View Full Version : Peegore makes a Hill for WHFB

29-03-2008, 23:11
Hello all. Added a page to my Batrep website of me making a hill for Warhammer Fantasy. Possibly wouldn't have posted this link ( after all, it's just another hill right?!? ), but I used the Woodland Scenics Rock face moulding kit and their E-Z water.

Just thought you might be interested in seeing my experience with them.

Heres the link -



30-03-2008, 03:20
I like how the rock face turned out, might have to have a look at that myself, not sure what to make of the "water" looks like a blob of plastic in some shots, wonder if a drop of colour in it might have helped.
Have a look at this guys grass on his first few pics Polyphrens terrain (http://www.privateerpressforums.com/index.php?showtopic=141833) he has really done it well with all of the different colourd grass, clumps and long standy bits, very cool!

Bugbait out.