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10-10-2005, 05:56
(Please note that this is a mod of BFG for Halo, so the Minor Prophet would be the equivilant to that of an Admiral. All I am asking is "Is this fleet acceptable using the BFG numbers rule, as in, how many ship classes you need to get this kind, etc. etc.)

Fleet of Shielded Promise

2,235 points
11 vessels

Fleet Admiral, Minor Prophet of Fear +100 points
Flagship-class Assault Carrier, Rightful Punishment, +500 points (w/re-rolls and Prophet)
• 3 leadership re-rolls, +150 points

CSS-Class Cruiser, Lonely Predator, +200 points
CSS-Class Cruiser, Pious Inquisitor, +200 points
CSS-Class Cruiser, Forgotten Hope, +200 points
CSS-Class Cruiser, Purity and Spirit, +200 points
CSS-Class Cruiser, Sacred Promise, +200 points
CAR-Class Battle Cruiser, Sacred Spirit, +210 points
CSV-Class Carrier, Devotion and Promise, +150 points
CPV-Class Destroyer, Commitment and Patience, +125 points
CPV-Class Destroyer, Contrition, +125 points
CPV-Class Destroyer, Penance, +125 points

10-10-2005, 14:27
Presumably then you're looking at an IN fleet?

Admiral + Rerolls = Admiral + Rerolls, basically about right.
Emperor Class Battleship(Battlecarrier)=345pts

Battlecruiser= Go as an Armageddon, the overlord isn't fantastic, but the Armageddon is fun.(245pts)
Battlecarrier= Dictator Class Cruiser(220pts)
Cruisers= Can chose from Dominators, Tyrants, Gothics or Lunars, all come in at about 180-195pts, basically pick the weapons outfit from the four that you like.
Destroyers= Dauntless Light Cruisers, about 110pts a piece IIRC.

As is, for actual games, you'd just pick from the ships you like, the fleet itself at the points you post *would* be about right, probably a bit less expensive.

Probably go well on it! It's similar in actual format to my Imperial Fleet, and it works nicely without all the escorts(I find them a bit annoying to use, unless I'm using my Tau or proxying DE).

Go for it, conversions should be good.


10-10-2005, 19:51
conversions? I dont know of any ship model ANYWHERE thats even Remotely similar to the Covenant Assault Carrier :( if you dont know what thats shaped like, take a fishing hook and put it aimed right with the loop going back to the left, that would be the front of the assault carrier, and the back is basically the back end (or the top) of the fishing hook

if you know of models like that, by God you better give me a link lol, but until then, Im getting 3D renders of all the ships I need and trying to find a molding company that will mold the models for me.. expensive? you better believe it, worth it? I sure think so :)

but thank you very much Xisor, I do appreciate your opinion very much

12-10-2005, 20:27
uh.. more than one opinion on my fleet would be appreciated?

13-10-2005, 10:39
I'm not sure what sort of opinions you're looking for...

Yes, a list with 1 commander, 3 rerolls, 1 battleship, 1 battlecruiser, 5 cruisers, and 4 light cruisers is legal.

Are you looking for us to suggest count-as classes or new rules for your ships as well, or do you already have those figured out?

13-10-2005, 20:38
its just a mod for BFG but for Halo ships.. so the plan is to basically use the majority (like 90%) of the BFG rules, and simply add in a few other/new ones (like self-guided plasma turret projectiles etc. and the effect of the Covenant shields against archer missile pods etc. etc.)

EDIT: oh, yes, I had almost forgot.. this is the *new* fleet list, after reading that single fleets in this universe can count up to 5000 ships. So consider this one as a detachment of the main fleet or something I suppose..

Fleet of Shielded Promise

6,780 points
32 vessels

Fleet Commander, Akl ‘Adonnae +50 points
Flagship-class Assault Carrier, Rightful Punishment, +615 points (w/re-rolls and F.C.)
• 3 leadership re-rolls, +150 points
Flagship-class Assault Carrier, Shielded Wisdom, +365 points
Flagship-class Assault Carrier, Unwavering Fortitude, +365 points
Flagship-class Assault Carrier, Ascendant Justice, +365 points

CSS-class Cruiser, Lonely Predator, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Pious Inquisitor, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Forgotten Hope, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Purity and Spirit, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Sacred Promise, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Wisdom and Grace, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Truth and Reconciliation, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Mercy and Reconciliation, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Regret and Reconciliation, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Silent Cartographer, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Chalice of Purity, +220 points
CSS-class Cruiser, Undying Reverence, +220 points

CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Strength and Beauty, +270 points
CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Begotten Angel, +270 points
CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Divine Light, +270 points
CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Divine Purity, +270 points
CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Wise Oracle, +270 points
CAR-class Battle Cruiser, Holy Oracle, +270 points

CSV-class Carrier, Devotion and Promise, +200 points
CSV-class Carrier, Sacred Spirit, +200 points
CSV-class Carrier, Keeper of the Luminous Key, +200 points

CPV-class Destroyer, Commitment and Patience, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Contrition, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Penance, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Reverence, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Esteem, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Devotion, +30 points
CPV-class Destroyer, Clarity and Grace, +30 points