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26-04-2008, 07:13
This log will be for my stuff that isnt part of my main 40k stuff.

Well , since the only tabletop games i've ever played have been 40k and Necromunda, i decided to get into some smaller games, and The Legends Of The Old West game caught my eye. I haven't played a game yet, but jumped at the chance to paint something totally different from Imperial Guard tanks or Necron troops.

I recently ordered 2 packs from the "TombStone" range from Black Scorpion Miniatures, who make FANTASTICALLY detailed figures at fairly reasonable prices. I purchased models from them, and within 8 days they were here (that's from the UK to Australia, pretty good eh? Maybe Forgeworld might see this and realise that my Krieg havent got here, and i ordered them well over a month ago :) )

Anyway, i'm by no means a great painter, but if i get motivated enough i can turn out some prett alright gaming pieces.

I ordered these babies :cool:



My friends are going to be ordering a few, once they've seen the rules and what not, but i couldnt wait as i wanted to paint a few :D ! I will post progress of their figures painting also if people want to see it !

Anyway, WIP of a model im working on tonight will be up in a few hours :)

Death Korp
26-04-2008, 08:05
wow, cool stuffs :) I am looking forwards to seeing these guys painted, as y dad has got some, and he hasn't painted any of his yet :)


28-04-2008, 07:15

http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn104/tonysgamingphotos/Legends%20of%20the%20Old%20West/IMG_2082.jpg WIP of my outlaw bounty hunter dude.

The shine is partly because of an ink wash. I hate trying to photograph things as they always come out worse than they look in real life. The light dusty look on the bottom of the coat is to show he's been walkign around the harsh wild west, hunting down people for cash.

28-04-2008, 10:13
Sorry for double post, but update:
I went over it with a layer of scorched brown + bleached bone mix, and after, tied it all together with a scorched brown/chaos black wash.

Nearly finished, just need to touch up the 6 shooters and do the base (waiting on some basing stuff for that).

03-05-2008, 10:22
Update, well ive started my Death Korp of Krieg this week, despite the distraction of the most awesome game GTA IV. Anyway, here's a pic of the "base colours" im working from:


The colours are as follows:

Coat - Vallejo Model Color German Field Grey
Boots, gas mask, straps, etc - GW Foundation Calthan Brown
Helmet, pants, gloves - GW Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey
Metallics - Chainmail
Sock things about the boots? - Calthan Brown

And here's a pic of what it looks like after i've added details/shading etc:

Basically i added the following:
Coat - Wash consisting of Chaos Black, a tiny dash of German Field Grey, water and a dash of dishwashing liquid. I then highlighted it with German Field Grey with a little bit of Bleached Bone in it. The highlighting doesn't show up well in my poo photos.

Helmet, boots, pants - Wash of Chaos black, tiny bit of Adeptus Battlegrey mixed in, dishwashing liquid etc. THen highlighted with Adeptus Battlegrey + Bleached Bone.

Gas mask, straps, gas mask pack thingo - Wash of Brown Ink(GW), then i highlighted with with Calthan brown and a bit of Bleached Bone.

Boots and sock things - Sock things washed with Brown Ink then layered over with Tausept Ochre, boots ink washed Brown Ink, and highlighted the same as the gas mask/straps etc.

Metallics - Black Ink wash.

I kept the scheme simple but effective as i'll be painting a fair bit of them, as well as 3 Leman Russes and a Baneblade, plus 2 chimeras and what not. :confused:

Ill try and get nicer pics when theres some good light happenin' :D

08-05-2008, 00:24



Bit better pics, showing off the base.

The bases are a sort of dried dirt sorta country side dirt, with grey rocks/stones, and i MIGHT put static grass on them depending on what people think.

11-05-2008, 02:51

Finished test trooper.


I decided to tone down thewashes on the troops coats a little, and also paint the gas mask and pants a different colour. I'll no doubt keep the scheme simple and achievable for 2 reasons.
1. I'm not that great of a painter.
2. I paint slow enough as it is, and i want to get some of these babies painted before the end of the month (on my Birthday we're having a few games, plus a Nintendo Wii Mario Kart night hehe)
I'm happy otherwise with how it turned out, and i find that they are some of the funnest things to paint (although a pain in the sack to put together arms wise).

As always, comments and criticisms always welcome :)

Here's what's coming up soon/within the next couple of months:
* More Old West figures
* Steel Legion Commissar.
* More Death Korps of Krieg.
* Leman Russ tank.
* Old West removable terrain.
* 40k terrain.
* Some random Fantasy stuff.

Anyway, i'm in a huge painting mood lately, so expect lots more.

11-05-2008, 05:54
nice paint job on the DKOK guy, (they remind me of the french army from the first world war) hope to see more of your Death Korp soon. Keep up the good work

11-05-2008, 06:22
Looking good. :D

Looking forward to your wild west terrain.

11-05-2008, 09:18
Cheers guys!

Should have some updates tomorrow night if all goes to plan :D

Still learning
20-05-2008, 07:34
I think he turned out great

20-05-2008, 12:37
Cheers Still Learning. I kinda took inspiration from yours :)

Death Korp
20-05-2008, 14:43
He looks smashing, well done :)


21-05-2008, 01:22
Cheers Death Korp.

Good news, i got an air compressor..........FOR FREE. My grandpa rocks :D I'm buying an airbrush sometime within the next week or 2, mainly for basecoating terrain, my Necrons and my friend's Space Marines. Any suggestions on this, or tips are greatly appreciated :)

Until then i'm just sticking to Tamiya spray cans for my Leman Russes and My Baneblade for my Krieg. I decided on Tamiya's Nato Green and Olive Drab 2 as my main colours. I decided on 2 types of green for variation. The bigger vehicles such as the Leman Russes and Super Heavies will get painted Nato Green, and the smaller things like Sentinels, Centaurs and Cyclops will be Olive Drab 2.

I plan on making the troops fluff based on a world where there are farms and small towns , and the ground (and the reason for the colour of the bases) is mostly dirt/earth in between farming towns (drawn a slight inspiration from watching Saving Private Ryan when they walk into the small town with the German sniper).

My tanks won;t feature trench rails as they aren't in a trench setting. Bigger bases, such as the Heavy Weapons teams will have brick walls on them, and maybe tall grass and rubble.

Anyway, ordered a command squad, so my army is starting to shape up.

Onto Old West stuff..
I'm stuck as to how to paint the bases colours wise, any suggestions greatly appreciated!

24-05-2008, 08:37
a light sandy earth ? maybe like a towns main street? or how about rugged rocks?

26-05-2008, 07:59
Well for my birthday i was given a Citadel Gaming Hill and some scenery supplies from my mum and dad , which i'll be painting in a desert sort of scheme, as my gaming board will look similar to this one in WD a year or so back which was a desert multi-purpose board, as it'll double as a 40k AND Old West gaming board...
I also ordered a modular gaming hill and a Citadel Wood tree set as i like the trees in it, and i'll paint them an appropriate dead colour. I also have a crashed ship piece from the Macragge set being repainted, and some urban barricades also.


Basically the board is bestial brown with Vomit brown over the top of it, a nice deserty colour :), decided to paint my Old West bases to match! My friends have also purchased their figures so we might have a painting night or afternoon when i get my week off of work, so there will be a lot of Old West updates here :)

To make my work load painting wise worse, i decided to start playing Fantasy, and i'll be painting up a Vampire Counts force. This will be a fairly standard force to play games with, but i plan on painting the characters with lots of care.

26-05-2008, 08:20
Hallow i was just reading that page about 5 mins ago :p I'm finally making a boared but not desert.

I remember seeing your psyker from oz painter. Can we have a finished pic of him? Otherwise looking good :D Happy birthday! (is it to late for 'virtual' birthday punches) :p

So when do we see the first Vampire counts?

26-05-2008, 09:51
cheers for the comment on the pysker and birthday wishes Liamrob.

The pysker is finished, but there are a few paint chips that i'd like to touch up before i photograph him, but he is based and more a less finished, so i'll touch him up and photograph him in my next major update :)

As for the Vampire Counts, i will start those when i've got enough cash to spare (sorta saving up for a few other things, FW tanks and what not) , which might be next month maybe? I'm thinking of maybe buying a batallion box and a rulebook to start.

27-05-2008, 07:47
Update (terrain wise)

Started laying down the basic colours for my gaming hill.

Painted the dirt/sand Bestial Brown, and drybrushed the rocky cliff face Adeptus BattleGrey, then Codex Grey, then Bleached Bone, then Graveyard Earth to give it a dusty appearance, too bad it didn't turn up well (i hate taking photos, it makes my minis look horrible, even if they were painted well :( )

The sand will be drybrushed Vomit Brown, then Vomit Brown/Skull White mix.

Hopefully if i can pry my eyes away from GTA 4, and my Nintendo Wii i recently bought, then maybe i'll get more done.

05-06-2008, 09:02
Just started a terrain log, for old west/40k stuff.


09-06-2008, 13:25

Started my command squad

09-06-2008, 13:37
Are they actual bits from DK models? The torso and powersword arm are awesome! Don't make me buy some hallowed! Can't wait for more paint to be applied.

Also i think your DKoK are the best painted models i've seen of yours from wargamerau and oz painter :D How long did it take for the test mini?

10-06-2008, 00:34
The test mini took me a night or two. I didnt like how 'green' the Fieldgrey looked straight out of the bottle, so i gave the coat a heaps heavy wash of black, and cheated and just done one layer of highlights (Fieldgrey mixed with Bleached Bone). I'm aiming to simplify the rest of the scheme for ease of batch painting :)

As for the DK bits, yeah, theyre part of the command squad set for that particular command squad.

I plan on painting this dude up later this week if i can find my paint box (think it might be locked in the shed :S )

15-06-2008, 07:25

This guy is for my Outlaw posse for 'Old West . I only used the following colours, as these are only for basic gaming:

Foundation Paint:
- Adeptus Battlegrey
- Calthan Brown
- Tausept Ochre
- Iyandan Darksun
- Kemri Brown

Ordinary Citadel:
Skull White
Mithril Silver

- The new Devlan Mud, which i used over the entire figure.
- Badab Black, for the pants and guns.
- Ogryn Flesh - for skintone.

- Pig Iron for basecoating the handguns, which is slightly darker than Boltgun Metal.

All in all i enjoyed painting this figure. The highlights are a bit nasty up close, but from around arms length they look pretty good. I like how the Devlan Mud Wash has tied the model together.

Anyway, i need your advice peoples! I can't decide on a colour for the hat. Any ideas?

15-06-2008, 17:02
Only for basic gaming ? he looks pretty good to me ! nice work on all of it so far mate !

15-06-2008, 23:58
Cheers Rossco. The reason why i think it's only a basic gaming standard is that my highlights are pretty messy up close and it could be a lot neater. But thanks though :)

I'm starting to get more painting motivation back now, which means i might have a posse up and painted by the end of the week. I'll post WIP and what not also.

Also a FW goodie i picked up for cheap on eBay, give you a clue, it starts with a 'V' and ends in "ulture".

16-06-2008, 02:01
Argh u don't know! a very big culture? :p (makes no sence but meh)

It sorta looks glossy unless it's the flash!

Now soldier! paint those damn DKoK :D

16-06-2008, 02:11
It's a tad glossy as i've been using some of the old inks too, plus the flash on my camera :) I wanna do some more highlighting on the face and pants as well as the shirt, and then paint the hat.

I decided to paint the bases for the posse similar to my gaming terrain pieces, which are deserty , with a brown base, overbrush of Vomit Brown and a second overbrush of Vomit Brown and Skull white (50/50) and a Devlan Mud Wash, with static grass and a Scorched Brown trim.

I decided to slightly steal the Spikeyjames/Steel Legion scheme for my DK, as the Field Grey is pretty boring to be honest.

16-06-2008, 03:21
Long time hallowed_are_the_ori!
My.....My.......You have been busy!
Love the colours your using for the Dkok and never thought you were a cowboy at heart hehe! you painting is looking great matey!

What I'm working on http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139909

22-06-2008, 07:51
Thanks Gunner, huge fan of your log and your painting :)

Anyway, not quite an update as such, but i moved where i normally paint, and now i have a great set up in my back room.


I have everything sorted and i'm quite happy and it's motivated me to paint again

I organised my paints too.
Left box contains my Citadel, Foundation, Tamiya and P3 stuff, and the right box has all my inks, washes, home made washes and Tamiya clear stuff, for easy access, and this pic below is where i keep my Vallejo paints (both Model and Game Color).


Quite happy how neatly laid out i've made it.

Also i purchased a decent basic single action airbrush and compressor to start on my tanks and large terrain.
Also i've decided to force myself to do the following this week:
- Assemble, prime 10 skeletons.
- Assemble Manfredd Von Carstein (model of him on the horsey) and prime him.
- Finish one of my old west figures i'm working on.

24-06-2008, 09:33
Looking forward to the tanks and the skeletons :D

I am tempted to go buy a few things for a small VC force because they have an awesome range!

So how many tanks do you have to paint?

24-06-2008, 10:02
Looking forward to the tanks and the skeletons :D

I am tempted to go buy a few things for a small VC force because they have an awesome range!

So how many tanks do you have to paint?

Since i sold all of my tanks on eBay, bar a few, i have the following so far to paint:

2 Leman Russ tanks.
1 Baneblade.
1 Forgeworld Vulture.

At the moment my 40k stuff is taking a back seat as i'm sorta bored with it. I'm focusing on some Foundry western figs in the next few weeks and the Skellies.

Some of the bits of the Vulture werent glued on by the guy i bought it off on eBay, and no matter how hard i try, super glue won't stick them onto it :(

Still learning
24-06-2008, 11:38
Make sure you wash the kit, somtimes the peices don't glue because of the casting stuff that is still on the kit..

Why are you bored with 40K? You have a Vulture and two russes to paint! I would never be bored!!!

24-06-2008, 11:43
Hey hallowed_are_the_ori!

Just found your log and theres some good stuff going on here. The death Korps look ace, very nicely done and the Old west stuff is great.

Keep up the good work!

25-06-2008, 00:21
Hallowed if it won't super glue wash it like still learning mentioned, otherwise pin it :p

Wouldn't mind the vulture being painted :p but VC is still cool enough lol.

What's with everyone and this old west stuff going on!? Is there a game to it...

25-06-2008, 06:14
Hallowed if it won't super glue wash it like still learning mentioned, otherwise pin it :p

Wouldn't mind the vulture being painted :p but VC is still cool enough lol.

What's with everyone and this old west stuff going on!? Is there a game to it...

Warhammer Historical make a game called Legends Of The Old West. You should check out out. They make a Legends of the High Seas also, which is pirates and stuff.

I figured it'd be a good excuse to get some cool cowboy figures, and to try my hand at figures that GW doesn't produce. Since im selling every bit of 40k i have except the Krieg, i'll have a bit more space and time to try my hand at Privateer Press, Foundry and other companies' minis.

25-06-2008, 07:49
Its always good to expand your horizons with Wargaming.

I stuck with GW for years and then i discovered that someone else made toy soldiers :p I still collect GW minis and love painting them but i like to do minis for other games as it adds a bit more flavour to my hobby.

O and Legends of the Old west Rocks! :D

Looking forward to more minis from you

27-06-2008, 00:06
Well im currently looking for more of the following:

- Foundry Old West figures
- Any Vampire Count stuff

I've got the Dark Angels, the Necrons and the Daemonhunter Codexes up for sale as i don't need them anymore and i was wondering if anyone wanted to trade :angel:

01-07-2008, 13:13
Been fiddling with the new washes lately and decided to use skelies as test subjects :)


Devlan Mud over Skull White spray. I plan on highlighting the appropiate areas but i was wondering if anyone thinks thats too dirty or not clean enough for skellie bones?

Oh some of the wash wasnt dry when i took the pic too :D

01-07-2008, 14:29
looking good.

Im experimenting with the washes on my own VC Skellies.
I went with sepia over white ( 2coats) and then deep recesses with devlan. Then highlighted with thinned bone.

I think yours looks very effective with just the devlan, i might try that myself as the above method comes out a little bright for my taste i think.

01-07-2008, 23:44
looking good.

Im experimenting with the washes on my own VC Skellies.
I went with sepia over white ( 2coats) and then deep recesses with devlan. Then highlighted with thinned bone.

I think yours looks very effective with just the devlan, i might try that myself as the above method comes out a little bright for my taste i think.

I applied the Devlan Mud wash fairly generously by the way.
I might see how i go painting a Necron with the washes.

14-07-2008, 02:27
Good work on that skellie plus Necrons would look good with use of the new washes as I tried them out today @ my local GW....very impressed.

What I'm working on http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139909

11-11-2008, 10:01
In fact, you should leave the skeleton's bones as they are. They're dirty fine. :)