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18-03-2008, 16:13
Hi all

I found this custodian guard figure.
Is it GW\FW model?
Any clues where to find it?http://pics.livejournal.com/ghostbuddy/pic/0003efz6

18-03-2008, 16:15
it's one of the limited release sculpts of Mortarion, it's not GW or FW, i can't remember who sculpted them however

18-03-2008, 16:17
i dont think its a GW made model, i would remember something like that

18-03-2008, 16:20
Looks like a Forge World one, but not anything that has every been available from their normal catalogue, maybe a special edition from an event, but certainly not one that I'm familiar with...
Actually looking at it again, the Aquila are all wrong... It is either an unreleased (Pre-)Heresy model or not an official 40K model at all...
Nice though.

18-03-2008, 16:21
where ever it's from it looks awsome. It's not gamesworkshop cos the plastic is too light grey I wud of sed Forgeworld but sum1 else sed it isnt. U cud still try looking up chaos models on forgeworld. If its limeted ed then just go on ebay u may get lucky :D

18-03-2008, 16:29
Actually i retract that, it looks like a conversion (the gun piece was a give away)

18-03-2008, 16:33
It looks like a model by that guy that made all the primarchs and the emperor, he has a site but for the life of me i cant remember it, but it looks like his work

18-03-2008, 16:35
Is Scibor the one you;re thinking about TBBW?

18-03-2008, 16:37
Is it a Scibor?

Edit: Ninja'd.

Ooh, the joys of every primarch and special character having the exact same pressmoulded head.

18-03-2008, 16:39
Is Scibor the one you;re thinking about TBBW?

Thats it, cheers, i couldnt for the life of me remember.


After checking the site i cant see it so maybe it isnt one of his, but some of his custodes are similar

18-03-2008, 16:47
cool model

18-03-2008, 16:48
It's definitely a conversion cast up in resin.

18-03-2008, 16:51
It might be one of Velard's custodian guard which GW stopped him selling on ebay. It's not Scibor as it lacks the press moulding.

18-03-2008, 17:37
THey were made in Russia. Yes, they are not Scibor...

Some guy sculpted parts, converted others...but then, instead of selling them as is, he cast them, so GW asked him after a few months of not stopping, to cancel so he did.

I am actually painting up 5 of them, to sell on ebay... the unit of 5 cost $150 (i bought them from someone who needed cash so he sold them for what they originally went for). WIll sell for more of course once all painted up...

The ones I have are a bit different, but the heads are 100% as well as the legs/chest. Mine have GK/custodian style halberds with storm bolters on the other arm, ala a grey knight.