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01-05-2008, 11:57
Well chuff me, if it isn't the first of the month again, and time for some ToP updatey goodness!

This is the official thread for those of you who are in the tale to post your monthly updates - same deal as before. Tell us what you did, how much it cost and show us some pretty pictures - feel free to use this (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1790884&postcount=2) post as a template. If what you did was nothing, then post to say hello and include some form of comedic image, if possible. This thread is also for any comments, advice or banter related to the Tale.

For the viewing public, here (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1692451&postcount=1) is a brief explanation of what the Tale is about. If you want an even briefer summary: Basically, it's a way to motivate lazy painters to actually finish an army. Every month, over 12 months, we post 200 points of our chosen force. For two of those months we are allowed to do nothing and play a "joker". That makes 10 months of 200 points a month, for a total of 2000 points. Right now we're on month 10, so everyone should, in week's time, have between 1600 and 2000 points completed.

Looking forward too seeing what you've been up to!

Sam (McMullet)

As of the current time, the following painters are enlisted in the Tale of 40K Painters:

Heldane ( Space Marines (Raptors) ) : 1684 points painted; 1 joker(s) used.
Jim Reaper ( IG ) : 1406 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Marksekay ( Imperial Fists ) : 1705 points painted; 1 joker(s) used.
McMullet ( Tyranids ) : 1396 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Meticulous ( Space Wolves 13th Company ) : 1260 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Norsehawk ( IG ) : 1336 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
penguin663 ( Death Guard ) : 1424 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
Silvereye ( Eldar ) : 1519 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.
SuavelyDunn ( Eldar ) : 1930 points painted; 0 joker(s) used.
Thoth62 ( Space Marines ) : 1455 points painted; 2 joker(s) used.

Total painting so far: 15115 points.

02-05-2008, 21:12
Wow, arn't we all enthusiastic this month? This thread is looking really lonely with no replies.

I should be able to get some photo's of Aprils painting taken over the weekend. All I have left to do is find the damn canopies. One down three to go.

03-05-2008, 14:05
Heh, you're doing better than me... I STILL haven't finished those flying warriors, and I only just bought the Zoanthrope I need to finish this morning...

05-05-2008, 00:01
Heh, you're doing better than me... I STILL haven't finished those flying warriors, and I only just bought the Zoanthrope I need to finish this morning...

And I thought that it was just me that is completing a month's worth of painting in a weekend...:angel:


Jim Reaper
05-05-2008, 00:32
You are assuredly not alone - I've still got a whole infantry squad and half a sentinel (plus dead Eldar :evilgrin:) to go :cries:

05-05-2008, 09:29
Silvereye's Eldar: April 2008


* Falcon with lots of kit (around 200)




Same colours use previously. Canopies were painted from the inside to give them a really shiny black glass finish. Some of the little targeting reticules were also picked out.


Get real. Still need to do this....


Magnetise and paint the defensive weaponry. The Bases.


Lows: None really. The end is in sight.

See thumbnail. Falcon's look really lonely on their own. So I included the one from last month now there is the potential to take decent pictures.

Not sure really. I have 20 Dire Avengers needing under coated for an apocalypse game mid-month (No bare metal/plastic). I really do need to paint a second troops choice to be legal though.

05-05-2008, 09:54
This months lateness aside....:D

... I would just like to say well done to the final ten still left in. Congrtas on sticking with it.

I hope this project has been as big a help to you getting stuff painted as the fantasy thread has been for me.

Best of luck to you all in seeing your armies through to completion.

05-05-2008, 13:51
Thoth62's Brotherhood of Iron Space Marines: April 2008

Unit 1: 1 Rhino w/ Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour and Dozer Blades. 63 points.



A word to those still following. Due to an unexpected and severe illness this month, I was unable to complete the allotted 200 points. At this point it only leaves me 80 points behind where I should be, and McMullet has graciously allowed me to stay in the tale. I will catch up in May.

Extra Armour (Reinforced) and Dozer Blade from Forgeworld. The dozer blade is magnetised.

Standard fare. Codex grey base with highlights and details. I think I need to blend the dirt a little better, but it doesn't look as defined in real life. Just a matter of a little drybrushing.

None. It's a vehicle.

Just varnishing. I might touch up the dirt a little bit, but seeing as it's really the first time I've attempted something like this, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Figuring out how I was going to magnetise the dozer blades... After the tank was already assembled...

No lows really, other than not being able to finish the tactical squad. I just love working with forgeworld stuff, so this rhino was a real treat.




Next Month: I'll try to catch up with what I wanted to do in April, but I'll need to get a jump on it. So I'll be doing the tactical squad to go with the rhino, as well as a terminator squad.

06-05-2008, 00:39
13th Company / Catachan Devils, April 2008
Unit 1: Catchan Devil remnants, sergeant, power weapon, flamer.

Points this month: 152 points.
Total points: 1412 points.

Background/Theme: Same as last time. Marines culled from Catachan, stranded in the Imperial retreat from Orphan VII.

Build/Conversion: Basic tactical marines, lots of gubbins.

Painting: Basecoat of orkhide shade, drybrush of catachan green. Metals are chainmail with a light ink wash. Whole thing drybrushed brown for weathering.

Basing: Gravel, bit of sprue, the occasional bit of chopped-up model.

Still to do: Chipped paint and base rims.

Highs: They look good! I've finally got the theme down.

Lows: Another month of low points. Someday I'll get back to 200/month, lol. Also, running out of Imperial marine parts. No more Devils until I can get some more.


I'm very pleased with the way the army is shaping up. 600 more points and I've hit the goal! Too bad the Company can't use vehicles or allies, or that'd be a lot easier. But hey, I have at least five models and a bike for May's work already started, so...

07-05-2008, 13:37
SuavelyDunn: No fear... I think this is gonna be a late one for all of us.

Jim Reaper: Likewise...

Silvereye: Congrats mate, well done on posting first, and the falcon looks great. Really crisp painting and the scheme works really well on that model.

Harry: Sorry sir! :angel: Of course, if we were clever we'd have come up with some BS excuse about "photobucket not working". :p

Seriously though Harry old bean, thanks for that and for working out the whole thing. It really has been a big help for me getting these nids done, I'm sure I'd never have gotten this far by now otherwise.

Thoth62: That Rhino looks awesome - it's really brought out the best in your painting style, which reminds me of watercolour painting in a way. The dirt looks great.

One thing I would say: The chapter symbol on the glacis looks a bit untidy. On a shoulderpad you can get away with it as it's so small, but I think squaring off the ends of the lines would make a big difference here.

Meticulous: Nice work man, there are some nice little details in there that really make the unit stand out (the red sweatband especially).

As you may have noticed it's the 7th already and we're a bit low on the submissions so far... I think it's a matter of "whenever you can be arsed" from now on. We're all nearly there so just keep going, hopefully we'll have about 2000 points by the end of June.

07-05-2008, 14:59
Thoth62: That Rhino looks awesome - it's really brought out the best in your painting style, which reminds me of watercolour painting in a way. The dirt looks great.

One thing I would say: The chapter symbol on the glacis looks a bit untidy. On a shoulderpad you can get away with it as it's so small, but I think squaring off the ends of the lines would make a big difference here.

Already noted over on the Ammobunker, and taken care of.

I'll take pictures if I can be arsed.

On another note, I've got a somewhat quick jump on the rest of the stuff. The tactical squad is primed but still awaiting their bases to be assembled, and the terminator squad is also primed along with their bases (minus 1). I've also gone and picked up another box of tactical marines, so I'll have enough to beef up all the squads to their required size to reach 2000 points. Now it's simply a matter of getting some painting done.

07-05-2008, 18:31
Sorry guys I can't post a proper update until Friday maybe tommorow if I'm lucky, I've been swamped with exams this week.


Were you painting those in GW Edinburgh on monday or has some one copied your scheme?

07-05-2008, 22:15

5 x Guardian Jetbike Squadron (inc shuriken cannon upgrade) = 120 points

Total this month - 120 points

CURRENT ARMY POINTS - 2,071 points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Originally played Ulthwe Eldar for many years and bought the new codex and models earlier this year. Saw the "Carnage Tale of X Gamers" on Warseer and the eldar of Rob Peck. Loved the idea & scheme and this gave me the inspiration to start my army in July.

Not very adventurous in the conversion front so most of my figures are "out of the box".

Black outfit, bone bike decals plus helmet & shoulder pads. Red jems & green dashboard.

My friend has designed and produced in plaster a series of bases which match the gaming table we play on. Drybrushed grey, black edges with the addition of static grass plus leaf scatter.

Nothing for these figures.

Low: Realising that I had run out of month for these figures! Camera ran out of battery so only the one picture and editing program stopping working just at the crucial time - aarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!
High: Breaking the 2k points barrier! Woohoo!

Gravtank, Warwalker & aspect squad of some sort.
Ambitious I know, but if I aim high enough!

BTW - does anybody know of any articles/sites where I can get advice on how to take pictures of miniatures? Need help!

Have fun!


07-05-2008, 22:35

Hope this helps:)

08-05-2008, 05:49
@Penguin663 - Many thanks for the link!

I'll have a go at photo shoots and update this months pic this weekend.


08-05-2008, 15:46
@ suavely dunn - I love those jetbikes!!! excellent bases as well

08-05-2008, 21:02
@Nitz - glad you like them & thank you for the feedback!


09-05-2008, 18:50
15 Chaos marines
power fist
heavy bolter
Mark of Nurgle
Story behind this squad is that they are the new guys in the warband so they don't get to wear the colours of the warband and only get some of papa Nurgle's blessings.

Total painted 1734
I painted more last month so that I would have less to do this month as I have exams this month:cries:

Sorry for poor pic guys might retake it tommorow.

10-05-2008, 06:20
Yeah, the shot's pretty poor, but I've taken my fair share of horrible pictures in my time, lol. Just from the colors, though, they're looking good.

Jim Reaper
12-05-2008, 22:36
Wave after Wave of Jim Reaper's Men: "April" 2008

Hooray! Here comes this month's update and only five days late.

Unit 1: Infantry squad, missile launcher, grenade launcher. 83 points.

Unit 2: Sentinel, multilaser. 45 points.

Unit 3: 2 Stormtroopers. 20 points.

Unit 4: Command squad, power weapon, bolt pistol. 46 points.




[unintelligible wailing]


The long-promised Sentinel stepping on an unfortunate Eldar has materialised. Long ago SuavelyDunn kindly agreed to let me use his colour scheme on this guy, cheers!


Well the Eldar was different! I tried to get as close as I could to Suavely's scheme - the black is a basecoat of black (duh) highlighted with my favourite mix, Light Black (half-and-half black and Codex Grey) then Codex Grey. The bone is the standard Graveyard Earth-Kommando Khaki-Bleached Bone.


This I must do before the end of this month. I have a tourney to go to, so a fearsome amount of grass-and-sand joy awaits me...


Basing. Soooo much basing. Also the Eldar has a somewhat unconvincing severed lower leg which needs Congealing Blood Mix added to it.


Highs: I *did* enjoy that Space Elf.

Lows: I'm not too happy with the Lieutenant in the Command Squad. His face, especially, came out flat and a bit featureless.

PICTURES (Not very good ones this month - sorry!)

The infantry squad:

Command squad plus stormtroopers:

You guys know what my Sentinels look like by now, so here's a close up of Mr. Squishy Elf:

Eight months' worth of joy:


Two Stormtroopers, two heavy weapons teams, ten Conscripts aaaaaaand a Sentinel.

13-05-2008, 00:51
Ok, I'll get pictures of my base coated terminator squad as soon as I remember to bring camera home from the girlfriends, i promise. Though i'm away with work for 4 days from saturday :)


13-05-2008, 10:39
McMullet's Custard Tyranids: April 2008 (ish)

Unit 1: 4 Tyranid Warriors x 0.5 (as I already started them and posted them half finished... I dunno, about 17 years ago or something). Wings and numerous other CC upgrades. 102 points.

Unit 2: Zoanthrope with Synapse and Warp Blast. 65 points.


The setting for this army is a ruined/ruinous city that is being partially reclaimed by the desert as the Tyranids and Imperial forces fight over it. I'm also keeping a purely close-combat force as I don't like the ranged bio-weapons the tyranids use.

I still haven't really come up with any theories as to where the city is. Also, experience has shown the all-cc Nid swarm to be somewhat less than reliable in gaming terms.

The Warriors I described previously - basically, in addition to the Forge World wings, they have various modifications to make them look like pterosaurs or birds, such as trimmed down carapaces, clawed feet, long thin head crests and so on.

The 'Thrope is pretty stock, though I again removed the silly tentacle on its tail, and this time it's trailing through a pool of scunge (thanks to Catferret for this word).

Remarkably similar to last time.

Same as last time for the most part, though I'm doing some more stuff with water effects.

Err... well some might say the Zoanthrope and one Warrior aren't quite finished. I dunno, can you tell...?

I'm sick and tired of these ****** flying warriors.
The Zoanthrope is a nice model and I've only done one of them before.


Warriors... note how they're all finished, especially the guy on the extreme right.




Haven't put the scunge-effect on the base yet. Or painted some bits.

19-05-2008, 16:51
@ Jim Reaper - I am so amazed at your army. You are doing pretty much what I want (infantry and sentinels) but I just couldn't stick with it. Props for you man, Many props. I am really looking forward to the end and seeing it all arrayed in some nice pictures

28-05-2008, 10:03
SuavelyDunn: Good stuff, and big props on hitting 2K! you're an inspiration to us all.

penguin663: Not the best pic but we get the idea. ;)

Jim Reaper: Good work and well done for getting them all based for the weekend!

Ok, I'll get pictures of my base coated terminator squad as soon as I remember to bring camera home from the girlfriends, i promise.


How's everyone doing this month? I'm having a busy time of it, involving precisely no modelling/painting. I added the finishing touches to last month's models last week, then went to a tournament (the same one as Jim Reaper) at the weekend. Now I have a metric feckload of work to do AND I have to pack my entire life (including models) into boxes by the weekend as I'm moving back in with my parents for a few months.

The tournament went pretty well, I think I did about the same as the first time I took the nids to an event (back in February) - I managed 2 wins (fairly marginal) and 4 losses (one marginal and 3 fairly crushing). I was also just pipped to the best army prize which is nice (would've been nicer to win it, but I can't compete with Squats (http://samroberts.fotopic.net/p50743310.html):p). Sadly I didn't get to play Jim's guard army though I did play a horde of 143 Orks... :eek:

Pics from the weekend are here (http://samroberts.fotopic.net/c1517463.html)(games) and here (http://samroberts.fotopic.net/c1517570.html)(other).

Anywaysup, you may have noticed that I've made no mention of this month's ToP stuff... My plan is to build 400 and something points worth of models this month, then paint them next month, as I should hopefully be able to manage that. I will be loading up on equipment to facilitate this.

To assemble this month:
Carnifex, kitted out for CC death: 211 points
Hive Tyrant, see above: 152 points
3 Gaunts (already half-built): 32 points
2 Genestealers: 40 points

That's 435 points of models which will count as 217.5 this month and the same next month... Oh and I still need to write my PhD thesis.

28-05-2008, 13:48
I've made progress on my terminators. I've got 5 of them, of which, one can conceivably be called complete. The rest are well on their way, so with any luck, I could have them finished tonight.

There are a few niggly details that still need to be worked out, and I still need to assemble one base, and paint all of the bases, but all told, considering I was the best man at my brother's wedding last weekend, I've made decent progress considering the complete lack of time I've had to do anything.

That leaves a tactical squad and a handfull of marines to add to a couple different squads to fill up the rest.

Although considering I just got a librarian the other week, I could do that instead of the handfull of marines...

We shall see.

28-05-2008, 22:13
Hi Guys,

Whoever said that this would be a sloooow month wasn't kidding!

Have managed to finish the falcon and have started the warp spider squad but work/life got in the way of any serious painting (for goodness sake don't get married, or have children, or get a job either - they don't half interfere with the important things in life....)

To those of us still painting away - please keep it up as we are in the last stages of a fantastic year! Personally, I have been gaming for 21 years and have NEVER possessed a painted army and I can't thank McMullet & Harry enough for this project.

@Jim Reaper - nicely done on the squished elf! (searches bits box for cadian troopers...)

Now what do I paint next year...


01-06-2008, 15:19

How's everyone doing this month?

Ok, I failed. I admit it. I didnt sort the pictures yet.

Put me down for a joker this month and I'll do the piccies for next month.

I have been painting though, just not 40k. Not sure why, think I'm just a little dis-enchanted with it at the moment, Hell, I've even decided to put paint on LOTR models its that bad. That said, I have been doing a little bit on my necron army. Onl7 about 35 models till they're finished now!

McMullet, would it be ok for me to paint some necrons for the next couple of months, they're the next force I'm going to focus on and I think if I have to paint another marine I may have to try and lkill myself in a new and imaginative fashion ;)


01-06-2008, 23:32

I have started the unit of Warp Spiders, but run into a bit of a problem.

Tried to use the colour scheme of black outfit, with the helmet/shoulder pads reflecting the true aspect colour (red and white in this case) but it just doesn't feel right on this mini.

I have taken a couple of pictures and ask for your opinions.

Yours in hope,


@heldane - moving to necrons is fine by me, and I do think that your marines are fantastic but after 11 months of painting the same army I can understand the suicidal tendancies...

02-06-2008, 09:55
@Dan: No worries mate. To be honest you can post up the basecoated Termies for last month - doesn't matter that they're late - and that puts you close to the 2K mark anyway. So go ahead and post some Necrons next week, just to taunt us all that you've finished your 2000 point army...

@SuavelyDunn: I think that looks good actually - but perhaps the red would be better if it was deeper, a sort of burgundy/wine red, rather than blood red as you have it.

@Everyone: Have a new update thread: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2664691#post2664691