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09-10-2005, 21:12
I've never gotten a chance to play Battlefleet:Gothic before, but from the sound of it, it's definately very cool. I'm also a big fan of some of the larger ship models, though to be honest I think GW is raping us on the cost...some of those battleships are $30 or more and they're not all that big. For $35 or so I can get a full squad of Terminators, multiple attack bikes, etc. Point cost shouldn't = $$$ cost, but that's a whole seperate discussion.

I've often had an idea to try and generate interest in a large-ish campaign...a "Conquer the Universe" campaign if you will. It would start with a large BFG map and there would be both BFG games and WH40k games (assaulting a planet/station). I would think that the overall campaign would have the same kind of feel as Rise of Nations on the PC (single player is broken into 2 modes; one like Risk where it's just shapes on the map and armies sitting on them, then the classical Age of Empires style combat to win that battle you started on the Risk map), except it would be on the tabletop. I'm not really planning on it being a short game; taking the better part of the summer, or at the absolute shortest a 4 day weekend.

That being said, I want to know what BFG fleets are fun to play (I don't mean fun as in the fleet is uber cheese and you'll always win unless someone has loaded dice). Since I want to be part of this event instead of just overseeing it, I would also like to plan for my BFG fleet and army. I'm thinking Eldar because from a purely aestetic point of view, their ships are awesome, as are their WH40k figs. Lots of potential for really awesome paint schemes, plus the whole elegant models thing.

Anyone who plays Eldar in BFG, please feel free to tell me how they handle, or if you play one of the other fleets and think they're the best, tell me why the Eldar fleet sucks .

Inquisitor Maul
09-10-2005, 21:16
Ehem, It's Imperial Navy ;) :p

09-10-2005, 22:23
Imperial Navy. They're good at everything, you can try different things with them and the models are the best.
Second I'll say Chaos. Yep, it's boring to name the two standard ones, but the game centers around them with a reason. Best fleshed out.

Necrons are the worst. People will hate you.

09-10-2005, 23:32
The Tau, I find, are an absolute glory to use. They use battlefleets of the power order of Imperial Navy and Chaos, but have a very different style of play that borders that of the Dark Eldar(who are also exceedingly good fun). They can play like modern Carrier flotillas, well held battle-lines, ragtag fleets of refugees, Xenos Conglomerates etc.

It's a good fleet, and plays nicely. However, the Tau fleet is not alone in being fun, whilst the Ork fleet is by no means the most potent fleet in the game, it is also incredibly fun to use and I like it alot. However, it is a difficult fleet to succeed consistently with. The Dark Eldar fleet too, great fun to use, and are nice and good as a fleet, and often don't make people groan unlike the appearance of Eldar.

The Eldar are a great fleet, but very odd by wide acknowledgement. The fleet breaks a core rule of the game by allowing the Eldar to move outside of regular movement, and alot of people insist this is simply daft. A ship can be in, shoot and out of range again before *any* of the ships gunners are able to react? There's a good list on the SG Site detailing a 'Move Move Shoot' as opposed to 'Move Shoot Move', but even still the Eldar fleet is okay. It's also hit or miss, if there's plenty of terrain, you can close to guaruntee a win, if there's no terrain, the safe money is on an Eldar loss. Most people don't like this as it doesn't apply to other fleets, so simply 'oddles' things rather than adding depth or useful tactical intrigue to the game.

I also agree largely about the Imperial Navy, an excellent fleet with a huge amount of options open to it, but as for fun, you know my points!


09-10-2005, 23:58
Imperial Navy, simply because it's as good as any of the other fleets (and often better *cough* Space Marines! *cough*) and it is by far the most fleshed out fleet.

10-10-2005, 04:37
what about the marine fleet? i recently abought a marine fleet and ledar fleet and going to start playing BFG when i get them together. so more info would be helpfull.

Sgt John Keel
10-10-2005, 09:41
The Eldar are a great fleet, but very odd by wide acknowledgement. The fleet breaks a core rule of the game by allowing the Eldar to move outside of regular movement, and alot of people insist this is simply daft.

The Eldar is basically: "Have you learnt the rules? Good. Now for Eldar, you have to learn them again."

Everything's different for them. But that's what make them fun to play.:)


10-10-2005, 09:58

Why settle for GW ship models when you can go wild making your own from 40k bitz?

Why be restricted to boring cookie-cutter ship classes when you can design rules for each of your capital ships from the ground up VDR-style?

Why blow up your enemy with boring old guns when you can BITE his ship in two, violate it with your tentacles by sucking out its screaming crewmembers, and in general be so scary that your enemy is allowed to self-destruct rather than face a boarding action from you? :evilgrin:

All that from a fleet that has some serious ordnance and shooting power as well if you want to go that direction.

ooh I love them. :D

edit: And I wouldn't complain about the cost. Call GW the devil all you want, but their Specialist Games section is really very decent. You get free rulebooks online and a boxed set that is actually worth more than the sum of its parts. Thirty bucks for a battleship may seem a bit much, but they need to have a higher profit margin on the models since they sell so few of them.

edit #2:
what about the marine fleet? i recently abought a marine fleet and ledar fleet and going to start playing BFG when i get them together. so more info would be helpfull.Marines are kinda the odd man out in BFG. Imperial doctrine gives the Navy responsibility for fighting the big space battles, while marines concentrate more on assaulting planets with ground troops. This means that marines would almost never be assembling a 1500 point fleet on their own - they're more likely to have a ship or two supported by a larger Imperial Navy contingent.
Gamewise, they're an ok fleet. The models are nice, and their rules are interesting, but the fleet lacks variety and is very vulnerable to certain types of attacks (lances).

Inquisitor Maul
10-10-2005, 10:34
But you do NOT want to get withing 30 cm of a Battlebarge's Broadside. Say goodbye to the ship no mather what class it is :evilgrin:

Damn, I love Bombardment cannons :D

10-10-2005, 11:57
I love my Imperial fleet, nothing beats the look on someones face when you let loose 50+ torpedos straight into the middle of his fleet :D

10-10-2005, 15:01
I gotta recomend Chaos, great firepower, better overall range than Imperial ships, slightly faster ships, a good sturdy sellection of cruisers and escorts without getting into having too many and a decent number of lances too. The only thing your missing is a 6 armour up front. also the chaos marks can be usefull.
I also like the chaos ships look and modelling/ converting potential.

10-10-2005, 18:40
I have only played with Eldar and Necrons. The Necron fleet is hard to play, damn there special victory points, heh, I seem to have most fun with the Eldar though, good cruisers and escorts (even though their hulls are made out of carboard).

10-10-2005, 22:06
I also have to put a good word in for Chaos. The fastest of the "conventional" fleets, if you line lines of battle and slugging it out WWI style with long range broadsides then it's the fleet for you. The fact that many of your cruisers can kick out a broadside comparable to an Imperial Battleship for all but half the points is good for a giggle too.

11-10-2005, 04:22
Thanks for all the input so far. It's been quite helpful in planning out the ideas for my campaign. Here's another question though;

Would the "Big Huge take over the Galaxy" campaign be better using Epic 40k or traditional 40k for the ground/station assaults? Does Epic feel more like BFG than 40k does with all the small figs and extra rules? I'm also looking at a cost comparison here. To get my idea to work, I basically have to have at least four BFG fleets (Looks like Imp Guard, Chaos, Eldar and Tau at this point..and I have to have all four because the group I'm trying to stir up interest in has nothing GW except for the occasional member who has 500 points of a 40k army) and at least some of their corrosponding ground forces; if I can spend less $$$ overall going the BFG/Epic40k route, that might be the best option in itself. Mostly I'm trying to stir up interest in making this a repeat occurance which would prompt the truly interested to get their own BFG fleets and Epic/40k armies.

At this point, I'm thinking the rules will play somewhat like the board game Diplomacy. Everyone plans moves at the same time for the fleets, if combat occurs it gets played out in a small skirmish of BFG. If a planet is assaulted, it gets setup as a skirmish in Epic/40k. Maybe try to aim for a good 5 turns of the campaign in a gaming day and ideally have at least 4 or 5 whole days dedicated to it (20-25 turns to conquer the galaxy...or at least wipe out a buddy of your's who's playing too...)

Any suggestions on point costs to use for Epic/40k/BFG to keep it fully playable but low cost when it comes to $$$? Ideas on how much it would roughly cost per fleet in US $?

Thanks for the help guys.

Just since nobody has really mentioned it besides a consistiency issue, how do Orks and Dark Eldar handle? Does it take a more skilled strategist to use 'em effectively or is it all just in the way the dice fall?

11-10-2005, 13:03
2000 odd points of BFG makes for a reasonably impressive game without costing the earth... The Imperial Navy and Chaos Cruisers are quite a good deal so you can build a decent sized fleet around them relatively easily.

11-10-2005, 17:39
The BFG box set alone comes with 1,000 points of Imperial Navy, 1,000 points of Chaos, and all the markers and dice you'll need. Plus some planets, asteroids, whippy sticks, and the rules. The easist way to get started is splitting a box set, then add some ships to that. I did 2250 of Chaos for about $45.

I would recommend Epic over 40k any day, especially to complement the large-scale feel of BFG. Specialist Games are much more rigorously balanced. They are also almost reasonably priced, so starting two new armies without breaking the bank is feasible.

12-10-2005, 19:46
Chaos for sure. Solid ships, long range hitting power and tons of fighters/bombers/assault torpedoes.

Bronco Johnny
13-10-2005, 00:11
I love the Chaos fleet, although I will admit that I have yet to play any others at all. My favorite tactic is to take a squadron of cruisers and slice through an opponent's battle line, one ship for each hole in his line, delivering broadsides from both sides of all ships if possible. If you combine this with a second squadron immediately behind with a ton of forward facing lance firepower you are in for some good good fun. Just beware of ramming.