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03-05-2008, 23:41

Hi All,

I'll get right down to the meaty parts. I'm in the process of creating my entry for the 2008 UK WH40K GT. You'll find the army list below, along with several pictures of my progress so far, please feel free to leave any feedback!

The army will be called the "Blood Guard", a Blood Angels 'detachment'. You can find more information on my blog HERE (http://d6curse.blogspot.com/)

Army List:

Blood Guard – Octavian’s Coven (1500pts)


Lord Octavian – The Dragon. (Count as Mephiston) – 225pts

Chaplain – 100pts


Death Company – 160pts
+ 7 Models (3 free)
+ Rhino

Blood Guard (VAS) – 215pts
+ 6 Models
+ 1x Flamer
+ 2x Power Weapon
+ 1x Meltabombs
+ Rhino


Tactical Squad – 215pts
+ 10 Models
+ Plasma Gun
+ Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad – 170pts
+ 5 Models
+ 1x Meltagun
+ 1x Meltabombs
+ Rhino

Blood Familiars (Storm Troopers) – 65 pts
+ 5 Models
+ 1x Plasma Gun
+ 1x Flamer

Fast Attack

Attack Bike – 50pts
+ Multi Melta

Attack Bike – 50pts
+ Multi Melta

Heavy Support

Baal Predator – 125pts
+ HB Sponsons

Baal Predator – 125pts
+ HB Sponsons

WIP Shots!

Baal Predator - "Abel" WIP:


Death Company WIP:




More Pictures to follow!

04-05-2008, 10:24
Really nice sofar!

04-05-2008, 10:33
Looks good. What heat you going to? If heat 1 i'll see you there

04-05-2008, 13:40
@ Konrad: Definitely heat 1. The tournament team I coach is currently practicing for it, so you shall see us all there. Just look for the black jersey with "Levett" on the back! ;)

04-05-2008, 14:45
great looking marines, i'd like to see some better pics if at all possible.


04-05-2008, 16:32
Big update!

Apologies as always for the picture quality, but its the best I can possibly get with a mobile phone.

I'm nearly done painting the Death Company now, each model is taking around 7 hours due to the 6-7 shading washes the red armour requires, and the freehand takes around 1 hour.

Death Company WIP (2 more need to be painted)


Standard Bearer Front View


Banner Side View


Death Company Marine


Next post...

04-05-2008, 16:36
More pics!

Death Company Chaplain




I really enjoyed doing the chaplain, he was extremely quick to convert, and not too bad to paint due to the black armour. The bone for his helmet was a test for a new recipe i've been working on which I'm happy with, any comments?

04-05-2008, 16:41
Finally, I managed to dislodge the pin holding Octavians head in place and have reposition it. The angle im after is that of him stepping in towards a taller opponent.

I now need to do some GS work around his neck and repaint his entire head, but im generally happy with his new pose. You'll also notice theres a lot of detail work on him which needs finishing, i'm intending to do this tomorrow (Monday).



For those of you that took the time to read my army list, you'll see that i've got some Storm Troopers, and quite a few tactical marines, well heres some WIP shots of those.

Storm Trooper:


Plasma Gunner:


04-05-2008, 16:43
Finally, I have a shot of my take on Brother Corbulo. I've tried to recreate the pre-heresy helmets you see in the Horus Heresy: Collected Visions book, and just added a 'spartan crest' on top of the helmet to tie it in with my army.

What do you think so far?


04-05-2008, 23:00
On another note, if anyone is having trouble viewing the images please let me know, as apparently sometimes they show up... and other times they dont?

04-05-2008, 23:03
Some pics doesn´t work efectively, but what I can see make me a general idea of your army. Really a good idea and central theme, I wait for more minis

04-05-2008, 23:22
Sorted, they should all show now... something to do with having to specify the size of the image i want to show... odd.

05-05-2008, 00:05
Very cool stuff. They all have aspects of Spartans and Knights, but alot darker than both. Really great concept and really great painting make a really great thread! Good luck at the tournament!

05-05-2008, 16:22
That's really effin' brilliant.

One tiny thing that i woulda changed though, is the length of the spears. As they stand now i can't help thinking 'Emperors pointy sticks'

Other than that, both the imagery, the paint and the conversions are bloody awesome.

Peace out.

05-05-2008, 16:35
These are looking great! Keep up the good work. You must provide us with better pictures though..

05-05-2008, 16:50
Wow, those are really cool. Well done!

05-05-2008, 17:03
This is easily on of the nicest looking Space Marine armies I have seen to date. You are both an amazing converter and painter Levett, please keep it up!!!!



p.s. Mind doing a quick rundown on how you do your black Power Armour? Its so crisp I just need to know :)

05-05-2008, 18:01
This log shows probably one of the best army i've ever seen : cool conversion, top painting, what more can we demand !! :D
I hope to see more of your minis soon !

05-05-2008, 22:20
@ Extension: I've had a few people comment about the length of the spears, and i'll agree with you 110% from the point of appearances. However, I had a friend come up to me when I was working on concept sketches, and he made a very good clear point about them being so long (this is before the shorter spears were made). I quote: "If those spears are so ornate and powerful that they cause rending in the game... well what happens if one of them swings around and hits his buddy? as they are blimmin' massive to be used a fighting spears!". I've made Octavian's spear though much longer to represent him being the leader.

@ HaruldurTrausti: Thanks mate. I know the pictures are shocking, I only have a mobile phone to take the pictures with, so i'm not sure what else I can do, as the phone im using (LG Viewty) is better than most digital cameras lol. Maybe its the fact im relying entirely on natural light?

@ Shadowphrakt: Thanks! wtf is up with your avatar lol? :P

@ tancrede: Thanks mate! Been looking at your imperial guard for a while now, loving the progress your making.

@ Girathon: No problem mate, the black is extremely easy to do... takes very little time at all. Steps below.

1) Prime Chaos Black

2) Create a Chaos Black wash using approx 8:1 water to black, i tend to aim to a translucent affect on my pallet. Apply this over your black areas, trying to hit the lower areas where shadows would build up. The reason for the wash, is i simply hate the affect the spray can gives, so i feel it needs another coat to smooth it off!

3) Using the GW foundation paint "Adeptus Battle Grey (ABG)", make a mix of 3:1 water to ABG. Carefully highlight / line all of the raised areas, or the areas you feel are too bland, e.g. shoulder pad rims, the top of a space marine helmet, knee pads etc etc.

4) Now make another mix of GW's Codex Grey, approx 3:1 water to Codex Grey. Now paint this carefully over about 3/4 of your ABG line, you want to paint the this mix to that it blends towards the tip of the surface your highlighting, e.g. you on a shoulder pad rim, you would leave approx 1/4 of your ABG line showing at the bottom, and cover the other 3/4 in codex grey.

5) Create a mix of approx 4:1 water to GW's "Fortress Grey". You want to cover the top half of your highlight, corners, or general tips with this mix.

Generally speaking, due to the fact your adding a lot of water, the colours should let some of the AGB through keeping them all rather dark and ensuring they all blend together, thus.. it shouldnt be clear you have used 3 seperate blends.

If you want to see an example where this can be seen, look at the left kneepad on the below picture.


05-05-2008, 23:20

I managed to get Octavians head repainted to a small degree today, and also started the NMM brace around his leg, and the skull on his shin pad.

Also... I'm not sure if anyone would be interested, but I intend on publishing 5 copies of a "Tome of Blood", which will essentially be a Codex for my army. The book itself will cover all aspects such as;

- Army history
- Custom Artwork
- Pictures
- Numerous Army lists
- Tactical formation diagrams

I'm in the progress of writing up the fluff, and thought some of you might be interested to know the background for the spartan / vampire inspired Blood Guard.



"How do you define a saviour? A servant of good, honour, and justice who rescues others from the grasp of evil? A courageous soul, bound to helping preserve the destiny of lesser beings? Or soul so dark, and tortured, that fear has no grasp upon it? A soul so dark, that chaos itself has come to fear it. For it is those cursed few who hold the key to our legions future."

- Lord Commander Dante addressing Mephiston during the Red Ascension.


The Blood Guard

Deeply ingrained within the Blood Angels' gene-seed is the encoded experience of Sanguinius, and many say that most deeply imprinted of all is the memory ops his final battle with Horus. Sometimes an event or circumstance will trigger this 'race memory'. This appears to happen only rarely, often on the eve of battle, and it is likely to be a fatal experience for the warrior whose mind is suddenly wrenched into the distant past. What has become known as the Black Rage overcomes him, the memories, of his consciousness of Sanguinius intrude upon his mind, and dire events ten thousand years old flood into the present. This we know to be true.

Should the warrior survive the memories of those dark events and the forth coming battle, he will be restrained and taken back to Baal, where he will be held within the 'Tower of Amareo'. Not much is known about the tower, other than it holds both, some of the most heroic and cursed warriors to bare the gene-seed of Sanguinius. There are tales of howling cries that demand the blood of the living, and call out the name of Sanguinius himself. There have been recorded incidents where the local Baalites have strayed close to the tower, to go missing one day, only to reappear later drained of their blood. Truly, these warriors were doomed to become shadows of their once heroic selves. This fate had been sealed until the arrival of the Lord of Death, Mephiston.

After overcoming the Black Rage a second time, Mephiston had begun to see the plan his primarch had laid out before him, the cure to their blood thirst was in those closest to Sanguinius, those tortured souls who had relived the final moments on Sanguinius' glorious life before it was extinguished at the hands of Horus. Not much is known about the months Mephiston spent within the Tower of Amareo, however it is said that during the final days the sky above the tower turned red with blood, this phenomenon became known as the Red Ascension.

Finally Mephiston emerged, and behind him an entire phalanx of astartes clad in Black and Red armour sporting weapons similar to the revered Spear of Telesto once wielded by Sanguinius himself. At the center of the formation stood an equal to the lord of death, Octavian - 'Lord of the Blood Guard'. Mephiston had managed to aid Octavian, once his most promising apprentice, to control the Black Rage, enhancing his powers to unimaginable levels.

The Blood Guard had been born. Each member of the blood guard was a forgotten hero, cursed with the red thirst and the memories of the fall of Sanguinius, each a surviving member of the Death Company, and each an incomparable warrior. The Blood Guard exists as a secretive detachment of the Blood Angels, tasked with finding a cure for the gene-seed curse they all possess, and they will not rest until their thirst is quenched for all eternity.

Fighting Doctrines

+++More Info Needed+++


The Blood Guard are similar to the majority of chapters in their organisation, however refer to companies as “covenants”. Each Covenant is typically 300 strong including vehicle support.

+++Need more Fluff+++

Power Lances

Created deep within the core of Baal, and bathed in the blood of their fallen brethren, each lance is work of art unto itself. After the initial creation process, the lance is then attuned to psychic signature of Sanguinius himself, using blood from the holiest of artefacts, the Red Grail, for only the sons of the sanguine one are able to wield the lances to full effect.

The weapon itself is designed to hunt down the foul stench of chaos and eradicate it. Upon contact with a tainted object, the lance will revolt, resonating with anger inside the very atomic structure of the target, causing a series of violent detonations at the sub-atomic level, leaving no trace of taint of chaos.

The Master of the Guard is anointed with a further modified lance, able to discharge a small sphere of raw energy at close range, similar to the effects of plasma weaponry, the power of which is largely dependent upon the wielder.

+++ Diagram?+++

06-05-2008, 10:57
I demand reciepes for red and your bone :) Great work, I always love Blood Angels.

The Wildchild
06-05-2008, 10:59
Nice background...really love the pre-heresy helmet...works really, really well!

This blog is fantastic, you're such a good painter!

06-05-2008, 11:03
wow that is some really good work there. Any luck in getting some kind of tutorial? Can't wait to see more. Love the angel wings!

06-05-2008, 21:29
@ Lord Dante: Thanks for the comments. I see you're from Liverpool? I used to be a staffer there (John Levett) about 2 years ago, is Steve Lawrence still the manager? Also, which bone would you like the recipe for? the eagles on the marines, or the chaplains helmet?

@ The Wildchild: Thanks! Flattering comments lol.

@ Lavieth: What would you like to see a tutorial for mate? More than willing to do one for the death company marines with the shield, but I only have two left to paint, so if you let me know i'll write one up as i paint them :)

As an update, i'm working on building some of the army tonight so that it is all at least constructed. The other reason being that I run a tournament team that goes by the name "Norwich Elite", and at the moment everyone on the planet seems to want to challenge me to games, so I thought i'd use my Blood Guard this thursday and give them a trial run! ;). I'll post the battle report later that evening.

Painting wise, i've nearly finished the Baal Predator 'Abel' turret, i'm pretty happy with the results, i'll try and get pictures later tonight.

06-05-2008, 21:40
Im going to second the request for a run down on the bone, it looks fantastic.

07-05-2008, 20:20
For the eagles please :) I have no idea who manages the GW store. I've not really been a regular since it moved from Lord Street about 6 years ago, lol.

08-05-2008, 23:43
Hi All

Tutorial on the Bone is coming soon, bare with me! Currently I have no bone due to be painted until I start the tactical marines, which will be approx 1 week.

Today I played 3 games with my Blood Guard 1500pt list, which were the first 3 games i've actually played with them. Battle reports below!

My list: (See Page 1)

Opponents (Roughly, might be a little out):

6x Lesser Daemons
6x Lesser Daemons
6x Lesser Daemons
5x Havocs w/ Mark of Tzeentch, 4 Missile Launchers
6x Thousand Sons, 1 Asp Sorc, Doombolt, Rhino w/ 2x Combi Bolter
6x Thousand Sons, 1 Asp Sorc, Doombolt, Rhino w/ 2x Combi Bolter
6x Thousand Sons, 1 Asp Sorc, Doombolt, Rhino w/ 2x Combi Bolter
1x Greater Daemon

Mission: Cleanse
Board Size: 6x4
Terrain: GT layout (approx 25% of board)


Deployment took the form of me trying to hide the majority of my rhino's away from his havocs, and placing both Baal Predators behind area terrain, but in a position to take up firing positions against the havocs on my turn 1. Octavian joined the VAS behind their rhino, and all squads deployed behind their transports out of LoS.

His deployment saw his rhino's grouping in a corner, whilst his Havocs took cover in some dense forest (why he did this im not sure, as he had a 5+ invuln from his mark, the forest he placed them in simply brought them closer to the Baals...)

Turn 1:

I lost the roll for first turn, however due to my deployment he could only see 2 rhino's which were both obscured, and were on the opposite side of the board to his havocs, thus no shots were fired. He rhino's moved along his long table edge towards the center of the board which housed a large piece of area terrain and popped smoke.

My turn one saw me pass the Overcharged Engine roll for all of my vehicles, the Baals broke from cover at high speed and turned to face the havocs in the woods. The rhino's merged together to form a stepped wall approx 12" away from his rhinos, directly in front. They were placed as per the below crude diagram.

[--] (side on)
[-][-] (front)

(the aim of the above is from any targets directly in front of the rhino's they get hull down, meaning only one rhino has to pop smoke if your feeling lucky...

Lastly, the attack bikes turbo boosted 24" into the back corner of the board, ensuring i could contest another quarter.

My shooting phase resulted in the Baal Predators annihilating the 5 man havoc squad, and the front rhino popping smoke... no other major developments.

Turn 2:

This was unexpected, my opponent rolled for his reserves, resulting in all 3 packs of the lesser daemons showing up! He promptly moved all of his rhino's 12" just behind a large piece of area terrain in the quarter to the left of my own, and disembarked all 3 thousand son squads, and then deep striked his daemons infront of them. Ahriman attempted to use Bolt of Change but was stopped by Octavians Psychic Hood, no other shooting.

My turn 2 saw the Death Company rhino speed towards the left flank of his main force which now consisted of 6 seperate units, 3 rhino's and a special character (ouchies). The VAS rhino stayed where it was, being within approx 15" of his force, it had no need to move, so the VAS disembarked and moved 6" towards the bulk of his main force. The VAS rhino then proceeded to move infront of them giving some LoS blocking cover.

Octavian had ran out of patience with the traitors and launched himself into the heart of the enemy force (I found a hole in his unit approx 4" wide, just enough to fit a 40mm base lol). The Baal Predators retreated back towards eachother ensuring they could not be picked off solo. The attack bikes held their position, waiting. Meanwhile, the so far hidden storm troopers decided to reveal themselves, moving a full 6" towards the main Thousand Son battle force, ensuring they were perfectly in line with the Baal Predators. The tactical squads took position in some dense woods to the left of my quarter, moving towards the border. Finally, the death company and chaplain disembarked, the Blood Guard banner was held high, and the time for the traitors end was near.

My shooting phase saw a good amount of death. Using the storm troopers ability to pre-measure, I was able to see get a rough idea of if the Baal Predators assault cannons would be in range of any targets, unfortunately it didnt look promising. Given the tactical information relayed to them by the storm troopers, both Baals opened fire into one unit of Thousand Sons, killing 4. Octavian as he landed fired off a shot from his plasma pistol, vaporising one of the lesser daemons instantly.

Assault... Octavian charged into one of the lesser daemon units, killing 4 on his initial charge and transfixing another! The daemons held their ground and the battle carried on.

Turn 3.

His greater daemon had arrived. The daemon materialized at the unit that had just taken casualties from the Baal Predators, and managed to move a health 6" towards the VAS hiding behind the rhino (uh oh). Two of the thousand son units move a lucky 5" (slow and purposeful is fun), putting all of them within rapid fire range of the Death Company. Meanwhile his daemons circled Octavian, drooling with the excitement of the kill to come. Shooting... both thousand son squads rapid fired the Death Company, causing 9 wounds, all of which were saved by Feel No Pain! (GET IN!!). Ahriman tried yet again to bolt of change one of my rhino's, but soon realized he could not see through the close combat in front of him that octavian had created.

The assault phase saw all of the remaining lesser daemons charge Octavian. Given his Initiative 6, i felt farely confident. I managed to kill a further 4 lesser daemons, which in turn I believe meant I had to survive approx 34 attacks.... and funnily enough, in a flare of blinding kill, Octavian managed to come out of the fight without a scratch.

Meanwhile, behind Octavian things were not looking so great. The greater daemon charged into the VAS, although I knew I would lose the unit, I never expected them to perform as well as they did. In the first round of combat, the VAS raised their halberds, offered a prayer to sanguinius and fought the daemon head on, causing 2 wounds! However in turn, 4 of their number fell to the beast. The remaining 2 VAS managed to hold their ground, tying the daemon up.

Turn 4-6.

In my turn 4, I whipped out the beard. I had managed to find a 3" path between his units, leading directly to Ahriman. In light of this, I rolled a DT and passed, meaning the Death Company had put themselves in the middle of 2 thousand son squads, Ahriman, and had Octavian fighting the horde of Lesser daemons to their right. I fired at Ahriman with the chaplain, and charged 2 of the Death Company along with the chaplain directly into Ahriman, whilst a further 3 of the death Company charged one squad of thousand sons, and the remaining 2 engaged the lesser daemons (god i love multiple charges). In that one assault phase, 13 lesser daemons fell, Ahriman cut his head cut off, and an entire squad of thousand sons died (Result!).

Deeper towards the center of the battlefield, the greater daemon massacred the remaining VAS, and somehow managed to contact one of my Baals, destroying it with a lucky roll of a 6 to hit. The other Baal and attack bikes turbo boosted into his table quarter which was now empty other than my units.

Come turn 6, I had control of all table quarters (he had no scoring units left) and the result was...

Me: 3500 VP
Opponent: 249 VP
Result: Massacre.

08-05-2008, 23:48
The other 2 games were both massacres, results:

Game 2:

Me: 2632pts
Opponent: 1020pts
Result: Massacre

Game 3:
Me: 949pts
Opponent: 719pts
Result: Draw
Notes: This game was bad. I only lost 8 marines out of my entire force, whilst wiping his entire army out bar 2 hammer heads (he was Tau). The mission was take and hold, and on the last turn I managed to stall ALL of my tanks, resulting in only one of my units being within 12" for the extra VP bonus, whilst he got double the points for his Hammerheads... utter ********.

What have I learnt?

Baal Predators are stupidly points effective, however they are soon targetted and made a high priority. Attack Bikes are godlike, they killed 6 units during the Tau game single handedly. Octavian is a killing machine.

The one unit im not so happy with is the VAS, they seem to be ok (killing 4 units with 2 of them remaining vs the Tau), but they are hard to use as the small squad size, and rather large amount of points, means I simply cannot throw them into the enemy. I may ditch these.

Painting Update:

Everything is coming along nicely, both Baals are now assembled, and im going to be working on finishing the last of the Death Company today. I've also completed a tester head for my "vampiric / necrotic" flesh that the army will be sporting. Pics to come soon!

09-05-2008, 18:26
Wow. Just wow. It's heartening to know there are still people who embrace the whole hobby, not just power gaming.

I've played Blood Angels a long time, but have left them on the shelf recently in favor of my Eldar as the new "codex" doesn't seem to be that competative. But this list is something I hadn't considered. I like Baal's but was wondering what folks did for anti armor. I'll have to look into some bikes.

Besides, I am inspired not only to play them again, but to repaint the whole army! (Though just a bit at a time. ;))

Incidentally, you say Octavian nee Mephiston is good? His lack of an invulnerable save makes me nervous.

09-05-2008, 20:10
Aye, Octavian (aka mephiston), is a sure thing. His lack of an invulnerable is not of importance against 99% of shooting attacks (your FNP works vs anything but a Railgun and Demolisher cannon). In close combat, his high initiative means you can normally lay the smack down before your hit back vs other characters. I however prefer to use him to take on the enemies basic squads, as simply put... you need 36 WS4 S4 attacks on average to cause 1 wound to him...

I try not to power game, but rather make good all round lists, which has left me unbeaten so far this year, and bearing in mind this list is intended for 5th Edition, i'm happy with its performance!

09-05-2008, 20:14
Your blending skills have not been praised enough, I think.

They are... sublime. Congrats!

10-05-2008, 21:41
Uber Update.

Been hard at work on the army, and its now coming along nicely. I'll rant a bit after I post all the pics (warning there is a lot!)

Better picture of Octavian #1:


#2 (Note the details on his body are done now, namely the silver thigh band, skull on his shinpad, and the scroll. The gem was also re-done on his chest eagle):


Random Tactical Marines:


10-05-2008, 21:44
Missile Launcher Marine: (im aware of the mould line on his hand, he's not been prepped yet.)


Full Tactical Squad:


An odd one here lol. Basically, everyone knows I weight lift and wanted to know if I could lift one of our golden demon winning painters over my head...


More model pics inc!

10-05-2008, 21:47
Tester "Vampiric" Flesh. I'm aiming to do all of my bare head marines in this style, C&C?:


WIP Shot of 'Abel':


Abel's Turret:


10-05-2008, 21:48
Bit of a selfless bit of promotion here for a friend.

The below is a display base we both created for my Death Company & Chaplain, I'm rather happy with the results, and it didnt take long. He is accepting commissions for terrain pieces, and is willing to discuss some freebies for clubs / events. Send me a pm if your interested!


Anyway moving on...

Whats everyones views on the armies progression so far? What would YOU like to see in the army conversion wise? Obviously keep in mind my army list, but if you have any cool ideas for freehand, or some wacky ideas for some Objective markers, please post here and let me know!

Also, in my previous post you can see the concept for my vampiric / necrotic flesh, the theme behind this is that the Blood Guard's skin pigmentation gland has failed them, hence why they are beginning to lose the colour in their skin. So i'm not after a totally cold / blue appearance, more of a mid-way transition look.

10-05-2008, 23:42
Absolutely fantastic army, I love the level of detail and the conversion are amazing.
Definately be watching this one! :)

Kasrkin 666
11-05-2008, 02:59
Yeah I've got a comment on the "vampric" flesh. How the hell did you do it?! Its amazing!:)


11-05-2008, 09:26
:eek: Wheres a huge jaw drop similie when you need one.

This army does the BA justice. Full of win!!! Makes what i have planned to convert up my FT's look pale in comparison.

Fav models i've got to say are the Chappy love the dual wielded swords (Are the plasticard or have you picked them up from somewhere?) I've seen that head used a number of times and its really cool but where is it from? Haven't seen it on any bits sites.

Also Octavian is amazing aswell. Though i am amazed you've decided to take him in 1,5k list.

Subbed to this. :D

11-05-2008, 10:15
Flesh is looking awesome dude. Recipe please

11-05-2008, 20:13
Glad to see you have a project log on the go. I have been fortunate enough to see these models in the flesh and the pictures really dont do them justice!

Keep it up John.

12-05-2008, 15:10
Awsome idea, really well painted, only downside I can find is that you don't have a better camera cause I really want to see more of these minis.


12-05-2008, 19:56
Awesome models and painting here, I'm really liking this


What GT heat are you thinking of going to. Wouldn't mind seeing these in the flesh

12-05-2008, 23:11
@ Kenny3760 - I'll be attending Heat 1 with the team I coach. There will be about 15 of us, wearing black jerseys. Just look for the bloke stood around with "Levett" on the back of his, and that will be me :)

@ Tsen - I'm having to use a mobile phone for pictures at the moment, believe me, it paints me to have such crap pictures, but hopefully the problem will be resolved soon!

@ stormtrooper154 - Thanks bud, looking forward to seeing your stuff this thursday at the Norwich GW

@ Konrad - Tutorial coming soon with pictures hopefully. Bare with me on this one!

@ Ocid - Thanks mate! I know i'm a little mad to use 325pts worth of HQ's in a 1500pt tournament list, but so far Octavian has earned his points back every game by a huge amount. In the tzeentch game he managed to basically wipe out the 3 daemon squads along with a Greater Daemon... well worth it! :)

@ Kasrkin666 - Tutorial coming soon mate :)

@ Doghouse - Thanks mate, flattering to know your watching, big fan of your work :)

As for the army, its coming along nicely... I also have a surprise in store for everyone, a FW drop pod! Its primed and ready to go, but I've told myself I cant start it until I finish the Death Company and first Baal Predator.

Word Bearer
13-05-2008, 19:10
Hey Levett, said I'd comment on here at some point.

Again have to say that the photos really don't do these models justice.

May have to start up my own blog for my Eldar or Sisters

13-05-2008, 20:19
some truely amazing stuff. Very impressive. I live in Ipswich so think I should come down one thursday night to see them in the flesh!

I would love a full description of how you do youre red?

14-05-2008, 09:26
@ Word Bearer - Thanks bud! You should definitely get a log off your eldar up, they are a gorgeous army if your who I think you are ;)

@ Vegerta365 - Feel free to pop down mate, I can organise a game for you against one of the Norwich Elite (our tournament team), its always quality to meet new gamers.

To all...

Tutorial for the red is coming, along with a complete breakdown of the colours being used, the recipe for the two mixes I use, and the recipe for the shading wash.

Bone tutorial is also on its way :)

14-05-2008, 20:21
That sounds like a good idea. In fact, the ipswich gw store is sending plenty of people to this years gt, so perhaps it may be an idea to get a car load of us down to play a few fresh faces in readyness for the heats? We will have the 5th edition rules very soon so it is going to be a good time to get some practice in!

14-05-2008, 21:35
Definitely, you're more than welcome.

If you like we could make an 'event' out of it, Ipswich Veterans vs the Norwich Elite. It should be a good nights entertainment, and all of the Norwich Elite are 18+, so you'll have a decent game :)

The Wildchild
15-05-2008, 13:03
Pictures! I demand pictures! This blog is truely awesome...I esp love the battle reports (I usually find them dull, but you've got a way with words that makes them interesting), by the sounds of it you're a fantastic tactician! Can't wait to see pics of the finished squads! Any ideas about the VAS dilemma?

16-05-2008, 00:07
Hi All,

No new pictures yet, but a big post is not far off, containing tutorials for the red, bone and also the colours I use for both my NMM silver & gold. I've also done a small guide on creating your own custom mixes and storing them in mixing pots.

Anyway, I played another 2 games tonight. Battle report below for the Dark Angel game, and results after that for the re-match against the thousand sons.

BATTLE REPORT - 1500PTS - vs Dark Angels Gunline

Dark Angel List (Roughly)
Dreadnought w/ TLLC
10x Tactical Marines w/ Plasma & LC
10x Tactical Marines w/ Plasma & LC
Landspeeder Tornado w/ Multi Melta
Landspeeder Tornado w/ Multi Melta
Landspeeder Typhoon w/ Heavy Bolter
Predator Destructor w/ HB Sponsons
Predator Destructor w/ HB Sponsons
Predator Annihilator w/ LC Sponsons

My List:
Exactly the same as the original, however the VAS chose a drop pod over the rhino with Octavian inside.

Mission: Take & Hold
Level: Gamma
Notes: OMG, 50% of the board was scenery, we had 5 pieces of area terrain, and "pipelines" which ran across the entire board practically in lines, which meant I couldnt actually move any vehicles without a DT test.


My deployment pretty much saw both of my Baals, the storm troopers and one combat squad with a plasma gun, deploying behind a piece of area terrain about 12" in from my left board egde. The rest of my force huddled behind the other piece of area terrain approx 5" from my right board edge, this contained both attack bikes, the DC rhino, and the Meltagun tactical squad.

His deployment saw one tactical squad deploy in a crater opposite my Baals, and ALL of the remaining aspects of his army huddle together behind or in cover opposite my rhinos.

Turn 1:
The game started with the roar of the Blood Guard's vehicles as I over charged both of the Baal Predators. Kain & Abel swung round to the left of the ruined building giving LoS to the Dark Angel's huddled in the crater. Meanwhile on the other side of the board, it seemed the techmarines had forgot to bless the rhinos, as BOTH stalled on the first turn... leaving them stuck with one of the rhino's being in LoS to the enemy Dreadnought...

In light of the rhino's failure to do anything useful, the attack bikes turbo boosted from cover towards the center of the board, managed to hide behind a small ruined chapel.

My shooting phase saw a flurry of... crap. The Baal Predators whispered a prayer to Sanguinius and let rip with their heavy bolters, killing only two of the entrenched dark angels. Meanwhile the missile launcher from the tactical squad tried to fire towards one of the Predator Destructors, hitting the vehicle but rolling a 1 to penetrate (balls!).

The dark angels retaliated swiftly. Out of the dust created from the Blood Guards vehicles, the landspeeders erupted, speeding towards my right flank, putting them in LoS of both attack bikes. Meanwhile the dreadnought & predator annihilator took postion on my left flank allowing him to target the Baal Predators harassing the tactical squad.

His shooting phase was biblical. Firstly the tactical squad acted upon the death of their brothers, stunning Kain and blowing the assault cannon off! Meanwhile the dreadnought added to the barrage with a blast from the TLLC, stunning the second Baal Predator, Abel. On the other side of the battlefield, things were about to get worse. In a volley of fire from the landspeeders, only 2 wounds were caused to each attack bike, unfortunately they managed to take 1 wound each (...rubbish). As the final act of the Dark Angels wrath, the destructors leveled their guns and unleashed a torrent of fire towards the missile toting combat squad, killing two of them.

Turn 2-3 (Not much happened here as I tried to buy time)

After what could be called an amazing display of skill from the Dark Angels, I had to buy time and try to cut my losses. The attack bikes powered forward, bringing their guns to bear on the land speeders, killing one and stunning another (result). Meanwhile both Baal Predators popped their smoke launchers, hoping to survive the next barrage from the massed Dark Angel lascannons. The melta gun squad decided to hide in cover with their rhino, as they were currently 21" from the center of the table, meaning I could make a last turn dash for the objective and get the extra VP.

However, the Death Company, intent on shedding as much blood as possible, stormed forward in the only path they could (the terrain only had 1 route from my deployment zone to his... go figure). The rhino hurled 18" forward and deployed it's smoke launchers.

His turn 2 saw the landspeeders retreat behind area terrain whilst the stunned crew of the tornado tried to regain their wits. Meanwhile the dreadnought managed to stun Kain yet again, despite the smoke cloud obscuring him. The Dark Angel predators unloaded all they had on the death company rhino, scoring 4 glancing hits, 2 immobilised results, and 2 destroyed results. The Death Company disembarked and soon realised they were facing off against the entire Dark Angel force... they offered a prayer to the Emperor, raised their shields and took the entire brunt of the dark angels fire power in turn 3. Unfortunately 4 of the Death Company fell to the bombardment, their shields unable to offer enough protection.

The final act of turn 3, saw Azrael charge out of cover, and straight into the Death Company chaplain. The chaplain, aware of Azrael's melee prowess, had no hope but to hold off the chapter master as long as possible. The duel was titanic, seeing the chaplain taking one wound of Azrael, but in return dying to the ancient dark angels blade.

Turn 4

I had now began to move my forces on the left flank towards the objective, however due to the terrain layout, I had to backtrack into my deployment zone, and then go through the same route the Death Company rhino had taken. I had also yet to see the arrival of Octavian and the VAS, this was beginning to hurt the Blood Guard, who were desperately needing the leadership of their lord.

The death company couldn't hold much longer against Azrael, and were simply trying to buy time for Octavians arrival. In light of this I decided to charge Azrael with the missile launcher combat squad, seeing as the unit was already below half strength, and would no doubt be obliterated by the Predator Destructors, my best gambit was to hold the chapter master in place.

My shooting phase saw all of my shooting fail to wound and/or penetrate anything... I couldn't believe it. In my assault phase the combat squad charged in, Azrael, undaunted by the new additions to the melee ignored them, wiping out the death company, taking no wounds in return. Fortunately the tactical held, all I needed now was for Octavian to show up in turn 5.

The dark angels turn was about as productive as mine, as he realized the objective was take & hold, and all of his units were too far away to reach in one turn. This saw all of his vehicles move towards the objective, with some even passing a 2d6 DT test...

Turn 5-6:

Finally, like a comet, Octavians drop pod crashed through the atmosphere landing in the center of the battlefield, blocking his predators from reaching the objective. The VAS disembarked behind the cover of the Drop Pod, however, after seeing the blood shed before him, Octavian disembarked towards Azrael, in plain view of the entire Dark Angels force.

After realizing there was only a 1/3 chance that my vehicles would immobilize themselves going over DT, I went for it. Both Baal Predators moved up, with both becoming immobiled on one of the pipe networks. Meanwhile on the other side, the rhino containing the combat squad with a melta gun, also got immobilized (as if...). This one moment in the game was the deciding factor, meaning I only had a drop pod and the VAS within 12" of the center.

The final turn saw Octavian charge Azrael, the drop pod get annihilated in turn 5 allowed his vehicles to move 6" towards the objective, passing all of their DT rolls. They then proceeded to unload all that they had onto both of the Baal Predators, turning Kain in a smoldering pile of rubble, Abel however was unscathed. The landspeeders fired at the VAS, wiping them out with some good rending rolls, which only left Azrael & Octavian.

The two giants ran towards eachother, however Octavian dwarfed the chapter master, standing a clear 12ft tall. As the two collided, Octavian erupted in a flash of blue light, fueled by the powers of Sanguinius. In a flurry of blows, Azrael was taken down to knee, crippled by his wounds, then in a final effortless move, Octavian impaled the master through his chest, banishing his soul to the warp for all eternity.


We both agreed the terrain layout was ridiculous, allowing me only one movement lane for my transports. Combined with my in ability to wound, and the immense rolling he had produced in every shooting phase, the dice gods were simply not with me.

However, despite my entire army being unable to move towards due to terrain, the result was still closer than I expected.

Result: Loss
Me: 867pts
Dark Angels: 1496pts

What did I learn?

Stupid board layouts like this one cripple me. I literally could not move at all, and any time I did attempt it, I kept rolling 1's for DT, immobilizing my vehicles. I'm still utterly not convinced with the VAS, they are 215pts including a transport, and when it comes down to it, die just as easy as 6 tactical marines. I may replace these, as they do not work.

Second Game:

Tzeentch 1500pts
Result: Massacre
Me: 1600ish VP
Thousand Sons: 500 ish VP

So... expect a new list shortly, feedback will be appreciated! :)

19-05-2008, 19:16
That night sounds like a plan. We have got a reasonable sized group all going to the gt so it sounds a great idea to play some different players, particularly at a competitive standard, whilst having loads of fun at the same time!

I have now played 4 games of 5th edition, and it realy has changed my arm. Have you considered the changes with youre list? The missions realy do have an impact on army selection and my army has changed a lot from its 4th edition counterpart. If I was going to have a small veterans squad it would be the plasma death squad of 5 vets with two plasma guns and 3 plasma combi weopons using a drop pod. The pod is free if you lose the jump packs. You land firing 10 plasma shots, get to use the drop pod to block opposing units firing at you and the drop pod is a lot safer for deep striking particularly with what happens now. Having said that the unit is expensive.

The death company still does well despite rending losing it's punch.

What are youre thoughts on the baals now? I would not bother with the heavy bolters and keep them realy cheap at 100pts or at most give them extra armour.

I love the attack bikes. They are very good anti tank, its just frustrating that they can be instant deathd, though at 50 pts each now thats fine!

Numbers is realy important now in my opinion. 5 man combat squads have been used well for holding objectives in 5th, with 3 tactical squads spliting up to give 6 scoring units that you have to completely wipe out.

Dawn of war with jump packs is realy great. Early combat can give mass BA armies a distinct advantage, but this will only be 1 in 3 games.

Those were some thoughts I just came up with. Let me know what you think?

01-06-2008, 07:31
Any updates Levett?

Love the Battle Reports btw. You really make me want to try out Mephiston in a game. Never once used him before at all and please don't drop the VAS.

01-06-2008, 16:06
They are coming tonight, are you psychic? lol

The VAS has been dropped im afraid, and the list has gone through some major changes. I'll be posting up everything this evening, along with some revelations into 5th Edition :)

01-06-2008, 18:20
Haha maybe i am. maybe i am??

Shame about the VAS be interested to know why and seeing the new list you've come up with aswell.

I'll probably find out later on but i'm guessing you've been playing with a real 5th ed rulebook then?

The Wildchild
07-06-2008, 15:54
Any updates or pics? I really can't wait to see completed units...your painting's awesome!

08-06-2008, 14:52
Love the chaplain... actually all of the army but especially him, he just screams violence.

08-06-2008, 22:17
very impressive paint jobs, the mohawks have room for improvement but still are better than most I see people attempt. I love the spear shield look, Ive been wanting to do my grey knights in this manner I'll definately look to yours when I do.

20-06-2008, 19:55
Hi All,

I've decided to put the Blood Guard to one side. On this note


20-06-2008, 21:07
Not sure how i've missed this one, these guys are seriously cool.

really like them!


21-06-2008, 23:30
Ahh . . wonderful mini's , the person who buys them must be a very happy man ( your wallet must be happy too ;) ) .

And BTW , nice dodge on the tutorials :P . lol .

The Wildchild
22-06-2008, 12:50
Why the hell are you selling them? I thought they were working out well for you?

Any chance of a link to the sale page? Or any pics of the whole army?

24-06-2008, 09:37
Why are you selling them!?!?!

These are awesome minis.

Also wouldn't mind a link to sale page and a pic of the whole army to!

29-06-2008, 14:26
If you're interested in them send me a PM. I'm not selling via eBay etc, just by direct contact :)

The army as a whole was never completed, but everything in this thread is for sale, including some newer editions in the form of a Land Raider Crusader with some 'daemonic' evil wings painted on the hull and some rhino's :)

The Wildchild
29-06-2008, 15:09
Any chance of some pics?

04-09-2008, 06:57
Thats really a shame, they are fantastic minis. i woud really like to see them completed.

amazing work anyways.

09-09-2008, 20:55
Hi guys, FYI i'll be starting a new thread soon with my GT Eldar army and quest for best painted.

I'm going for a Druidic Eldar theme, it looks... unique!

28-10-2008, 15:16
more updates please