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31-03-2008, 22:25
Hey guys! So I finally start a Sci-Fi log too because I hope that some day, I'll have enough time to paint all the 40k stuff I have lying around. First off, this one is going to get updated much more randomly than my Fantasy Log, mainly because of the following reasons:

If anyone of you knows my Fantasy log, you'll know that I do quite a lot of commission work. Interestingly, I haven't been offered to do ANY sci-fi miniatures as commissions, it's always WHFB, Warmaster and LotR so presumably, all miniatures you'll see in here will be for personal use and joy which means that I have no set deadlines, no pressure at painting them at all (this might be one of the reasons why I still haven't painted them.:p ).

How wrong you are, Sigur of the past. Of course you will paint commissioned sci-fi minis! Loads of them!

Howdy, this is Sigur from the future (January 13,2011). As time goes on, thing change and so this log is becoming bigger and bigger each day that passes by. Due to the scope of this project log, I figured it would be a good idea to have an index so people wouldn't have to scan through all of these almost 70 pages to find the things they're interested in especially. Even though I'm of course happy about everyone who takes the time and browses though all of this. ;)


Page 1: Battle Barge Apothecarius Sigur, Valhallans test squad, Orks test minis (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759)
Page 1-24: Space Orks (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759)
Page 24-25: Sisters of Battle (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=24)
Page 24-29 : Imperial Guard (including Squats, Beastmen, journalists, etc.) Part 1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=24)
Page 29-32 : Salamanders Space Marines Part 1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=29)
Page 32-: Imperial Guard Part 2 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=32)
Page 38-41: Salamanders Part 2 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=38)
Page 40-67: Space Hulk 2009 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=40)
Page 42-43: Scouts Sergeant Telion as a Blood Angel (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=42)
Page 46: Khorne Berzerkers with Forgeworld parts (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=46)
Page 46-48: Salamanders Drop Pod (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=46)
Page 48: Report from Austrian 40k Championship 2010 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=48)
Page 50-51 : World Eaters army with demonic support Part 1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=50)
Page 50-65: Space Wolves (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=50)
Page 54-64: Necrons C'tan "Nightbringer" (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=54)
Page 56-58: Pedro Kantor (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=56)
Page 59: Death Korps of Krieg test miniatures (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=59)
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Page 64: Ultramarines Captain Sicarius Step-by-Step Painting Guide (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=64)
Page 66-: DKOK army pt.1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=66)
Page 66: Imperial Fists Veteran test mini (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=66)
Page 67-68: Eldar Harlequins (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=67)
Page 68-72: Space Hulk Genestealer Cult (plus BA Terminators and Adeptus Mechanicus (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=68)
Page 70-71: Evil Sunz Orks part1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=70)
Page 71- : Blood Angels army part1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=71)
Page 72-73: Malifaux Guild Warband (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=72)
Page 74- : Second Space Wolves army (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=74)
Page 75: Painting Tutorial (Space Wolves, battle damage) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135759&page=75)

So what do I have to paint? I'll make up a little list just what comes to mind:

.) Battle Barge Space Marine (Apothecarius)

.) a handful of Sisters of Battle
- an Exorcist, (about 40% painted)
- Squad of SoB (primed)
- Death Cult Assassins (primed)
- Eversor (50% painted)
- Callidus (primed)
- Stormtroopers (primed)
- maybe three or four single miniatures (in various stated of WIPness)

...and maybe I should repaint the whole army.

.) a Valhallan army I'm not yet too sure what to do with (artillery regiment? mechanized? vanilla IG?)
- about 1700pts plus Baneblade and quite a lot of unassembled tanks, all only primed

.) Orks army (consisting of RT-era and 2nd edition Orks miniatures)
- probably about 1500pts, mainly unassembled

So you see I have more or less HUGE PILES to paint. I'm sure that I won't get all this painted within the lifetime of this thread. As I said earlier, this will get updated occationally with random stuff.

Anyway, I'm currently working on a Space Marine Apothecary for the Battle Barge project. I haven 't painted a Space Marine miniature in a decade and it's quite a lot of fun.

....aaand I just noticed that the battery of my digicam is empty so you only get a little older pictures:

Brother Sigur

and his base:

Newer pictures will follow tomorrow. I hope we all will enjoy this log.;)

31-03-2008, 22:31
the white looks nice, and I am interested in seeing some more shots of the narcethium.

Nephilim of Sin
31-03-2008, 22:36
Aw...now I have to split my attention. Wait, that's double the Sigur!

I can't wait to see the Valhallans and Orks. This will be great. Consider me subscribed (again).

BTW....Brother Sigur looks less squirrel-like than I would have imagined.....:evilgrin:

31-03-2008, 22:52
So that'd be your chainsword then... :p

How about a squirrel hat? I'm sure that'd make it stand out as yours.

31-03-2008, 22:58
Oi, feedback already.

@Keadaen: In this picture, I had only sloppily applied two basecoats of Codex Grey and SW grey. The Narcethicum isn't really painted yet but I'll give you some close-ups of it once I've done a bit on it.

@Nephilim: You, my friend, have to learn that it's what's in the power armour that counts. ;-) At least there's some fur on the handle of the chainsword which I will paint to look like red squirrel tails and maybe I'll add one or two acorns to the base.

As mentioned in my to-do list, the Valhallans and Orks aren't done yet at all, just a few test minis I did in the past:



@Cpt.Senioris: Yarr, that be me chainsword! Cool, innit? B-) Equipping my Marine with a silly hat? I'll consider that.

So here's the currnent state of the miniature (sorry for the yellow-ish-ness):


The painting on the wings on his right shoulderpad is kind of rough. On this miniature, I'm trying out Sky-Earth NMM for the first time. I think it looks okay on thechest and "beltbuckle" but it's still weird on the shoulderpad. The reflected horizon collides a bit with where the two rows of feathers meet. Fiddled around quite a bit with it in the past hours. The backpack is currently not even all white and of minor interest at this point.

I hope I'll get some more done until the next batch of commission stuff arrives.

31-03-2008, 23:49
Oooh - loving those Valhallans! The green and greys work really well together - lovely shading too. Plus you've got the stubble on the faces down pat :-). The wooden weaponry is a nice touch too. Only critisism would be that maybe the teeth look a little strange - I think because there's too much contrast between the black and white? Makes it look like the gaps between em are too big. Are you going to do snowfield bases? I think they'd look really good with the grey coats :-D

So to summise, you are ordered to expedite the painting of those Valhallans soldier! Dont let the Emperor down! *racks a round into Bolt Pistol*

Nephilim of Sin
01-04-2008, 02:56
Those Valahllans look gritty, but well painted. I like them a lot. They will be needed some snow though, but maybe not too much to keep them 'gritty'.

Lil' Sigur is coming along great as well. I see what you mean about the shoulder though. The left part of the 'wing' looks great, but I am not sure about the 'feathers' as you said. Still, I know you will find a way. Oh, and that ork skin is looking really good. Really good.

01-04-2008, 09:39
That ork is really cool. The old stuff has a charm all of it's own I guess. It will probably look a bit funny standing next to, say, the new daemons, but in a good way:p. Also love the valhallans. They are nice minis, only problem is the sarges chainsword, it looks huge! Will you base the heavy weapons?

01-04-2008, 10:02
Thanks for the kind replies.

@Shinnentai: Thanks, good point about the teeth, I might redo them in another fashion. I just remembered seeing them done like that and it makes the guardsmen look really ....gritty with those weird teeth. And snowfield bases on those Valhallans is sure as sure.;)

Valhallans? Really? I already have 2 IG armies so they'd have to have a quite unique theme to justify doing them. Currently, I'm more thinking of doing Orks first (once I have the time).

@Nephilim of Sin: First off....*smacks Nephilim for "[I]lil' Sigur*.;) Apart from that, thanks. I don't like the grey on the coats much and it's a real pain to paint since greys tend to look way different when the paint is wet compared to the dry result. On the Marine: I'll try to smooth the "feathers" out.

@Bleys: Well, the Shokk Attack Gun dude looks alright; just wait until I get out the RT-era plastic orks. THAT will look funny next to newer miniatures.;) Yup, somehow the weapons on Valhallan Sgt. miniatures tend to look very chunky. I guess I'll base the heavy weapons. The guy who regularly posts the MIG-pigment-enhanced Valhallans made the gun and crew look very cool with the little scenery around.

28-04-2008, 17:05
Hey there!

A tiny little update featuring bad pictures. I hope you're as excited as I am.:p

I did a bit of work on my Battle Barge Marine:


....and his base:

That's all for now; I hope I'll be able to deliver you with some more updates in the next weeks.

Comments, advice (how to get rid of the yellow-ishness of my photos for example:p ) and critique are welcome as always.


28-04-2008, 17:12
One thing that may work with the yellowness Sigur is trying to use daylight as well as artificial light, and using a graduated blue-white background seems to help to (shouldnt be too hard to do in word but if you're lazy I have one I can email you :p).

Nice marine btw; good, smooth white, although the little wings on the right shoulder-pad look a bit messy.

28-04-2008, 19:57
How did you do the wood pattern on those las guns? The grain looks very nice. Could you please provide information on how to do this? I want to do it for my hardened veteran shot gun stocks.

28-04-2008, 22:16
Sigur those valhallans are sweet, the faces are really excellent and the wooden lasguns are superb. I nearly started a valhallan army but went for steel legion in the end but now I think I might buy a squad to paint up.

29-04-2008, 10:24
The Apothecary's eye looks awesome. In fact the whole model looks great so far, as does the base. I'm afraid I'm going to have to vote against SENMM for the shoulder eagle thing though. :( It just doesn't work on this shape.

29-04-2008, 12:11
Ooooh, squirrel got scifi stuffs? Cool. :D

The Apothecary does look great Sigur. Awesome clean white and great lenses on the helmet.

The Valhallans are my favourite so far though. Excellent skin and stubble.

02-05-2008, 23:53
Good morning gentlemen, here's another irregular update:





Thanks for the replies by the way!

@Arhalien: Thanks for the suggestions. Somehow, I never have time to take pictures during daytime but I'll try to follow your advice. I must have the white-blue jpg saved somewhere on my PC but I was always too lazy to print it out. :-P

@Dictator: Cheers, I hope I can remember correctly how I did the woodgrain. I'm pretty sure the recipe is: dark brown base, thin stripes of watered-down mid-brown paint, within those stripes.....aw, sod it, time for MS Paint again!
So this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/Lexandro/woodgrain.jpg) is how I've done it. Dark Brown base, somewhat shakey, freehand-y woodgrain pattern painted on in mid-brown and then, within the mid-brown lines, brighter, thinner and more defined (=less watery) stripes. At the edges, I used an a little more bright colour to highlight a bit.

@McMullet: Thanks for your comment. I'm just a little disappointed about you not mentioning that the purple looks great. ;-) Anyhoo, I think you (and Arhalien) are right; I won't make the SENMM look proper. Actually, the more I'm trying to do NMM on this guy, the less I believe in me doing it properly altogether.

@Catferret: Welcome to the thread. Sheesh, I wonder why people in here are so obsessed with the Valhallans; there's a SPACE MARINE in here! As in "MARINEZLOL!". He has the power armour, a chainsword and the iconic helmet and all! Space Marines! Space Marines! Actually, the Valhallans are very, very low on my priorities list, mainly because I still have no idea about a theme for those as I already have a light infantry IG army and a Grenadiers IG army. I pondered about Mechanized Valhallans in the past but...well. Let's see. Some day, some day.

And to all of you who liked the red eyes: I CHANGED them to green! HA! Noticed that the colour scheme dictates green eyes and apart from that, I had to add some green to the miniature for the laurels and the little screen on the glove.

The Warseer-logo was painted on in one go; that went pretty fast and I think it looks okay enough from a little distance (eventhough it's leaning towards one side). The other freehand thing, the scripture on the sword, took a little longer but it looks OK I guess. My problem with the sword is that the casing has to be black which is a good thing of course but I somehow have to incorporate some red now somehow.

I'm trying to keep light sources in mind on this miniature but it have my problems with it.

What I'm very pleased with is how the little screen and the buttons underneath came out. Admit it; those are some RAD looking buttons B-)

Anyways, that's it for now, C&C&C&C&C&C are welcome as always and all that is left to say is: have a nice weekend and leave lots of comments.

03-05-2008, 00:03
He's perfect Sigur, although a medical professional with a chain sword makes me think of low cost medical care!

03-05-2008, 10:17
Beautiful Sigur, really beautiful. Lovely freehand work on the shoulderpad and chainsword. The only thing that lets it down (as I've mentioned before; I really should stop repeating myself :p), is the SENMM on the other shoulder.

03-05-2008, 11:12
He's perfect Sigur, although a medical professional with a chain sword makes me think of low cost medical care!

Thanks. Well, I guess curing injuries is the Apothecarie's secondary job. I imagine his gear to be two Aspirin and a HUGE syringe to suck your bone marrow out.;)

@Arhalien: Actually, I just fixed the shoulderpad and it looks really better now. Thanks for pointing that out.

05-05-2008, 15:11
Hey "peeps"!

I almost finished my Space Marine now so I needed something to counter him. So may I present Grobgoff, the first mini of what should become an army some day:



I tried to go for a simple scheme that could be used on many plastic miniatures to make up an army. Highlighting the black went better than I thought, sadly it's hard to see in places since the sheen of the lamps got reflected. I didn't assemble him and I assume the guy who owned the miniature assembled him almost 20 years ago (at least I like to think that). Don't fear, fellas, I have several of those still on sprue to assemble them myself (a task I'm looking forward to) The positioning of his left arm is a bit weird so he probably will become a banner bearer of some kind later on.

So how do you like him?:) Comments and critique are very welcome as always.

05-05-2008, 17:07
Hmm, casting and sculpting have moved on since then... :eek:
Beautiful painting though; you've done a really great job on the skin and the black, well, on pretty much everything really; nice and smooth :)

05-05-2008, 17:48
Howdy squirrel-boy.

The Ork boy looks great. I can't believe that I actually gave away a bunch of those some six years ago (oh, how young and foolish I was!). You've done a great job with the black. The highlights look very good, which isn't easy on black. I for one can never get it right, anyway. One thing though, his gun looks a bit too shiny, IMO. I'd give it an ink wash, or add some rusty patches to make it look a little less out of place.


05-05-2008, 18:50
First 40k models I bought all them years ago. I used to love those Orks.

Great job on him Sigur. Really harks back to the old Goff style.

05-05-2008, 19:55
liking the Ork :D.. Makes me want to dig out the box load of original orks I have and paint them after all these years.


06-05-2008, 09:37
@Arhalien: Indeed things have moved on but those sculpts were pretty awesome for a fantasy game back then. The minis are almost as posable as the current Orks, there's additional bitz like binoculars (as on Grimgoff), ammo pouches, bayonets and the lovely Ork weapons sprues (including powergloves, chainswords, poweraxes, plasmaguns, plasmacannons, etc.).

@Thud: Zomfg, helloes! Thanks and yup, the gun really looks a little shiny eventhough I gave it a pretty strong inking. I'll just ink again when I get home and maybe paint a few details on.

@Catferret: Thanks. Must have been great to be in the game back then if one can trust the ramblings of the old ones.;) Anyway, yes, it's a very, very Goff-y colour scheme. All I wanted to do was looking up how exactly they used to do Ork teeth back then so I had a look at the colour pages of 'Ere we go (oh how I love this book) and it seems like I'm really easy to influence.

@Mutantdale: Go for it!;)

Now all I have to figure out is how to paint those en masse. And an army list, I need an army list which goes well with the miniatures I own, like a bunch of Boarboys I want to use. I made up rules (http://http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141244)for them and posted them in Rules Development a few days ago. Have a look if you like.:)

09-05-2008, 17:42
Little update:

I just put together 9 boar boys and their boars and primed the boys. It's really a shame that on ALL the second-hand boars I got, the tails have snapped off so I have to redo them using GS and wire. The boar boys are great models and I hope I'll be able to deliver you with some pictures soon. Apart from that, I started making up a list which features everything I'd like to have in my army.

Warboss (Bike, Power Klaw, cybork body) I'll be using this one (http://www.solegends.com/citcat9x3/c92404orkboarsbionix-01.htm)
Weirdboy the deathskull one (http://www.solegends.com/citcat94/cat1994139-03.htm)

14 Blood Axe Kommandos+Boss (Powerklaw, bosspole), 2 heavy weapons
10 Lootas?
7 Bosses + 3 PK, Painboy,Coybork Bodies (Ork Bosses in 'eavy armour)

20 Goff Shootaboys including Boss with PK and bosspole and two heavy weapons
20 Blood Axe Shootaboys including Boss with PK and bosspole and two heavy weapons
12 Evil Sunz Sluggaboys including Boss with PK and bosspole and a heavy weapon

some boar boys

a Zzapp-Gun (using the traktor kannon miniature)

What do you think of this list? It's a bit less than 1500pts if I have the Looters or about 1600pts if I have the Bossmob.

09-05-2008, 20:31
I love the old super cyboar! Great choice for the leader. :)

The Lootas are a better gaming choice but the Boss mob will look far better I think. More conversion opportunities, while Lootas all look the same.

10-05-2008, 08:06
I love the old super cyboar! Great choice for the leader. :)

The Lootas are a better gaming choice but the Boss mob will look far better I think. More conversion opportunities, while Lootas all look the same.

Hey Catferret; thanks for the comment!

Yeah, the super cyboar is a great model and much bigger than I thought it would be. Not sure about the rider though; maybe I'll try to convert another one to ride it (I'll try to have two bosses for every mob; one with Power claw, one with normal choppa or 'uge choppa).

Concerning the lootas vs. bosses question: I'll paint both mobs anyway, it's just about what I'll try to do first. Not sure If I'll convert that much on the Ork Bosses as those old 'eavy armoured Orks are more or less one-piece models with their army held tightly to their bodies mainly. But I'll see. For now, it's Boar Boys.;)

11-05-2008, 21:04
Boo, page 4 again already? Time to do something about that. Here's a little Update:



These are four of the nine Boarboys I'm currently working on. As you can see, I'm going for a classic, yet a little muted colour scheme. Of course it will feature blue and reds too though.;) Sadly, there are only four different bodies (excluding the Boss sculpts I don't own) but I think I made them sufficiently different-looking.

The boss of my boarboys mob features a slightly converted power klaw from the plastic Ork boys box. Repositioning the "thumb" really makes it look a lot more vicious.

On the boars, which are second-hand (hence the funny-looking painting), all of the tails were snapped so I had to redo them using thick wire and a bit of GS on the ends. I hope they look okay; I'm really not the best sculptor in the world.

So....I guess that's all that has to be said and 70% of the people viewing project logs don't read the text anyway so I'll just shut up now.;)

I hope you like the stuff. Comments, critique and any kind of other replies are highly welcome. Seeya next time!

11-05-2008, 21:11
Looking lovely Sigur; you've really got that Ork skin perfect there :)
And there appears to be no problems with the poses so far from what I can see ;)

11-05-2008, 22:42
Great textured look to the skin. Really brings out that fungussy feel. :)

Not that I regularly grope mushrooms. Honest. :angel:

12-05-2008, 09:59
Great painting on the Orks there old chap. The skin looks great.

I wouldn't worry about the Boars' tails; the ones you've done look fine and to be frank the originals aren't great anyway. Good conversion on the power klaw as well, it looks like it really means business now...

Oh, and I LOVE the orange boar, I'm sure the unit will look great when they're all done like that. Especially with the blue eyes.

12-05-2008, 14:18
@Arhalien: Being the cunning fox that I am, I used four differently-posed Orks in the update pictures, but thanks.

@Catferret: I'll just assume you didn't mean to taunt me with all the "fungus" talk.;)

@McMullet: Thank you, good sire. Now that the boars are primed, I think that the tails I did for them look quite good and you're right; the original ones don't really look all that great.

All your kind comments fuelled my painting motivation so here's another little update:


Before painting the reds, I was a bit worried that them boys would look a bit lifeless in the end but now I have to say that I'm quite happy with the way they're turning out. A few blue details will be added later. What do you think?

18-05-2008, 00:39
Another little update (quite stressful times these days, studying and such). Anway, here are close-ups of some of da boys:




I hope you like them.:)

18-05-2008, 09:29
Now Sigur, there are those who may consider theose a bit too brightly colorful, and, well, red :p

Can't fault the quality of the painting though :)

01-06-2008, 17:31
If I listened to those one- or twothousand nay-sayers I could lock down this thread as well.;)

Seriously, they might be right. I may have gone a bit far with the colourful feathers. Future Orks of mine shall be a bit less colourful.

....whiiiich leads me to the reason of this posting: work on the Warmaster commission has been finished so I can return to 40k. From now on, I'll try to deliver you guys with nice updates on a regular basis. (at least until the new DE army book is released :p ).

01-06-2008, 18:19

I really love your Battle Barge Apo - you git! ;)

This means even more work to make mine come close to yours at least...

You are a very good painter, mate.


01-06-2008, 21:58
@Festus: Thanks but Brother Apothecarius Festus has a POWER SWORD if I remember correctly which is the real reason why I'm putting so much efford in making Brother Sigur look good; sword-envy.;)

Hey guys, sorry for posting so late, I hope you weren't sleeping already but here's a little picture of the current state of things in terms of snakebitey Boarboyness:


Today I did the boars and a little bit of work on the boss's powerklaw. In the picture you can't really see the tusks but they don't look that great anyway. Anyhoo, that's it and in the back you can see the terribly unpainted beginning of the first boyz mob.

03-06-2008, 22:51
Alright, not only because I can't stand being on page#4 with my log (;)) but also because I spent a fair bit of time painting today, here's another update:



As you can see, no significant changes there but I did quite a lot of details, mainly leathery parts (belts, straps, shoulder armour), bones, and such. And don't doubt my seriosity about this army because of picture#2; it's just very hard to spot anything if a huge boarface is in front of the Ork boys.:p

So what is there still left to do?
.) boots (which will stay black and therefore need highlighting)
.) finishing the metallics
.) several lucky stones the Orks are wearing
.) Boltpistol casings
.) banner poles
.) finishing off the axes (or the chainsword respectively)
.) fur on the boots (red! yay!)

So still some stuff to do as you can see. I blame Alan Perry for having done so wonderfully detailed miniatures.

03-06-2008, 22:59
I suppose you could call it boarfaced cheek? :p
And isn't this a little bit late for Sigur Squirrel to be up? Past his bedtime? :p

All randomly hurled abuse and bad punning aside those things look very impressive, despite the red ;)
I would say however that the red could do with a lot more contrast; it may just be the photo but it looks very flat and featureless at the moment, especially in contrast to the lvoely highlighting on the rest of the models

04-06-2008, 01:01
wow theses are some rather....colorful Orks what edition are they from I don't recognize them?

Crazy Harborc
04-06-2008, 01:08
Well I guess I will be reading, studing the photos and drooling over 40K goodies too. REALLY like the Ork, space-cadet boar boys. Sigur a man of many talents.....Well.......many well painted minies.:D

04-06-2008, 09:37
Lovely boars, and boarboyz. The riders look properly colourful without clashing with themselves - though I agree with Arhalien that a tadge more contrast would not be un-amiss. I especially like the blue and red dags, little things like that will really make the models stand out during games (remember those, that's when you put the minis on a table and someone else does the same then you both roll dice and the person with the nicest painted army has to take theirs off the table again).

I look forward to seeing the boars with their final orange highlights.

04-06-2008, 15:59
I have to say i like the colors on the Snakebites quite a bit, those are very neat sculpts and youre doing a fine job on them. I have to echo the request for at least one more highlight on the red though, it just doesnt "pop" like you'd expect.

Captain Brown
04-06-2008, 16:49
Great Boarboyz there sigur!

Great repaint of some classic figures.


05-06-2008, 21:29
@Arhalien: Thanks for your comments in here. I'll ignore your joking for now (;-) ) and just inform you that your critique concerning the depth of the reds has been taken seriously and today I shaded it down a bit.

@Keadaen: Thanks but I find it a little disturbing that you don't recognize those Orks. They have been released in 1994 (I'm pretty sure they were) and are the only Boarboys models to date. They even were sold in the GW online store until they changed the bitz ordering system a few months back.

@Crazy Harborc: Cheers. I'm glad you don't know about the legions of unpainted miniatures on the shelf.

@McMullet: I have no idea of this "game" concept you're talking about but it sounds weird. I mean, you buy MANY miniatures, paint some of them, put it back into the box and that's it I thought. Are you implying that people tend to take their miniatures, set them up on a table and then take them off the table again? Where's the use in that?
I'm still waiting for that orange colour you promised to send me for painting the boars.

@Calibretto: Thanks for your comment and yes, you're right about the additional highlight. I usually am too shy on making highlights stand out.

@Captain Brown: Thanks, Captain o'the 5th. I hope you're also satisfied with what the BB marine looks like so far.

Here's a new little update, people:



Again, not big (visible) news but I'm progressing. And since I signed up for the new Tale of 40k Painters which starts in August, I shouldn't progress too fast anyway.

And here's a plea for some support.


These fellas aren't my helpless take on truescale marines, these are Bad Moon Meganobs. Sadly, I lack 40mm round bases for them (and some friends of them) so if anyone of you has some spare 40mm round bases drop me a PM. :-)

Anyways, I hope I'll be able to deliver with some more updates (yes, more pictures of these 9 miniatures with NO changes at all. I'll just call it "update" each time.)

05-06-2008, 21:57
Do you specifically want GW 40mm bases? Or will a very similar product suffice? They are the same width (40mm) but are about a mm or so shallower.

If you want them I think I have 5 spares.

07-06-2008, 09:33
Thanks for the offering, Catferret. I'll look around for GW bases for a bit but if I can't find any, I will thankfully get back to your offering.:) The thing is that those meganobs of course are smaller than the current ones. Putting them onto bases which are less high than the GW ones won't help making them any more menancing.;)

Now on to the official part: I'm still kind of struggling with my army's theme. Modelswise, I can go for any formation really (shooty elites/horde, fast, motorized CC/footslogging CC elites/horde, etc.). I guess I'll go for what I did with the Dark Elves: I'll paint up everything any mix and match, starting with units I most likely will use.

Which means that I should start with lots of boys or at least two mobs to cover the troops choices, right? In my current list idea (which mainly is built up on using different funstuffz), I have planned having two big mobs of shoota boys (one mob of Goffs and one mob of Blood Axes) along with a trukk-mounted mob of slugga boys (Evil Sunz). Do you think I should go for Goffs as the main part of the boys and turn the mobs of Evil Suns and Blood Axes into Goff Orks as well?

Oh, and if anyone of you has some suggestions concerning the design of the bases, let me know.

07-06-2008, 09:48
Wha? How long has this been here?

Sigur, the Orks are looking great as usual. I love the blended faces - really bring that touch of "whoa" to the model! :)

- Huw

07-06-2008, 21:53
@Huw_Dawson: Welcome to this log and, no, it hasn't been around for long. And you know how the Sci-Fi Logs section is; people reply often, there are many active logs around and at least three new ones each day; in short - this log is on page #3 before you can name three Primarchs.;)

Tiny Update: The first nine Boarboys are finished (no bases or banners yet). The fact that GW offers boar bitz packs now somehow made the idea of another Boarboys mob (another 7 or 8 boys) quite attractive. I have the riders but so far lacked the boars.

Apart form that, I assembled and primed 16 Goff Shootaboyz and 15 Blood Axe Kommandos today which is more or less a preparation for the Tale of 40k painters. The next things on my to-do list are:

.) Convert another special weapons boy for the Kommandos.
.) Maybe convert the Kommandos Nob to wield a Powerklaw.
.) Assemble two heavy weapons boys for the Goff Shootaboys.
.) Find a Goff Nob miniature. Unfortunately I have no suitable miniature yet. A Skarboy miniature or real Goff Nob miniature would be perfect but I could also use a power-armoured Nob or an Evil Sunz Nob miniature. Another possibility would be using a plastic Goff boy (RT-era) and give him a Power Klaw but he would look a little puny.

Well, I'll see what I'll do. Pictures will follow a little later; my digicam's low on power at the moment.

08-06-2008, 00:19
Thanks for the offering, Catferret. I'll look around for GW bases for a bit but if I can't find any, I will thankfully get back to your offering.:) The thing is that those meganobs of course are smaller than the current ones. Putting them onto bases which are less high than the GW ones won't help making them any more menancing.;)

Silly squirrel. Make scenic bases! ;)

If you need them just drop me a PM and I'll send them over.

08-06-2008, 00:52
Silly squirrel. Make scenic bases! ;)

You mean like glueing a Space Marine helmet to the base before applying GW Green Flock™ and painting the base Goblin Green™?:p

08-06-2008, 00:58
You mean like glueing a Space Marine helmet to the base before applying GW Green Flock™ and painting the base Goblin Green™?:p

:eek: My secretz is out! How are I gunna do yooneek basus now?

I know! I shall drill a hole in the helmet and say the marine was shot. Huzzah! :D

08-06-2008, 04:00
Kool orks, I love the old school versions of the 'clans'... have you got any of the Stormboyz? Now those were the best Stormboyz ever!

Your Valhallans look great as well.


08-06-2008, 15:12

@Catferret: You, Sir, are innovation incarnate. Why haven't I ever thought of a thing as great as a hole drilled in a SM helmet?!:cries:

@MF3000: Thanks. In fact, I have 5 Stormboys. Sadly, they have no jump packs so they presumably will become part of a Blood Axes mob.

Alright, here are some new photos. First, the main part of the first troops choice - a mob of Goff Shootaboyz (Nob and heavy weapons to be added later):


"Nob Snikstud's Dirty 'Ord" - Blood Axe Kommandos

Just primed and the skin basecoated.

An interesting thing happened when I primed all the miniatures: The primer became all grey (quite bright) when it dried on the minaitures. It's really amazing how every single spraycan GW sells has it's own, quirky character.

08-06-2008, 18:39
Those old faces have so much character. I miss the old days. :(

I love the converted Eavy Shoota Kommando. The pose looks great. He looks suitably "Special Forces".

08-06-2008, 19:49
I'm currently painting the other old apothecary model with the bare head, yours blows mine clear out of the water ! might have to go back and re-do a couple of things now !

08-06-2008, 21:54
Loving the orks- brings back a few memories. The start of another great log Sigur- splendid work.

09-06-2008, 01:59
wow good looking oldies there! those boarboyz look amazing, i've always loved the idea behind them and you are my new favorite person for actually making a mob!

09-06-2008, 03:19
I love the idea of boar-riding space orks. The painting is very clean and I quite like the reds.

11-06-2008, 06:00
Some good old orky goodness going on there, The blood axe kommandoz have heaps of character, Nice painting on the Snakebite orks and their boars. Keep up the good work.


15-06-2008, 23:30
Cheery for the comments! I'm just posting so you know that the log isn't dead yet (far from it). But there's two things that are troubleing me at the moment:
.) Lacking bitz for conversions
.) Lacking ideas for conversions
.) Not really wanting to start painting much until the Tale for 40k painters starts, yet there are not any new Dark Elves to paint YET.;)

So because of that, I'm sorry but I have to keep you waiting for new pictures yet again.

@Catferret: Sadly, I can not take credit for the conversion; I got it that way. But I agree, it looks pretty rad.

@Rossco: Thanks. Do you have pictures of your Apothecary?

@silverstu: Always good to see people from the other log having a look in here. I'll try to make this thing as big as my fantasy log.:)

@Lepp: Thank you, I'm flattered.:p Maybe you'll be glad to hear that I have another 14 Boarboys I probably will paint up too.

@lorcan: Those faces are characterful indeed. Make sure you keep checking for some updates on them.

So, as I said: The serious work is to start in some weeks. Before that, it's all about cleaning, planning, priming and assembling.

16-06-2008, 00:06
Lacking ideas for conversions

We can haz Stompa?


16-06-2008, 00:17
Let's have a look at my conversion skills...the most compicated thing I ever sculpted using GS is a teapot and the only time I used plasticard, I made a Warmaster base of it.:p

So nooo, a Stompa isn't planned yet. I'm currently working on spicing up my Super Cyboar-mounted Waaaghboss a bit.

But thanks for putting so much faith in my conversion skills.;)

16-06-2008, 00:50
How are ya gonna get better if you don't practice? Come on squirrelboy, you know you want to try something big. :D

16-06-2008, 01:02
Sheesh, those people with their cravings for the megalomaniac...:eyebrows:

Do not fear, comrade, I'll have to use quite a lot of plasticard on the Trukks and stuff but for starters, I'll focus on getting my army painted before starting something of which I'm sure that I won't finish.:p

16-06-2008, 01:33
How about you make the Trukks and things, the small vehicles, with a bit of armoured cupolas and cabins? You can give them smooth, tea-kettle appearance that Stompas usually have.

If this betrays the light 'trukk' appearance that Orks supposedly have, then you could probably apply the same conversion work on a converted leman russ. Just change the sponsons from an angular box, to something more rounded, and 'stompa' like. The turret also can use extra rooms (for them extra ammo grots) by expanding the overall shape with extra stompa-rooms (big bulbous, armoured cavities literally grafted onto the turret superstructure).


18-06-2008, 00:06
Hey there, I took a few pictures of stuff I've been doing today.

The first five lootas combi weapons. Originally, I had planned just to have the Death Skulls wield the normal heavy weapons but then the most weird thing happened - I found out that there have been actual Lootas miniatures I had never seen or known before. The thing is that they almost never appear on ebay and I don't remember seeing one of those when they were sold in blisters. Very weird indeed. Anyway, since I found out about these miniatures, using the normal heavy weapons seemed terribly inappropriate so I decided to convert them to look like they have much more dakka than the usual heavy weapons. This was achieved my adding additional barrels of course.

They still need some more additions (like ammo feeds and orki no-wats in general) but that's the basic concepts.

Then, I've been making plans on how to make my Warboss stand out some more so I decided to have him standing on a big rock (yes, sigur's been inventive.:p ) with the super cyboar rearing up. That should be the rough pose:


And just because I had some spare time, I took a picture of my current workspace (da mek's desk), currently full of all kinds of weapons to make combi weapons from:


I really can't wait to start the painting. That's a thing I enjoy much more than converting, I have to admit. But converting also becomes quite some fun after a few hours.

@MF3000: Thanks for your whole range of suggestions. They all will be considered once I start doing the vehicles.:-)

18-06-2008, 01:49
seeing all this older stuff makes me realize how my petty 3.5 years isn't anything for the fandom, still I can't wait to more stuff sig keep it goin

18-06-2008, 02:31
lol omg bro, you could do like a napoleon painting thing with the boar on the rock...


19-06-2008, 20:32
I go away for a few days and Sigur's been nailing big gunz togevva.

They look better than the Loota models of yore anyway. There wasn't much variation on the old models. Better to make unique guns for the boyz.

The pose on the cyboar will certainly make the Warboss distinctive. Is it the old rider model too? The one with the combi-blunderbuss?

20-06-2008, 01:12
@Keadaen: Just let me tell you one thing - Everything used to be better in the old days..:p

@MF3000: You truly have interesting ideas. Keep them coming! The Napoleon thing was covered by Archaon already but I'll think of it.

@Catferret: Well, it seems like the konvertin'-buzzersquig has bitten me. I had a look at the Lootas pictures avaible and those combiweapons were HUGE indeed but you're right; there seem to be only two different boyz/weapons and while I'd really like to have one or two of those to add a bit of variety to the mob but a mob consisting of the original lootas only would look a bit dull. And I'm having problems with variety already.

Concerning the Warboss, yup, it's the one with the combi-blunderbuss. I guess he'll get a power klaw too because I guess it's mandatory on a Warboss.

By now, I have six loota guns (what are they called now? Deffguns?) converted as well as six Deathskull boys to go with them. I will also add a Mekboy with a combiweapon (stubba-bolta-autogun, judging by the looks of it) to bolster the number of the mob some more.

20-06-2008, 23:29
Looks like I missed the start of this thread, nice work Sigur.

To quote from the classics, "All you can do is step back in time" about the same vintage song as models. You paint them so that they look good. Nice work.

I like your apothecary too. He rocks.

26-06-2008, 23:12
Hello again, people of Sci-Fi logs!

After finishing my final exams....*waits for the applause to settle*

...I make my return to this log with some new pictures. Unfortunately, nothing painted but a few conversions I did in the past days. Normally, I'm really not too enthusiastic about converting stuff and I enjoy the painting aspect much more but it's an Orks army after all so at least a bit of converting is mandatory. It's also a problem of the miniatures. Sure, they are great, but there's only so much you can do with a bunch of torsi of which 80% have the same pose and an arms sprue that offers a very limited variety of poses. Apart from that, power klaws were WAY less of a must-have on Nobs back when the miniatures were made.

So now, that you know a few of the obstacles I have to surpass, here's some pictures. First, I did a varient for Boss Snikstud (PK instead of power axe):


Then, there's two Kommandos with Skorchas for Snikstud's Dirty 'Ord:


And the yet-to-be-named Snakebite Warphead (a Deathskull Weirdboy actually but I'll paint him up to be a Snakebite):

With that one, I took some time thinking about what to do with the right arm. I considered him holding a rattle made of an SM helmet, holding up a snake, some kind of "I have the power"-pose but in the end I thought it would fit the miniature best to make him less menancing or aggressive but more like a shaman or medicine man. So I converted the arm to make him look like he's shielding his eyes from the sun while looking at something far away, wondering why it just got smashed under a gargantuan foot. The way he's raising his hand could also be interpreted as a gesture of concentration.

It's more or less a reference to the more pensive, outcast and melancholic stlye of Weirdboy instead of the "I'm a-shooting lightning from my eyes and everything explodes"-kind.

Anyhoo, the plan is to make him stand on a rock, looking at something far away. I got myself a tile of slate today and did a fair bit of slate-smashing and drilling-tests earlier today.


26-06-2008, 23:21

Well, there's also two pictures of the Loota I like the best so far:



And now for something a little different. It's wheeled, it's all plastic and the raddest thing you can find on your table:


Well...not so much now but just wait until I get me some spare parts, some fixin' done, bigger exhaution pipes and a snazzy paintjob.:cool:

So thanks for having a look and all I can say is that I really am looking forward to the official start of the Tale of 40k Painters 2008/09 when I can finally start some serious work (=painting).

27-06-2008, 00:00
The Burnaz turned out nicely. As did the mega-mahoosiv-lascannic-discombobulator-cannon on the Loota. That thing's massive!

I love the Weirdboy too. Proper voodoo look to him. One of my favourites from ye olde days. I was always a Deathskull at heart...

Something doesn't look quite right with the positioning on Boss Snikstud's claw arm though. No suggestions from me as to how best to fix it so just ignore me.

Well...not so much now but just wait until I get me some spare parts, some fixin' done, bigger exhaution pipes and a snazzy paintjob.:cool:

I dunno, purple and green is pretty snazzy. ;)

27-06-2008, 01:39
And now for something a little different. It's wheeled, it's all plastic and the raddest thing you can find on your table:


Well...not so much now but just wait until I get me some spare parts, some fixin' done, bigger exhaution pipes and a snazzy paintjob.:cool:

Sigur, I have two vehicles that look almost identical to yours, but are made of resin from Armorcast. I heard that GW once made these vehicle in plastic for a time, is that the GW battlewagon? I was just curious, Tommygun.

27-06-2008, 01:48
@Catferret: Thanks, mate. I know, Snikstud's arm looks a bit weird in that position; blame the Painboy.;) And of course purple and green is snazzy but not the kind of snazzy I'm looking for.:p

@Tommygun: Indeed, that's the plastic one made by GW. The Armorcast ones are very similar but the passenger platform is more rectangular and the engine is a bit different on the Armorcast Battlewagons.

Crazy Harborc
27-06-2008, 03:54
But, but.....it's not painted red.......yet?? Yes, once upon a time GW did make a couple of plastic Ork vehicles. Once upon a time many players would buy and convert WWII vehicles to Ork battle wagons:D......German WWII armour worked out the best, 1/35th scale worked/looked well, fit right in the mob.

Captain Brown
27-06-2008, 16:25
Love the retro recovery work you are doing and the finished paint jobs are very crisp.

5/5 from me.


27-06-2008, 16:40
man i havent seen one of those battlewagons in AGES!

plus those blood axes were great models! theyre what got my best friend started as orks

29-06-2008, 21:10
@Crazy Harborc: Indeed. Back when Gorkamorka was new and a bit later, when 3rd edition codex was released, I also used some 1/35 WW2 kits to make Ork vehicles. Depending on how dogmatic I'll be about the "use old stuff only", I might revamp them a bit.

@Cpt.Brown: Cheers, Kapt'n! I aim to please.

@synapse: Until last week, I also could only collect pictures of the old kit. The Kommandos indeed are great miniatures who also had quite kickarse rules back then. I'm not sure if they will get BS4 ever again.;)

So, no really big news again apart from the fact that I'm having doubts about the whole thing as always because of a weird effect: Somehow I start liking the new Ork miniatures quite a bit. While working with those old kits (especially the plastic Orks), I wouldn't mind having a bit more detail to work with. The other thing that bothers me is that the whole army won't look very consistant (having a look at all those new Ork army logs which have a strong, consistant theme) either but that's just stuff I'll have to live with I guess.

Anyway, here are some more pictures to keep you somewhat entertained.

WIP BA Kommandos test miniature. For camouflage, I will add some light brown ...uh....splats. The bases for my army will be some kind of light, red-brown sand with rocks thrown in. Maybe I'll add dry grass to.



Another Goff Boys test miniature. I really have to make use of these new inks, otherwise I'll go mad highlighting all that black by layering only. You see the messy-looking white checkers? I thought of going for some kind of "looks good from more than 20cm away"-look which also leads to slightly blurrier edges of the checkers.

Tomorrow I will pick up a new can of black primer and those new inks and see if I can get some more work done.

Apart from that bit of painting, I started composing some background for my army. By now, it's all german so I give you a rough abstract version of it:

Da Accident

As we all know, Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka started his carreer on an Ork world called Urk. The main part of my army originates from those days when Ghazghkull started gathering his first interplanetary Waaagh by entering a Space Hulk.

All his boyz and wargear were telliported onto the colossal vessel and the warlord couldn't wait to start the conquest of the universe so he ordered his Big Meks to somehow get the engines of the Space Hulk running as soon as possible. Encouraged by the massive presence of other Boys and Mekaniaks, the Big Meks did a great job and the Hulk entered Warp Space a tad too early; before all Boys were teleportet onto the Hulk. So it happened that while the last few mobs were in the process of teleportation, the Hulk already entered the Immaterium. This led to some households simply vanishing and not rematerilizing on board.


Half a century later - After fending back Abbaddon's 13th black crusade, the severely damaged Imperial cruiser (Dictator class) "St.Helveticus" is ordered back to fleet base Kar Duniash for repair works. After that, it shall meet up with the 114th cruiser flotilla to support a strike against hive fleet Behemoth.

Moments after the cruiser enters warp space, a horde of desoriented and very angry Orks materialize in the freight room and launch bays and immediately start attacking the ship's crew. After a hefty and short battle, the Orks take control of the ship.

In the course of the battle, some Orks notice a strange thing - their Boltas, Bolt pistols and plasma weaponry seem to have suffered from the influence of the warp as the boys don't shoot as well as they used to. The Painboys blame that weird incident they encountered for this and decide that the aiming skills of the Boys will get better again with the time.

After ravaging the ship's inventories, the Orks start wondering where their Warlord has gone. Obviously, this ship belongs to the 'oomies and looks nothing like the Hulk the boys are supposed to be on. Fights about who would make the best interim Waaaghboss break out immediately between the bosses (one of them being Thrugg Bullneck, the leader of "Thrugg Bullneck's Raiders") with no clear winner.

Soon the mekboys see that they can't do much to save the ship which, having been heavily damaged to begin with and suffered even more from the fights of the past days, from falling apart. Da Plan is to steer towards the next system and use the escape pods to get on some planet and leave the St.Helveticus to it's fate.

Da Landin'

[...well, I'll keep it shorter from now on]
So the loose band of mobs crashland on a pretty random planet in Segmentum Ultima and set up a little settlement made from the escape pods, tents and whatever the Death Skull boys find. The planet itself seems to be quite boring; there's not much to fight apart from some local squiggly beasts but somehow the boys have the feeling of being watched. The mekaniaks try to bolt together some long-range scanners to find out about their location and where their Warlord might be.

First contact with Da Natifs

One morning, the boys of Ghazghkull's Waaagh are woken by rhythmical drumbeats. As they step out of their huts/tents, the bosses look right into the bloodshot eyes of huge boars. From the backs of the creatures, big and feral-looking Orks look down on the green strangers.

The Snakebite Orks brought a Warphead with them who steps forth and next to Warboss Boargob's huge Super Cyboar and tells the newcomers that he's been haunted by visions of strangers from "dem good ol' times" coming from the sky and their great mission. After Huntaz of the clan have spotted the other Orks, the Warphead has been bothering Boargob to have a talk with those strangers before bashing them.

Along with some hefty fistfights, the Orks of Ghazghkull's Waaagh tell the Snakebites about their Warlord and his prophecies and the Snakebites get quite excited about the idea of a galactic Waaaagh.

'Ere we go again!

Eventually, the local Snakebites and the motley warband agree on starting a journey to seek the Warlord. What they will do when they find him isn't clear; maybe they'll side with him and his Waaagh, maybe they will fight him and his Waaagh. Anyway, it is going to be jolly good fun.

edit: Uh, let me know if there are any big and obvious problems with that little story or stuff you don't like or anything. Seeya!

30-06-2008, 00:46
I like it, some things could be later on expanded on (which is a good thing);

1. shooting skills - why was it mentioned? everyone knows orks can't shoot... I just thought this was weird, but interesting.

2. Wouldn't at least one warboss come out on top in the ensuing fight in the St.Helveticus? Because even if the Orks come to some degree of rationality and agree together that they have to get off the ship before it goes kaput, someone must have taken charge... I think it'd be good to mention here that Bullneck ultimately became the Boss among Bosses.

Ultimately this is a damn fun piece of writing, I love the ending, 'it's going to be jolly good fun' lol it's such an orky mentality.

"After that, it shall meet up with the 114th cruiser flotilla to support a strike against hive fleet Behemoth."

Should read...

"After that, it should have met up with the 114th cruiser flotilla to support a strike against hive fleet Behemoth."

Past and present tenses ... mixed up... shall and damaged... reads funny... I can't explain it lol English is not my first language.


01-07-2008, 00:46
I'm loving your work siggy boy, the combination of models and your style is awesome.

your style really reminds me of mid 90's eavy metal style. especially the apothacary at the begginning...

not sure why though!

keep it up!

01-07-2008, 05:44
I always loved those old Space Orks, and your painting is really cool !
Keep continuing to show us more of them, please !!

03-07-2008, 01:29
@MF3000: Thanks a lot for your input. Yeah, the text must read very funny (even more if you are a native english speaker). I just wrote it up early in the morning so bear with me.;) Actually, I had planned to give you a short summary but got a bit carried away...

ad 1.) I just felt like mentioning that to comment Ork BS dropping from three to two in 3rd edition.

ad 2.) Yeah, well...the thing is that I haven't worked that out properly. Maybe I'll replace Bullneck with some Goff boss who will lead the Goff bigmob(s). I just have no miniature for him yet. So you could see Bullneck as some kind og placeholder which came to my mind because I have the Ork Raiders miniatures and wanted to mention them in my background because they play a significant role in the Ork miniature range history.

@Marsekey: Thanks, I guess.;) Well, I try not to have too many looks at the picture sources from that time so I don't get influenced too much and get lured into simply copying what was done back then but somehow it would seem wrong to paint those miniatures in a drastically different way. The more colourful way of painting that was done back then is also a reason why I like these miniatures so much after all.

@tancrede: Thanks. I try to deliver with interesting updates, eventhough work is kind of crawling. :)

Sooo.....I finally got meself some new black primer so I did quite a bit of priming so I got at least something done. Apart from that, my plans for participating in the tale of 40k painters are endangered a bit because of major real-life obligations (2 semesters abroad in London. If you have any important hints for the life there, please let me know. ;) ) and I don't know what to do with my projects in this time.

And this is why I'm kinda trapped in stasis at the moment. Should I start with the real painting already? Should I just do the converting/assembling at the moment(boo, boring!)?

Oh well, enough blogging for now. The next update will contain pictures, I promise!

05-07-2008, 16:48
Alrighty, here's the picturonizated update. With, like, pictures! Yay!




It's the Bad Doc who will go with the footslogging Goff Bossmob (or Nobmob if you like). He's still very WIP at this point but you can see the painting scheme. Let's see if I can get him finished soon. Cheers!

05-07-2008, 17:09
That bionic is hilarious, cool stuff.

Mr Feral
05-07-2008, 17:13
I detect copious amounts of checker patterns. I like it!

The bionic claw is pretty nifty too, rather steampunk in it's aesthetics, what with the cog attached to the side.

Great paint job too, I should mention as well.

06-07-2008, 00:37
Awesome. Not seen the model for years. Brings back many good memories.

You can always rely on Sigur to post pics of cool classic models for when you drunkenly stagger in on a Saturday night. :D

06-07-2008, 00:42
@Mr.Feral: Thanks.;-)

@Catferret: Wohoo, thanks for recognizing the purpose of my log.:p

Here are some more pictures for the drunkards to enjoy:




06-07-2008, 00:50
The bionic eye looks dead glowey. Nice work.

Question: How the hell did you get the checks to work so well over the contoured surfaces? I'll be jiggered if I can do checks on flat areas.

06-07-2008, 01:26
just another drunken staggerer-inner calling in to say hi - and nice to see some old models... say, do you have the original ghazkull model? the one featured in one of the old rogue trader harbacks (certainly not waaagh da orks, since ive still got that one. maybe freebootaz? or the other book? in my drunken state i cant really remembe!)

anywho, great work!

06-07-2008, 08:16
I'm not (actually) drunk but I still got to enjoy those models... a real blast from the past :D!

Do you also own the goff rock band? They were a favourite of mine!


06-07-2008, 10:50
they look great, nice work sigur!


06-07-2008, 12:05
Thanks for the kind replies!:)

@Catferret: Checks themselves aren't that much of a problem but checks on a curved surface are so I'm really glad that there's this big hole and the cracks in the shoulder plate.

I paint them about the same way as presented in a quite new WD (there's something LotR in the front cover picture). There's a "masterclass" article about how to paint Gorbad Ironclaw (IIRC); You have a very, very light grey surface and cautiously paint a grid onto it with very, very thin lines of heavily watered-down black (in the article, they used black ink but watered-down chaos black works just as well of course). Lateron, I just paint every second field black et voilá.

....that's how it works in theory. In practice, I usually have to paint the outlines of every black field again after doing the grid which is just some kind of guideline for the checkers. With a bit of practice, it works pretty well.

@synapse: Ghazghkull's first incarnation is in 'Ere we go and I'm sorry to say that I don't have the miniature, nor any of his old command squad (I'd love to have that old Doc Grotsnik miniature, with the stainless steel skull).

@Toschenko: Hi, nice to hear from you again.;) No, I don't have the Goffic Rokkerz (yet).

Generally speaking, the old Ork ranges between '89 and '94 were HUGE and I'm afraid I have none of the especially notable miniatures (apart from the Super Cyboar and the boy with the funny hat and glasses maybe).

06-07-2008, 12:20
I may still have that Grotsnik model, a guy with bonesaw and a guy with scissors somewhere buried in a box. Won't be able to check until September/October thouigh. I'll keep you posted.

10-07-2008, 11:27
Very cool stuff. I just love those old ork minis.

17-07-2008, 01:25
Ahoj, I'm back and I had my first two games of 5th edition and with Orks tonight. The first game was 400pts combat patrol Orks vs. Eldar (400pts), just to learn the rules, and it ended with a great victory for the Orks.

My list:
14 Shoota Boys, big shoota, Boss with PK and trophy pole
12 Slugga Boys, Boss with PK and trophy pole, Trukk
3 Bikes, 1 of them a boss with PK.

His list:
10 Guardians with Pulse Laser platform
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch
5 Warp Spiders

Shuriken Storm and catapults in general do much hurty to dem boys but the Bikers boss proved to be a tough one and after a few phases of combat, he killed the Warp Spiders and the Dire Avengers. Shoota boys pretty much spent the whole game running towards the enemy, shooting and not doing much in general, Slugga boys got off the truck and were avoided for the rest of the game, Trukk tankshocked Guardians but didn't achieve anything.

Learnings: Improved ram on Trukks is cool, Waaghbikes are cool, shootaboys are reliable if you don't expect them to kill much with shooting. Footslogging boys are pretty slow and Waaaaaagh! does less than I thought it would.

Game 2: 1000pts of combined CSM (older 2004 codex) and Orks vs. 1000pts of combined SM and Eldar; we had five objectives to take and hold.

20 Shoota Boys, 2 big shootas, Boss with PK and trophy pole
11 Slugga Boys, Boss with PK and trophy pole, Trukk
12 Kommandos, 2 burnas, Boss with PK and trophy pole
14 Gretchins

CSM, 2 plasmaguns, Rhino
Havocs, 4 Autocannons
Lord (demonic statue, demonic speed)

Farseer (Guide, Mindwar)
10 Guardians, pulse laser platform
2 Wraithlords

Psyker dude (terminator armour, that shockwave/pinning power)
6 SM, plasmagun, plasma cannon
6 SM, plasmagun, Razorback
5 Scouts (4 sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher)

I made my Kommandos flank march and they didn't show up until the game was more or less over and entered from a very unfortunate table edge. The Weirdboy went with the big mob of shootaboys which proved to be a mistake. This crazy Ork teleported the mob all across the board twice and always into unfortunate situations, then his head exploded. He ensured much amusement on the Eldar and SM side; I think my ally got a bit pissed at me for using the Weirdboy. Apart from that, the Shoota boys did pretty well. The Trukk got blown up quite soon.

Result: Draw.

Learnings: Flank march isn't always a good option, Weirdboys are....weird, Waaaagh! really isn't as great as I thought it would be, my army lacked fast elements, troops choices are incredibly important in 5th edition, the improved cover saves across the board are nice, I'm a forgiving person towards my opponents.

So these are my first impressions. Orks are a fun army to play; the new codex is a great improvement. Hope to be able to deliver you with some more painted stuff next time. Seeya! :)

17-07-2008, 08:46
The Weirdboy went with the big mob of shootaboys which proved to be a mistake. This crazy Ork teleported the mob all across the board twice and always into unfortunate situations, then his head exploded.

That's just how it should be. :cool:

The Kustom Kombi Weapons look excellent sir, as does the Doc (love the chimney on his bionik arm). I look forward to seeing more work on the Battlewagon too!

Also, good background. Very Orky and very 40K-y.

17-07-2008, 11:47
Updates? :eek: Looks like your internets are fixed then.

I haven't played a game in so long I can't offer any sort of sound tactical advice other than shoot anything that isn't green. A lot. And then some more while the bodies are twitching.

18-07-2008, 16:21
@McMullet: Thanks. The lootas are assembled and primed so painting can begin. ;)

@Catferret: Yus, my intarwebz problems have been solved. And thanks for your advice.

While we're at it, I need some more advice from you guys.



So this is a test base. I want the bases to look a bit alien/savannah-like (hence the red colour) with sharp-looking splinters of rock here and there. This is what is looks like now. Any more suggestions? Maybe some pale, dry grass here and there?

thanks in advance!

18-07-2008, 16:59
I reckon little scrubby desert plants could work. Or tiny cacti. I think grass would be a bit weird.

Maybe lighten the rocks a bit too.

19-07-2008, 13:00
Thanks for the advice so far. What do you think of fungus or maybe mushrooms? (I wonder why I haven't thought of it earlier)

19-07-2008, 13:13
i think that fungus/mushrooms would be pretty cool to have on the bases. rather orky and quite unusual too. loving the old models btw XD i still have the ork rockers somewhere around here.

19-07-2008, 14:05
I'd honestly prefer to see some dry/yellow grass rather than mushrooms, which aren't a suitable vegetation for a desert... I mean, on a long forgotten planet in the 41st millenium you may have red deserts with mushrooms, but that doesn't stop to be weird for the actual standards :confused:

Also I see mushrooms much more suited to the fantasy orc theme, but that's just me.


20-07-2008, 19:40
Awesomeness on a stikk(bom') - I love your oldy Ork modelz, would really love to see some olden Stormboyz done by you, imo the most fun ork models GW ever made!


21-07-2008, 21:57
Thanks for the replies, guys!

@Catferret: Okay, I'll stay away from grass, I guess. Cacti, eh? Sounds interesting but I think that scrubby desert plant stuff would be the classic choice.

@Toschenko: *sigh* You're right. Fungus might be very unfitting for a savannah/desert theme for the bases.

@Aulbath: Yes, I have a few Stormboyz miniatures, sadly without jump packs.

So....time for pictures, innit? Anlong a few new questions for your opinions...

First off, let's stay at the bases topic.

I made these few test minis, showing two different ways of painting the rocks. Which one do you like more? The grey rocks give some more contrast while the brown rocks seem much more consistant with the rest of the base. Which one do you like better?

Today, I also built my Warboss (he also got a quite big shoota by now):




What do you think of the base? Should I keep this huge rock? Should I put him on the ground (and a cav base?)? Should I use a smaller rock?

I hope you can help me again with my questions. Cheers!

21-07-2008, 22:07
What do you think of the base?

Suitably heroic! Like a painting of some commandery dude or some such.

Should I keep this huge rock?


Should I put him on the ground (and a cav base?)?

Nah, cavalry bases look weird in 40k.

Should I use a smaller rock?

Ask the warboss and see what he thinks about silly small rocks. :p

I hope you can help me again with my questions. Cheers!

Probably not but I have answered anyway. :D

21-07-2008, 23:47
Did I mention how much LOVE that super-cyboar...? *stealstealsteal*

I think the grey rocks probably look better. But, y'know, I actually quite like them both? The same colour shenanigans look very authentic; sand is from eroded rocks, so it makes sense the rocks are the same colour as the sand.

As I mentioned earlier, I like the big rock, but it looks too tall as it is. I think it would look better with a smaller rock on this 40mm base, or keep the big rock on either a 60mm base or one of these funky composite bases made out of a 40mm square base with half a 40mm round base on each end. ⅞ of me prefers the smaller rock; ⅓ says bigger base. ⅝ is undecided. All of me looks forward to seeing the big shoota, and those snakebites painted.

Nephilim of Sin
22-07-2008, 04:36
Beautifully painted Orks, which is to be expected, of course!

As for the bases, I can see the dilemma. I personally like them both, and enjoy the contrast from the grey, but as McMullet said, the brown looks a lot more natural. I would go with the brown if you plan on other items to help break up the color ( as you mentioned, desert fauna or fungi).

Not so sure about the big rock for the uber-boar. It seems a tad bit too high. Maybe if it was slanted more, to balance out the model?

Everything is looking great, and I can't wait to see more!

22-07-2008, 05:05
For me, I prefer brown rocks.
The grey ones are too close of the ork clothes' colors. But it' s just my opinion.

For the boss, don't change anything : it's really cool !!

22-07-2008, 08:50
Keep the big rock Sigur. Orks are supposed to be big drama queens, the bigger the better. -Tommygun.

Mr Feral
22-07-2008, 08:58
The rocks on the bases? Keep them brown.

The Warboss is looking great as it is.

Great paint work on the Goff BTW!

22-07-2008, 13:22
Thanks for the replies so far. Unfortunately, the numbers of pro-big-rock-people and contra-big-rock-people are pretty equal at the moment so I thought I'd spice things up by posting a picture of a possible alternative.:p



(the composition of the 2nd picture is so weird because I just wanted to keep this ghostly black dog with the glowy eyes in the background. No idea where this one is coming from. Spooky, eh?)

Of course there would be more rubble and such added and I probably would have to make the basic rock smaller but it's a rough idea.

On the other thing, the colour of the rocks, I'm leaning towards the brown ones at the moment. ¼ because of McMullet's scientific explanation, ¼ because of tancrede's artistic objections, ¼ because I think that it looks better and ¼ because the ghostly dog in the background of the 2nd picture told me so.

22-07-2008, 15:29

I came by to have a peek at your blog after seeing your message on mine, which was much appreciated.

I see you really are doing some old skool orks...

The rogue trader plastics are looking fabulous. You have got a great skill with your paint brush. The goff check pattern looks marvelous, and i really like your black painting.

Ive got 30 odd of these to do myself, so keep your eye peeled and ill keep my eye on yours...


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

ps... snakebite cyboar rider looks fab... i prefered base 1 though...

22-07-2008, 16:37
Sigur, what material are you using for that second rock alternative?

22-07-2008, 17:09
@gonzosbignose: Thanks, Daniel.;) It would be very interesting to see how you'd do those plastic Orks.

@Tommygun: It's basically what has been done in this tutorial on how to make scenic bases (http://xenite.wordpress.com/making-scenic-bases-for-miniatures/) but instead of fimo, I used milliput and finer sand.

22-07-2008, 22:07
Thanks for that link, I will give it a try. -Tommygun.

Red Skullz
22-07-2008, 23:23
Man I don`t even know where to start...

Everything looks great, or better than great to be honest! I love the natural palette on the figs, I love how you`ve used old parts and re-vamped them to suit the new rules and well..it`s all just sweetness mate!


22-07-2008, 23:27
Can't believe it's taken me so long to find your log, Sigur....

Cracking stuff... love the skinm and the bases and ... well.. all of it.

I think the first base is a little tall, bt other than that... great stuff...:D

22-07-2008, 23:52
Thanks guys. For the warboss's base, I settled for the little smaller rock now.

@Tommygun: Yeah, try it. It helped me a lot since working with real slate is tedious and I ruined two drill bits before I realized that there were enclosures of harder stone in the slate tile I tried to drill. Working with this milliput "slate" is so much easier and more comfortable.

@Red Skullz: Thanks a lot. Somehow this log seems to move into gear now. ;) A few hours ago, I even found a way of using those old Ork plasmaguns, yay!

@Crube: Welcome to the thread, great black hounddog. :) I aim to please.


Wahey, look, I did some more work on the warboss' base:



I'll play some games again tomorrow (hopefully more than one game) so I thought I'd better have the base semi-done at least.

23-07-2008, 07:59
really nice looking base, can't wait to see warboss on it. definetly watching this thread:chrome::D

24-07-2008, 06:34
Good morning, people of Warseer!

Last night I had my third game with Orks and my first game against the new CSM. It was 1000pts of take and hold three objectives. Luckily, one guy of our group bought some new terrain; those new moon craters (pretty darned big, those things and very good cost-benefit-ratio) and a pack of those barricades (http://de.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.de?do=Individual&code=99220199026&orignav=10).

My list looked a bit different this time:

HQ: Warboss (bike, scorcha-shoota, powerklaw)


12 Slugga Boys incl. Nob (PK, boss pole), Trukk (ram, red paintjob, grots)
12 Slugga Boys incl. Nob (PK, boss pole), Trukk (ram, red paintjob, grots)
25 Shoota Boys incl. 2 big shootas and a Nob (PK, boss pole)
14 Gretchin incl. 1 Runtherd

3 Boarboys (Warbikes) incl. Nob (PK, boss pole)
4 Boarboys (Warbikes) incl. Nob (PK, boss pole) [warboss went with those
1 Buggy (t/l rokkit launcha)

The CSM list looked somewhat like this:
HQ: Sorcerer on disk, force weapon, mark of Tzeentch, "Stop! Warptime!"
TROOPS: 5 CSM (Plasmagun), 5 CSM (flamer), 5 CSM (flamer), 8 Khorne Berzerker+Rhino
HEAVY SUPPORT: 8 Havocs (4 heavy bolters), Defiler

Result: Defeat

What I learned:
.) Since (C)SM have gotten back all their equipment, they have become much more capable in many situations and more flexible.
.) power armour works :p
.) Not sure what to do about this Defiler. In the game, I never shot it since my only anti-tank weapon was bolted onto the Buggy which was on the other flank, hunting that Rhino. At one point, I could have killed the Defiler in CC with a Warbiker Nob but missed all attacks.
.) Towards the end of every game, the enemy general attacks my poor Gretchins (who usually hold some objective far off the fighting) and thrashes them in close combat just to patch up his shattered ego. :P
.) Concentrating lotsa fast elements on one flank actually works.
.) Ramming a Rhino with a Trukk is not a good idea
.) Mobs of 25 boys are a very reliable unit. -> conclusion: I need more of them old plastic boys.
edit: .) You really, really have to kill whole units now.

So that's it for now. I might upload some pictures of the game if they don't come out too crappy. Cheers!

05-08-2008, 10:00
Hey Sigur

sounds like you found out how good new CSM truely are...

It could have been worse... Plague marines are even harder!!! toughness 5 feel no pain.... :cries:

Looking forward to some more updates


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

05-08-2008, 14:21
Hey there! Thanks for digging up my log; must have been on page 12 or something by now.;)

Anyhoo, the Tale of 40k Painters finally started a few days ago so serious painting can commence. After a holiday week of not painting at all, I returned to the painting table. Here are some shots of what the current state of my army is:


And here comes our beloved to do list:

Warboss Borgut [Super Cyboar, Powerklaw, kombi-scorcha] - assembled, needs a little further converting
Warphead - halfway painted, need to do the base properly
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun - assembled, maybe needs a repaint
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun - unassembled, maybe will be assembled to have a KFF
Snotling herds and Runtherd - unassembled, blank metal

Blood Axe Kommandos - 18 based and basecoated, 4 models still blank metal
Deathskull Lootas - 6 assembled and basecoated, more to be assembled
Goff Nobs [incl. Painboy, 2PK, etc.] - still metal
Snakebite Boar-Nobs [~5, medicine Ork, 2 PK, 2 'uge choppas, something like that] - Assembled, need a bit of converting and need more boars
Mega-armoured Bad Moon Nobs [5] - Assembled, primed, one of them is damaged quite a bit
Burnas Mob [around 10 boys] - need to be built, maybe I'll drop them due to lack of plastic boyz models

Goff shoota boys bigmob [25, Nob, 2 big shootas] - 17 assembled and 70% painted, Boss 70% painted, big shoota boys 70% painted, 5 boys to be assembled and painted
Goff shoota boys bigmob [20-25, Nob, 2 big shootas] - depending on how many boys I'll have left
Goff slugga boys mob + trukk [12, Nob] - currently WIP, Nob not even here yet; Trukk is yet to be built
Goff slugga boys mob + trukk - not assembled, no models yet

Rokkit Buggy - needs stripping, repairing, converting, ...
Rokkit Buggy - needs stripping, repaiting, converting, ...
Boarboys [13, 2 PK bosses] - 10 assembled and primed, three unassembled

Flash Gitz - one of those "maybe" mobs. I have some bosses and a freebooter left so maybe they'll become Flash Gitz
Battlewagon - Has to be repaired (more like rebuilt)
Battlewagon - me old Battlewagon with kannon. Another "maybe" unit.
Artillery - have yet to be aquired, but I'd like to have at least three kannons and a zzzap gun
Killa Kan - 1999 model. Maybe I'll repaint it for fun.

So you see that there's lots of stuff to be done. This list doesn't necessarily have much to do with my army list but it's more of a list of stuff I have to paint in theory.

Here's the latest shot of my WIP Slugga Boys by the way:

For month#1, I have planned to do a bunch of Slugga boys along with a PK nob and a trukk. Wish me luck! ;)

Mr Feral
05-08-2008, 15:01
Very nice indeed, the old models do certainly have their charm!

Looking forward to more.

05-08-2008, 15:18
I love the way your ork-skin looks, have you posted a recipe for it already? I wanna give it a try :D

05-08-2008, 15:27
Hey Sigur

Tasty... very very tasty....

These guys are looking fab, and its also awesome to see those old skool boxes in the background...

I'm not joking... between you and i we are bringing old skool back to Warseer...

Cant wait to see some more boyz.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

05-08-2008, 15:38
You've managed to get a fair bit done since I last checked in on you. Nice work. The Slugga Boyz look great.

Crazy Harborc
06-08-2008, 00:52
Orcs, Orks.....I ....LIKE .....Orks, Orcs. Some nice looking boys in that mob. Got plenty of both myself;)

Been doing my Lizzies for a few days now. Oh HECK.....Gotta say it, since no one else has yet........Soooo....did, did your paint jars rebel??

06-08-2008, 01:05

@Aulbath: I might have, not sure. Anyways, it's Vallejo Model COlour Reflecting Green (quite similar to Catachan Green) base followed by a wash of Reflecting Green and Black, highlights with a mix of reflective Green and Camo Green (40/60 something), then another mix of those (10/90) this time and pure camo green/bad moon yellow for final highlights.

@gonzosbignose: We indeed do, Daniel.:p Looking forward to seeing some more Snakebites!

@Catferret: Thanks. I aim to please.

@Crazy Harborc: Is this drunk posting or am I too drunk to get the meaning of your post?;) Uh,.....good luck with those Lizardmen.

Nephilim of Sin
06-08-2008, 05:53
That is quite an impressive array of older minis. I am jealous! It really is great to see them get a great treatment, plus you will truly have an army with lots of character.

By the way, is your paint shelf buckling under pressure? I'd think that would make painting a tad bit harder (which makes your work even more impressive...but I am also an 'Order Freak').

....Please sir, may I have more?.....

06-08-2008, 06:08
Sigur that base came out great. I went out and got some Fimo clay to try it out.
I think your next project may need to be a new paint self.;)
I need to work on mine too. -Tommygun.

06-08-2008, 12:56
Thanks for the kind replies.

@Nephilim: Yes, you may have some more. Apart from that, yes, my masterfully crafted paintpot shelf is bending quite a bit under all the paintpots. :(

@Tommygun: Thanks. As I said, I used Milliput instead of Fimo but Fimo's supposed to work too.

Here's the latest of the Slugga boys. So what is left to do now?

.) final highlights on the skin
.) final highlights on the reds
.) tidying up the black and highlighting it (bleh)
.) equipment
.) weapons

06-08-2008, 12:58
the orks are looking cool mate, i'm so jealous of all those ye olde ork kits.

08-08-2008, 00:07
Thanks. The Ork Raiders box shows up on ebay regularly if you want to get one.

Apart from that, no updates to speak of. I really hate highlighting black on those (compared to nowadays' minis) a little featureless surfaces of the plastic orks.

08-08-2008, 08:33
Morning Sigur

Well its Friday and that usually means a nice relaxing day, but i have the feeling im going to have a very busy afternoon so i thought id pop by and say hello whilst i can.

Re highlighting old orks...

God your so right... I was looking at my plastic ork raider type boys yesterday whilst trying to decide what to do next, and the detailing on them is so reduced in comparison to modern day figures.

I think they have such a classy look to them though and i am looking forward to doing them.

Because mine will have the camo affair, i suspect they might be easier to do than just plain black... that said... yours are looking so good at the moment... i wouldnt worry!!!

What is your plan for when this lot have been finished?


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

08-08-2008, 11:46
Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure you won't have as much trouble highlighting your camoed Orks. I have no problems with highlighting red, purple, green, whatever areas but black and white are always problematic especially since GW's black is pretty shiny when used normally but if you mix it with white or greys and water it down do do smooth highlights, it gets quite chalky, etc.

Well, you all know about the problems that come with working with white or black. :)

After the Boys are done, I'll have to do my first Trukk (still need to aquire plasticard for that). I'm using the new trukk for a base and pondering about giving the chassis a slight SdKfz.251 or some US halftrack troops transport.

After that, I definately will do something metal. Probably the Warboss, some Boar-riding Nobz or something like that.

08-08-2008, 12:30
Hey sigur

I know what you mean about highlights for White and black

Recently i have been highlighting my black by using Charandon Granite from the Foundation Paints range. Its darker than Adeptus battle grey, and although its got a brownish hint to it i think it works well as a highlight to black.

As for white... Im not sure ive ever found a decent solution. Ive tried grey to white, bone to white... all seem to result in the same which is 3 coats of skull white in the end...

Some people make it look so easy on here... and when you see golden demon entrys, and figures on CoolMiniorNot.. it just makes me (golbin) green with Envy.

I think the truck sounds fun... im not 100% sure on what to do next. I see so many amazing conversions of trucks on here...

Im sure i couldnt do them justice... also im thinking of having a sort of Tank theme... cos of the imperium blood axey edge.



My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Crazy Harborc
09-08-2008, 00:27

@Crazy Harborc: Is this drunk posting or am I too drunk to get the meaning of your post?;) Uh,.....good luck with those Lizardmen.

Well, the cardboard shelves ARE bent down, paint bottles laying this way and that. Looks like the weight of all those bottles caused a collapse.

By the by......that painting area IS better organized than mine;)

09-08-2008, 00:40
Great painting! I whant more=D

10-08-2008, 13:45
@Crazy Harborc: Yeah, this rack is a prime example for my half-arsed approach to things. As soon as I had built it, I thought that some support in the middle of the single panels would be needed but thought "I'll do it some day".:p

But still, I really like this little cardboard rack of mine. It made my painting place much more organized and I find the paint I need immediately. (Believe it or not, there's a system in how I put the pots in there)

@Girr: ....and more you shall get.

Phew, highlighting that black on the mob of Orks really put me off lately so I started playing Oblivion on the 360. Bad idea. But as a testament to what I should actually do, I started playing an Orc.:p

Anyway, the highlighting is almost done (only three more Boyz to go). Then, I'll do the additional equipment which is considerably more fun.

10-08-2008, 14:01
Pfffft. Oblivion...

Fallout 3 soon! Far better! :p

Did you try any of the random highlight colours I bombarded you with on MSN?

10-08-2008, 17:00
Great orks sigur, they really have some character those old models, especially the screaming ones. Keep up the good work! :)

16-08-2008, 02:10
Hear ye, hear ye! Another update hath cometh!

@Catferret: Thanks for your advice on MSN. I'll consider using the tipps on the next black thing I'll have to highlight.;-)

@glenning: Thanks. This screaming one seems to be the blandest at first but I also find that it's a very characterful head. And it goes so well together with the fully stretched out arm.

On to the real update now. The Slugga boys are about finished (the metallics could be highlighted/shaded better but meh. Basically, all that still needs to be done is the mouths of the shouting Orks and the heads of the stikkbombs)

To bulk up the numbers of boys in my army, I assembled 5 more sluggas and 5 more shootas tonight. This way I'll be able to have a big, footslogging mob of shootas and two small trukk-mounted mobs of slugga boys.


Apart from that, I converted three Snakebite Boarbosses (= Bikernobz). Nothing really special here, just two 'uge choppas and a few GSed feathers to tie the new parts in with the Snakebite models. Yes, the handle of the left guy's choppa looks bent in the picture. It doesn't look quite as bad in real life.


Here's a closer shot of feathers on my Warboss. Just in case you want to get behind the secret of sculpting feathers. :-P


Other than that, I asked McMullet to change my army size for the tale of 40k painters to 2000 points so I'll do 200pts a month now.

So that's it for today, I hope you like what I did so far. Comments and critique are welcome as always. Seeya!

P.S.: I attached a bigger version of the picture of the slugga boys.

Crazy Harborc
16-08-2008, 02:51
Let's see now......The old, old fluff said Orks and their friends had been raised like mushrooms.......anyway something like that. Sooooo why do animated mushrooms need teeth?? Just wondering:angel:.

I like THOSE Orks. I still have a few of the old, old leftover bitz.....Shoulder pads, hand shootas, choppas.....Sigh...it's a shame I would have to buy and learn 5th or whatever Edition, 42 and 1/2....ohhhh GW's space (but not Star Wars) fantasy games...40K that's it, yeah that's it:D

17-08-2008, 23:35
That's some really impressive orks you got there. I cant wait to see more of them. :)

18-08-2008, 03:38

@Crazy Harborc: Begone, fiend, for mentioning mushrooms in this context!:p

@Malenky_malchick: Thanks. My painting is pretty planless at the moment but I'm sure the tale of 40k painters will help me getting stuff sorted.

As there are no real big news to post here, I thought I'd take a picture of a mid-stage of painting that checkers pattern that is all over my army since someone once asked me about how I did it.


Looks pretty terrible at the moment, doesn't it?;) Next stage will be tidying everything up a bit and then painting the single black fields, one by one. After that, it's some more tidying up and that's it. Even the end result doesn't look too good from close distances but it looks okay from a distance of ~50cm.

I also did some ebay purchases today and it's even stuff I need. So I finally got two Goff Nobz, one more box of RT-era plastic Orks as well as a bunch of Gretchins. This means that purchase-wise I've got almost all I need for my army. Well, actually, I'd like to have some more artillery but anyway.

I hope to deliver you with more updates within the next days.

18-08-2008, 13:45
Which gretchin did you get? 2nd Ed ones with autoguns or the older RT ones with blunderbusses (blunderbi? :confused:) and shotguns?

19-08-2008, 09:31
Actually, it's mainly 2nd edition Gretchins with autopistols and knives. Three of them are also crew gretchin (including the overloaded one :cool: ).

Tiny update:

I did some work on the 10 additional boys.

Yesterday, I got meself the new GW Washes. I only tried Badab Black so far but it looks like they work very nicely. Good job, GW.

19-08-2008, 09:54
Cool, reminds me of when I started playing 40k... *calls his ol' friend (and ork player) for a game*

The bases suit the models really well, you did a good job on these ;)


The boyz
19-08-2008, 11:29
Nice work on those Ork's Sigur, they look great. I really like the Old school Ork miniatures, they where full of character.

20-08-2008, 15:35
Have you missed me?


Just spent a good while flicking through all the updates...

Your Plastic RT Orks are looking incredible. I spent a few hours sticking all mine togehter about a week ago, and cant believe how short they are in comparison to the new ones...

Im looking forward to doing them though.

Your snakebites are looking great too.... im so jealous of your cyboar orks... oneof the few bits im genuinely missing in my army (here i come Ebay)


Im sorry its been so long since i last said boo. Works been hectic and ive had no time for painting or blogging.

Speak soon


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Mr Feral
20-08-2008, 15:49
So many rows of tiny checkers!

It's a pleasure to see your Orks expand as ever.

22-08-2008, 04:01
And once again: Greetings, people of Warseer!

@Toschenko: Hehe, thanks for complimenting me on my bases. So I assume you read my latest reply in your log. ;-)

@The boyz: Thank you and indeed, they were full of character. I know, it's a kind of inflationary-used phrase but....just look at those faces!!

@gonzosbignose: Yes, those plastics are incredibly short compared to the current ones but you gotta love them. Those shoulder pads even make this impression stronger. Take a "charging" ork torso, put some arms and head on him as well as the "flat" shoulderpads and all of a sudden he looks almost like a beetle.

To avoid the squat look a bit, I don't put the heads where they actually belong but a bit higher - gives the little green buddy 2 more millimeters which is very welcome.

@Mr.Feral: Thankee, good Sire. Somehow I don't really get tired of doing all these checkers.

So, what's new? I went to the local indie store, got rid of the last vouchers I had left from painting the Battle for Skull Pass box back when it was released (when I went by, I saw a little kid with his father looking at the miniatures in the shopwindow, talking about how much they liked the painting. :cool: Most amusingly, the kid complained about the looks of the troll miniature).

So I got the Dark Elves army book (really makes me want to paint dark elves again), UK WD#136 (which not only had the freebooterz army list but also templates for the Gobsmasha, the Lungbursta, the Bonecruncha and the Braincrusha so you might see some scratch-built Ork vehicles in here in the near future) and, last but not least, those "critically acclaimed" new washes.

...and they are actually as good as people say. I still need to experiment a little but they work like a charm. Since I was earger to try them all, I did a bit of work on the Lootas:



On them, I used the washes a lot. I still need to figure out how to do skulls/bones real properly I'm afraid.

Other than that, some converting has been done on the first trukk:

I'm glad I read about the dangers of the trukk in Crube's log so I started priming it before it's finished.

The last news of the day is that I had a 2on2 game last tuesday. 2000pts of Orks and Eldar vs. 2000pts of Chaos.

Orks (pretty much the usual list):
Warboss on bike
4 Bikerbosses (1xPK, 2x 'uge choppa)
23 Shoota boys + nob
12 Sluggaz + nob + trukk
12 sluggaz + nob + trukk
4 Warbikes

Striking Scorpions incl. Exarch + Serpent
6 Firedragons
10 Guardians + missile launcher
3 Guardian Jetbikes
2 Vypers

Winged Demon Prince
Some jump pack dude with a khornate demon weapon
2 Vindicators
a rhino full of Khorne Berserkers
8 Raptors
2 squads of Havocs
5x 5 CSM
four CSM bikes
2 spawns

It was the Kill Points mission.

The sheer mass of CSM was intimidating, especially since we didn't bring that much infantry ourselves. To couter this, we brought some luck. Dakkaguns on the bikes proved to be great weapons. I totally wasted the potential of the bigmob of shootas by being a coward and setting them up in a crater. The man of the match clearly was the Serpent which killed both Vindicators. regular CSM seem to get stronger each game. Damn them and their extra CC attacks, combined with initiative 4. Anyway, in the end we won, mainly due to capable Mr. Eldar, tired Mr.Chaos and lucky dice.

What I learned:
*) 12 Trukkboys do not "totally thrash" a squad of CSM if they charge them on their own.
*) I have to re-read the close combat rules.
*) I should use the shoota boys more offensive.
*) Nothing about the Khornate demon prince really changed.
*) Never underestimate Eldar. Especially those pesky Striking Scorpions.

Oh, and the new guy (who ALSO plays CSM) brought a brass scorpion. Looked cool.

So anyway, enough of that bloggery. Good night!

P.S.: first attached picture - setup, 2nd attached picture - some time ingame

22-08-2008, 06:19

Aces. I like Deathskulls. Nice to see some in there to break up the Goffness. Goffs are terrible at looting. How are you gonna scratchbuild all those cool old vehicles if you don't have any good loot?

Um... Yeah. Booyah, and such.

22-08-2008, 09:57

The Deathskulls look absoultely amazing. Kudos to you... i must say...

The patchwork coats are insanely good... and all in all the quality of the painting is superb.

Cant wait to see the truck either... the driver looks happy days there.... if i was an ork and i had a big Grrrr Trukkk id be happy too!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

23-08-2008, 14:09
Ah, two of my personal paladins.:p Thanks for replying (once again).

@Catferret: Have you read the special looting rules Deathskulls Warbands had in RT days? Pretty rad stuff, I say. I really have to convert some more Deathskulls and boost the number of models to 10 at least.

@gonzosbignose: Thanks but I have to admit that I'm not entirely happy with those patchworks. They look flat in places. I'll also add some patterns here and there to add to the rag-tag clothes.

The driver's goggles (yes, I mis-typed it, accidently typing "google" twice) looks quite terrible at this point but they will look much better once painted. The blobs of GS on the arm joints will be cut down of course.

23-08-2008, 14:28
It's been a while since I read all the Ork books from RT. I was very young back then and my memory fails me in my old age... :p

And I'm not a paladin. I don't have Lay on Hands. All the wimmins keep running away first... :cries:

23-08-2008, 18:12
Well, it was something like Orks being allowed to loot after the battle but only certain kinds of weapons (more or less only projectile weapons which are assumed to make lots of noise when being fired). Deathskulls were allowed to loot EVERYTHING (weapons, wargear). :)

Today, I converted the gunner for the trukk:



Note that the crew is still removable so I can paint them properly. Sadly you can't see that the driver is using the gear shift with his right hand since the gunner's little cabin got a bit bigger than I had thought. I also blu-tacked some templates for the rear parts on. The original sides look too "junky" for my likings.

23-08-2008, 22:45
Oh I'm totally loving the retro crew.

The mould lines between the wheels and the main exhaust to the left of the driver are quite distracting though. Perhaps after a paint-job they won't look so obvious.


24-08-2008, 04:53
The pose on that gunner is great. I'm liking it.

The shape of the rear section reminds me very much of the SD.KFZ 251/1 half track. I feel you should make the necessary modifications to the next trukk. Means the boyz will be able to reach that harder-to-get-at loot in ruins. ;)

24-08-2008, 14:26
@MF3000: Thanks for pointing that out. Especially on the exhaust pipe, those little gaps look terrible. I should get meself some new filler putty. Vallejo's is said to be good, does anyone of you have experience using it?

@Catferret: Thanks, I wanted to go for a more relaxed and life-like look on the gunner than the usual "shout and shoot"-pose. And it seems to have worked out pretty well. I know what you mean about the Sd.Kfz.251 look and that's what I was aiming for actually (before I realized that the crew would fit in easier than I thought. Still need to work out how to actually finish the trukk.

24-08-2008, 18:58
Just doing a bit of catching up here, but some lovely modelling on that trukk... very good indeed.

Nice one

*is jealous*

Solun Decius
24-08-2008, 19:36
Hey. I've been following this thread for a while. Impressed by the consistency you're keeping with the old style minis, and the quality of the paint job on your boyos.
I like the "chilled" pose on the gunner. Conversions don't always have to be action-packed and this makes the model more unique.
Look forward to seeing the trukk finished!

25-08-2008, 01:42
@Crube: Aaargh, I have to take the brown ink to the post office!:eek: Will do that tomorrow. Apart fom that, thanks, but no neeed to be jealous, at least your trukk is assembled and almost painted already.

@Solun Decius: Thankee, but consistency is absolutely the wrong word for what I'm doing at the moment. Today, I did the following things (in that order):

.) Sitting in front of the Trukk, thinking about how I could finish it.
.) dismissing the Trukk and Orks in General and sculpting a cobblestone base for a totally different miniature.
.) watching the Milliput cure
.) giving the "painting on a stick" method another shot and attaching the miniature to the hand drill, painting a face crappily and using the new inks to repair it while working out wild ideas of limited palette, the use of "cool colours" and other artsy ********.
.) dismissing the idea of doing that miniature and instead going on painting lootas combi weapons
.) dismissing them (boring, can't decide on colours) and starting to base a Gretchin mob

As you probably see, THIS is NOT consistant!:D Thanks anyway, I try to get stuff done but I'm really getting worried about the tale of 40k painters and me not having painted 200pts yet.

25-08-2008, 05:29
Hordes are always a tough job for projects with a deadline. You either have to keep the points target low and paint to usual level, or sacrifice detail and technique for shortcuts.

I have started using cheats like the new inks to get stuff done quicker. I would normally shade and highlight "properly" but would never get stuff done on time if I stuck with that approach. Cutting down on highlight stages helps as well. Anything to trim down the time spent really.

25-08-2008, 22:55
yay, update time!

Today I finally found the Goff Nobz in my mail so I just might be able to get 200pts of Orks done for the first month! Whoop-dee-doo!


@Catferret: Yah, I know. I actually will have to lower the quality of the painting. *sigh* That's a thing I hate to do.

26-08-2008, 05:40
Yeah, it's always a shame when you have to reduce quality. As long as you only do it for the rank and file then nobody really notices. Stick with your usual level on elite units and characters and you'll be fine.

Nice Goffz by the way. :)

26-08-2008, 12:06

The new truck is AWESOME... PRoper dumper trukk style... excellent for dumping a squad of orkies into da bad guyz!

Goffs are looking right proper too...

Keep it up matie!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

27-08-2008, 09:14
Time for a little update again.

@Catferret: Thanks. Yeah, Orks Elites get pretty pricey anyway so there's more of a chance to paint them properly.

@gonzosbignose: Well, I'm sure GW will be happy about your compliments.;) The Trukk indeed is a great model. Probably the most complex one GW has done to date and it sets new standards for all upcoming vehicle kits.

So here's a new picture of the Nobz; they are almost finished now:


I guess I can say: First month target accomplished, hooray.

Apart from that, my brother got me the new Cold One Knights box and it's very amusing to see the incredible level of detail on those compared to what the plastic kits look like I usually work with these days. Oh, and I have an announcement to make: Since I'll move to another country in five days, updates will be very sparse in the upcoming weeks. Not sure how quickly I will be able to find accomodation and get stuff (uni, general life) sorted and such.

Solun Decius
27-08-2008, 10:28
Well sigur. Maybe you're not very consistent in your methods but sticking to the old style minis certainly gives the army a unified look.
I guess it's the old faces, since you are using the new truck and bits and stuff. As soon as you would put in the new plastic heads (which I think are awesome by the way) your consistency would break.

Tha nobz are looking phenominal. Really good detail work, though I guess the eyes are part of what isn't finished. I can't see anything else that looks unfinished. First class paint job!

27-08-2008, 10:44
The new Cold Ones are very nice. I have some issues with the heads on the riders, I prefer the ones on the last set of metal knights but I'm sure a little plasticard will fix that.

Good news that you managed to hit target, means you can take a breather while you relocate. It's one less joker spent that can be put to better use over the coming months.

27-08-2008, 13:54
Damn, those Nobz be mighty fine! Can't wait to see you tackle some Stormboyz and Bloodaxes.

27-08-2008, 14:07

I do like the GW trukk, but i have to say what i most like is the bits that you have added to it!!!

The Nobs are looking fab too... old skool powerclawz!!!! waagghhh


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

27-08-2008, 14:33
love the old skool orks can still remember kicking the ass of my mate's army when these were new, back in the day.......I feel old now :-(

that reminds me I must go paint up that goffik ork rock band that I've got laying on my desk somewhere.....

27-08-2008, 15:37
I've been collecting an army of these old 2nd orks, and am very slowly getting them together, no where near as fast as you though.

Inspiring stuff though, great painting. Makes me want to go home and work on them.

29-08-2008, 14:18
Thanks for the quick and numerous replies guys!

@Solun Decius: Thanks. Yes, I know what you mean. The old and new Orks just don't fit together well and I just like the faces of the metal Orks so much that having some new Orks in here would just spoil it.

@Catferret: Sure, I don't think that it will be much of a problem for you to change the heads on the CoKs. Me, I never liked those heads of the 2000 CoKs too much. Looked over the top and somewhat reckham-ish to me so I'm glad that they returned to a more classic shape of helmet and armour. The thing I like the most is that they reintroduced the classic iconography, especially the classic Dark Elves skull.

@Aulbath: Well, while in fact I do own about 10 Stormboys, I sadly have no rokkit packs for them so they might just turn out to become part of a shootas squad or something. But there definately will be lots of Blood Axe Kommandos coming up in the next months.

@gonzosbignose: Thanks for your support, Daniel. I followed the massive number of updates in your log and promise to post there once this update is submitted.

@dave8oy: Thanks. Sure, go ahead and paint those Goffik Rokkerz. It's great that they are avaible again from the mailorder.

@92acclude: Please let me know when you have pictures or any other info on your army. It's always nice to see people who do similar projects. Have you seen gonzosbignose's log yet? He's using quite a lot of old miniatures for his Orks army too.

So the month is almost over, I'm pooing meself because of moving to London but at least the Orks are done to a point of which I can say that "they're done".

Redgit's mob:

Badbag's mob:

Yay! Let's see what I'll do for the next month (if anything). Probably something costly (points-wise) so I don't have to paint too many miniatures. Will it be Mega-Armoured Nobs? Will it be Boarbosses? We'll wait and see. ;)

P.S.: If anything essential to take with me to London comes to your mind, please let me know. So far, I think I'll need underwear and socks but apart from that I'm clueless. :p

Solun Decius
29-08-2008, 23:53
That's excellent man!
Characterful minis and first rate paint jobs ... and checker patterns galore!
Congrats on a good month's work!

30-08-2008, 04:30
Tiny update: I did Redgit's household's glyph on all the backplates of the mob.

@Solun Decius: Thanks.:) It's a good feeling to get troops choices done.

30-08-2008, 07:42
Thanks for the quick and numerous replies guys!

@Aulbath: Well, while in fact I do own about 10 Stormboys, I sadly have no rokkit packs for them so they might just turn out to become part of a shootas squad or something. But there definately will be lots of Blood Axe Kommandos coming up in the next months.

You could always check Bartertown and Ebay for spare Rokkit-Paks, that's where I got mine (I own about... hmm, 40-50 oldschool Stormboyz? With about 20 having Rok-Paks)

At least in second edition, the rok-pak was optional, I think - thus you could just paint 'em up and add a magnet, and well get some rokkits later on, add a magnet to them as you get 'em and voilá totally awesome oldschool Stormboyz.

Also, you might wanna try and use a mix of "modern" rokkits, or maybe scratchbuild some yourself? Since it's all very orky, diversity wouldn't be half-bad and I am pretty sure you would make an awesome job of that.

Check here for example:
http://cgi.ebay.de/WARHAMMER-40K-SPACE-ORK-STORMBOYZ-BITS-AND-BOBS_W0QQitemZ250287378431QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item 250287378431&_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177

And then you can combine it with http://cgi.ebay.de/OOP-Ork-Jet-Pack-Stormboyz-Warhammer-40k-A_W0QQitemZ380049339706QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p328 6.m20.l1116

Can't wait to see some of these guys done in the same quality than those shoota boyz :D

And Huzzah! for lots of Kommandos - how about the bosses as seen here: http://www.solegends.com/citcat94/cat1994138-01.htm

Imo Blood Axe Boss 2 is one of the most awesome minis produced in the nineties - and it somehow is how many of the bosses in the artworks look as well, love that mix between M. Bison from StreetFighter and german Wehrmacht.

02-09-2008, 20:03
I haven't seen gonzosbignose's blog yet, but I do want to go look at it.

Over the past weekend, i got 20 bad moons put togther and primed, plus a couple bad moon nobz and a 2nd ed dread. I also wrote up a 1500 pt list for me to work towards initially, in which are 30 gretchin, 30 goffs, another dread and a mob of 15 deathskull lootas.

edit: forgot the mob of 10 meganobz in there too.

I started painting a test bad moon, to try out a new style of skin and to figure out how to make an awesome yellow.

I'll grab some pics tonight a start a blog tomorrow.

03-09-2008, 16:07
I'll throw a teaser here of what I'm working on. Blog will be up sometime.


07-09-2008, 14:50
@Aulbath: Thanks for all the suggestions. I saw auctions of one or two rokkit packs showing up on ebay here and there but they were never that teasing. But I'll keep my eyes open. On the idea of kitbashing something I'm not too keen on but let's see.

@92acclude: Looking very nice. Cool miniature too. If I had owned a few of those bad moonstyle Orks I would have considered a Bad Moon army. The skin looks nice by the way.

So it looks like I finally find a place to stay here in London within the next days so I can start painting again and stuff. I tried to do a little bit of painting at the local GW store yesterday. So I showed up with my paints and a few miniatures but had to notice that the release event for the new 40k starter box takes place. Imagine such an event in the smallest GW store I've ever seen. A small (but big enough) horde of kids shouting, screaming and rolling dice. I looked through the Apoc: Reloaded book and left again.

But anyway, I just wanted to let you know that work shall commence again soon!

10-09-2008, 10:37
Hey Sigur

Well i know its been quite some time since i last popped by, and sorry for the delay.

Between broken noses, moving house and going on holiday, you'll appreciate, getting onto Warseer hasn't been top of the list.

Redgit and Badrags mobs both look amazing. The smoothness of the green is truely impecable. Alot of people are saying about the black and white patterns, and these are great, but the eye catching bits for me are the amazing greens!


Im in the office and should be working but ill leave you a long update soon.

Hope londons treating you well


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

10-09-2008, 12:41
I used to do all my painting in GW. Now I can't stand it. Too many noisy kids and not the same atmosphere there used to be. I understand why you decided to walk away.

Hope the place to live works out. I'd hate to be flat-hunting in London.

10-09-2008, 19:10
@gonzosbignose: Thanks for your reply buddy. I hope your life got a bit more calm since the last peak I had into your log. ;)

@Catferret: Thanks for commenting. Today I spent whole 7 hours at the GW store, painting, being fed up with a landlord who wouldn't meet me today but tomorrow. It was pretty quiet. Around 4, some noisy kids turned up (one incredibly young among them, asking his mom to get him a keeper of secrets and she replied "no, you lost your Bloodthirster already". It's these moments when I think that I should go and look for a hobby for grown-ups. Like a proper job, a partner and a future.)

Anyhoo, I did get quite a lot of work done. A mob of Gretchins and their Runtherd are about 70% finished. Guess what, I left my base colour for Ork skin at home. How stupid is that? And since it's a Vallejo colour, I can't easily replace it at a GW store but have to look for an indie store. But anyway, stuff goes on and such. :p

By the way, for those who keep track on how the 40k Painters Tale thing goes: I'm working on 16 gretchins plus one Runtherd so this would be uh.....58 points!? Oh my....

But I'm pretty positive that I'll make the 200pts again this month. Unlike some people, I see it as part of the game to paint my share each month. Someone just posted one haf-done Ork and called it the stuff he did this month instead of playing a Joker.

Seeya next time, thanks for commenting!

Crazy Harborc
11-09-2008, 00:43
When I still had to w.o.r.k., I painted partly to take my mind off of work. Now I do it to pass time, to stay awake.:D

I should be repainting, "touching up" some of my old stuff. After 35 years of wargaming/painting I DO have a few.:D

20-09-2008, 09:49
Yerch, since I'm still not able to upload pictures my painting motivation is suffering seriously. Actually, I seem to have an SD-card reader on my laptop but I have yet to figure out how to open it.:o

As a tiny update, 4 Boar-mounted Nobz are on their way to getting finished. One Cyboar is halfway converted. Sadly, I don't have pliers yet so I can't pin.

My bitz order (5 boars, goffik rokk bank) arrived two days ago. GW Kensington is a great store (at least before school's over). Good people there.

Well, I hope to be able to supply you with some pictures next time. Have fun!

@Crazy Harborc: Go ahead, the work of a painter is never done. ;)

20-09-2008, 12:36
Actually, I seem to have an SD-card reader on my laptop but I have yet to figure out how to open it.:o

Percussive maintenance. Hit it with something til it works. :D

22-09-2008, 22:20
Hi, I really enjoy watching you painting these old figs they are super !! Crisp and clean painting aswell, i seldom write in forums bcs my eng sucks ....but id like to encourge this wonderus projekt and keep up the good work !

30-09-2008, 03:05
Well, I'm back (again), and this time with pictures! Yay!





This is basically what I did this month. There's no way I'll be able to finish the cyboars for the Nobz in time so I'll have to use my first joker in the Tale of 40k Painters.

Other than that, all the stuff you see there is painted under varying conditions and the photos are weird since I have to adjust the lighting, the room's quite dark and I have no tripod for my camera.

On the other hand, this are the first miniatures I painted in the UK, homeland of GW. :-)

So well....uhm...I don't like the striped feather on the right Nob's axe. I'll change that one soon. Other than that, not much bloggy nonsens.

Hope to get many replies and comments. ;-)

30-09-2008, 03:30
Well, there is too much awesome to take in at once. I keep noticing new cool stuff each time.

The overal appearance is great but little details like the Snakebite glyphs on the pads really brings something extra.

I love the comic grin on the Runtherd. Great model. For some reason I keep imagining that model having an Irish accent... :confused:

Also nice to see one of my favourite grots in the herd. The guy plugging his ear and firing his pistol.

30-09-2008, 20:21
i love the autopistol/knife gretchin, I wish I had more in my collection.

Great looking stuff man.

01-10-2008, 14:11
@Catferret: Thank you very much for your comment as always.:)

For some reason I keep imagining that model having an Irish accent...

Must be the red beard. :p

The interesting thing about this Gretchin is that - most to my astounding - I had never seen this one before i opened the package. Weird.

@92acclude: Thanks. I take you have quite an interest in Gretchins?

Well, as there's not much new to report (I finished building two Cyboars by now), I took a picture of my new painting/modelling space:


Incredibly messy at the time and possibly a testament to my unhealthy diet.

01-10-2008, 16:35
I am in love with the gretchin mob... the Snakebites are nice too, but they got nothing on the Gretchin, sorry mate ;D

01-10-2008, 17:34
The old gretchin models have so much character. Though I don't completely relish the thought of painting 30 of the buggers.

01-10-2008, 20:16
Your first Yorkie bar! Did you enjoy the manly chocolate?

03-10-2008, 23:57

I finished building three Cyboars now. I think you saw the first one already but anyway:





to be continued....

04-10-2008, 00:04



Alright, that's it for this time. I realized I was still short on boars so I ordered some more at GW. Now I need to do one more Cyboar for the Nobz and then one for the boar-mounted witchdoctor/Painboy. Let me know what you think but keep in mind that I have only a small bag of bitz with me so my possibilities are limited. ;)

Crazy Harborc
04-10-2008, 00:10
I do like the cyborg boars. They should be impressive when they are done.

THAT said.....I can not help it I must ask a question.:angel:

I noticed that one of the boars has a canister attached to its right rear hip. Um, is, is that to help disperse a gas OR is that to capture and contain any gases the boar might....um...emit....perhaps from further aft??:D

04-10-2008, 00:11
The exposed pistons is the bestest. :D

06-10-2008, 11:04
@Crazy Old Man: This is a very good question indeed. Let's say it's a highly instable mix of various fungus gases and "Granny Skidrot's special Squig curry" which, once released into the Cyboar's bowels, reacts immediately leading to pretty impressive chemical reactions, a nasty surprise for anyone who's behind the respective boar and some extra boostin' power. ;)

@Catferret: Cheers mate, there's more of that on the fourth cyboar.

So, little update without pictures. The fourth Cyboar is finished, I'll try to base and prime them today. Oh, and the Cyboar with the fartytank also has a mohawk now.

Last night I did a few details on the Cyboar-mounted Nobz and some further work on the Lootas. Why, oh why didn't I take ALL my paintpots with me? Silly me.

I'll try to get pictures uploaded later today. Cheers!

Crazy Harborc
09-10-2008, 02:46
I did/do enjoy the cyborg boars, they will be something to see. Just think suddenly it will be 25 years later. Maybe just maybe, a gandchild of Sigur will say something like...."grandpaw, what kind of ugly pig is THAT!! did you make that?":angel:

14-10-2008, 03:02
Alright, update time I say! (WITH pictures this time)

I spent the past few hours basing stuff. A mind-numbing activity as I think but it has to be done.



So today I based 17 boars, 2 boar bases, 19 Ork shootaboys and 10 Stormboys.

Here is the long overdue picture of cyboar#4. As you can see, I expanded on what I also did on Cyboar#2:

I also finally put pins into my Warboss so he and his Super Cyboar can be fixed in place for playing (also fiddled around with some paint on the Cyboar):

Not sure if I'll have much time for priming tomorrow as I'll have uni and then a game of 40k (yay).

So leave comments, critique is very welcome and that's all for today, folks.

P.S.: Sorry for the absolute lack of painted stuff lately. Next update will have more painted stuff again, hopefully finished Boarbosses, maybe Stormboys, maybe Shootas. Could be a Warboss too as well as Gretchin; nobody knows. ;-)

14-10-2008, 03:09
Woo! Stormboyz! I'm looking forward to seeing them and the super cyboar with some paint on.

14-10-2008, 08:53

your blog puts me to shame!!!!

Firstly... i trust you are keeping well. Looking at the level and detail of the things you have been doing lately, your settled, and the stuff your producing is truely top notch.

I to will be returning to green skins soon, after a month or so out, moving house, holidaying, working, and helping my local store out with a painting project.

You keep well and ill keep my eyes on your cyboars.... which BTW.... look AMAZING!!!!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

14-10-2008, 09:35
nice to see some "retro"-orks around! the conversions on the cy-boars look great, looking forward to seeing them painted

14-10-2008, 13:46
Woo! Stormboyz!

I second that. Woo! indeed.

14-10-2008, 22:59
I too am eagerly waiting SIE STORMBOYZZZZ they're so coal-scuttle-bucket-helmeted it's not funny


16-10-2008, 02:19
Thanks for the replies, guys! I was already getting bored of painting Orks but you keep me going.

@Catferret: Always the first to reply. Many thanks.;)

@gonzosbignose: Cheers for the complimnts, I'm glad you return to Orks and seem to have settled in your house. Seems like Cyboars are the next thing I'll paint so the Nobz finally have some proppa mounts.

@Damokles: Thanks, I hope to have the Cyboars finished soonish.

It seems like people really want to see those Stormboys painted....and I'd love to do them but first I have to decide what to do about the rokkit packs issue. I definately don't want to use the GW bitzpack....I think I'd rather use converted SM jump packs. I'm afraid that ebaying the proper jump packs is pretty much out of question. I also wanted to get them some kind of banner of their Korps.

But hey, there's something else interesting coming up: I should receive my palsticard tomorrow so I can start working on my Trukks, yay!

Have I mentioned that I really don't like my limited number of bitz and different paints I have at my disposal here? ;)

Nephilim of Sin
16-10-2008, 05:44
Wow, it has been way too long since I have checked in on this log. I need to figure out how to manage my subscriptions! The Cyboars are simply amazing. I cannot wait to see the stormboyz, the cyboars, the nobz...this is like Christmas!

Great job all around, and quite an impressive endeavor on such old, yet characterful models. I promise I won't be missing any more of this goodness.

Oh, and on a side not, it looks like Yorkie invaded your painting area! I think I see his calling card :p.

Chicken Pig
16-10-2008, 05:50
Are those the boarboyz you bought from me on Ebay? I am so proud! As ever, your work is amazing, loving your classic Orks and the updates you are doing to some of the miniatures. The painting, the modelling, it is all spiffingly brilliant.

Crazy Harborc
16-10-2008, 20:55
Oh my....Orks first:D Orks are sooo much more interesting. Orks have faces, SMs have visors.

Heck, Sigu YOU are the artist, the master of the thread. We who come here to drool will enjoy the works of art.

16-10-2008, 22:29
Oh my....Orks first:D Orks are sooo much more interesting. Orks have faces, SMs have visors.

Heck, Sigu YOU are the artist, the master of the thread. We who come here to drool will enjoy the works of art.


Sigur.... high praise indeed my green skin loving friend.

I have to say i am really looking forward to seeing an update on these cyboars though. The quality of the conversions is high class, and i'm completely sure that you can produce a vitruoso paint job to match


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

17-10-2008, 04:45
Good morning, gentlemen!

Without much ado, here are new WIPs of the Cyboars:



And some Stormboys (finished those this morning to be able to post you a little update on them because they seem to ensure replies ;) ):


The Cyboars and Stormboys were based today and I started painting the Cyboars (as you can see). It's really a shame how my inability to sculpt proper boar fur around the necks becomes visible after the drybrush.

Anyways, I plan to do a bit of freehands to go with the patterns on the Nobz. Details like bionib eyes and similar stuff will be picked out in either green or red. Not much of a problem with that since virtually every bright, basic colour is on the Nobz already. :-P

@Nephilim of Sin: Nice to see you back and for the compliments. I'll try to post updates more steadily again in the next weeks.

@Chicken Pig: I think those probably could be the ones I got from you on ebay. All in all, I have 22 Boarboys I think, with 8 regular ones and 5 Nobz so far so I'm not quite sure if the ones I bought from you are part of those Nobz but be sure that the ones I got from you will be in my army in the end.

@Crazy Harborc: Erm, cheers. What I do here has absolutely nothing to do with art. It's more like wrapping myself up in a smelly blanket of nostalgia and escapism. ;-)

@gonzosbignose: Well, converted stuff usually looks better once it's primed. As I mentioned above, I'm really not happy with the fur around the necks and in the pictures you can see why. Hope that it won't look as bad once I slapped much flashy paint on to distract from the weaknesses.

So this is it for this night. See you later guys!

17-10-2008, 07:13

Excellent, looking forward seeing you get some paint on these - what's your plan with 'em?
And got their backs magnetised so you can attach Rokkit-packs later?

17-10-2008, 07:47
Paint?! What's going on? :confused:

The yellow/brown of the added widgets really adds something to the piggies. Makes them far more interesting. The paint needs weathering though. Lots of chipped metal! Or maybe I'm just obsessed...

The hooves could probably do with being a different colour to the base. They kinda disappear at the moment.

The neck fur looks fine. Nobody'll notice when you plonk 'em down on the table.

17-10-2008, 12:36
Good stuff mate, the cyboars look excellent painted and based. I know it's a bit late now you've painted them and everything, but to show the guns that are meant to be on these "bikes", could you add built in guns to the cyboars? It seems quite Orky to cut a hole in a pig and put a gun in it.

Anyway. Ignore that if you can't be arsed with more sculpting!

I agree with Catferret that the neck fur doesn't stand out. I didn't notice it at all until I read that you thought it stood out, at which point, yes, I could see it. But no one will notice if you keep it under your hat.

I disagree with Catferret about the weathering. Normally I'm all for it, but it wouldn't fit with your 2nd edition look at all. You've got this old-style clean look down to a tee and it would spoil it a bit to add chips and dirt, in my opinion.

Looking forward to the Stormboyz!

17-10-2008, 13:21
I disagree with Catferret about the weathering. Normally I'm all for it, but it wouldn't fit with your 2nd edition look at all. You've got this old-style clean look down to a tee and it would spoil it a bit to add chips and dirt, in my opinion.

Looking forward to the Stormboyz!


Great work, really. I´m an oldschool fetishist, even more so when it comes to ORKS. Or orcs in my case. Those models had the character that got my attention when I started this hobby.
So no chips or damage. Rust is accepted :)


Solun Decius
17-10-2008, 13:58
The boarboyz are excellent!
Great conversions and really fun bright and contrasty paint jobs.
How many of them will there be in the end ?

17-10-2008, 15:17
Those boar boyz are brilliant sigur. They were great figures when they were released, and your painting really brings them up to date. The little touches where you've added pistons and whatnot work teriffically well too. Can't wait to see the boss painted up on the super cyboar to lead them.

18-10-2008, 18:30
@Aulbath: Bah, magnetising is for people who .....who care about magnetizing. :p I have no idea really at the moment. I'm just walking the earth, looking for tube-shaped plastic things or stuff like that currently.

@Catferret: I actually considered chipped metal, at least on the big "faceplate" on one of the cyboars but then I wasn't so sure about it. For now, I left everything without chipped paint since, as McMullet pointed out, it doesn't really fit with the way I paint this army. I might do chipped paint in the future but I'd have to work out a very artificial-looking way of doing it. The hooves aren't painted at all in these pictures but thanks for reminding me. Cheers for the comment on the hideous neck-fur.

@McMullet: Thank you much for the elaborate reply, sir. I really do not want to have guns on the Boars. When planning the boarboys (= the two seconds it took the primer to dry), a few months ago, I thought about those guns for a moment but I don't think that it would be a good idea and that it would somehow destroy the idea behind Boarboys. I know that it's very problematic on the table since Warbikes are quite good at shooting.

@warflag: Thanks for the reply. So rust but no chipping or other dirt, eh? Interesting. Do you have a specific "sort of rust" in mind? I can't quite envision how rust could go better with the kind of use of bright paint than "usual wethering". So if you can explain me if you are referring to a special way of painting rust, I'll gladly consider it. I'll have to have a look how your Orks are coming along; hope I don't forget about it.

@Solun Decius: Cheers mate. As for a specific number of Boarboys in the army, I'm not sure actually. I definately plan to do a witch doctor/Painboy for the cyboar-mounted Nobz and maybe I'll add some more Nobs on Cyboars to the mob later. I probably will also do a few more usual Boarboys but first I have to focus on more important things like painting my Warboss and my Warphead, finishing the Lootas, doing some work on the Kommandos and of course the Stormboys, painting some more Boys, doing Trukks and so on. There won't bemore than a few cyboar-Nobz and maybe 8 normal Boarboys in the 1500pts list I'm currently planning to do.

@richy376: What, no comment on the Stormboys? Well, that's a new one. ;-) Thanks for your reply, the Warboss definately is the next thing on my "to do list". Those boar boys miniatures (the boys themselves. I'll admit that the boars look a little dated by now) still are great by any means. The detail is splendid and the overall appearance is consistant. All that has changed is the style of Ork miniatures.

Alright, now for some pictures:




I even glued the boarboys to their mounts already. Please note that the hooves are still not painted (as well as a few details on the boarboys) because painting hooves is a thing I really detest. (I never get them right and they are always hard to reach).

But anyways, the Nobz are almost finished, yay!

edit: Hmm, I seem to have messed up the foci on the first and the third picture. Sorry for that.

18-10-2008, 18:46
I win! There's battle damage/weathering on some of those armour plates! :D

The lack of chipped metal works to keep the overall style (ye olde 40k), but the well painted subtle damage keeps the models fresh and in touch with modern painting tendencies.

On a more serious note, SNORT-GRONK-KRUNCH! WAAAAAAGH!


18-10-2008, 19:37
I really like your Orks, man ! Cool conversions and really good painting !
All your ork stuff reminds me the days I discover the GW games and the Citadel and Marauder minis...
Now, more pics, please ! :D

19-10-2008, 01:45
Good looking army, i really like the painting style, a great homage to 2nd ed :) Keep it up and post more pics :D



19-10-2008, 15:07
@Catferret: Cheers, I'm really glad how the damage (which is only painted on as I told you earlier) turned out. And it seems to go quite well witht the rest of the painting.

@tancrede: Hehe, thanks. I hope to post another update tonight. I guess a part of the reason why I'm doing this army is because it also reminds me of times when everything about GW games seemed to be better. By the way, what's up with your logs? I think you haven't updated in some time.

@sheep: Cheers, I'll try to keep it up. :)

Well, work on the Warboss has started. Finally. :P

19-10-2008, 15:21
Well, work on the Warboss has started. Finally. :P


Been waiting for him to get some attention.

Mr. Bounce
19-10-2008, 17:25
wow, i dont normally like the old school style of painting but you pull it of superbly.

I cant wait to see your Warboss finished.

19-10-2008, 22:55
@Catferret: ...and attention he got!

@Mr. Bounce: Thanks, this is a very satisfying compliment. :)

Alright then, on to the pictures:




So this is the current state of the Warboss. Basically every single surface on this miniature is still WIP. Sadly I messed up the lighting a bit so the ochres(?) and metallics on the boar look much flatter than in real life. What do you think of the colour composition? At first I considered the Warboss' coat to be ochre as well but this would have resulted in a curry-coloured overkill. Any suggestions concerning the colours will be considered. As some of you might know, choice of colour is one of my weak spots.

edit: Oh, by the way,i decieded to "buff him a bit up" by giving him shoulder armour (mostly made from GS).

19-10-2008, 23:00
hi again! :p What I also did today was pinning all the boarboys onto boars and starting to do the boarboys' bases. So I took the chance to make a little group shot of Borgut's boarboys:



Hope you like it. :)

20-10-2008, 00:04
Frikkin five thumbs up

Use your imagination to figure out how that'd work

20-10-2008, 00:12
Those boar boyz are really wicked. But that Boss, now that Boss will be a thing of beauty when its done.

Keep up the great work!

20-10-2008, 04:36

By the way, what's up with your logs? I think you haven't updated in some time.
Multiple reasons : tons of work (and so tired when back at home I didn't want to paint), APN down (but now I have a new one) and 3 weeks holidays in Japan... But you can expect some update soon.

And for you ? How many orks left to paint ?

20-10-2008, 08:29
Typical, I go to bed at 11:55 and Sigur updates a couple of minutes later... :rolleyes:

Nice work squirrelface, the extra armour on da boss helps a lot, balances him out a bit says I.

I don't have any decent suggestions for the colour on the coat. I'm no good at choosing colour compositions either. If in doubt I always paint stuff Scorched Brown as a basecoat. If you decide on a different colour then you still have a dark colour for shading. If you decide you like the area to be brown then you're already part way done. :D

20-10-2008, 08:45
MMMM delicioushmaschusch


20-10-2008, 10:40
I like what I see of the Warboss so far. The armour is a nice touch, and you have chosen good colours (so far), especially the metals on the boar. As for the colour of the coat...

- You can't do yellow/light brown as half the model is that colour already.
- You can't do dark brown as it's in shade, so it needs to be light.
- You can't do green, it's an Ork
- You can't do bright red. You CAN'T, put it away. The gun and fist are that colour.
- Black or grey are not snakebite-y.
- Put the bright red away!
- Blue might look too deathskull-y.
- Orange would be too Evil Sunz-y
- Purple? You do, after all paint purple very well. How about a slightly desaturated, natural-looking purple?
- Either that or DARK, brownish red.
- That's what I think anyway.
- The boyz look very good all together like that.

20-10-2008, 11:32
@potatolegs: :eyebrows:

@redstarone: Well, I hope he will be. Thanks.

@tancrede: Well, at least you have a good list of excuses. :) I'll make up a list of what I still have to paint lateron.

@Catferret: Sorry, I didn't know that you go to bed at all.:p Hehe, good idea about the brown.

@MF3000:Put the Whisky away!

@McMullet: Cheers for the list. I think I should have mentioned that in the pictures, the coat is basecoated already. I went for a blue-ish grey colour because of two reasons: It's not too flashy and distracting and I already have a bit of grey on the boar itself. I used the combination of blue-grey coat/dark brown pants on another Cyboar Nob already it it seems to work just fine.

- [...] do bright red. [....] The gun and fist are that colour.

- [...] bright red [...]!

Sounds AWESOME! Why didn't come up with that? Thxm8!:)

- Purple? You do, after all paint purple very well. How about a slightly desaturated, natural-looking purple?

Well, thankyou sire. Actually, the slightly desaturated, natural-looking purple sounds like a good idea. I guess anything wouould go for his coat as long as it doesn't look too bright or flashy.

The boyz
20-10-2008, 12:50
Fantastic work on those Boar boyz, Sigur. I really like the 'old school' look to the paintjob, very 2nd ed. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing some more updates.

20-10-2008, 19:28
@The boys: Thanks, I will try to post regular updates.

Since tancrede asked, I'll post a to-do-list:

.) Warboss Borgut (WIP, 30% painted, based)
.) 5 Cyboar-mounted Nobz (WIP, 90% painted, based)
.) Weirdboy Warphead (80% painted, needs base)
.) 8 Boarboys (fully painted, need bases painted)
.) 12 Trukkboys (done)
.) 12 Trukkboys (need household icon on the backplates)
.) Goff Nobz mob (still all metal)
.) Trukk (half-assembled)
.) Trukk (still on sprue mostly)
.) 18 Kommandos (including different special weapons and two different Nobz of which NONE is Snikrot of course :p) (30% painted)
.) 10 Stormboys (primed)
.) 25 Shootaboys (primed)
.) 25 Shootaboys (90% painted, need proper Nob miniature, household icons, bases painted properly)
.) Cyboar-mounted Painboy (just planning)
.) 4 to 5 Mega-armoured Nobz (primed)
.) 17 Gretchins plus Slaver (WIP, 60% painted)
.) Traktor Kannon plus crew (unassembled)
.) Thrugg Bullneck's Space Orks Raiders (all silver)
.) 3 Buggies (unsure really; probably need quite soem repainting)
.) Shokk Attack Gun (ca.30% painted)
.) Shokk Attack Gun (unassembled)
.) Goffik Rokkerz (all silver)
.) 6 Deathskulls Looters (Boys painted, weapons silver, bases painted)
.) at least three more Looters (not assembled)
.) 2 Mekboys (not assembled)
.) Ork Dreadnought (needs stripping, reassembling, a base, etc.)
.) Killakan (assembled, needs painting)

Maybe to-do list:
.) one or two more Cyboar-mounted Nobz (planning)
.) Flash Gitz (all silver)
.) Battlewagon (not even released :p)
.) 4-6 more Boarboys (primed)
.) Goff Warboss on foot? (no idea)
.) a handful of Burnaboys (if I have enough palstic boys left in the end)

....and that's just the stuff I could think of at the moment. ;) So you can see that there's more than enough stuff to do.

21-10-2008, 05:35
Man, you've got work for years !!! :eek:
But it seems we can see some good painting here in the coming months ! :D

21-10-2008, 19:25
Great stuff Sigur!

The boar boyz look brilliant all together with the boss leading them. I didn't realise the shoulder pad was green stuff until you mentioned it, that's worked very well. I think a little bit of red on him couldn't hurt, could it?

(And just for the record, the stormboyz look really good too!)

22-10-2008, 00:46
@tancrede: I know. :-( I think I got a bit overly eager to "catch'em all" when it comes to 2nd edition Orks.

@richy376: You are absolutely right, red is ALWAYS a good idea. So behold:




And now one from the Super Cyboar on it's own:

So as you can see, work is proceeding somehow. Not quite sure how I'll finish the freehand snake-icon on his shoulder armour thing and I'm a bit unsure about how ti paint these tank things on the boar but we'll see. Hope you like it, comments and critique are welcome as always.

22-10-2008, 00:53
The red does work. It really does. The exhausts still somehow seem slightly scorched without any actual weathering. I think it's just the contrast of the flat areas to the highlighted (highlit?) edges doing one o' them optical illusion thingies.

No idea what colour to do the tanks. Possibly just the same curry colour.

Boss man has a natty coat. Great dags, they really stand out and scream "Ere We Go" or "Waaagh! Da Orks!" kind of imagery. Like something straight off the cover of either of those books.

Solun Decius
22-10-2008, 09:54
The red color does look striking, and over all it's a brilliant model. Very much character and "life" in it. Excellent bright paintjob too (as I've doubtless said before).

22-10-2008, 11:51
The dags look excellent. Good choice. I like the red o the boar, and I think the tanks should be painted the same metal as the other cyboar-netik bits to balance the colours overall.

As for the green freehand: It's not very distinct at the moment. It needs outlining with a darker green, or failing that, just paint the whole thing with a darker green. At the moment it just doesn't stand out.

I recommend the well-known colour "Salamander Green" for this purpose.

22-10-2008, 13:14
@Catferret: Thanks for your support. I was actually surprised how well the red works.

@Solun Decius: Cheers, I do my best.

@McMullet: Thank you very much for your helpful posting. Brassy/coppery-coloured tanks, eh? Yes, that sounds alright. As for the green freehand: Yah, I know, it's just in "sketch-stage" at the moment. There will be elaborate contureing (?) and highlighting and shading and whatnot about it. At te moment I still have to decide where to put the snake's head though and how to design it.

As for your last suggestion; is this really a colour you're talking of? Haven't found it in my "Newbie's handbook o' many colours (released since 2003)" so I guess it originates from a time when just old people and their dinosaur models roamed the earth.:p

22-10-2008, 13:47
I'm pretty sure Salamander Green is a Pokemon game. :confused:

Crazy Harborc
23-10-2008, 02:03
Awsome....AWSOME.....Not only that the finished Ork Boyz look pretty good. I checked on your to do list......Of course there will be LOTS of photos:D PLEASE.;)