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03-04-2008, 16:25
its the only thing which keeps me alive and going. Which is very important when i have so many grey models.

i used to play alot, and modelling was just as important to me as winning games, but having gone on a long period of absense from the hobby, i feel i need to have something to drive my painting forward, having spent years playing with grey armies.

this is a tyranid warrior i painted about 5 years ago, never really got into tyranids but love the models. i hope to use the colour scheme on my new birdman army im working on for fantasy.

03-04-2008, 16:30
a few more pics, i really wanted (at the time) to make the tyranids look quite natural, with natural tones but bright markings, i was inspired by some dinosaur books about red markings and wanted to increase the amount of red with the strength/rank of the model.

03-04-2008, 16:39
here are a few (not great) pics of my still WIP nurgle chaos lord, based on archaon on foot, not finished and doudt it will be. i never used greenstuff but hope to more in the future not that im up to some of the standards on here.

coming soon: BIRDMEN

03-04-2008, 17:15
heres my birdman shaman, im using them as lizardmen, after reading in the LM book timeline about the old ones creating lots of new species, this is one of them! they have been out of contact with all the lizardmen and they only have one surviving slann after the warp gates did there thing. background/visually they are based still on the aztec/mayan old ones look with a polynesian and easter island influence.

03-04-2008, 17:25
this is the scarvet, i really need help with ideas for what shields to use for these guys with the bitz drought, any ideas?

03-04-2008, 20:21
Nice stuff, but please rotate the pics before you upload them.