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27-03-2008, 20:55
I have a nice gigantic 54mm kroot, but am deeply disatisfied with the kroot rules put out by GW. I'm curious what other stats / rules people have come up with for these cool big chicken men? Thanks for the help or link in the right direction.

- Salvage

Zhai Morenn
07-04-2008, 01:20
Where are GW's profile for a Kroot? My group has just been kinda winging it based on how many Kroot will be in the group (3) compared to opposing factions.

14-04-2008, 18:10
Kroot are officially:

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Lp
75 55 65 60 70 55 60 70 55

They have a wide variety of looted equipment, so as well as the obvious Kroot Rifle they can use common, rare and sometimes exotic weapons (depending on how experienced and famous they are).

They may NEVER use combat drugs (reacts badly with their "absorbant" metabolism).

They get Acrobatic, Furious Assault, and First Strike as standard.

They get +30% to awareness tests due to acute senses, and inflict -30% on enemy awareness tests due to stealth, unless the enemy is equipped with a bio-scanner or similar device.

If they take someone OOA in close combat, they spend all their remaining actions on unarmed attacks to represent them eating their fallen enemy's flesh.

They are frequently seen in the company of Tau and radical Inquisitors.

14-04-2008, 18:49
Bingo. And given how very very tall the model is, the GeeDub kroot are surprisingly weak (for S4!) and die very easily.

I was just curious if more hardcore INQ players had tweaked their own kroot mercs up some. I may just adjust the strength up and deal with him being a naked bird man (read: dead).

- Salvage

14-04-2008, 23:49
I used my Kroot for the first time today, had the 'normal' set-up, Kroot Rifle, Knife etc etc, to be honest it didnt really get much of a chance to shine, he charged a Tech Priest, got stunned by a blow to the head and proceeded to get his ass kicked!

Hopefully he'll perform a bit better next time, i think that the GW rules aren't bad, although the sheer size of the model makes him an easy target for shooting, not really appropriate considering a Kroots stealth and speed IMO.

15-04-2008, 13:29
Mine has the 'exotic' equipment the standard model came with, but with a normal krooty head. The multi-launcher is fairly underwhelming, I remember slamming out something like 8 blasts a few actions in a row and not doing anything at all to a rampaging inquisitor (missed mostly, but 8 shots at once will do that :wtf:), who used pyrokinetics or something to cook the chicken. Have never actually gotten the lacerator into effect, the other game the guy had his abdomen exploded by an Eversor :p

- Salvage

17-04-2008, 13:24
I agree that their strength and toughness should be higher and Sagacity lower.


17-04-2008, 15:00
Personally, I think that their stats are fine...

As far as sagacity goes, I think they've got it pretty spot on. Don't use the kroot's technology-level as a measure of their intelligence. The kroot CHOOSE not to build advanced technological structures (*3), but are perfectly capable of doing it. (Hell, they can produce warp-capable interstellar transports... and 21st century humans can't even do that...)

According to the canon, kroot have limited capacity for imagination or innovation, but their capabilities for understanding things goes well above and beyond the abilities of a human (*2). To give an example, a kroot could learn to be fluent in a language in a matter of days (*1), could learn a martial art in weeks, or learn how to replicate technology with surprising speed.... But a kroot would find it extremely difficult to invent a martial art, or invent a piece of technology.

So, basically, kroot have limited imagination and creativity, but outstanding understanding and comprehension skills. Which means that their sagacity is going to be fairly high.

One thing players ought to bear in mind is that kroot are not super-tough mega-aliens like the other inq. aliens, such as 'nids, Eldar etc. So when you add one to your warband, bear in mind that he's not going to be anything particularly spectacular. The best role for a kroot in a warband is as a "tracker" style character. Think "alien Crocadile Dundee" or "chief running water" and you're onto a winner. He'll be able to put his ear to the ground and tell the inquisitor what way the enemy are running... Or sniff the wind and tell them that a smelly mutant wearing dirty, soiled boxer shorts and cherry-scented sandals whilst drinking rather cheap wine (read: turps) is close by.... Long story short, kroot are ideally suited to being "support/spotter/tracker" characters.

Personally, I just use the GW-stats for all five of my kroot. Admittedly, I boosted the WS, BS and Ld of my master-shaper, to reflect the fact that he has been on the warpath for quite some time.

But the beauty of Inquisitor is that if you really want to boost any of the kroot's stats, you can.

(*1) = As happens in "A tau'cyr among the kroot", a short story which takes the form of a water-caste envoy writing home to his family from the kroot world of Pesh. He, or his comrade, (I forget which) spent a day or two teaching a krootling (young kroot) how to speak tau, and he was able to make himself understood by the end of the day. He acted as a guide/translator for the remainder of their visit.
(*2) = As described in Xenology. Just read the bit about their brains, if you have the book. I don't have it anymore, otherwise I would cite the paragraph... *sigh*
(*3) = This technophobia is all to do with kroot history. If you're not familiar with their history, here's a basic run-down... An ork rok landed on Pech. All orks on board were subsequently massacred and eaten by the fledgling, "stone-age" kroot. Then, with their increased abilities for understanding, the kroot studied the orkish technology and started to become much more technologically advanced. During this time, they built the first warspheres and spread throughout the kroot sector. Also, they built several cities bordering on hive-city size, clearing vast areas of forests to accommodate these fantastic structures.
But that ork rok was just the first of many. A couple of centuries later, a full-scale ork invasion occurred. Believing that the gods (*smirk*) had returned to punish the kroot for stealing their technology, the kroot abandoned their cities and returned to their nomadic lifestyle. However, the orks were relentless, and hunted down the kroot like dogs. Soon, a kroot freedom fighter named Angkor Prok arrived and he kicked the asses of the orks, using the ork's own battle-tactics and strategies agaomst them (which he learned by observing the orks. Keen sense of understanding, remember? :P). Soon, the orks were pushed off of Pech, and space-battles started to take place between the orks and the kroot, and at that moment, the tau showed up and combined with the kroot fleet, they crushed the remaining orks.
But much of the kroot's technology was lost in this fight, and their new-found sense of technophobia lingers to this day. They refuse to become a technological race. However, they still build warspheres, but these are few and far between, and owning a warsphere is a great symbol of prestige. (Akin to owning a fleet, by imperial standards.)