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29-04-2008, 20:14
Hey all... I can't seem to stay on one modeling project for more than a day or two recently, I blame this site, too many ideas.

Anyway, I've done a small amount of sculpting before, and I really have wanted to do an almost complete figure, so I'm using a terminator model as a base and going from there.

Right now it's just the bare minimum... won't be staying on the base the way it is, and the most complete part is his right leg bottom greave, which still needs a bunch of work before putting on details even.

I know the pics aren't great, but anyone care to guess what this will be?

20-08-2008, 05:51
little update... forever later.

Here are some pics of the work so far... I'm taking a while on him since it's my first shot at sculpting a mini...
When he's done he'll be the emperor of mankind, just for the ridiculous factor in home games. Does anyone have any ideas of what the Emperor's stats would be? I know pretty much invincible, but I have no idea other than to make all his values ridiculous, but I think it would be a fun game to have like... him v.s. an army.




20-08-2008, 19:03
looks great, but isn't he a tad short?

If I ask very kindly and offer you my finest goat, may I have a scale shot?

20-08-2008, 19:14


I think he might be a little... big... but he's supposed to tower over all those mortals and stuff right? That's what I'm going with, bigger than life.

I kind of chuckled when you said he was short... I looked at the photos again and realised that the base does actually make it look like a regular sized marine if you don't know that it's a terminator base.