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01-04-2008, 19:28
Yep, there they are:

Converted from lizardmen and kroot sprues.

The idea was to incorporate the very long/leap aspect (kroot legs) and the st3 of the blitzer/lineman and the "reptilian" feeling (saurus arms and faces).

The saurus faces were "thinned" so as not to look like too much like sauruses.

The arms work well. Saurus arms are st3 while the kroot arms (for the catcher) are longer and thinner (to go with st2).

I tried a lot of other kroot/lizardmen option, but this setup I think works well.

As far as differences between blitzer and linemen, I have left the horns on the blitzer, put on some jewelry and will put saurus shoulder pads rather than the kroot pads.

Feedbacks welcome

Desert Rat
03-04-2008, 04:31
I've done some models like this for my reptillian kroot mercs. This look does make the lizardmen look leaner and faster than the standard saurus. I also made the necks longer by pinning the head and adding green stuff.

I'd like to see what these guys look like painted.

Good stuff

04-04-2008, 15:09
Painting is actually the problem, I am finding it hard to come out with a colour scheme.

But i will post when I get there

Desert Rat
04-04-2008, 20:35
Here is what I did with the painting. I painted a green (can't remember what kind) then I dipped them and painted the misc bits. I like the crests on the saurus' better than clipping them off.

Hopefully this helps either what to do or what not to, good luck :)

Crap...it helps if you attach the pic...sorry


06-04-2008, 22:14
Nice conversion work - unfortunately, they don't say "Slann" to me. :(