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Slaaneshi Ice Cream
11-04-2008, 18:38
Hello all,

I recently learned quite a bit about smaller scale wargames (than 28mm). I've read the WM rulebook and am very interested in a chaos mortals or demonic legion army. Or both.

I see that I can buy warmaster minis from the GW site, but what about starter armies? Are those available anywhere but ebay?

Also, I noticed that not all the demon unit choices have models fore every god.

What do you suggest I use for demon hordes for a god besides Nurgle?
Or Demon Cavalry besides Slaanesh? And demon hounds other than flesh hounds. (That entry really seems Khorne specific to me).

Anyway, thanks for your input.

11-04-2008, 19:31
Welcome to WM.
Have a look at my blogs.
Links in my signature.
DaveC has done a great daemon army with all 4 powers troop types represented.

As for starter armies, they don't exist anymore, you can buy them from GW but they work out no cheaper than buying seperate packs :(

Drop me a PM if you need to know anything specific.

22-04-2008, 13:33
If you're after starter armies, have a bit of a search on the web. www.chaosorc.com sometimes has a few, but I believe I bought their last Chaos starter. They've got lots of cool oop stuff like that though, and sometimes they have loose wm stands for sale at a cheap price.
Matter of fact, their prices are pretty cheap anyway, and they're one of the few non-gw online stores that has specialist games minis.
Good news about Chaos, though, is that you don't need to buy a pantload of minis to build an army.