View Full Version : Epic Siegfried and Ragnarok Tanks

19-04-2005, 09:26
Does anyone have background info and/or pictures of these two tanks from Epic? I'd like to build one of them based on a chimera chassis but I need some info like what kind of weapons they have and how they look in detail.
Thanks for helping out.

19-04-2005, 10:22
well they're contained in the Swordwind supplement for epic, which you can download free from-

Morgan Keyes
19-04-2005, 13:36
In a nutshell: two tank designs from Krieg's world war. While not up to Leman Russ standards, they do in a pinch as cheap units to supply Siege Regiments. The Siegfried is the light scout tank armed with a multi-laser and used to exploit breaches, the Ragnarok is a heavy tank (heavy armor and good terrain handling, but slow) and packs a gun roughly on par with the Leman Russ (shorter range, either due to lack of stabilization gear, or going with bigger brute BANG! to make up for lack of velocity).

19-04-2005, 20:13
Well thanks people!