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Maximus Lucifer
14-04-2008, 18:54
Wight King BSB with the Regen. banner, in Grave Guard unit refuses a challenge and is sent to the back rank...

i know it negates the CR bonus from the character...but can the unit still regenerate?
id think so, because it says somewhere (dont have my BRB here) for CR purposes only but im not sure...

14-04-2008, 19:14
I believe (BRB not to hand) that the answer is no; the character and any items he carries are null and void.

Serves him right for being a fanny when he's T5 W3 and regenerating...

14-04-2008, 19:57
cant use the magic banner [item] untill after the end of the combat phase... pg 73

but if the unit champion was there he can accept the challange,

you cant pick who you wish to fight, the owner of the unit does... [so if a GG chanpion was there he can accept the chalange even if the charger 'challanged the wight']

14-04-2008, 23:48
Why on earth would he decline to begin with... Archaon would be unlikely to kill him in one round....

as for the question, in the first few parasgraphs of the magic items section in the main rule book (before it gets into specific types) it says if a character or similar person is not in the fighting rank of the unit (the front rank) any magic items it has may not be used unless it is otherwise engaged.

~ zilla

~ zilla