View Full Version : tips on goblin team

23-03-2008, 20:18
im gonna be making a goblin team from a few spare trolls i have lying around and a box of plastic golbins. i want to increase my skill with green stuff and thought this would be a good project for that. i have 20 plastics, and i figure that works out perfectly for:

16 goblins
1 fanatic
1 pogo gobo
1 chainsaw gobo
1 bommber gobo

then 2 trolls.

no one around here plays blood bowl, but i know there will be a table down at gamesday to play, so that would prolly bemy first game. any general help on a gobbo team?

01-04-2008, 08:08
In my opinion you need at least one troll, because your goblins are too fragile to make it on there own. another reason you need a troll is that you only have S2 on you gobbos, so when your fanatic, bomber and pongoer gets sent of you need the trolls to balance it up.re rolls are your best Friend so get at least 3. you may use the trolls to throw a team mate but that is dangerous as hell, but funny as hell:p try to dodge alot and gang up on players. good luck and it takes a while to get to know your team

01-04-2008, 08:15
Don't take to many Secret Weapon players to start with, unless you know you'll get inducements (take Bribes!), else you'll find yourself down on players all to soon.