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13-04-2008, 14:41
Hullo chaps.

I've been browsing through some online stores at some of the different BB style miniatures available, but I can't find anywhere that sells balls.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

13-04-2008, 14:54
Shadowforge - http://www.shadowforge.com.au/ , Gridiron, 1GM137

Uscarl - http://uscarlminis.free.fr/UscarlMiniatures/Uscarl/Uscarl_UM_01uk.htm
Uscarl are a new company, so I can only go by those that have seen some of the balls at tournaments in France.

BBFigs - http://www.bloodbowlfigs.com/index.php?option=home
Send them an email, as they may be able to sell you the balls that come with the GW human team.

13-04-2008, 15:02
Perfect, thanks!

That chicken-ball from Uscarl gives me the heebie-jeebies! It's so rank! I may have to get one. Perfect for my little fatties :)

13-04-2008, 15:13
Green stuff, I just made one out of green stuff last night for my necro team

13-04-2008, 15:48
It's a good idea, really, it's not the most complex shape in the world :)

13-04-2008, 18:11
It's a good idea, really, it's not the most complex shape in the world :)

its not that hard, let it dry and then carve in the marking to make it look like a football

15-04-2008, 13:04
I only need two balls.


16-04-2008, 03:29
Yeah... Right!

Anyways... Does anyone remember the old rules for Exploding Balls, Squig Balls and whatnot?
I think they were published back in the days of the Citadel Journal - back in the days of 3rd ed and way before the Living Rulebooks.

21-04-2008, 02:20
these balls look fun indeed.

As for exploding balls and other mayhem, this is where it is all at: a wondrous little collection. Enjoy.


21-04-2008, 08:03
There we are!!! :D

Now to sneak a post into the LRB5 Client Developement Thread on FUMBBL at an opportune moment...