View Full Version : Da Mighty D'Orcs of Middenhiem

29-04-2008, 08:35
Hey guys,

Just wanted some advice, my team is as below at the moment, and have the choice of 100k to spend, but where to put it...

4 Blorc Blockers
4 Blitzers
3 Lineorcs

This is one game into the season, the boyz are doing well, but just dunno if its worth saving another 20k to get another re-roll or if I should pick up some extra staffage...

Deng Ham
29-04-2008, 13:45
There are a lot of good advice out on the net for startig a team. Specialy an orc team.

I'd go for more RR. I'd even switch a BoB for a liner, to get that ekstra RR. With only 2, you'll run out way too soon. Or suffer from bad turnovers. Remember that RR are cheeper to buy from the start. While players cost the same.

01-05-2008, 13:15
In league play, I enjoyed buying RR to keep my team rating down under LRB4 rules. Orcs don't need a full 16 man roster. Buy the RR to give your team 3, then man up to about 13. I would buy a second thrower, and if any of the lino's get hurt or just don't get any skill increases after several games ditch them for a gobbo.

A secret tactic about Gobbos is "let them get killed". Use the little green bastards as sacrificial lambs. I've seen coaches go out of their way to hit a gobbo instead of my Star Blitzer. And if the Gobbo dies or gets injured, you drop him and buy another for 40K

04-05-2008, 01:58
Check out the articles available on the specialists forum:


plenty of very good advice on strating an orc team, although they are for earlier versions (LRB3 and 4), they are still very valid under 5th.