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14-10-2005, 18:14
In an effort to add a bit more balance to the warband options, I suggest the following changes.

1: Bucklers and Shields add +1 to armor save above and beyond the abilities they already grant.

This change will make it more attractive to take a weapon and a shield/buckler, as opposed to simply taking two weapons. Plus, while light and heavy armor is expensive and normally acquired later in a game, it is easily rendered useless by most attacks; a strength 4, axe-weilding model makes a mockery of anyone wearing heavy armor. Now that better armor saves are available more towards the beginning of a campaign, players will also be tempted to take more two-handed weaponry in order to bust through all that armor.

Overall, more warbands will include shields/bucklers as well as halbereds/great weapons if this change is included. Anything that takes away the dominance of two weapon fighting is a good thing, and this change makes other options more attractive.

2: Whenever someone is using two pieces of equipment that allow for a parry attempt (two swords, a sword and a buckler, etc), they may add +1 to the parry attempt.

I like this change for two reasons. First, there is normally no reason to carry a second sword in lieu of an axe or a club. The second sword adds nothing beyond an extra attack, while a second axeor club would grant that attack plus some extra bonus. Additionally, taking an axe or club instead of a second sword is not only more effective, but it is cheaper. This change would give someone a reason to take a second sword.

Secondly, changing the parry reroll into a +1 lessens the number of dice that have to be thrown. It streamlines the game somewhat, and makes it just a tad less complicated.

3: All Wizards and Priests may always choose their first spell at warband creation or when hired.

This change makes the spell progression of wizards a bit more like choosing a skill. It allows for a player to better tailor his initial purchace to fit his army's theme or strategy. There's little worse than hiring an expensive necromancer and starting off with a difficulty 10 spell.

what do you all think?

14-10-2005, 18:26
Looks good. I believe the preference for 2 weapons over shields is something that they want to address in the new Mordheim when it gets redone (whenever that's going to happen).

15-10-2005, 05:37
4: Witch Hunter warbands have their maximum warband size increased to 15.

This change is almost self explainatory. There is little reason to limit this warband to 12 models when almost all other warbands enjoy a 15 model limit. Well, access to more flaggellants could be problematic, but that isn't exactly a severe problem.

5: Both spears and morning stars recieve the Unwieldy special rule.

Both weapons already have an incredibly similar rule; this change would provide a bit more continuity in in rule composition.

6: All pistol weapons gain the "Short Range" rule. "The short range of pistol weapons means that the firer does not suffer a penalty for being over half range from a target when firing a pistol.

This rule change makes pistols more like their counterparts in warhammer. It fills the conspicuous gap in the mordheim rulebook, where it would normally say that pistols suffer no penalty from moving and shooting or shooting over half range. It also works as a compromise decision, a decision which allows for part of the benefit of warhammer pistols, and not all of the benefits.

15-10-2005, 17:14
I recommend you go here (http://www.specialist-games.com/mordheim/faq.asp) and download the official rules review and FAQ for Mordheim. The "unwieldy" rule is now official for spears.

15-10-2005, 17:17
well yeah, I do already have that stuff. I have a completely revised rulebook printed up from Kinkos.

I meant to say that the Unwieldy rule for spears would now apply to morning stars.

16-10-2005, 14:59
Ah, beg your pardon. I get you now.

They do seem to be going for a more standardised format, so I expect (or hope, anyway :p) that that will be included in the new rules.