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12-10-2005, 04:41
I've got another thread going that makes mention of this here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13421), but here's the question.

I'm looking at the online store and I only see 4 races for Epic. I know very near nothing about Epic except for the fact that infantry are ~8mm high if that and that the battles are as the name suggests, epically proportioned.

That said, are their rules for other races? Product lines (guessing not since they're not on the online store, but have to ask anyway)? Any suggestions for what to do?

My plan is to run a campaign with ~4 players (or at least 4 sides, maybe multiple players per side) that plays sort of like Diplomacy and makes use of both Battlefleet Gothic and Epic to resolve encounters that result in combat. From what the community has been saying, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tau and Chaos are the most fun in BFG. Problem is that there is no Chaos or Tau force listed on GW's store :wtf:

Should I just go with the Epic armies to determine the fleets or is there some info I'm not privy to like rules for Chaos/Tau?

Just gathering info to help make up the foundation of this campaign idea.

12-10-2005, 10:27
Can open... worms everywhere... ;)

OK, Epic Armageddon is fourth edition, and based (kind of) on the previous three editions before it. When it was being worked on, GW (actually Specialist Games) in all of their infinite wisdom, withdrew all Epic minis and products. Then, as armies are developed, the minis are released to support the lists... this is how it works in a perfect world.

The rule book contains the lists for Marines, Orks and Imperial Guards. There is one suppliment (Swordwind) with lists for Eldar (Biel Tan), Feral Orks and Siegemaster Imperial Guards. These are the mini ranges that you will find on the SG web site.

However, there was a lot of call from the players who already had other forces. Therefore, the lists are being developed 'in the background'. This is often a transparent process, and you can get the latest version of the lists from the SG web site, which are still not officially released, here:


Some lists are being developed on the EpiComms forums on my web site, here:


In addition, you are able to download the rule book and suppliment for free from the SG web site, and I would recommend that you do this before anything else.

Anyway, Epic is a great game. Let me know if you would like any further info about it, and all the best.

EDIT: I forgot to make a comment about minis. Since only four (plus two variant) armies are released, these are the only minis that you can officially buy. For other minis, you can often pick them up on EBay. Forgeworld do a few Epic minis, including Tau infantry.

12-10-2005, 14:06
Check out FW for their awesome Epic Tau line. It includes much more than just infantry. I believe the entire list has been done.


12-10-2005, 15:49
They are fantastic minis, although almost too detailed! Most of the list has been done (although it does depend on what list you have). The major players such as Fire Warriors, Broadsides/XV Suits, Hammerheads and Devilfish are there, but things like the Lionfish, ex-Scorpionfish, etc are missing. But, there are Tetra and Piranha. They are not cheap, but they are fantastic.

All four lists that you mention for your campaign are available. Tau are possibly the least finalised, but still have a well playtested and developed list so far. For Chaos, I assume that you would use Lost and the Damned, which is pretty much finished as the final list will (probably) be out just after Christmas.

13-10-2005, 18:44
You also want to check out places like e-bay, I've seen lots of 'nid epic stuff there, and a bit of chaos stuff as well. In the worst case you can always convert chaos - take marines and add little spikes and you have chaos marines, same for chaos rhino's, LR's, preds etc

Brother Othorio
13-10-2005, 23:55
i wouldnt even bother with the spikes, as i see it the only problems with doing chaos are the lack of daemons and the predators, daemons arent really a problem as you can use Warmaster ones ~ technically they are too big, Warmaster being 10 or 12mm as opposed to epics 6mm, but for some inane reason the old epic daemons were 12mm scale aswel!

Predators are tricky since they come in a pack of 4 that gives you 2 annihilator turrets, 2 destructor turrets, 2 heavy bolter sponsons and 2 lascannon sponsons, under the chaos list your only allowed Predators with Annihilator turrets and heavy bolter sponsons ~ technically that lets you make 2 classic predator destructors aswell, but under the EPIC lists all Imperial Predator Destructors have Heavy Bolter Sponsons..

mind you rules for the classic configuration might be in the collectors section (is that section left out of the living rulebook? i havent been able to find it) ~ but that might not be tourney legal

(technically the space marine battle company comes with missile launchers and chaos uses autocannons, but the stats are identical and the mini is a beakie missile launcher so that isnt a problem)

14-10-2005, 18:03
I cant say enough good things about Epic Armageddon, its great, maybe even the best sytem GW has come up with. the only down side is the spastic decline in support but so far they are at least keeping all the rules available and continueing some minatures releases at a snails pace, I hope they eventually climb back out of their funk and relaese the Nids and Chaos minatures they already have, its so stupid to sideline those minis at this point, makes me think they use a brick wall to club their old minds into thinkin ***** up at GW nowadays. At least on the buisiness end.

14-10-2005, 22:48
A huge problem is that GW main has taken back control of Specialist Games - for alot of the reasons you described. Good System, decent support initially. Alot of good things came out of GW:SG while they were negelcted by the larger corperation.