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20-04-2005, 21:12
Lets see if Portent One's best thread can continue on Portent Two:

1. Who was the first member of the Fellowship to be greeted by Celeborn in Lothlórien?

2. Where does the Crown of Durin lie 'till he wakes'?

3. What name did Elfhelm give Meriadoc after he stumbled over the hobbit?

4. What distinguishing mark did Gandalf describe to Butterbur to aid in the recognition of Mr Underhill?

5. Who was described thus ... a fair lord and a great captain of men

Please. please, please answers without reference to The Good Books!

21-04-2005, 08:58
Hmm, let's give it a try:

1. Frodo
2. In the mirrormere
3. Master Hobytla
4. no idea
5. Faramir

Have fun,


21-04-2005, 17:12
1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Elfhem refered to Meriadoc as Master Bag

A tall figure loomed up and stumbled over him, cursing the tree-roots. He recognized the voice of the Marshal, Elfhelm.
‘I am not a tree-root, Sir,’ he said, ‘nor a bag, but a bruised hobbit ..........
Pack yourself up, Master Bag!'

4. But this one is taller than some and fairer than most, and he has a cleft in his chin: perky chap with a bright eye

5. No, but nearly ...
‘We will come,’ said Imrahil; and they parted with courteous words.
‘That is a fair lord and a great captain of men,’ said Legolas. ‘If Gondor has such men still in these days of fading, great must have been its glory in the days of its rising.’