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20-04-2008, 20:51
Hey I was planning on taking part in a warbands escalation event going on at my local store, and was looking for some advice on what I should use.
My theme is based around a mage and his escort, as he slowly gains followers. From there, I was thinking of using Swordmasters as a main combat infantry, as his retinue from the White Tower.
The restrictions for the army composition are as follows:
- Characters max at 150 pts.
- Minimum unit sizes decreased by half
- Minimum 1 Core choice
- Maximum (for High Elves) either 2 Special and 1 Rare OR 3 Special
- Units must meet normal minimum size before unit upgrades (like command) can be purchased

This is what I am thinking of using

Mage - level 2, Jewel of the Dusk - 150
10 Archers - 110
6 Swordmasters - 90
6 Swordmasters - 90
Great Eagle - 50

Total - 490
PD - 5
DD - 3

This leaves me with 10 points to spare. Maybe a musician on one of the units?
Any C/C? Do you think this list will do well?

21-04-2008, 03:26
seriously nothing wrong with this list??

21-04-2008, 04:05
The list is very weak on combat res but i guess that ok since you opponent probably wont have too many ranks.

Its also very vulnerable towards shooting with most of the army having no armor save or at best 5 plus. If someone takes an organ gun or repeater bolt thrower or two your army is toast.

You dont really have enough shooting to force someone to come to you so id say your SM will get shot on the way to the enemy.

since you only need half the minimum size Why not split your archer unit in half? Why not take two units to make sure you get max shots. id consider only taking five using the remaining 55 point with the eagle points and taking a bolt thrower.

I wouldnt even take archers. spearmen are cheaper, more resilient and will do more damage.

Consider taking only one unit of swords masters. If you have two units your opponent can always target the unit that doesnt have the shield spell.

So id take spearmen over archers, RBT over eagle and only one unit of swordmasters.

21-04-2008, 11:43
A way to eat up those last 10 points is to use the Lothern Sea Guard instead of Archers.

You can move them all forward and still be able to shoot, if deployed wide, for a turn or two, before reforming to 5x2 to receive or deliver a charge.

I take it you're going for the High Magic Lore? It'd give you a pretty solid amount of spells (just default 1 choice to SoS) and provided that the spell you end up with isn't too high in casting value you could cast 3 a turn.

Anyone pumping up range will shoot you to death with this list. But that's alright.

21-04-2008, 13:59
Its also very vulnerable towards shooting with most of the army having no armor save or at best 5 plus. If someone takes an organ gun or repeater bolt thrower or two your army is toast.

Warbands... Additional restrictions also mean that you can only take ONE warmachine which means one piece of artillery or one chariot. At best you have to deal with one organ gun which was less range than your archers.

Also, Warbands use objectives in every game. They are hidden objectives and destroying the enemy is only one of them. Artillery is still nice but not the most obvious choice.

I like this list.

Sword Masters look to be tough to beat in warbands. Most people don't have a lot of ranks. If they do, they have one, maybe two ranked up cheap units that win fights with static CR and you will likely generate plenty of CR against them to help counter that. As has been pointed out, their weakness is range, you will have to overcome that with magic somehow.

Eagle is a nice way to take out a warmachine small unit or capture a section of the board for the one objective.

5 powerdice for your wizard is nice. Many warbands run with no extra dispel dice which means your magic will dominate. Some end up with 3 DD by including a caster and others squeeze out 4. The only Warband I've seen with 5 DD was Dwarven and it sacrificed an iron hard Thane and tough combat unit for a decent Rune Smith with a less hard unit.

21-04-2008, 15:53
One other rule im pretty sure for warbands is that only the character is allowed to exceed 100 pts. Therefor there is no chance of Organ gun, or real heavy war machines

21-04-2008, 16:11
Not from the normal Warband rules PDF posted on the GW site. There is another section of warband rules though in 4 parts. It may be in that. You can have a Treeman or Giant or such in a Warband, but it REALLY limits what else you can take.

Heck, if they limited you to 100 points per unit there are a lot of units that you couldn't field very easily. For example, I wouldn't be allowed to ever field an OK unit with command options other than Gnoblars with a champ. That would mean I couldn't play a Small Warband game since every character and the possible Maneater choice for Commander is over the 75 point limit. In that case I'd have to have a unit Champion be the Commander but I couldn't get one without going over 100 points. :)

22-04-2008, 02:01
It states in the PDF that no single model can be worth more that 125 pts. but I think we are maxing heroes at 150.