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14-10-2005, 21:09
This is my newest tk list and i still have a week to tweek it but i just need some advice.

Tomb king in chariot with charioit of fire, collar of shapesh, spear of antarhak,LA and shield goes with chariots dah

Liche on the casket with 4+ ward hes my hirophant

liche with staff of ravening on horse to go with light calvarly

5 chariots standard and icon of rakaph ( with tk can take on most unit IF! i get the charge D6+1 and 2D3 impact = 8 S3 hit on 3's attacks and 2 S4 hit on 3's and the tk 4 S6 hit on 2's first round and also bring back a wound for every wound he does)

15 heavy calvary warbanner champ and standard

8 light calv (go with heavy calv and flank the unit has a liche to get the flank)

24 skellies with spears NO LA standard and musician undying legion

2 scropians (either tunnle to kill warmachines or can take on a unit together)

1 SCC (to sit beside the casket so it has something to cast on and tries to take out calv and low Ld units)

so wats every ones thoughts? and i know its small for 2000pts.

14-10-2005, 21:19
um your chariot unit is to big lower it to 4 total. chariot of fire is iffy .

tk light cav is bad. any army that can shoot will take out most of your cav 1st turn. (bolt throwers cannons motars etc etc)

15-10-2005, 01:18
ok with that i give you this

characters are the same

3 chariots standard

4 chariots standard icon of rakaph (Tk in this one)

15 heavy calv standard champ war banner (Liche in here maybe)

24 skellies with spears undying legions and standard musician

2 scorpions

SSC goes with casket

and i have 22 points extra

How does that seem?

15-10-2005, 01:19
What do you think the TK should be equiped with?

15-10-2005, 13:56
Chariot of fire is OK, but there are more powerful things to give him.
As for the Collar, this should be given to your priest on casket. Keep a unit of 10-12 bowmen near him and he'll still have that 4+ save. As for the king. Drop the Collar, drop the flaming chariot and give him the Goldden ankhra. You really don't wanna relocate those wounds to expensive chariots...
Great Weapons usually works best for kings in chariots, but if you want the spear it's OK

only 3 chars? powerful TK armies need to use all hero spots as they are very vital. I recommend to use another priest for support, or prince to go with the other chariot unit for hitting power (Give him the blade of Setep and you have a great anti-cavalry unit).

Make the Heavy Horsemen 16, giving you 3 ranks and an impressive US of 32!

I dunno if you have the upgrade for the SSC. If you don't, do take it. It's well worth a cost of 20pts.

15-10-2005, 19:03
well thanks for the advice i followed your tips and i made a new list but im on my way to the store were i play so i cant post it now but it will be on later

15-10-2005, 20:30
sounds good looking fwd to seeing it!
if you have enough spare points look into carrios for mage hunting.

17-10-2005, 01:01
Heres the revised list and about the carrion i would get them but its to close to the tournement (5 days) and money issues

TK in chariot
La, shield, Spear of antarhak, Collar of shapesh, and chariot of fire

TP in chariot
LA, shield, and blade of setep9calv hunting as you said

Liche on the casket of souls
golden ankhra

Liche on skeleton steed or not dont know yet

22 skellies with spear standard and undying legions

16 heavy calvary with standard and war banner

3 chariots standard icon of the sacred eye

3 chariots standard

1 scorpion

screaming skull catapult skulls of foe

And thats that any more advice

17-10-2005, 09:32
Arrrrggh NO! Characters in chariots are BAD ideas, at torunaments you will find a multitude of stuff that will mash them. Cannons are common as are m9 s7 guys. They can get the charge and will end the unit and the character in them through combat res. If you really want it take a king in a unit of 5 to give him a look out sir, and don't give the king the spear its not worth it, trusty GW is the way to go. The heavy cav unit should have a full command group, champions to take out nasty character attacks and the musician for too many reasons. I'm not too hot on the casket but thats a big change. The priest on horse is a no no. You need a hierophant on foot with cloak of dunes and the jar.

Light cav are a great choice, they are only 70 points and they can re-direct charges and keep frenzied units busy, I always take 2.

Skellies with spears are THE worst unit in the TK book. As a block unit TG are better by far and spears are used with the expectation that they will kill something, don't kid your self. WS2 S3 and I 2 are not the stats of a unit that will kill anything worth while. HOwever the t3 and 6+ save you are getting will result in many kills for the enemy, not something you want happening for a unit that wins on combat res. If you must take skellies either take small units with bows or with la and shield for the defense.

17-10-2005, 16:45
The list looks ok, but there are still some changes I would make. Though, It's your list and not my (It would be very booring if everyone played with the same lists!)

You should NOT have the priest on steed. That makes him very voulnarable. Unless you also bring along a unit of light cav to give him some protection + Staff of Raveneing. That makes him a very fearsome offensive unit that can smach units to bits!

And, one thing I didn't notice earlier. having your Hierophant on Casket is a VERY bad idea. This binds him to the ground and as you seem to have no dedivated protetcion at all for him, you can consider him dead by round 3against a fairly manouvarble opponent. Cloak of Dunes is the way to go for a hierophant. The cheapest and best protection there is (combined with the Hieratic jar this can work wonders to get that very important charge).

omg? you n00b? Charactes in chariots are AWESOME! Especially when they come in units! (Though, the best character is IMO a king with Destroyer of Eternities + Collar of Shapash in a unit of Tomb Guard/Skellies)

But as it seems you don't know how to use em well, I'll give some tip:

1. Against shooty opponents, terrain is your friend. Simply hide behind terrain and when the opportunity comes, go fast and meet your opponent and use magic to get em into cambat, keeping them out of harms way.

2. Against Cavalry heavy opponents, use them as support. Send a unit of skellies to take the charge, then run around and flank charge in the magic phase with your chariots. Again magic is vital.

3. This is actually a RULE OF THUMB. Never EVER charge a unit containing though armour/S7 characters. Unless you are 100% sure that you have a character hunting equiped character that can kill him fast or anti-armour equiped princes/kings. Remember, as you have the mobility, you decide when and where to fight, two things which are very important when playing any game of warhammer.

I used to play an All-mounted TK army. It worked great, but if you start sending your chariots everywhere they are sure to be doomed. Every army needs to be played with precaution, otherwise you won't win too many games.

Of course there are alot of elements that will help a TK army with warmachine hunting

Commander X
17-10-2005, 16:49
Although I can't advice on the list itself(don't have much experience with playing TK yet.) I felt I should tell you it is illegal to use the Icon of Rakaph on a unit of Chariots, as it specifically states "Skeleton Warriors and Tomb Guard only"

17-10-2005, 18:39
Ya sorry about that when i was reading off my list icon of rakaph sounded like the name:p and it got into my head but its acually the icon of the sacred eye

17-10-2005, 19:01
Heres the newest list courtesy of druglord X 's coments

TK in chariot GW
Enchanted shield, armour of ages, Chariot of fire, and golden eye of rah-nutt
(2+ armour save and 5 wounds cant instant kill chariot and has 5+ ward on chariot)

TP in chariot LA shield
blade of setep(calv killer thanks to fubukii)

Liche on casket

Liche with cloak of dunes and hieretic jar (hierophant)

16 Heavy calv standar musician warbanner

20 skellies with spears(cant change that because i made a mistake with all my skellies gave them all spears and painted them that was a big mistake)
standard and banner of undying legions

3 chariots standard icon of the sacred eye

3 chariots standard

1 scorpion

Screaming skull catapult with skulls of foes

done and donerer any more advice and thanks for those who helped;)

18-10-2005, 14:40
The problem with you skeletons is not their equipment. Spears are just fine if you have a prince/king in the unit and are willing to use "righteous smiting" on them for one character attack and 9 spear attacks. The "law of lots of dice" clearly states that the more attacks you get, the more saves your opponent will fail, and more of him troops will die. Attrition through volume.

However their is a problen with your skeletions, and that is that you do not have enough of them. At 2000 pts I would recommend at least 30, though I personally take 35-40. Otherwise, you simply do not have enough troops to win the attrition through volume approach, even with the Banner of the Undying legion. If you cannot do this, or do not wnat to do this then I would recommend removing them altogether and increasing the size of your chariot units.


18-10-2005, 16:26
What do you think the TK should be equiped with?

the destroyer of eternities and maybe the cloak of dunes if your feeling a bit naughty.. ive found it works really well as people get a bit worried about a flying undead psychopath with a lightsabre.

feel free to slate me but it works.

18-10-2005, 17:41
I wouldn't remove the skellies all together, they might be kinda crappy equiped for this list, but they still fullifill a purpose: Ranks! They might fade away quickly, but the fact that this is your most outlasting unit and only (good) rank provider makes it kinda vital to keep in.

In some of my lists, I usually used a unit of 40 skellies with hw & shield + light armour. Joined by a King with destroyer of eternities and Collar made this unit a really expensive one (I also gave them a banner of some kind). It came around 700pts or so, but the majority of my opponents couldn't bring this unit below 50% once the game ended.

Other games I used 2x 20 skellies with hw&shield. They were enough to take charges from even bretonnians, and they only had to last a turn or 2 for support to arrive and break the unit.

Imho, rank & file is needed in EVERY army. They fullifill a purpose which no other unit can muster to achieve... or that atleast what I think.

Good Luck with the list! May the gods be with you.