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05-05-2008, 10:08
The Tale of the Old West Painters. (Month 2)

Howdy pardners.

So this thread is for any work you have done in month two.
If you can also post all the work you have done so far just to show folks what you have been up to.
Then we will use this thread for chat, questions, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, WIP etc, etc,


The idea off this thread is to motivate us (and anyone who wants to join us) to get stuff painted.

I have started this thread following the success of “The Tale of Fantasy Painters” and “The Tale of 40K Painters” to help anyone interested in “The Legends of The Old West” game from Warhammer historical (or indeed any other Wild West game) to get stuff painted.

So that’s it really … if you want to paint ‘Cowboys’ and want somewhere to post them Or you just want to watch us painting ‘Cowboys’ this is where to come.

Please feel free to join us.

Unlike the other 'Tales' rather than have a set start and finish date and require a set number of points or a unit (or Posse) every month … in this thread painters can post as much or as little as they like, even if that is only one mini a month. (as long as you try and post something!)

This way folks can get stuff painted fast if they want to (which will inspire and motivate the rest of us to get our stuff painted) OR they can concentrate on one mini at a time and on painting it as well as they can.

The painters who have thrown down so far :

Bellarus :
Catferret : Bandidos
Count sinister :Lawmen and Outlaws
Festus : Cavalry : 54mm
Harry : Cowboys, 7th Cavalry and Plains Tribes. Maybe Bandidos
JonesRob : Cowboys
Knitemare : Cowboys and Outlaws
Lardidar : Cowboys
Littleleadmen :
Malarick : Lawmen
Paletine Katinka : Lawmen
Rabid Bunny 666 :
Rhamag : Lawmen, Cowboys and Outlaws.
Suavely Dun : Outlaws
Warsmith : Outlaws and Lawmen.
Widgrin : Outlaws and Lawmen.
Wreiro :

I would just like to thank the painters involved for their interest and enthusiasm in this project. I know it is going to help me get stuff painted and I hope it helps motivate you too. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success.

I also hope 'the viewers at home' enjoy the results of all the hard work of the painters.

Now lets mount up and ride!

05-05-2008, 10:09
There was a fair bit of discussion about the scale of the various ranges of miniatures available on the first thread.
I have reproduced the short version here as a reference for anyone who is interested.

Old/Original Foundry Old West Ranges (25mm) just about work with:

New Foundry OR Artizans 'Heroic' 28 mm (and then only if you are squinting into the midday sun).

Some of the biggest of the 28mm scale stuff will just about work with some of the smallest of Black Scorpions 'very heroic' 32mm.

Old Foundry will not mix with Black scorpion. Either of the other mixes will mean you need to leave the bases on the smaller and cut them off the bigger. And not look too closely at the size of the guns. (or heads!)

You can see from this your best mix is New Foundry and Artizan.



05-05-2008, 10:09
I am going to be late posting so the rest of you ... crack on.

05-05-2008, 12:44
My camera that was dodgy last month has packed in all together this month.

I will carry on painting but pics will have to wait till I can get my hands on a new camera ... as to when that will be I have no idea.

07-05-2008, 19:02
Ok so its time for Month 2 update.

Decided to go with two minis this month as i wanted to make a start on my Apache guys. Really happy how things turned out and its great to see the cowboy posse comming together.

High - The Apaches face and overall flesh tone really worked nicely
Low - Again im still finding the Black Scorpion sculpts a lil more frustrating to work with compared to Artizan and Foundry.

So heres the pics of the new guys:



And a group shot of the Cowboy posse so far:


So whats on the month 3 plan? another cowboy and Apache definately and maybee one of the new Pinkerton detectives from Artizan. They are VERY nice sculpts. Oh and im really trying to resist joining the LOTHS thread aswell, i have some nice freebooter miniatures Pirates that are screaming to be painted... :p

Thats me done, looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with.


Count Sinister
07-05-2008, 20:05
Rob - they look fantastic together. Just posted on your log, but I'll say it again here. The shading is beautifully smooth, the tones are great, and the face of the newest cowboy is superb. Also, the three of them look fantastic together, in part because of the basing, but also the tones. Excellent stuff. Oh, and I agree about the Artizan sculpts (particularly the Pinkertons). They're fantastic.
Harry - like you, I'll be a little late this month, but should have a model (or maybe two...) up in a couple of days. Friday is my last day of work for the summer, and I'm looking forward to painting until my fingers drop off.

25-05-2008, 14:49
Things are pretty quiet in town this month...:p

Count Sinister
26-05-2008, 13:14
Yes, I've noticed that, Rob. It's been a busy month for me in 'real life', but when I was in Kansas City last week I did manage to pick up an Artizan blister - an outlaw one. I've also got my other outlaws and lawmen based, and one of them is about half-painted, so I'll be trying to get pics of him up before the month is over.
I'm also hoping that real life next month won't be quite as busy...