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26-03-2008, 16:50
I'm starting this log to give myself a kick up the bum to get more painting done.

I'm a very slow painter (it can take me a month to paint ten gaunts to a tabletop standard) and I'm easily distracted by other armies and games. My main army since 2nd Ed has been Tyranids and I've never managed to get it more than half painted! Then there was WoW which didn't help...

Fortunately my GF loves cross-stitching and I'm finding it very nice to spend the evening chatting with the telly as background while we do our hobbies. :D

My 40K armies are Tyranids, Dark Eldar (fully painted but look like evil clowns), Witch Hunters (90% painted, a good TT standard).

I also have about 2k pts of Eldar and Necron that I've impulse purchased from ebay. :( I'd like to work on the Necron as they've been horribly tortured to be honest.

I've also got a VC WHFB army and a both Hordes and Warmachine forces to work on.

But this thread will mainly be me trying to get my Nids painted.

As a break from painting all those *(&)(&) gaunts I've been making objective markers. Somebody in another thread suggested using Lictor parts to make these, and I have stolen the idea (kudos to the originator).

Here is the WIP....

26-03-2008, 17:20
Good luck with getting everything painted, we've all been (and still are) there.

I like the sig as well - good motivation. Just chant that every morning!

10-04-2008, 09:49
Today's update...yeah...okay its not that weekly.

Finished painting another 10 hormaguants. Got to test the Dullcote on them instead of GW satin...they look a heck of a lot better. I'll post pictures when I get home!

Finished contruction of Lictor marker. It and my tyrants and Dakkafex have now been undercoated.

Slightly distracted from other things as my partner wants to paint one of the new vampires. I've also volunteered to make a wedding topper for our wedding cake! Two Gargoyle type brides and grooms :D

I've built the core of them from milliputt and will be GSing the details on. Pictures of those when they are a bit further along.

Edit: Attached picture of a Hormie and my Assault Tyrant

13-06-2008, 16:00
A warrior brood equipped for close support and smacking of heads if necessary.

I'm a lot happier with the duller effect than my early glossy Nids.

I still need to do better with the claws and teeth, mind you. Simply taking more care of them I think.

13-06-2008, 16:15
wow, i like them, nice stuff!

13-06-2008, 20:46
wow, these guys look damn evil :evilgrin:
great aliens, keep it up (more regularly) :)