View Full Version : Regen question & Nurgle Rotter starting team advice

05-05-2008, 15:48
I'm about to start a Rotters team for a league, and am wondering, with Decay and Regeneration together, do you have to roll the 4+ (for Regen) for both injuries you suffer?
Or is it once for "being a casualty" to ignore both?

For the team, so far I'm thinking:

Option 1.
5 Rotters - 200k
1 Pestigor - 80k
4 Warriors - 440k
1 Beast - 140k
3 Rerolls - 210k
30k spent on FF/AC/CL or left for cash as chosen

Option 2.
5 Rotters - 240k
3 Pestigors - 240k
3 Warriors - 330k
3 Rerolls - 210k
20k spent on FF/AC/CL or left for cash as chosen

Option 3.
5 Rotters - 200k
4 Pestigors - 320k
2 Warriors - 220k
3 Rerolls - 210k
50k left to either buy another Rotter (maybe?) or save for a Beast

For skills i was thinking Wrestle, then Fend for the Rotters.
For the Warriors Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Claws.
Pestigors I'd probably get one with Sure Hands, Foul Appearance and either or eventually both of Big Hand and Extra Arm.
The rest with Block then Disturbing Presence.
Beast all i can think of is Block and Multiple Block.

Any advice on starting teams and possible skill progression would be much appreciated!

the anti santa
05-05-2008, 18:48
Well for your question, it doesn't matter.

The rotters have decay and the rest of the team has regeneration, there are no players with both.

So the rotters die easily and the rest of the team come back 1/2 the time.

As for your team I'd go with the set up with the beast of nurgle, he's one of the best big guys in the game with tentacles. Skills for him would be stand firm and guard maybe claws if you except to face AV9, Block on doubles.

I've not worked out the best squad, but looking at yours option 1 seems ok, but swapping a warrior and 1 FF for 3 rotters so you have 12 players to start.

After that start saving for pestigors and warriors, you should be able to make new rotters by fouling a lot.

Consider juggernaut and frenzy on a pestogor after block. Also you might want to specialise the pestigors as they are your most versatile players, so 1 for blitzing the ball carrier, another who is your ball carrier, a surfing one etc...

07-05-2008, 12:17
Thanks for the detailed response! About regen/decay, I didn't read that closely enough. I just assumed everyone had Regenerate. My brain breaks down sometimes lol.
I just realised Option 1 is miscalculated. Switching a warrior for a Rotter fixes it.
I like the suggestion of juggernaut and frenzy however, didn't that of that one. But "surfing one"? I'm a bit puzzled as to the meaning of this.

Also, what would you recommend for the Rotters. Wrestle or block?

the anti santa
08-05-2008, 20:47
Surfing is pushing players into the crowd, which is often a good thing to do as not only do they auto roll for injury, but they are also out of the game till the next drive.

With horns, frenzy and juggernauat a pestigor is very good at blizting as he's ST and can turn both down into a push as well as ignoring stand firm and the like.

I'd go a mix of block and wrestle on the rotters, they will mostly be fodder anyway, get put on the line of scrimmage to die, so wrestle is good for that as you can take down opposing players with your guys. fend is a nice skill for the LOS too and stops the other team getting too many free blocks

09-05-2008, 03:45
Ah right, hadn't heard the term before. I'm more than aware of the benefits of pushing into the crowd, unfortunately from the wrong side! Learned very fast to never put elf catchers near sidelines which happen to be near slayers.