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22-04-2008, 20:33
Been a long while since I made a gaming board (or did anything Miniature based) but it's probably one of the most overlooked aspects of the hobby. Great minis played on a crappy table is very upsetting for me so I'm hoping a blog on the project will let people chime in and offer up ideas or advice.

Iím making a battle zone: that means bunkers, sandbags, craters, razor wire, dragonís teeth, bits of wreckage: a general mess really. The board itself will be mud (brown naturally) and covered with puddles.

First: the board. MDF, 2í by 3í from homebase. Small yes, but I'm limited for space, want to store (hide) it sensibly and I can always buy another one or three to enlarge the gaming area (defo will at some point). Under £10 if I recall, sweet

Texture: no substitute at all to sand from the beach! PVA glue, £6 for a big tub, and some cheap rubbish paintbrushes, say £5.
Lather the PVA onto the board then load up the brush with the sand and mix it into the glue, more sand, more glue, on and on until there's a thick paste on the board, 2mm deep or so. Once dry this will be rock solid and prevent any flaking throughout the boards life, oh and the texture is ace.
Since Iím going to have puddles on the board I smoothed out some small patches with a damp cloth before I left it to dry. These little indents will be filled with thin PVA after painting for water effect.

22-04-2008, 20:51
The terrain Iím using is from Amera, great UK based company. No hassle, fast delivery, great product, and CHEAP! Check the website for prices, astonishing, I bought a ton of stuff this is just a small selection Iím using for this board. This stuff is vac formed like the GW Apocalypse Craters (which Iím also using on this project, a steal from GW at £12) only much much stronger, unbelievably so.
You might be tempted not to wash this stuff in the sink but if you donít youíll pay, the paint will flake. Warm water and washing up liquid cleans of the nasty mold release agent.
The edges of this stuff needs slight trimming with a modelling knife but is well worth the effort to get natural looking terrain.

22-04-2008, 21:16
Once cleaned up and dry, PVA and sand paste again for all bits of earth and grit on the pieces.

At this stage I got an old Rhino (great retro look for the battlefield) and carved it up (saw off one track for the immobile look), the base for it is actually an off cut from the concrete gun line piece, the plastic is that strong! Add to this some GW tank traps, again based on off cuts from the Amera pieces and a few trees from a stash I have saved up for a Vampire Counts dead forest, some day. Few boxes and detritus added here and there to the sandbag position for effect.

Using the off cuts is a sweet way to make sure all the terrain bases have the same thickness and it really ties it all together.

Once dry I've undercoated everything with GW Roughcoat. Be sure to follow the instx, when finished spray upside down (the can not you) until only air comes out. This ensures the nozzle is clear, my first can got ruined after barely using a quarter of it all because I didnít bother with this part. The texture makes the can way more succeptable to blockage than the usual undercoat spray.

Photos of this to follow, once I figure out the best way to make great super macro shots from a £300 camara fit into the file limit here (any tips or suggestions?).

I'm now thinking about paint, Scorched brown basecoat drybrushed up to lighter shades.

Also picked up GW razor wire, brilliant stuff, looks the part and when stretched out by god it covers some area, 24Ē easily!!! All from one pack! Iíll be basing this up at some point along with some ammo crates (all based at odd angles to give the impression of sinking into the mud)

23-04-2008, 03:12
I really have to do they ruined military vehicles thing, it just looks so right!!
This table should look really good if you finish it, dont let us down!!!!

Paint.NET linky (http://www.getpaint.net/)is a free picture editor, just needs XP+SP2 and Dot net 2 which is a free (large) download from Micro$oft. Resize pics to less than 2048 x 2048 and save as a JPG set compression to about 25% to get a small yet not pixelated image.

Event Vista's crappy paint prog will resize and save as a JPG, about time.

Your pics are a bit small.

Bugbait out

27-04-2008, 20:11
Thanks for that! After a bit research I've gone for the Photobucket route. Hopefully the pics are better quality now, still a bit more practice needed.

After giving everything a coat of GW Roughcoat texture spray I've got the first brown basecoat on. Windsor and Newton Acrylic paint is a great substitute for GW Scorched Brown; industry colour is "Burnt Umber", £12 for this tub. After covering the board and all the terrain I've only used a quarter of the bottle.

Paint was still wet at the time of the photos, hence the sheen.

The miniature in there for scale reference has been based for this board, indicator of what Iím aiming for albeit slightly lighter.

Up next is preparing for the drybrushing, bestial brown on top of this then a few shots of Bleached Bone to the mix. Then some grey for the concrete sections, the sandbags.


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Lord Malorne
29-04-2008, 00:03
Great stuff man, keep it coming.

29-04-2008, 16:17
Love it. I've used alot of Amera moulds myself, check out the log in my sig for examples. I've however been using an inflatable filler material for added stability. Haven't you done anything to them at all?

29-04-2008, 19:31
Thanks for the encouragement!

Do you mean expanding filler Satan? That’s a good idea but I’ve plastered so much sand and PVA onto all the Amera stuff that stability isn’t a problem, due to the weight. Also the board is quite uneven in parts so it’s good that the terrain is hollow it can ‘cup’ onto the board with minimum gaps.
Sweet terrain, I bought a few of those too. What did you basecoat with?

Second coat of brown now drying, I was going to be lazy and leave it at one but I’m glad I didn’t. Colour looks better and flatter: even coverage of everything, ripe for drybrushing.

29-04-2008, 21:00
I mainly used roughcoat, but every time I try to use the darn thing it clogs on me and I'm not giving it another shot. Too expensive. The bottles I used were from the "first generation" though, so to speak.

After that I generally added sand, painted the entire thing, and added grass.

I haven't got any 40k terrain from Amera, so I've been looking to get into that. Nice to see you doing some.

29-04-2008, 21:24
Same experience with Roughcoat here, do the "upside down spray till only air comes out" after use, works a charm !

Got a lot of Amera's futurzone 'shelled' buildings too, I'll be posting them over the coming months. Way more realistic than most ruined buildings made from sprues/frames.

Lord Malorne
29-04-2008, 21:31
Any links to Amera?

29-04-2008, 21:48

Lord Malorne
29-04-2008, 22:13

Wow! that is cheap, thank you.

30-04-2008, 05:54
How are the buildings? Are the walls hollow? If so, are you going to try and stabilize them somehow?

03-05-2008, 19:33
No the buildings wont need any filler they're stable anough, post pics at a later date but they're on Amera as "Bombed out building".

Colour tests done on the Dragons teeth:

Earth drybrushed with Bestial Brown...

Earth then drybrushed lightly with Bleached Bone and the concrete painted with Adeptus Battlegrey...

Concrete drybrushed with Fortress Grey...

03-05-2008, 19:37
Final light drybrush of Space Wolves Grey and some weathering (not picked up well on camera, diluted black and green ink streaks...

Might finish the bases off at the end of the project with some dead grass patches, still undecided. I'll see how it all looks at the end.

Lord Malorne
03-05-2008, 20:13
Awesome :D, what are you getting next?

03-05-2008, 20:29
Definetley finishing this stuff before I buy/start another terrain theme. The board here would lend itself well to Mordheim so probably that next.

06-05-2008, 19:37
Finally got some real progress: board has been drybrushed and a few layers of PVA filled in the puddles. All colours are the same as noted for the Dragons teeth test.
The sandbags on the bunker are half way done, just need to be dirtied up and staining added to the bunker itself.

06-05-2008, 19:39

Lord Malorne
06-05-2008, 19:46
:D fantastic! the end result will be something to see.

07-05-2008, 03:53
lookin good, nice and muddy :D

07-05-2008, 19:41
Craters painted up. Sand bag position is work in progress, I've added a few extras like buried oil drums and ammo crates but it doesnt really do it justice. Once all the paintings done I'll be taking time to add an extra level of detail (hopefully spent shell casings and such, kit bags, ammo clips) before I do the final 'weathering' over it all.

I'm in two minds as to how much I fill the craters with rain water. First plan is to do a few puddles here and there (which I plan on with the sand bag position) but on the other hand I could fill the entire crater with a few mm's of rainwater (PVA). Anyone have experience or an opinion on this ???


11-05-2008, 15:54
Some work in progress on the abandoned Rhino, burnt out and rusted to to death :





Lord Malorne
11-05-2008, 16:13
Awesome man, thanks for updating, this stuff is coming along very nicely.

Colonel Haizelhoff
12-05-2008, 14:27
The board is really good. Don't fill the whole crater I've seen it done and IMO it doesnt look that good. I'll be watching you (.) (.)

15-05-2008, 02:42
Woah looks awesome dude.

Colonel Jacka
17-05-2008, 02:54
I like the Rhino idea. I have a couple of modeling failures that I have been thinking of doing the same thing. Never thought of rusting them out though. Good idea. Ta nmate.

Ray K.
17-05-2008, 05:54
Everything looks amazing! Very inspirational stuff here. I would definitely put in an Amera order.. but unfortunately I live in the US :/

I have a few oldschool rhinos laying around that are pretty beat up. I'll probably give them the same treatment as you did to yours. It's looking great so far..

17-05-2008, 21:55
Thanks for the comments.

The Rhino was painted up from a grey roughcoat base. Snakebite leather was brushed on in successive layers. Orange was finally drybrushed for highlights. Brown ink was used for all the recesses and dripped under rivets and such. Green ink was used in areas where oil/muck/rain would pool on the tank. Black was drybrush was applied in upwards strokes from all open hatches to represent smoke damage.

Tank traps painted in a similar manner (pre inks)except boltgun metal was drybrushed before the Snakebite leather:



Lord Malorne
17-05-2008, 21:58
Wow man this mucky terrain would make any IW player proud (though I play BT heehee), great job :D.

17-05-2008, 22:07
Decided to re-use some old ruins, clay has been used to bulk up the base which I'll cover with rubble in due course.

To add some colour to the board I'll be painting these up in the exact same colours as the cardboard ruins from the 40k second edition box. Nostalgia...

Slow progress on this project at the moment, free time has been spent putting together some miniatures to use on this board. I'll be starting another blog soon for the trench guard army I'm sculpting and eventually hand casting. Here's a previous post with my tests on scale: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139128




Ray K.
18-05-2008, 03:26
That rhino has a lot more to it than I thought. I shamelessly ripped you off though. Last night I carved up one of my oldschool rhinos and began making a similar terrain piece from it. I plan to paint it similar as well. Don't hate me. Take it as a compliment! lol

Again.. excellent work. This is my official favorite thread of the moment :)

18-05-2008, 12:11
Immitiation is the best form of flattery, or so they say...

Hack one track clean off (I used a saw) so it looks submerged on one side. if the the rhino still looks too clean get some plastic glue and smear it on the flat boring parts and scrape it around. It'll look like rust or some sort of acid damage. Bullet holes are something I forgot to add to it so get a pin vice on it.

I've two old rhinos left so I'll go back to this idea another day for my next terrain project.

18-05-2008, 19:41
Slow progress at the moment, ruins have their mud added and will be painted up in the next few days. I've bought another MDF board so that will expand this a bit.

Just started my sculpting blog I'll be running in tandem to this:


19-05-2008, 20:09
Seem to be on the home straight now, from what I started with this is all I have left (thats the roof of the bunker on the left):


The buildings look a bit bright but in a few days they'll be done and dirtied (see what I did there).


Hard to make out but the colour I'm going for is on the ruins in the picture. Shadow Grey drybrushed up to Space Wolf Grey. Sandstone brickwork. These plastic ruins are perfect since there's plenty of exposed brickwork.


The collection so far (craters in plastic bags, i'll talk more about how I protect and store stuff at the end).


I'll need to crack out more of the Amera suff next, do the razor wire and work on the next part of the board. Maybe some minis to go with it, I dont have any 40k armies !

Ray K.
19-05-2008, 21:20
I dont have any 40k armies !

Looking at this board... you may as well start a Death Korps of Krieg army, lol.

Lord Malorne
19-05-2008, 22:04
No, this is certainly an Iron Warriors temple field ;).

My god this log has been great, are you doing another?

19-05-2008, 22:51
We'll since this board is brown (covered in crap) it would made a good mordheim/skaven theme so I'm going to build some rotten fantasy buildings in the next few months. Toying with the idea of shaped static grass mats cut to natural shapes to represent big patches of grass. Really want some foliage on it, dead or warped.

Next up is a grey board for cityfight with Amera building and some proper Dwarf terrain i'm currently drawing up. Looks pretty good on paper and I've never seen anything like it made before. Already scouting out bark for rock faces.

Always planned on doing a terrain set and two opposing armies for it. For this its Iron warriors and trench guard. One Iron warrior painted so far... yup, long way to go hehe.

Lord Malorne
19-05-2008, 22:55

Dwarf terrain? I would LOVE to see that ;).

20-05-2008, 02:41
We'll since this board is brown (covered in crap) it would made a good mordheim/skaven theme so I'm going to build some rotten fantasy buildings in the next few months.

Wahoo! Mordheim and Skaven! I can't wait! good work so far. ;)

(DJ) vostroya
22-05-2008, 09:59
look good like to see it finished

22-05-2008, 17:48
The four tree skeletons are complete, a whole 2 mins painting work... These will be set pieces to dot about the battlefield and bring it to life. I'll need to work up a few more little detailed pieces, probably Iron Warrior themed.

First test on the little wall. Not entirely happy with it, once the inks are dry I'll need to drybrush some dirt on the stone itself.

Flicked some ink with an old brush to resresent splashes, not what I'd hoped for effect wise so I'll drybrush it down to reduce the contrast.





Colonel Haizelhoff
22-05-2008, 18:05
Good stuff. IMO the splatters are good. I also like the tree idea, really works well.

22-05-2008, 18:55
I like this result a bit better but more work needed to refine the sandstone and make the staining more subtle (especially from the gap on the corner, dunno how I missed that with the clay filler).




Lord Malorne
22-05-2008, 19:16
Oooh deliciously evil looking ;).

22-05-2008, 23:42
This is excellent. Subscribed.

23-05-2008, 05:51
Those ruins are nicely done, have you tried using an old toothbrush to create splashes? load it up with ink and then drag your thumb over the bristles to flick the ink off?

Bugbait out.

Ray K.
23-05-2008, 08:01
Looking great! The "retro" look is coming out really well.

23-05-2008, 08:18
Nice! Those ruins almost make me nostalgic :)
What color did you use for the sandstone?

23-05-2008, 14:50
Definitely very nice. Great work on that yellow/sandstone(?) paint job. Looks awesome!

23-05-2008, 22:24
Thanks for the comments. I did use an old toothbrush with ink on another ruin test and I wasn't happy with it: one technique that was lauded and on trying it... it sucked. Better to control the ink by watering it down and applying it under overhangs.

Khemri brown basecoat then layers of Bleached Bone for the sandstone. Brown drybrush (very light) is the way forward for weathering.

Happy with the black on the bullet/shell holes, minimal drybrush.

24-05-2008, 15:20
Couple or razor wire sections, plasticard base ready to be textured before painting. The crosses are the frames from GW slot bases (knew I'd come up with a use for them eventually). The razor wire itself is loose so it can be attached after painting. I might add some little strips of torn cloth or detritus to the wire.

As you can see in the background these two strips hardly used any razor wire at all, only a third of one section: it really is a bargain!



25-05-2008, 15:36
Wow! Those look fabulous! Definitely a great idea and great execution. Thanks for posting that. Consider it stolen. =]

26-05-2008, 11:34
Great work, I want see this board finished;)

28-05-2008, 20:39
Quick showcase of the last few bits: lid for the bunker, ammo crates, razor wire and 3 Iron Warriors... so far.

The razor wire as it is seems to distract/look out of place being so shiny, so I'll need to dirty it up with ink and brown drybrush. If I went back and did this again I'd glue the wire on at the start and undercoat it with everything else before painting it up. Probably match the colour somewhere between the tank traps and the rusted Rhino.





28-05-2008, 20:57
We'll here's everything I set out with at the start complete ! Looking a bit crowded down there so the next port of call is to do up another board. The sand bag position still needs a bit of working on the detail front but I'm not going to rush it until I get the right materials to hand, and the patience for mico detail.
I've a few other project logs I've started so I'm going to concentrate on them for now, along with buying and painting up the Iron Warrios. I'll probably just include photos of them on this log along with some terrain close ups.
Phase two of this (Aug/Sept possibly) might be a couple of static weapon positions: a medusa/basilisk and a flak battery. There's another bunker still to be painted so that can always be added and maybe some themed terrain too, this stuff is really lacking in Imperial Aquilla's and Iron Warrior spikes. A little hill wouldn't be wrong either...


28-05-2008, 21:49
Very, very, VERY nice, i'm jealous!

Sword of Glory
05-06-2008, 00:37
Why are you so inspirational! *sobs*
I'm selling my Space Wolves to pay for some Amera stuff!
The evils of paypal :/

lol, great board mate

Lord Malorne
05-06-2008, 00:40
Why are you so inspirational! *sobs*
I'm selling my Space Wolves to pay for some Amera stuff!
The evils of paypal :/

lol, great board mate

Very true, thanks to this my city may be built in the near future :D.

12-06-2008, 19:05
Some fantasy terrain started for this board, somwhere between Mordheim ghost town and a Skaven infested village. Colour scheme will have a tinge of green to it, mould/damp, and brown moss. Like the idea of a coastal town and the sea has receded out, I'll see how it pans out.

Going to make three platforms like this, each one smaller so storage wise it fits within the other like a russian doll (clever eh). Foamboard, glue and pins to secure it. Brickwork plasticard over the top. I'll pick up some cobble plasticard at a later date for the top.



Some old ruins I've made/half made that will be butchered up, final product will be a bit more 'fantasy' with crooked walls and spires.



12-06-2008, 20:12
Looking good.
I got all excited about stacking buildings for storage, then reread it, was the platforms only, still it looks like you could do the same for buildings as well if carefully planned.

Bugbait out.

Sword of Glory
12-06-2008, 20:27
If it's Skaven infested, maybe a sewer entrance/outlet? just a thought

It's looking good, even if you are hacking those buildings apart :eek:

12-06-2008, 20:39
Yeah plenty of sewers, the platform/base walls will have a few small culverts on it along the side with slime dripping out. Once I get these basics out the way I'll do some themed pieces (large sewer entrance).

These might also make good harbours/piers so maybe some removeable ropes and what not hanging down the side.

Sword of Glory
13-06-2008, 18:46
and ancient shipwrecked ships, and, and.....
sorry, vicariously modelling through you :)

they sound really nice, in a slime encrusted sewery way

13-06-2008, 19:19
Shipwreck had entered my mind too ! Should tie in nicely with a zombie pirate army I'm planning, and an all Corsair Dalk Elf army.

Picked up a large mixed bag of balsa wood (strips, cylinders, blocks, you name it), going to experiment with some by soaking it in water to see how I can shape and distress it. I want plenty of rotten wood on these buildings. Just finished reading Shadow over Innsmouth short by H.P Lovecraft so I'm suitably inspired for a disturbing fishing village.

Lord Malorne
13-06-2008, 19:22
How have you found using balsa wood in general, any tips?

13-06-2008, 19:25
Use 'UHU' or the bostic glue shown above, it's ace and dries in no time. I love working with balsa, no tips really it's just so easy and straightforwad and gives great instant wood texture when painted. I use pins (dressmaking I think) to hold it together as i'm gluing, the heads then also double as nail heads !

Lord Malorne
13-06-2008, 19:31
I'm a balsa wood noob, is it ok to spray or does it need to be hand primed by brush?

Have you used plasticard (sp) before?

13-06-2008, 19:36
Spray is fine for balsa, totally fine no warpage or anything. Soaks up paint a little so you might need two coats but not always.

Yeah used plasticard a lot too, again totally fine for spray but for best results give it a wash before you start modelling to get the release agent off. You can also give it a slight sand with sand paper for a bit of texture and to hold the paint better.

Lord Malorne
13-06-2008, 19:46
Thanks man, keep up the good work its very inspiring :D.

14-06-2008, 16:44
Picked up 4 sheets of plasticard, cobblestone texture :



Lord Malorne
14-06-2008, 18:26
Awesome, how much was it and how big are they?

14-06-2008, 18:33
A4 size, £1.99 each

Lord Malorne
14-06-2008, 19:50
That would be great for an entire board :D...

Or is there something that would prevent that?

14-06-2008, 20:06
Sure would ! Dont give me ideas...

Maybe one day, too much other stuff to do. Like the idea of the board being dirt and the cobblestones being raised up on the platfrom. I can stick woods and other 'natural' terrain on the board that way, if it was all cobble I'd be limited to city terrain.

Lord Malorne
14-06-2008, 20:39
Well get to work ;).

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sword of Glory
14-06-2008, 21:00
Well get to work ;).

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Seconded :)

I need inspiring dammit!

15-06-2008, 15:19
Where did you buy that cobble card from? It looks really good.

15-06-2008, 18:12
Local store here in Edinburgh called Wonderland Models. I'll find out who the supplier is next time I'm in, could try there website too.

17-06-2008, 21:32
Quick post : plasticard glued down (hot glue gun for speed). The corners will be built up with clay and sculpted into blocks, same with the gaps on the top on the edges; these will be large slabs.


18-06-2008, 09:57
OK, I've been meaning to get some stuff from Amera for a while now and I finally took the plunge after starting to read your thread. You should get commission :)

Your smaller repainted ruins look great, I may borrow the paint schema :D I have razor wire to do too so thanks for reminding me!

18-06-2008, 20:38
When Amera next update their site I think they're going to link to this thread, been in contact with them and I'm going to take time on good photos of this stuff for their gallery.

I'd love to try and blag a few freebies on my next order with an offer to do some tutorials and showcase photos... but I'm not that cheeky.

Sword of Glory
18-06-2008, 21:18
Go for it, they'd owe you it, that's at least two of us you've persuaded to buy their stuff....
and your painting is rather good ;), t'would make some good showcase pieces

19-06-2008, 09:52
When I get my stuff and paint it up I'll post some pics... actually maybe we could just start a collective Amera thread?

Lord Malorne
19-06-2008, 15:00
I bought mine last week thanks to this thread :D, great stuff, thanks for the inspiration.

19-06-2008, 19:12
An amera threads a good idea, I'm keen to see what everyone else is doing with their stuff !

I must stress though, use roughcoat or the stuff wont look as good !

20-06-2008, 08:48
How many coats of roughcoat do you think is best? Do you need to sand the terrin to key it first or does the roughoat stick first time?

Sword of Glory
20-06-2008, 14:12
How many coats of roughcoat do you think is best? Do you need to sand the terrin to key it first or does the roughoat stick first time?

They need washing in soapy/wash-up liquidy water, but after that the roughcoat sticks fine. As for coats, for me two or three light ones gave me decent coverage, but really it's personal preference

[apologies to IceSword for nicking his thread a bit :D]

20-06-2008, 23:11
Wash it in the sink with washing up liquid, dry overnight then TWO coats of roughcoat (light ones, don't abuse the details with spray).

Didn't i say this on my plog chat?... hehe

FYI i just bought a load more of Amera stuff...

20-06-2008, 23:12
never mind sanding, wash, dry then straight on with the roughcoat.

21-06-2008, 08:09
Same as FW stuff then :)

Lord Malorne
21-06-2008, 11:32
FYI i just bought a load more of Amera stuff...

*girlish scream*

Ooooh what did you get? are you tempted by the rivers they do?

21-06-2008, 12:15
My order contained some river sections. I have both fantasy and sci-fi bridges I need to start using!

21-06-2008, 12:16
I like it, but have a question pertainign those iron warriors... i dont' know where the three-eyed head comes from. information would be nice! :D

21-06-2008, 18:54
That three eyed head is from the new chaos marine sprue (one with all the extras). I think it was a Nurgle specific helmet I had to chop off a bit then add in the wires. I like the idea of three eyes for the heavy weapon troopers.

From Amera pretty much all the fantasy stuff, rivers, couple of hillocks, temple ruins, amphitheatre, wooden house, couple of 'scenery sets' ...

It'll last me a while anyway and should cover all the terrain projects I have.

Sword of Glory
21-06-2008, 19:21

I wish I had monies

I can't afford anything, be it Amera, GW.....
That factory is soooo tempting, and the crashed gunship, and, and.....

Looking forward to updates :)

Lord Malorne
23-06-2008, 10:00
'temple ruins, amphitheatre' I have those aswell :D, what are you going to do for the sides of them? or are you going to leave tham as raised wall?

23-06-2008, 15:59
Yeah I'll just be leaving them as they are, can use them on any of my boards that way (I have a static grass board too). Going to be painted up white/marble to represent Ultramarine architecture for 40k and ancient abandoned ruins for fantasy.

Lord Malorne
25-06-2008, 12:11
Pics my good sir we need pics!


29-06-2008, 20:49
The mucks about to get bigger...


Sword of Glory
29-06-2008, 21:30
is that craters I espy? or am i imagining things?

29-06-2008, 21:32
Just small indents that will be puddles. The first board had puddles but they were quite small and a bit angular.

04-07-2008, 18:27
Bigger battlefield !

Anyone seen the trailer/teaser on youtube for the Mutant Chronicles film? Film itself looks god awful but the imagery is brilliant...suddenly i look at my terrain and feel underwhelmed. This stuff might be appearing on ebay soon unless I can effectively add a new layer of detail to everything (i'd rather start from scratch again and work all the detail at once). Hmm, we'll see.



06-07-2008, 19:30
Couple of fortress walls roughcoated (and now black) to paint up in the colour scheme for my mordheim/skaven terrain. I imagine these walls being the edge of the city and outside my platforms and buildings are a deserted harbour village. Going to be grey walls with lots of staining (brown and green) and the bottoms will have green algae and sludge staining.


07-07-2008, 21:40
First drybrush of Shadow Grey over black, Codex Grey to the mix next for highlights. Aiming for a slightly ghostly/spooky looking moonlit colour scheme.



08-07-2008, 21:35
Finally got round to filling the puddles on the second board, 2 thick coats of PVA.



08-07-2008, 21:51
Wondering if some brown ink/paint in the pva would of helped make it look dirty, too late now I guess.

Bugbait out

Sword of Glory
08-07-2008, 21:57
With the ghostly walls, and the puddles, it kind if looks like it's still raining. ***** atmospheric :D

09-07-2008, 17:08
Well I did a test with brown ink in the pva, again another idea that sounds good but isn't. It turned out a bit streaky like choc/raspberry ripple ice cream, didn't look good when it dried (marble effect oddly). Paint with pva just looked too dark, I'm happy with the puddles as they, rain effect.

09-07-2008, 17:16
Couple or razor wire sections, plasticard base ready to be textured before painting. The crosses are the frames from GW slot bases (knew I'd come up with a use for them eventually). The razor wire itself is loose so it can be attached after painting. I might add some little strips of torn cloth or detritus to the wire.

As you can see in the background these two strips hardly used any razor wire at all, only a third of one section: it really is a bargain!



IS that GW razorwire?

09-07-2008, 17:47
It is indeed.

09-07-2008, 19:17
WIP on the harbour front city walls. Trying to get a slightly slimey fetid look to them, the green is supposed to suggest wet moss growing up it/seaweed moss staining from when the water used to lap up against the walls. The rest of the stone platfroms will have the same colour scheme. A large sewer entrence half submerged coming out from the wall wood look particular Skaveny'...

(Ink staining is still to be supplemented with green and black ink streaks, maybe some brighter green moss in parts too and bits of lichen glued on)



09-07-2008, 19:44
Thanks for that.

Looks great BTW. I love the work you did on the ruins that come from GW. They are really excellent looking.

09-07-2008, 22:13
The puddles look very good

13-07-2008, 12:54
Please tell, how did you make the Moonscape craters look so good? I'm mostly looking for modelling tips, but painting tips are welcome as well.

13-07-2008, 16:10
I think I pulled off a good paint job which was half the battle, to make it easier though I'd recommend:

matching your boards texture to the sides of the crater (sand, flock if you have a flocked board)

Taking time to cut the extra plastic around the base to keep it all sharp

Roughcoat. Un-textured the craters take the paint horrible. Two coats of roughcoat would be better.

Take time when drybrushing, let the last coat dry fully before you apply a lighter shade. If you don't it all mixes and looks rubbish.

13-07-2008, 17:46
Some work on the Mordheim harbour terrain. Plasticard was used in place of clay (way easier) for the corner and edge stones. Cracks were scored in with a craft knife. Once I roughcoat this and get painting they should look pretty good.

Going to use these pins as mooring points, I'd like to use these platfroms as inland terrain too so they will be removeable. To make the holes to fit them in I'm going to heat up a pin head over a candle then press it through the plasticard, it should melt it and create a hole wide enough. I might need to score cracks around the holes to make them blend in a not look out of place.

On to some buildings after this. For detail I'm thinking old dank rope (string), barrells, nets and maybe some crates.





13-07-2008, 21:23


14-07-2008, 03:41
That is Awesome! I think those tacks work great as moorings. Do they seem a little large for the scale?

Did you say those bricks were plasticard?

14-07-2008, 18:22
Yes everythings plasticard.

The pin size is actually perfect, I'll get pics up with minis once it's painted. Took some photos of real docklands and the size is geat.

Next up is some rope, I'm going to fit clingfilm over this and pull it tight, on top of that I'll stick in the pins and then get some string soaked in pva and drape it along the wall and wrap it around the pins. Once it dries I can pull the pins and rope off and remove the clingfilm, tanah.

Hopefully it dries stiff for painting.

14-07-2008, 20:07
Nice, if PVA doesnt work on the string then Polyurethane vanish is great for hardening up stuff!

Bugbait out

16-07-2008, 00:28
I had to drop in after you mentioned the blog and I am very impressed with it. The muck is a very cool idea and not the easiest to pull off. Everything looks great and those craters are superb. The castle walls also look fantastic. The moss or mold look is very realistic.

Sword of Glory
19-07-2008, 20:30
Those platforms are looking sweet as. Are they going to be the same colours as the city walls? (I can't remember if you said or not). If the string doesn't work out then maybe use a few pieces of twisted wire? More labour intensive, but should look like Rope.
Lovely stuff can't wait to see the platforms finished

(p.s, shameless plug I got a picture up in the Amera gallery, the Bombed Out Bulding near the top :))

19-07-2008, 23:34
I can only reccomend that you take a look at this good razor wire tutorial (http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobunker/topic/7015117/1/#new) if you plan on having more razor wire on that board, with that above you can make it for very little money. Just a idea though.

any ways great terrain man, lovin the craters with water especially :)

20-07-2008, 21:24
Not too keen on that razorwire looks like too much effort but thanks anyway, I'm still a fan of the GW stuff, looks the business, costs £6 or something and you get 50" easily out of it.

WIP on the paint job, those gaps will be filled in with ooze and what not dripping out :




22-07-2008, 21:44
Painting 90% complete, detail to follow. Next up will be some buildings for the platform followed by another smaller platform.





Anyone know how to edit the title of a plog ??

23-07-2008, 00:00
looking good the green is a little bright for my tastes, but to edit the title just PM a mod with a request mate :)

23-07-2008, 00:23
Nice platform.

(DJ) vostroya
23-09-2008, 03:40
finally somebody who appreciate a good table

24-09-2008, 11:47
Thanks Vostroya.

I've not been on the terrain front for a few months now, I've been sculpting a lot for Troll Forged minis (plog for that's in my sig.). First releases from me are mutant footsloggers, I'm using them as Lost and the Damned but they'd be good for Necromunda too. Their sites just getting updated and I'm going to be putting together some sewer terrain to display my stuff in (the idea being they reside in the sewers until roused to rebellion).

I had another terrain plog but I'll just be sticking everything on this from now on. Anyway, here we are: mutants and some quick set ups of terrain for them (still to be finished and then painted).





24-09-2008, 11:48



25-09-2008, 01:56
The mutants and terrain are fantastic!

28-09-2008, 18:15
Few more WIP dark shots, lots more detail still to be added :




28-09-2008, 18:53
Icesword, interested in making a few of the tunnel pieces into terrain we could sell. I can picture making them modular as well to create some walls, openings to walk through etc. I'm going to make some stuff like that in time but as you know, very, very busy with the new range, mutant molds, etc. Just thought I'd say something in case you were already thinking that. Your mind is well ahead of mine 99% of the time though. :D

28-09-2008, 19:12
Woah the latest project looks great,
I really like the way you used the platformer bits. :D

28-09-2008, 19:39
Great thinking Trygon. I'd put a LOT more detail and effort into one for production this is quite basic, I'll start planning some soon. Modular sounds good.

The extended LOTR dvd's have some good stuff from the model making guys, they use blue/pink foam for a lot of stuff. I got the idea of using a sharp rock to bash on the foam and add a bit of weathering and texture, as well as making a little brick tool to press the stonework in at various depths but maintain a uniform block shape.

03-10-2008, 16:18
IceSword - the man with the magic hands!
It seems as if everything you put your hands on gets filled with pure awesomeness!

A question: Where do you get your large pipes from? I've been looking for stuff like that since forever, but I never seem to find anything. Either it's too large or else it's too expensive.

Keep up the good work!

edit: spelling
edit2: spelling again - don't type when you're hungry!

03-10-2008, 21:53
Aha, Okinava again. Thanks for the complements.

The big curved pipe is actually a plumbing piece from a 'homebase' store (hardware). Pretty cheap.

04-10-2008, 02:06
Aha, Okinava again. Thanks for the complements.

Yes. I find all your projects most wonderful to look at. One day I will become a providing member of this society. Then I hope I will recieve some hail of my own!

08-10-2008, 21:53
Few quick snaps of the sewer terrain, just need to add a final highlight to everything and some detail then it's on to weathering it up a bit. Inks and brown/black drybrush same as I did on all my Amera stuff:





08-10-2008, 23:01
Nice, how many shades of grey did you use?
Like the streeky look on some of the stonework.

Bugbait out

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-10-2008, 15:54
Great stuff IceSword You have some of the best looking terrain out there.

14-11-2008, 19:53
The textured undercoat really makes a big difference on that vacuum formed plastic. I am really enjoying this thread man, good work all the way.

05-01-2009, 14:23
Looking VERY good, I'm thinking about buying some Amera stuff as well..

05-01-2009, 14:28
Welll painted IceSword, nice and grimey. :p

05-01-2009, 17:33
Cheers. I really hope this blog shows people how easy it really is.

I've not worked on terrain in a few months but that will change soon, if you check the sculpting blog in my sig I'm almost finished a couple of Trenchguard minis' and I have 6 trench zombies that are at the mould making stage.

I'll be putting together another mucky board with more bunkers and razorwire to scale the whole thing up a but, and add more character with little set pieces.

16-01-2009, 18:50
AIRFIX ROBOGEAR TERRAIN! woo i love that robo scenery as i have some myself :D

lovely work on the board so far, im very jealous now!

21-01-2009, 11:50
Second coat of brown now drying, I was going to be lazy and leave it at one but Iím glad I didnít. Colour looks better and flatter: even coverage of everything, ripe for drybrushing.

I know it may sound stupid, but get some grays in there. They'll give you some age.....and.....some balance between the browns and greens. Deep areas near bunkers and earthworks...drop some barab black wash to define the colours. The deep shades get 'badab' but everything else 'deep' gets ogryn flesh+a final wash of gryphonne sepia. All the shallow bitz get just a watered down glaze of gryphonne sepia. Your base colours are spot-on, the wash will just define them more. Considering most of the board is under grass this wash will make your exposed areas look .....SWEET.....................!:evilgrin:

03-04-2009, 03:07
This is JUST what i needed to get started on my Battlefield board that I've been wanting/needing to do. This all looks great but have a few questions. First, what do u use to flock/base it. It looks great and I'm praying it is not GW flock (way overpriced for my money). Second, amazingly nothing...I though I had more but my brain can't come up with anything else:D

03-04-2009, 16:16
The first post has how I textured it all, I used sand from the beach mixed with pva into a paste !

03-04-2009, 18:04
cool stuff! subbed

04-04-2009, 13:27
WOW! this is amazing man! one thing I think that would be way cool is some limbs stuck in the razor wire and maybe just some blood drips on the wire in some carefully selected points.

04-04-2009, 16:41
Yeah I've thougt about that, strips of cloth torn and clinging to it too !

I've just finished painting the first casts of my trench zombies and I feel the terrain bug coming on again, hopefuly update this plog soon:




04-04-2009, 19:26
Kool Zombies. :skull:

07-04-2009, 16:54
Awesome zombies \m/

16-04-2009, 18:08
The battlefield looks great. I like the land raider that got bogged down in the mud.

16-04-2009, 20:46
Thos trench zombies are the bomb and so is the board excellent work dude or dudette depending on your gender. :chrome:

16-04-2009, 20:55
Wait till you see his great coats. ;) I'm trying everything in my power to ship them this weekend. I am going to cut the weapon sprue tonight and when I get a few casts of those and a few more coats I should have 15 or so to send. I'm excited to see them in a rank on your board. They are going to look so nice. :cool:

20-04-2009, 16:54
About to revisit the battlefield after a bit of shopping (and the fact that the zombies are cast and I'm working on some Trench guard.

The board still looks a bit ropey, I need some big features to create an impact whilst at the same time I want to finally get down to some real detailling.

Enter some plastics:


I aim to be quite liberal with all this and use every last piece. A little fuel dump and some piles of ammo will be cool.

Another Bunker for the table too, I also have some more of the 40k ruins (not pictured) so might thow a few more of those in and create a little ruined chapel.

The big pieces i talked about are going to be a couple of Forests:


These things are the business. WAY too many to use all of them they would cover the entire board, what I intend to do is make plasticard bases *about 8"/6" cut naturally (curved and wavy) and stick the tree bases to it, leaving the trees loose (so I can store it easy but also paint up some different coloured trees, the battlefield trees will be black and charred but I might like to use some autumn leaves or perhaps make a dank haunted forest for fantasy). I'll texture up the base like the rest of the board and throw in some slate and what not.

More razor wire is planned, as is a hill with some bark 'rock' built into it.

20-04-2009, 16:59
That is going to look fantastic. I look forward to more progress. :cool:

21-04-2009, 19:25
Decided to go with a bit more of a narrative here so will probably ditch a lot of whats gone before.

I'll never get round to a game so this will purely be showcase, and if I do get round to a game probably just a Necromunda type skirmish. I'll save big games for Epic.

So, I have Trenchers wip and trench zombies being painted up. Surely some sort of horror war setting is in order, whats better than a last stand.

Some dead forests and an outpost sound like a winner to me. The craters, tank traps, razor wire and dead rhino tank will probably still have a place (as will the little bunkers) but the defence line is being replaced by this:


Being made in two parts :


And eventually modelled up to this level of detail (drain pipes). Nothing is glued in places yet but it gives an idea. I need some clay to block in the earth and dirt at the front. Early days but I want things like ammo shelves along the trenches and maybe wires electrifying some razor wire that will run around the whole compound.



## those barrels are EXACTLY the same size as the GW ones, naughty##

21-04-2009, 19:29



Oh also here is a WIP shot of some floor plates I'm making for Troll Forged, they will be cast up in resin. Probably be DIY for modellers so they can chop them up into corridors or added to make larger rooms/spaces. Walls are coming too !

First plan is a hydroponic garden (the first basic frame is shown here).


21-04-2009, 19:30

21-04-2009, 19:36
Well I shipped you new stuff today, the coats, my elf, and 1 of the mutants of mine. I'm sending you another when the rest of the coats are cast up. I can't wait to see this painted up as it looks great. I also look forward to seeing the coats in there up against some zombies! :cool:

21-04-2009, 19:41
Seems a great idea to me, and if you go to that level of detail all over the outpost it'll look just downright fantastic. It reminds me of that horro flcik in a WW1 setting. This one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deathwatch – I highly recommend it for inspiration.

21-04-2009, 19:45
Yeah I have it on DVD... pretty rubbish. As is 'Outpost'... though I own that too, err...

I agree though, they are pretty inspirational in terms of visuals.

21-04-2009, 19:46
If you haven't seen it yet, another semi-bad flick is the recent mutant chronicles movie, which also has a similiar visual setting. Anyway, can't wait to see some of them zombies painted. Your best work yet!

22-04-2009, 03:07
Dude that new trench piece rocks!!! You must paint this asap and post pics!!
Awesome, keep it coming!

Yay Trench Zombies!

22-04-2009, 13:51
that look like its going to shape up very well, got a good vision there!

also where did you get the trees from? (shamless demand for shopping advice)

22-04-2009, 14:41
Ice, while I'm thinking of it when we do the modular terrain sheeting what do you think about me giving a go at a few barren trees? I could sculpt a few in a flat plain to be decorated and cast up easily. Would you like and/or want any? Just a thought.

22-04-2009, 22:49
Woodland scenics: http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/items.cfm/TreeArmatures

Most hobby shops do them, trains, airfix, etc.etc.

Thing about them is the plastic they're cast in is perfect for bending and manipulating into realistic poses. I'm not sure how this would work in resin they might look a bit flat.

Maybe Troll Forged should be making some bigger 'feature' trees ! Chaos trees, or maybe a giant thick tree (2" wide and about 8" high) then have separate flat branches than you stick into holes/fittings on it... ! Sounds like a plan. I'll maybe make some and post them on the TF boards.

22-04-2009, 23:03
Will the hydroponic garden be cast as well, or will only the floors and walls be cast?

The other terrain looks amazing! Kind of get that WWI zombie flick vibe mixed with Necromunda's outer wastes (was it called Ash Wastes?)

22-04-2009, 23:20
Yeah I'd like the hydroponic rack cast too once it's detailed and finished. We can leave it up to people to populate it with pet shop plastic plants or whatever they want.

I'd like to make a few different themed boards and accessories to make a space station, mess hall, locker room, storage, bunk room, nav room, etc.etc. Lets see how the hydropinic garden works out first.

22-04-2009, 23:44
As I'm seeing it right now I'll thermoform the walls and floors and cast support pieces for gluing the walls into. Like buttrices. So you could effectively create very, very thin and light weight walls that look good inside and outside.

I have a few ideas of frames I plan to make and if all goes well magnets could hold the parts together with ease. Right now I've got a million things going and work has begun again so it might take me a little to get them done. ;)

Wolf Scout Ewan
23-04-2009, 15:53
Cant wait to see how you do the hydroponics!

23-04-2009, 21:52
Some more work, next up is corrugated roofing and finishing up the little hut then it's on to texture (for this side anyway). Those black fittings along the trench outer wall (sprue from the round slotta bases, the bit on the middle you throw away) will be used to mount the razor wire.





23-04-2009, 21:53

Concrete piller box will probably go in this corner:



27-04-2009, 06:43
I've been watching this with much interest, I'm trying to build a muddy table myself. I like what you've done and I think it looks great so far, can't wait to see it all finished!

27-04-2009, 14:25
I've been watching ths thread as well, and I like what I see... I'm going to try and get a muddy cityfight table up and running (think the movie "Enemy At The Gates") thanks for the motivation :D

28-04-2009, 23:27
so sexy... drool

07-05-2009, 12:16
this makes me want to build a brand new table that is all ork trenches now!

19-07-2009, 21:23
Some paint on the go, GW roughcoat spray then my trusty windsor and Newton burnt umbar (scorched brown). These trees are loose so they can be removed which is pretty cool, I'll be giving them a light black spray then a little drybrush here and there to look dark/creepy and burnt. I'll do the same base set up for my green table, that way I can swap these dark trees around with autumn and summer ones (with foliage on them). This is less than a quarter of the tree's I have, could easily fill and entire table with them.

Skull in there too, roughcoat before I add some crags and what not around it. Making a few demon word things for the grey board, crooked rocks, chains and lava. I'll paint up one of the GW craters with lava.


19-07-2009, 21:26
What is the massive skull from?!!!? :eek:

19-07-2009, 21:48
No idea, it was left at mine after a halloween party last year haha ! Soft plastic, it was glow in the dark.

Thinking I want some nice demon terrain to photograph your demon sculpts in. Going to put little fires in the eyes and paint some lighting effects.

only joking...
19-07-2009, 21:48
Yeah before we start getting scared :D

19-07-2009, 23:42
Very kool :D
Looks like you are off to a running start.

20-07-2009, 23:17
Great stuff!

Who manufactures those "dead" trees?

24-07-2009, 13:18
really amazing bits of terrain, im quite jealous! Can i ask what you cover the foam in before spraying with rough coat?

25-07-2009, 11:58
The tree's are from woodland scenics.

If I'm spraying foam or polystyrene I usuall get some pva and fine sand, mix it up then give the foam a couple of coats.

I tend not to spray foam (there's the odd chance you'll have missed a bit with the pva coat and the spray will eat it up like acid), painting with a brush is the best bet. Alternate between sand in the pva for the first coat, then sand in the actual paint for the second coat, then a final coat of paint.

These trench outposts will use this method.

31-08-2009, 20:33
Dose of the cold has put me off painting and sculpting... terrain making requires less concentration.

I have a huge mass of great bits and pieces for Terrain projects so need to start using them. Gone off the idea of using amera stuff since I need something more detailed for shots on my site and at Troll Forged.

Here is some industrial terrain, I plan to use this for representing sewers and parts of shanty towns, maybe even a refinery out in the wastes perhaps.



Fencing still to be added to the top railing, but just so you can see how easy it is- simply a plasticard girder with some mesh cut to size then torn and bashed up. Still to add a lot of detail to this, inc. steps:



31-08-2009, 20:35




Fuel pile and a 'Waste Wagon' :


31-08-2009, 20:39
Start of a landing pad. This has a little detail on in, I'm going for seriously war town and rubble strewn, everything had been smashed up. Only a few lights will be working on this thing, the rest are destroyed, even the electronics are wasted (the shredded wiring comes from an old pair of headphones).




These bases are also free from the terrain on top so I can store them easily and also use them as mounts for other pieces (such as city ruins...), these are the two smallest of a few I've made, the others are twice the size.


31-08-2009, 20:46
As I mentioned next up is a LOT of rubble and texturing. Plastic carrier bags pieces soaked in pva will be used to represent tarp, gauze and tinfoil will be trown in here and there too. I'll show my 'rubble cocktail process soon.

My amera bunkers show a rough idea of how I'll paint these up, lots of moody highlights, dirt and fluid streaks from overhangs. Here a snap I'm using as reference for colour, and also the next stages of actual sci-fi buildings:


The bits tray after this carnage, the tray feeds of a larger bits container so it'll fill up again in no time...


31-08-2009, 20:54

Awesome, This stuff is for sale at my local hobby store, I was wondering how it scaled up....going to pick up stuff for sure now.

31-08-2009, 22:26
Hey, dude. Loving the terrain. I'm very dense and can't seem to find that plasticard cobble effect stuff on that website, do you know the manufacturer per chance?

I'm loving the sci-fi/40k terrain using beer cans That's genius and you get beer as well as cool scenery out of it too :) Do you find yourself when walking through a supermarket buying the most random stuff because it might make good terrain I do I have three bin bags of the stuff in the shed and no time lol (sorry for rambling)

keep up the good work fella.


01-09-2009, 07:13
Nah, I don't buy beer for it's terrain making prospects...

No idea who the manufacturer is for the plasticard, I'll check with the guys in the shop next time I'm in.

Antenocitis might be able to help:


01-09-2009, 19:00
Some cheap scatter and rocks, picked these up in Au naturale interiors (they're meant for candle tray decoration). £3.50 for all three of them ! Close ups and comparison of GW scatter tub...




01-09-2009, 19:05
Here's the kit and colours for painting up my stone foundations, the big tub of sand is super fine and makes perfect textred paint, better than GW roughcoat, not too fine but not too rough. This effect is the best I've ever acheived with home made texture, good thing that's a big tub... it'll last.

(small paint is the drybrush highlight colour, going for a sandstone effect)


Ratio shot of paint to sand (with a few drops of water). I'll be doing a flat second coat with the paint to make the colour solid.



So many uses for these things I cant list them all. Leaving them plain (but weathered) will mean I can use them for fantasy too. Some corridors in between them all and I can see a semi 3-d warhammer quest dungeon, the platforms being the rooms !

01-09-2009, 19:10
Urban rubble tub, everything from plasticard to guitar string and wire mesh.


Rubble in place, kept to the cracks and hugging the structures (weather and human occupation will mean all the rubble is blown from the open and gather in gaps and corners)




01-09-2009, 19:12



Beach sand used on the ammo dump to make sure the texture ties in with my battlefield board:


01-09-2009, 19:15




01-09-2009, 22:22
Great work I love your mix of materials makes things really go up a notch.

01-09-2009, 23:58
Nah, I don't buy beer for it's terrain making prospects...

No idea who the manufacturer is for the plasticard, I'll check with the guys in the shop next time I'm in.

Antenocitis might be able to help:


Thank you for the linkage sir.


02-09-2009, 09:48
After a second coat this has come out just a shade lighter than Bestial Brown... looks like I found the base colour for a desert board...


02-09-2009, 15:24
Lots of pics here, 99% of the details in place so it just needs to dry then it's on with some roughcoat then my favourite part... painting !

The rags are going to be tarp and err, rags. Simply tissue soaked in pva and water then torn up and applied. Looks very cool, I've tried to pull it all in the same direction to make it look like winds blowing. Seems a bit overkill but it's standing out a lot because it's white, once they're painted up it'll all blend in.





02-09-2009, 15:25




02-09-2009, 15:26




02-09-2009, 15:31

Here's the back of the this big piece, and the weakest. The paintjob will need to make it and I'm going to add a lot of printed signs and stuff (weathered) after I've painted. This will just be used for background filler in the distance when were photographing our minis for Troll Forged. The plastic plates on the wall will have some lighting effects painted on, the overhangs will be like lights and illuminate the signs on them saying "sector 4" and "warning - mutants operate in this area"... or something to that effect.



The whole set... Necromunda...


15-09-2009, 16:09
Wow...you should really put some of this stuff up on the TFM forums as well man! Looking great!

15-09-2009, 21:16
Looks great I can't wait to see some paint on this. :D

16-09-2009, 08:09
Looking forward to seeing more Munda terrain!

17-09-2009, 10:31
HOLY CAKES OF DOOM! that is ******** awesome! You have given me a few ideas that I need to get on with for my own table. Keep it up dude make moar, moar, moar.

18-09-2009, 18:34
GW has stopped making roughcoat spray, DAMN!!! My local store is out too.

Painting on hold until I can find an alternative.

19-09-2009, 13:53
roughcoat spray?

19-09-2009, 20:36
just mix your base coat of black paint with a very fine grain sand. it works great.

19-09-2009, 22:59
I'm spraying the basecoat, undercoating terrain like this by hand is pretty rubbish so going to be a last resort.

I might have to mix up my fine sand with thin watered pva and paint it on, then when it's dry spray with the black undercoat. This wont be as even a coat as roughcoat by a long shot though, and the pva might take the edge off a lot of the sharp plastic detail.

12-10-2009, 22:24
Got some texture on this, used that fine sand from a few posts back mixed with watered PVA, once dry I've undercoated this chaos black then oversprayed with skull white. This give some natural highlights and lets any colour I put over the top come through brighter. I can't recommend this enough for any terrain project.

Next up is overbrushing with some colours, detail and then some washes.

Overall I'm trying to steer clear of regular GW terrain and go for a more computer game high tech look. This is all going to be used to showcase Troll Forged mini's and hopefully for a skirmish game being developed over there too.





12-10-2009, 22:26
Landing pad:


These foundations are now ready for a few washes and some weathering.


12-10-2009, 22:51
Amazing table, some quite simple but very effective ideas. Congratz to that.

Where did you get those cars?

12-10-2009, 23:25
Oh Yea :)

They look a lot better with a little color on them. :D

James S
14-10-2009, 18:06
Your imagination and abilities are very inspiring. On a side note, I saw some textured spray paint the other day at the local Wal-Mart. Whether it would be good for what you are doing, I'm not sure.

15-10-2009, 11:32
Good work, especially on the little details. I particularly like the rags!

19-12-2009, 23:20
Little bit of grass and stuff added to some of the trench terrain. Need to get the boards out and add this dead grass all over them in patches.

Some pics of my Trench Zombies too, really needing to ramp up work on all this terrain so i can use it to photograph the Troll Forged mini's in. There's also a good skirmish game thats been developed so some decent pics of minis in terrain are required for the games PDF.

Glue is still drying in a lot of these:





19-12-2009, 23:23
New razor wire sections, cloth is simply paper tower dipped in pva and water then 'torn' into shape of the wire.

Metal was simply Boltgun metal, drybrushed with bestial brown, washed with black ink then a final highlight of orange from the GW foundation range. Rags were dark angel green watered a bit, then a drybrush of graveyard earth.





19-12-2009, 23:25

My zombie horde. Living versions of these unifroms are being cast at Troll forged as we speak.




19-12-2009, 23:26


WIP dead forest:



19-12-2009, 23:27
WIP industrial pieces





20-12-2009, 07:19
Looking good so far man! Love those rags everywhere, they really add a nice detail to the terrain! Don't forget to paint the dead trees though!

22-12-2009, 23:15
One of the best terrain logs I've seen! Inspiring. You've really managed to create terrain that makes an atmospheric setting!



23-12-2009, 15:13
Dude, why don't you also post this log at the TFM forums?

23-12-2009, 18:13
I probably will when I start some new terrain in the new year to go with Ikim's skirmish game.

27-12-2009, 12:06
Few updated picks with a some grass in place:





27-12-2009, 12:07




27-12-2009, 12:32
There is sometihng slightly odd about those sandbags against the bunker, I don't know if its the paintjob or the model itself, but it looks as if those sandbags are a part of the bunker rather than put up against it.

The trees are looking good, you might want to drybrush them a bit with black, brown and then a final layer of a lighter colour, maybe bone or grey.

27-12-2009, 16:35
I think it's you cant really get sharp edges with that type of plastic molding at amera, I'll need to blackling the join and shade in the walls a bit to create some depth.

Quick test pic with some minis:


27-02-2010, 21:12
There's a ton of new terrain pics now on my site, too many to post there.

Just had an idea to use cork pinboards as game boards! £2 each!!! Got my hands on two to try them out, 24" by 18" (not including the edges). 4/6 of these will be the business.

Because there are raised edges to these I'll be using them as city boards , the cork on them is ripe for carving up and I'll be able to add pavements/sidewalks raised up to meet the edges. The back of them could be used as flat boards though, there are no raised edges to them.


15-03-2010, 22:58
Good idea re the cork boards. Interested to see how they turn out.

24-03-2010, 16:30
Just gone through all 13 pages of this log. Some cracking stuff in here.

Really liking the Amera stuff now ive seen you paint it up, i feel an order maybe coming in the future. Your Necro style scenery is ace and im even starting to like the trench Zombies :)

25-03-2010, 03:16
I've been drooling over those Amera terrain pieces for a while, now. I'm just wondering how much it would cost to have them shipped to the states...

27-03-2010, 15:55
Yeah I really love the amera stuff, it really is cheap but fantastic quality. The main thing that's surprising is how sturdy it all actually is, at least 3 times as thick as the GW craters.

These cork boards are really great, cheap and four of them will give you a decent board to game on. Six of them and your laughing. The lip at the edges is good because it lets you fill up the surface and gives you a little depth, the cork itself can be torn off in places too to give the appearance of another layer!

Lots of slices on plastic tubing have been dotted around the paving, these can act as either drainage or be used to create modular street lights, telegraph/electricity poles.

A trick to making a good city board I learned is to not make the streets run parallel to the board edge, diagonaly like this creates a more dynamic layout.




27-03-2010, 17:50
Painting the basecoat I've mixed black, ocher (because plain black is boring), pva and some fine sand for texture. When painting terrain, pva is a must in the mix in my book... your not painting a picture after all...


28-03-2010, 17:28




29-03-2010, 06:38
The board looks great! I really like your scenery pieces ^^

Rabid Monkey
09-04-2010, 04:00
I'm curious to see how your cork board tiles work out. I've thought of doing something similar but wasnt sure how do deal with each board being "framed" so to speak.

Great log by the way, its always nice to see good terrain.

imm0rtal reaper
06-06-2010, 12:05
Great looking stuff, really looking forward to more.

06-06-2010, 23:40
wow cant wait to see what you do with the board!