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03-05-2008, 01:37
Welcome to my second plog. This will chronicle my other 40k armies, most notably Orks and Chaos.

For the orks I have finally decided which clan they will belong to: The ostentious Bad Moons! This was in part thanks to looking through old white dwarfs and seeing the sweet dark blue/yellow/black painted epic ork vehicles with extensive use of flames and me modelling some Flash Gitz (I know they used to be pirates, but now they feel very much Bad Moon with their snazzguns):

The Painboy is on the far right with a 'urty syringe in one hand and his dok's toolz chain glaive in the other... I know they can't have bosspoles in a flash gitz mob, but hey, they're flash gitz! These guys will have a lot of gold on them :)

The other five.

Having modelled a Mega-armour warboss as well it was fairly evident what clan to choose...

Blitzboss Snikkduff in all his unpainted glory!

Unfortunately I have almost exclusively modelled the orks, don't know if I have painted an ork since before my 40k hiatus back in -98...

But with Eta's very inspiring tank in the "Who Loves Orks ?"thread I've decided to start, rather belatedly, to paint them as well.

Eta's lovely looted tank. (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2476415&postcount=9917)

03-05-2008, 01:44
Here's a picture of my WIP Fightabomma:
I'll just go over it and give it a lot more rivets and then prime it to see if I've missed anything.

But here's the main reason I started this plog:
Yesterday I finished this lovely little looted wagon with Boomgun, reinforced ram and 'ard case. On this vehicle the mekboyz have gone bananas with the welding and have kept the rivetting to respectable amounts. It's mainly made out of card and greenstuff, with an old school rhino thrown into the mix...

I think it will look nice with flames :)

03-05-2008, 01:59
Not wishing to discriminate the chaos here are some very early pictures of my daemonically possessed vindicator:

As you can see, I've cut off the exhausts...
...and the road wheels.

The idea is to make a small Cannon of Khorne (if anybody remembers their epic), a daemonic machine of war. So instead of treads it will have big creaking wheels on the sides and that's why the exhausts had to go. I've greenstuffed some khorne icons on it but it's impossible to get a nice result when working with geometrical forms I tell you. But the skullpile on the front looks ok :) It has also got a small daemon's head stuck to front, so it sees what it's shooting...

In case you're wondering what happened to the dark angels it was a find on the swedish E-bay, www.tradera.se (http://www.tradera.se). It was called a bitz box and included: A complete Forgeworld land speeder Tempest, an almost complete forgeworld vindicator (just lacking treads), a complete land raider, a mkII rhino lacking treads, Abbadon complete, Azrael complete (the helmetbearer had broken one wing on the helmet, that evil little dwarf!), the dark angel chaplain (Asmodai?), a terminator commander, 20 dark eldar warriors, 20-25 space marines (a lot of them in pieces), a couple of chaos space marines, two bikes, a complete chaos daemon prince, a chaos lord in power armour, six devestators (2 heavy plasma, 2 heavy bolter, 2 lascannon) and loads of space marine and chaos infantry bitz. All this for 600 swedish crowns, that's roughly 100$. It was sweet to say the least.

It was the fact that it didn't have any treads which gave me the idea for the wheels, hopefully they will look good on the minicannon :)

17-05-2008, 14:28
Never hiding my attention deficiency here are some blood bowl players. The hafling team and the tall blood bowl treeman are from the second edition of the rules if I recall correctly and belong to BajsArne who was nice enough to loan them to me. The other treeman is a wood elf one from WHFB with a bit of greenstuff of which I'm the proud owner as well as the two snotlings that have been made into halflings thanks to a liberal amount of greenstuff. Greenstuff for the win simply.


The team colours are going to be blue and yellow but I can't really decide on a team name, though I'm thinking of taking the childish route and call them "Balzac's Nutters"...

(in the background are the beginnings of a woodelf team made out of the glade guard models, more on them later)

21-05-2008, 13:04
Nice green stuff helmet!

20-06-2008, 08:33
Thank you and happy midsummer solstice!

Here´s a little thing I've been up to:

Following this thread (http://www.worldeaters.net/viewtopic.php?t=1116) I decided to get to business - converting my vindicator into a defiler. A rummage through my bitzbox gave the pieces needed:

One forgeworld vindicator minus track wheels
One chaos dreadnought close combat arm
One old ork wreckerball arm
Two powerclaw arms from an Inquisitor scale model
One insane head from the same model
Two heavy flamers, one terminator and one IG vehicle
One Chaos Rhino ramming bar
One old IG searchlight
One space marine smokelauncher
Two sets of giant scything talons from the latest carnifex set
One set of big scything talons from the 3rd ed. carnifex weapon sprue
And a bit of greenstuff, card, blisterpack clear plastic and some screws

Actually I had started earlier work on the vindicator in order to make it into a small cannon of khorne, (see above) i.e. cut off the track wheels (I'd bought it second hand without tracks) and exhausts as I was going to put big wheels on the sides, and adding the head on top of the cannon. The bad greenstuff iconography was also done then.

The new work meant making it walk. As the tyranid arms already bent upwards if used as legs I just had to decide if they were to connect on the sides of the vehicle or underneath. Laziness dictated that I'd do them as I did since I could simply turn it on its back and glue the arms into place in the holes left by the tracks. By strenghtening the joins with bits of sprue and plastic glue I made sure they'd stay in place and that their combined strenght would carry the evil machine.

I smoothed down the knobbly joints at the "elbow" of each arm and added a bit of card on both sides to make it look a bit more like armoured vehicle meets daemonic flesh, hopefully some paint will enhance this feeling. The sides I smoothed out with blisterpack plastic as I couldn't find the original doors.

On the front I added the twin flamers in the headlight mount and the rammingbar was cut so it would end up downward tilting, further enhancing the feel of an enraged beast about to pounce. The powerclaw armes where added to the frontmost side panels.

I then joined the chaos dreadnought ccweapon with the wreckerball arm and mounted this to the side of the cannon. Unfortunately it ended up front heavy and prone to tilt over. So I used the fact that I hadn't glued on the roof and loaded the rear with screws and PVA glue to balance it up, which worked pretty well.

With the searchlight and smokelauncher in place this is how far I've gotten.

A testgame showed that I should have skipped the flamer and gone all out on powerclaw arms, but seeing as I don't have any I'll stick with this build.

On to the pictures:

The evil beast in all its glory

Left side view

Right side view

I think I'm going to add a row of spines along the roof of it and do some more greenstuff work but it's basically finished. What do you think?

20-06-2008, 10:58
i like the fighter bomber , very cool

22-06-2008, 21:53
Why, thank you, but still it's not yet finished, hopefully it will get even better.

This update is to show one of the real anchor players of my halfling team:


It's number one on the team roster, the indomitable Mr Birch!


This is a sight only his teammates will ever see, since the bloodthirsty ent never ever runs from the enemy, ehrm, opponents!

This bastard took priming, drybrushing with astronomicon grey, black ink, drybrushing with codex grey, drybrushing with astronomicon grey and finally drybrushing with skull white... But now he's finished. Only one treeman and 13 helflings left to do.

22-06-2008, 22:54
I love the fact that treemen wear protection in blood bowl. They do well without it when they're on the battlefield.

Hope you strip the halflings before you paint them.

28-06-2008, 01:03
Ah, I guess it's just to distinguish them from the treemen fans lined up along the pitch...

No, I didn't strip them as you are supposed to do when re-cycling models. Figuring it's gone fairly well with my Imperial Fists I just re-primed them. Well, not entirely, since they were basically just primed with some gold added on I just made sure they were totally white.

I've actually finished painting all of the Blue Bay Bombers halflings tonight but I haven't taken any pictures. Instead I will treat you to some of the cornerstones of a Nurgle army I've been doing on- and off lately.

Here's a Nurgle Daemon Prince:


Right Side


Left Side

He's known as the Fly Lord (in my defence I shortly after naming him and his warband the Fly Lords' found out about BOLS (http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com)) and leads his orange warband the Fly Lords'. Due to pic limit...

28-06-2008, 01:15
...here follows his leading hitmen: The Chosen of the Fly Lord!

(I know the picture has a too shallow depth of focus but I'm too lazy to retake the picture...)

This hard hitting gang has got another bolterarmed friend added since taking the picture and will have a final member added before taking to the field. With the full ten men it will be clocking in at a whopping 302 points! That's one aspiring champion just armed with meltabombs for vehicle action (and practical enough also the main daemon vessel for my greater daemon :)), one Icon of Nurgle, one powerfist for both vehicle and infantry killing and three twinlinked bolters and a heavy bolter for pure infantry slaughter.

The point of this crew is to infiltrate as close as possible and let it all rip at the enemy. If the opponent is cc-weak they'll simply advance with bolters spraying in the first turn and then charge into combat in the second, hopefully backed up by the greater daemon (I know, meltabombs are a mistake).

Sadly I've realised that chosen are very much overpriced if you deck them out to handle every situation as I have done and also that the icon of Nurgle is very seldom worth its points. They will most probably be replaced by Nurgle bikers for daemon bombing.

But I will try them out before passing judgement.

02-07-2008, 23:02
Finally I present the Line-up of Blue Bay Bombers in the National Mayhem League for the season 1831:


1. Thaddeus Birch
2. Tree Jay Tucker

3. Barnaby Morse
4. Rich Hasselhoff
5. Jeremy King
6. Mango Chutney
7. Bason Journe
8. Moe Knoll
9. Homer Sampson
10. Saturday Barron
11. Ernesto Guvernor
12. Mack Cockerel
13. Mack Weasel
14. Hardknock Hellmuth
15. Fatty Bolgar
16. Paul Pot

03-07-2008, 02:01
loving the warboss, I just think it would of been better as a dreadnaught by the sheer size/shape of him.
You've been busy man.

03-07-2008, 13:00
Good to see those little fatties finally getting a decent paint job! I thought halflings only could have one treeman though? Or did they change that back in the last edition?

03-07-2008, 14:47
@omgitsduane: Well, orks tend to get larger when they get older and have been through more fights so I think the size is fairly well fitting. He's a bit bigger than Ghazkull but Mr G is more hunched over so it's a close call. But he only has two arms and that would put him out of dreadnought business...

As to the fact of being busy I haven't really, I've just posted old modelling stuff in a rapid tempo to create the image of busy modelling ;)

@Bajsarne: Ah, they've changed around the rules a bit in the latest edition of the living rulebook. Go and download it from the specialist games site at take a look for yourself. I feel they've finally managed to streamline it into perfection. And yes, you're allowed to take two treemen so there's a slim chance one might actually throw a halfling across the field while the other one maims his way through the line of scrimmage...

06-07-2008, 09:31
Ironjens, I like your Flash gitz. I made a squad too, but they were not as elaborate as yours. Just fancier guns. I think I may go back and add bionic eyes like yours have.

06-07-2008, 14:51
Tommygun yes, do that, I think it is an easy way of making them out as flashier than the rest of the boyz. And given your supreme modelling skillz it'll be as easy as pie. I almost feel ashamed that you've seen my bomma when I've seen your ork mothership... And also you seem to paint the stuff you make :)

I'm actually thinking of making an army list and trying out the boyz a last time before 5th ed. hits the gaming club. But the flash gitz will probably not be a part of it since we mainly play 1750 points and their domain is 2000+.

Right now I'm modelling centigors for the beastman army, pictures to come shortly.

20-07-2008, 14:39
I have tried sculpting and realized that I have a really long way to go before results will fit the time spent doing it, if you understand what I mean.

First out is an ugly bastard. It's supposed to be a Squiggoth from the Imperial Armour Apocalypse book. It's a 50 point+weapon cost model which comes to 65£ from Forgeworld. And since that's a ridiculous amount of money for a unit of doubtful battlefield use which I none-the-less want to try out I decided to sculpt it. With only the picture in the book and the model pictures on Forgeworlds homepage as a guide I started by making a body out of tinfoil (the kind you use in the oven). Over this I then used FIMO Soft modeling clay. It's a kind of clay that you harden for 30 minutes in the oven. Then I started making the reptile pattern on the skin with the cut off front end of a pen. Halfway through the back I realised I would have to do the inside of the legs and the belly first since I couldn't hold it without ruining the pattern.

Therefore I had to ruin the job done already on the back by doing the underside... That's an hour I'll never get back. Oh, the glory of hind-sight.
When I'd done the underside I realized that it would end up rather big. But consulting the Apocalypse book I saw that the gargantuan squiggoth really is that - Gargantuan! And my Squiggoth is only just rather big. So I guess he'll be the pack leader.

I left the head featureless because I was going to add fine detail in greenstuff. Which I did together with claws and a bad moon branding on the rump:

The ugly beast!

Oh, no! The poor thing lost an eye in a freak Squig-pen accident...

Bad ass scarification!

As the pictures show I really botched the anatomical aspect of the squiggoth, but it'll work as a playing piece. The other two will be based of cheap porcelain cows and are just as tall, just a bit shorter.

20-07-2008, 14:50
And then the promised centigors:

Neatly ranked up with full command.

Three turned out ok, but the rearing champion and the spearwielding centigor just suck with their ugly spindly legs.


ooops, forgot to rotate. It's the banner bearer.

Rank and file centigor. This was actually the first one I made.

20-07-2008, 14:52
Mr spiderlegs... rank and file

Ugly champion.

Having sculpted these (and the squiggoth) I realize that making a proper skeleton is what it's all about. Plus taking your time. Had I done the champion and the spiderleg centigor now I'd redone the skeletons before sculpting and then I'd started by applying a thin layer of greenstuff that I'd let harden first. Then I would sculpt the details.

You can tell the rushed job I did as the wire skeleton almost pops out of the greenstuff on both of the ugly ones. Hopefully I'll get to try them out on the battlefield soon.

29-07-2008, 00:17
Ironjens, I really like the Squiggoth. The last time I sculpted something, it looked like an angry Gumby.

30-07-2008, 11:45
Oh, how nice of you to say that, but you don't have to lie just to make me glad...

My main issue with it is that it ended up nothing like I had envisioned it. This is probably due to the fact that with sculpting, just as with everything else, you need to practice, practice, practice and with luck you'll end up making stuff that looks like you thought they would. My second squiggoth project is just halfway through the sculpting but already looks 100% certified c r a p .

But figuring that they'll probably only be fielded in apocalypse (after realizing that vehicles get a 4+ cover save from kustom force fields while infantry and monstrous creatures only get 5+), the few times they'll reach the playing field the embaressment won't be that hard...

07-08-2008, 09:13
I whant to se the howda for the squiggoth! think it will complet the moddel rly great! I dont know annything about sculpting but i think I would try to make the belly bigger and the mouth bigger... but thats just how i pictur them and thats individual i think. btw love the warboss! nothings gonna take him on=D

18-09-2008, 22:59
Girr: A howda is in it's infancy, as well as a wire control system plugged into its small brain but the squiggoth has been relegated to low priority since monstrous creatures got nerfed in the new cover rules. Before the kustom force fields save of 5+ for squiggoths was a nice bonus. Now it's bad since the forec field gives a 4+ obscured bonus to vehicles, meaning it's more bang for the bucks just running a wall of kans instead of squiggoths. Also, my squiggoth is too big to hide anyware on a normal gaming table. Hence I will probably only use it in Apocalypse, and god knows when that will be...

However I have some WIP images for this plog:

My two Khorne Obliterators and the winged Daemon Prince of Khorne. The head of the normal obliterator is from the chaos spawn sprue and the other obliterator is an untampered Lord of Battle from Epic. The wings of the daemon prince are made of toilet paper (I know, too nurgly...) and PVA glue.

A double close combat weapon chaos dread with flamer and extra armour.

A second double close combat weapon chaos dread with flamer and extra armour. Apologies for the out of focus head. This is originally a Banelord titan from Epic with an added power flail from the 40k chaos dread, extra armour track links, a chaos warrior shield as torso and the daemon prince shoulder pads to bulk it out. Also I used some strange Inquisitor-scale bit as a search-light.

19-09-2008, 04:15
wow, you've got some cool conversions comming along.

31-10-2008, 02:04
Here's a little preview of my secret project:



If you can tell who the guy is standing to the right in the picture above I'll just say it's his private ride, the Clone mobile ;)

26-11-2008, 21:23
After having the ugly monstrosity staring at me from it's shelf for too long I got my ass into gear and built a howdah for it. With a zzap gun. Unfortunately I'm not too sure about the zzap guns worth, but now it's glued there (5 boyz worth of points for a BS2 AP2 shot with variable strenght? Overrated...). I will probably just run it naked as a fire magnet.

Well, here it is in it's unpainted glory:


It's still ugly and much too big, but its brother squig is just as tall so they'll be a perfect pair. Now I'm thinking of making one the right size, just to try to improve my sculpting, and to make for a squiggoth herd in apocalypse...

Time will tell

03-12-2008, 21:14
More orks. Having put togetehr my first new trukk I realised that the old ones have severe dwarfism in comparison. So I chopped, hacked and glued to make two old ones into a new one with the help of some bitz from the new one... The big wheels are drink carton caps with round bases glued on the inside.

An old plastic ork as a gunner with a big shoota which actually is an old autocannon from an old warbike. The driver is just a regular ork boy.

Size comparison with a new trukk. Spot on perfect!

But the orks weren't the only ones to get some love, my Nurgle beastmen army got a great new addition in the form of a mutant monstrosity:
(I got it unbuilt from swedish e-bay, hence the strange painting.) I added the extra arms because nothing says mutant such as an extra pair of arms, and also they came with the kit. Claws are from the spawn kit.

The tail is also from the spawn sprue

01-01-2009, 22:59
I have already unveiled my secret project at my game club; a Fabius Bile chaos army!

Here's what it contains:

Fabius Bile - 160pts

Chaos Terminators
6 Terminators: 1 chainfist, 2 combimeltas, Icon of Slaanesh, heavy flamer - 225pts

Chaos Space Marines
10 chaos space marines: Enhanced warriors, Icon of Slaanesh, 2 meltaguns - 220pts
+Rhino: extra twinlinked bolter - 40pts

Chaos Space Marines
10 chaos space marines: Enhanced warriors, Icon of Slaanesh, meltagun, flamer - 215pts
+Rhino: extra twinlinked bolter - 40pts

Noise Marines
8 noise Marines: Personal Icon
Aspiring champion: Powerfist, Doom Siren - 240pts
+Rhino: Daemonic possession, extra twinlinked bolter - 60pts

Noise Marines
7 noise Marines: Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster, personal icon - 215pts

Noise Marines
6 noise Marines: Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster - 185pts

2 Obliterators - 150pts

Total 1750pts

Earlier this autumn, sorry last year, I built it completely (except for dr Bile himself) out of parts from my bitz box. The only thing missing is two personal icons on the two biggest noise marine squads. I then painted Bile and the smallest noise marine squad but didn't base them until today, the official hang-over day...

So here are the first things for my new army:

the evil Clone Lord himself

His chirurgeon

The bitz boys, 6 noise marines with sonic blasters and a Blastmaster

The one that ended up best of my conversions, and a closer look at his sonic blaster. All my noise marines have built in pseakers in their back packs to help distinguish them from the normal marines. They probably have Ride of the Valkyries in an extre´me death metal version blasting from them...

01-01-2009, 23:06
Those guys came out nicely.
The colors work well together.

01-01-2009, 23:12
Of course the sonic blaster is connected to the backpack...

The big cannon arm off of an Epic Banelord Titan makes a perfect Blastmaster

Originally I was thinking of using a variant of the four-armed, four-legged man in a circle of da Vinci as army badge, to somehow tie in with Bile's research into making "New Man". Unfortunately all my designs were crap so I opted instead for a stick figure. But that looked incredibly boring. So I stole the german Noise band Einsturzende Neubaten's stick figure logo, which works nicely in a slaanesh setting.

We've just started our second season of Blood Bowl at the game club and now my diabolical plan unfolds. I lost all games first season and got almost no star player points meaning my team value is 1060000 while all other players find their teams around the 1300000 mark. This means I can field Deeproot Strongbranch as a starplayer (he cost 275000 in inducements), which is sweet. I don't reckon on winning any games this season either, but now I'm going to bring on the hurt big time with three treemen on the line of scrimmage!

So having my next game on monday I need a Deeproot. Not having time to order the sweet GW treeman I decided to sculpt him. I mean, I really need to practice, just take a gander at my squiggoth...

So here's how far I got today:

He'll get pointy teeth and some cool chains as well as a fist but I can't really decide if he gets a helmet or not. He will probably get one to tie him in with the other two. Besides, he has one on the old star player card.

Now I have to sleep as, incidentally, I will help my father do some logging tomorrow.

02-01-2009, 08:40
Those guys came out nicely.
The colors work well together.

Well thank you, and yes, I think the colors match perfectly. They will contrast to the ordinary chaos marines who will be black, brown and white. In time they will show up here.

My father deemed it far too cold to cut down trees (lazy git!) so instead I finished greenstuffing Deeproot. I'm really satisfied with the way he turned out even though I squashed the texture on his arm twice since I forgot which arm was finished and which one wasn't. I think my sculpting skills are improving, and yes, he is humongous, since he's the only strength 7 player in the game. I will have to make a fallen down template because if he falls he covers four squares...

Deeproot Strongbranch, ready for combat

His knuckle duster

rear view

12-01-2009, 21:35
And now he's painted!

As we base our league in a variant universe called Blodmark, which is very reminiscent of USA filled with warhammer's fantasy races, he gets a cooler name. I present to you:

Evil Elvis Cypressly!


In his first game he started the first turn of the game by doing the first action of the match; blocking and killing an ork. Talk about making a lasting first impression. He almost managed to destroy the last ork drive, when it was 1-1, by flinging a halfling next to the ork in the backfield which promptly blocked the ball carrier, a two dice against block, fells the ork, gets the ball and hugs the corner. This in the hope of getting blocked into the audience with the ball getting thrown far away.

Of course he got blocked in to the audience and pummeled severely in the ork turn, and the audience threw the ball back and forth it finally landed next to the ork thrower who promptly scored in the last ork turn of the game.

Talk about nail biting experience...

But with a 400000 difference you can really call him an equalizer.

But I've also painted my first ork since -98. It was a trukk:


28-04-2009, 16:04
OK, so I havn't just been painting my space marines. I've been doing other stuff too.

Yesterday I finished and primed my latest sculpt; a Nurgle Bligth Drone. It ended up much more distended and with a much smaller belly than the original, but as far as I can tell from pictures the size seems just about right.





28-04-2009, 16:05
continued due to pic-limit:

05-05-2009, 06:29
Looking great!

09-09-2009, 22:16
Ok, so here's an aborted army project I've had these last weeks. After having painted this stuff I had some try out games with my list for an upcoming tournament and realized it sucked donkey bottom. So I put them away in disgust to focus on my loyalists instead (besides I realized that I wouldn't have time to paint an entire army in two weeks).

However I'm quite satisfied how they turned out so I offer them for your perusal. Notice the backpack speakers and the nice tiled bases especially. C&C is always welcome.

The terminators of squad "XI". Why XI (the roman numeral for eleven) you ask? Because these boys go to eleven! (Spinal Tap reference...) Also notice that they sport the army badge which is surprisingly similar to the old German noise band Einstürzende Neubaten's logo... In this gang we find a couple of Rogue Trader Chaos termis, an even older exo suit with a new head, a 3rd ed. loyalist terminator and Abbadon's body with an insanely big inquisitor scale head. The lash power weapons are also inquisitor scale.

The two not-so-gentle men of obliterator squad "Ninja". Made out of 1ed. space hulk terminators.

Noise marine squad "Filth". You've seen it before. Fitted out with sonic blasters, a Blastmaster and an icon. Having tried them out in an actual game I found that they were wasted possibilities when fielded with a rhino. Either they stand still firing the blastmaster leaving the sonic blasters unused or they move ahead and embarked in a rhino they can't shoot unless it moves snail pace. I should've made them just five with a blastmaster...

Squad "Wisdom". Se earlier comment.

09-09-2009, 22:42
The tile floors must have taken a long time. They look good.
The gold looks like it may need some high lighting. Perhaps a little sliver high lights on it?
Did you get the blight drone painted? I have been wanting to make one, but I'm not sure if my Green Stuff skills are up to it.

10-09-2009, 22:05
Oh, the tiles took surprisingly long time to paint even though I based it on square tiled plasticard. But I think the end result justifies the time spent. I didn't have any mithril at home, and boltgun metal doesn't really work as a highlight for gold...

The blight drone is still PIP. Since the rules aren't readily available I don't really know what to do with it. I you decide to do one remember to fill it with aluminium foil so it doesn't weigh like a horse. It also saves sculpting material.

I'm actually thinking of continuing worrk on my second squiggoth. It's based on a pottery cow...

01-04-2010, 00:26
Long time, no see as they say. I return with some Nurgle bikers:

A hazy photo of my Nurgle sorceror on bike

Six little Nurgle bikers with powerfist, two meltaguns and an Icon of Nurgle.

I've painted them up for a small 1200 point league at the club. The last game they lost three members to deathspitters (that's is three hits, three sixes to wound and three ones to save...) and promptly broke on a 12 on the Ld-test. Since the sorceror had joined them that was roughly half the army that ran off the table. And I thought they'd perform better when painted...

14-04-2010, 23:46
More unpainted stuff, for the unwashed Beastmen hordes of WHFB:

I don't really like the skinny eye-bulging razorgor that GW provides, instead I went with some piggies that really look like T5 4A each:


Since I used to run a Nurgle army I decided to go fluffy with Slugtongue. When I then found out that he is le fromage of the new army book it turned even better. This imagining is based on the old Pestigor champion:

I've also decided that a razorgor chariot is the only way to go if you play at 1999 points (no lords you know). So I built one, I'm quite pleased how it turned out, including the cool Gor rider:

I've built it so I can slide any character in to the chariot, pretty sweet if I say so myself:

23-04-2010, 08:52
The pigs are a good idea. The scale and size look about right too.
Did you ever get a chance to paint the Nurgle Blight Drone?

26-04-2010, 23:02
I guess you could call it half painted. It's on my ever increasing "to do"-list...

02-06-2010, 10:23
I built a new squiggoth since I threw away the old one. I've also sold off almost all my RT and 2nd ed. orks so I can make an army of nice looking orks. It was the new deffdread that really got me on to this track even though the new trukks and all the other new models had me pointing that direction earlier.

I've decided to go Snakebites because I've only managed to paint two trukks for my Bad Moons. I thought I liked their blinged out style, but I realised it's always been the squiggoths that attracted me.

The old one was entirely sculpted which I realize was a mistake so I based this one on a triceratops toy. I reworked its butt and carved off the neck shield and the beak and made a mouth out of green stuff. I built the howda out of trukk- and battlewagon parts.

My plan is to have two or three in an army with the mad dok, just to be able to give them cybork body, hence the exhaust and the bass guitar string thigh muscle...



15-06-2010, 13:42
I'm discontinuing this thread, I guess there won't be any cries in cyberspace...
Check out my Snakebite plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4735836#post4735836) instead