could use them as wyrd boys or big meks with shokk attack gun.

And some kans I bought along time ago, they used to have big guns but I have used those for other things, but I decided that I needed more rokkits and had some hunter killing missiles lying around.

And an early WIP of my pain boy on bike, he needs an big engine to get to the patients fast =)

I'm a slow painted but I will try to update when I get hings finished.

And if someone have a tip how to make an orky wheel out of something as I need one for the pain dock, suggestions would be nice =)

18-03-2008, 00:20
Mighty fine Orks! Love the Kans & Goth rockers.

18-03-2008, 02:44
I can't wait to see where you take these.

06-04-2008, 12:27
Ok I'm gonna mainly try to paint a 1750 point ork army for now, have most of the things I need for it also so the list isn't that competitive...

The list:


Warboss @ 150 Pts
Power Klaw
Attack Squig
Cybork Body

Weirdboy @ 85 Pts


15 Lootas @ 225 Pts

6 Tankbustas @ 100 Pts
Tankhammer (x2)
Bomb Squig (x2)



8 Nobz @ 514 Pts
Count as Troop Troops.
Power Klaw (x2)
Bosspole (x1)
Waaagh! Banner (x1)

+ 1 Painboy @ [76] Pts

//So 9 Nobz on bikes total. Gonna add one more powerfist though

29 Boyz @ 245 Pts
Choppa & Slugga
Rokkit Launcha (x3)

+ 1 Boyz Nob @ [41] Pts
Power Klaw

Zzap Gun Battery @ 127 Pts
Zzap Gun (x3)
Ammo Runt (x3)
6 extra Gretchins @ [18] Pts

+ 1 Runtherd @ [10] Pts

3 Killer Kans @ 195 Pts
Rokkit Launcha (x3)
Armour Plates (x3)
Grot Rigger (x3)

1 Deff Dread @ 105 Pts
Dreadnought CCW (x4)

//The deff dread will be a close combat monster... if it ever gets across the board..

So far the warboss is done as seen earlier, and now one killa kan and the weird boy is done also :)

Tried another camera today and it was kickass at taking photos at miniatures, almost to good, all the faults can be seen. Even the dust on the killa kan O-o




06-04-2008, 13:59
make a band lol...

10-04-2008, 10:59
A nob with power klaw is done now!
Wanted to get it dirty an' rusty, and the engine is very black so it's hard to see details on it in the pics.



And four unsprayed bikes without bases, need some 40mm square ones to make them... Guess which one's the pain boy =)



Edit note that the two later pics is alot bigger if you open them in a new window, if you wanna see the details.

10-04-2008, 13:47
Your bikes are grat - I especially like the one in the middle with the chain wrapped around the big shootas.

I also love the goff rockers - funny thing is i knew they existed but never really looked at the models. Those are pretty cool, I've got to admit...

22-05-2008, 21:39
I have begun working on another warboss on bike, this one even bigger ^^


And a comparsion shot, his base will get big O-o

For it's power klaw I'm gonna use a dreadnought power fist but I'll need to orkify it and make it bigger (it was smaller than I though when I got it).
I'm also having trouble finding a head, I have atm one of the metal warbosses heads but it looks kinda small on the ogryn body.. but I heard that the warboss in the 5'th edition box will have a big head so I'll probably use that.

Bought a pack of flames of war to see how the models feel to paint.
Still along way from finished, only the grey coats and the skin is done but the one on the right has his pants and shoes done and some red shoulder pads ^^

I have also ordered this!

Found it cheap so how could I resist? it's scale 1/144 so it should make a great objective if I begin to play flames of war.
It's 21 inches long, the biggest artillery piece ever made =)
It's available in scale 1/35 being 5-6 foot long, but where would someone keep that ^^;;

23-05-2008, 05:58
Cool! That warboss on bike is loking cool. hope to see him finished!

28-06-2008, 06:00
Time for an update!

I'm work on a mordheim Dwarf slayer warband, have gotten some of my old favorite slayers models.
"Gammla Gotrek" = "Old Gotrek"
Not a good pic but I hope you can see which models it is =)

And another half bad pic of them painted, some work on the beards are still to be done and the bases. I love the new washes ^^

And I've gotten my Dora now!
Look at those wheels, 80 separate wheels, took some time cleaning and putting together >_>

Need to make a scenic base of those tracks, would have been fun to have a pair of locomotives pulling it but I can't seem to find any in scale 1/144 as model kits.

And I'm a bit stuck on the new warboss on bike, I had hoped that I would be using the rumoured 5th edition box warboss head and klaw, but the klaw seems kinda small but I think I can use the head at least, so have you any suggestions for something to use as klaw? A dreadnought powerfist seems to small and I have already used ghazkulls klaw on two warbosses and I don't feel like buying the inquisitor krieger thraxx... but maybe I have to.. I miss bitz order...

01-07-2008, 11:48
Found some pictures that I had forgotten to upload, 3 conversions based on Fist of the north star Kenshiro, Gatts from Berserk and the assasin from hellboy =)

This is gatts, although I haven't fixed the crossbow yet that should be on his left wrist and the straps on the chestplate needs some fixing.

This is kenshiro, 'm gonna fix the wounds/holes to look more like his wounds/scars. And he got no ears..

And the Hellboy assasin, and as you can see this time he stopped the guy with the grenade compared to the movie =)

And a pic of him painted, partly dipped and partly washed, he only needs som grass on his base but should I paint the eyes red instead of being green?