View Full Version : Need Input for an Idea

18-03-2008, 01:18
I'm thinking about putting together a player created Codex for the 13th Company Space Wolves and possibly other overlooked and under loved armies if that one is successful. I wouldn't be trying to profit from it or anything (unless GW wanted to buy it off me:evilgrin:). I just want to put something together that will make this great and Fluffy army easier to play in standard "Just for Fun" matches.

So what I'm looking for are ideas from you with your vast WH40k knowledge on what you'd like to see in such a codex, issues you feel the original pamphlet codex didn't address, ect. I'm thinking I'll need to use the current SM codex and CSM codex in order to get the fluff right, as well as the gear (since I would guess most of their equipment will be taken of the corpses of felled CSM's.)

Again, keep in mind that I would not be trying to sell this codex or profit from it in any way so please don't give me the old "copyright violation" speech. This is just a fun addition to an already rich game. The way I see it, we all have our own complaints about the fact that GW doesn't service all the fans, so I figure maybe we ought to start servicing ourselves. Tell me what you think!