View Full Version : What armies do you collect?

21-04-2005, 06:44
Just wondering what armies people collect.
I collect alpha legion, khorne, black templars, and tyranids

21-04-2005, 06:47
Dark Angels, and when the new codex comes out Nid's. I love their new models.

21-04-2005, 06:47
Sorry if i missed any armies, there are only 10 poll options possible.
Multiple choice is allowed aswell.

21-04-2005, 07:25
Thousand Sons, LatD, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, and Space Marines. Every model I own can be used in at least two lists, and most of them in three or more lists.

21-04-2005, 07:28
Space Marines and Tyranids.
Diametrically opposed playing styles for variety, plus love the Tyranid models :)

The boyz
21-04-2005, 08:25
Imperial Guard and I mite start a Chaos space marine army soon, not sure.

21-04-2005, 08:34
Eldar (alaitoc), Chaos (Black Legion) & Orks. Am tempted by 1k sons, but if I get another army it'll probably be fantasy, as that's turning my head at the moment.

21-04-2005, 08:41
IG Praetorians, Daemonhunters, Witchhunters, Kroot Mercenaries, starting Thousand Sons.

P.S.: You forgot Witchhunters and Kroot in your list.

21-04-2005, 09:09
IG x 3, Witchhunters, Tau, Orks

21-04-2005, 09:16
Marines, IG, DH & WH.

21-04-2005, 09:17
Orks, Dark Eldar (they're really underrated) and Tau

Salty :)

21-04-2005, 11:05
Eldar (Saim-Hann) and Chaos (Emperor's Children). Even though I haven't even had the time to seriously start the EC yet.

21-04-2005, 11:11
Non-Traited Codex Marines and Non-Daemoned Chaos Undivided Marines. I play Marines, and I play Vanilla.

21-04-2005, 11:18
Ahh, another army collect treat. Can't remember I saw one since portent died...

Well, for the list, I collect Tyranids, Necrons, Imperial Guard, and have a small detachment Daemonhunters.

21-04-2005, 12:21
Chaos (iron warriors(no tanks and only 3 oblies!)) and orks kult of speed, taking forever to convert them all >_>

21-04-2005, 12:22
omg, I just saw who started this thread. Well, on the other hand...who else could have started such a poll..... :p

21-04-2005, 12:25
Valhallan IG, Goff Orkz, and Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines.

One of these days I'll start Space Marines, Sisters of Battle or IG Drop Troops.

Darius Rhiannon
21-04-2005, 12:46
This is good, there are as many Guard Players as SM ones. Bravo and Hurrah!

21-04-2005, 13:49
Ultramarines and Necrons (aka Other).
Thinking about another one but nothing decided yet. Something without a 3+ save I think.

21-04-2005, 15:45
This is good, there are as many Guard Players as SM ones. Bravo and Hurrah!

Unfortunately, a lot of space marine players have multiple space marine armies, while this is less frequent the case with IG.

Brother Munro
21-04-2005, 16:41
A smeg load of Ultramarines, Grey Knights/Daemonhunters, Cadian Imperial Guard, Ulthwe Eldar.

Inquisitor Engel
21-04-2005, 17:12
A smeg load of Ultramarines, Grey Knights/Daemonhunters, Cadian Imperial Guard, Ulthwe Eldar.
I once had an all Grey Knight army. Here's how it broke down: (At the price I bought them at)

1 Grand Master and 4 Bodyguard - $50
5 Terminators - $50
4 x 10 man Grey Knight Squads - $120
2 x 5 man Grey Knight Teleport Squads - $60
1 Grey Knight Land Raider - $50
1 Grey Knight Land Raider Crusader - $55
1 FW Grey Knight Dreadnaught - $50

That's $435 for FORTY MODELS. My Ultramarine Army is more than double that and I've only spent $200 on it.

Anvils Hammer
21-04-2005, 17:36
I count 60 models in that list inq. Engel

I collect chaos (khorne), orks, tau and most recently imperial guard.

I'm also glad to see so many guard players.

21-04-2005, 22:35
Incase some of you are wondering, yes i am the person that created the thread in the old portent. Im back! :P hehe

Oh and to the person who said that i missed kroot and witchhunters, if you had read what i said before, there are only 10 poll options, so i had to put them in with other.

Captain Brown
21-04-2005, 22:40
I am just such a sucker for these threads. They are like that last candy that you just cannot pass up.

I have painted armies of the following:

Imperial Guard (Cadians)
Imperial Guard (Steel Legion)
Imperial Guard (Old Cadians – Cityfight)
Space Marine (Scout Army)
Space Orks
Witch Hunters

Dogs of War
Dark Elves
High Elves
Orcs and Goblins

21-04-2005, 22:48
13th Company Space Wolves.

And i get the distinct feeling that normal Space Wolves and Nids are inevitable

Grand Warlord
22-04-2005, 00:23
For me currently:

Crimson Paladins (Space Marines)
Imperial Guard
Ulthwe Craftworld.

22-04-2005, 06:29
Space Marines.More specificly,Deathwatch.

Opus T. Penguin
22-04-2005, 06:54
Egads, it's getting ugly -- I've now got armies that cover eight of the ten options -- just missing Dark Eldar (might happen) and Tau (won't happen). Most of them aren't painted and ready to go, but I'll get to that over the next couple decades....

23-04-2005, 22:49
Im suprised that not many people collect dark eldar.
Hopefully when the new codex comes out, people will start collecting them.
So sick of marines...

23-04-2005, 23:51
Dark Eldar
Thousand Sons (In Construction)

the archzealot
24-04-2005, 00:00
Witch hunters and Dark eldar.

24-04-2005, 00:18
I collect Imperial Guard.....12th Cadian Shock Troops.

Fine bunch of lads, especially the tank-popping Basilisk. Managed to kill a Broadside, an Ethereal, a bunch of Firewarriors, an Exorcist and a load of Sisters, a Razorback, a Landraider and a couple of Ultramarine veterans in three games. Would have blatted Tigurius too if wasn't for his damn re-roll everything ability.

For my next army I'd like to do either Cityfight IG, Witchhunters or make my own custom Marine chapter.

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 00:21
a frag load of Chaos space marines: my own chaos force, pure Nurgle.
no idea how many points, but i have oh.. four, seperate daemon princes for differing play styles.
mosltly they just hit stuff though.

Lost and the damned.
mostly plague zombies.
i like plague zombies.

Witchhunters (ok, so i have all of about three models, but i'll finish it eventually)

Some tyranids (oh.. about 2000pts) my first army no less, in need of a good updating, just need to decide on a colour scheme

thats it for 40k armies.
(i also have fantasy lizardmen, a necromancers army (undead) and a Minas Morgul LOTR army)

24-04-2005, 01:08
Tyranids: 28 Genestealers, 30 CC Gaunts, 20 Shooty Gaunts, 7 Warriors, 5 Rippers and one non-flying Hive Tyrant.

CSM/LATD/IG: I am very Dutch, so most of the CSM and pretty much all IG can fit in with the LatD. Mutants/Traitors/IG, Sentinels, Nurgle Daemons, CSM, Bikers, 1 Land Raider, 1 Rhino and 1 Leman Russ.

I don't win alot. ;)

The pestilent 1
24-04-2005, 01:11
my usual chaos army constitutes as many plague marines and plague bearers as i can get into an army after the biggest, meanest daemon prince i can get.
i havent won since the new codex came out :P
except against my firend, but hes never beat me (good choices... awful luck.

Rabid Bunny 666
24-04-2005, 01:38
space marines DIY chapter (finished)
13th compant (finished)
black templars (just started)
tyranids ( gonna paint the broodlord and go from there)

24-04-2005, 02:55
Almost 20 years of collecting chaos. Most of it is Rogue Trader stuff though.
Started eldar and almost have enough to field a well rounded 1500 point army with enough extras to face most enemies.
Not sure whats next...more chaos and eldar? new army altogether? new army usable with present minis....

24-04-2005, 04:00
20 years!!!!
Wow, thats a fair effort.

24-04-2005, 11:34
Well, most of that spent playing. Only a few actually spent buying.

24-04-2005, 13:24
Started out as Eldar many years ago during 2nd ed. Some time after the 3rd edition Eldar Codex was released I grew tired of playing them and started a Space Wolves army which I have been playing since.

Recently I started out a Imperial Guard force that I realy like the feel of and I'm looking forward to complete a 1500pts army. Ultramarines are also a project that is tempting me at the moment :)

Lord Balor
24-04-2005, 13:31
Over Six years, i have aquired 3000 Blood Angels, 1500 Tyranids, 2000 Black Legion, 1500 Imperial Guard and around 1000 misc...To think its all worth as much as my car :(

big rock standing
24-04-2005, 20:52
Deathwing and 2 Nurgle armies. Nurgle look cool. deathwing just are cool!

25-04-2005, 04:43
Tyranids (2500+ I'd say... and after the new crap comes out... I don't want to think about it)

Orks (2500-3000+... I can field 'em as Blood Axes, Ferals, Snakebites, Goffs, etc)

...and I told myself I'd only build 2 40k armies...

25-04-2005, 07:17
I am digging out my old beakies and doing Ultras over again.
I have 7 other armies already- some real big. Thought it better than to start something "new"- don't care for tau or the neckies.

Witch Hunter
25-04-2005, 21:49
Witch Hunters, Dark Angels, and Necrons. Contemplating an Alpha Legion or Saim Hann force as well.

Witch Hunter
25-04-2005, 21:56
Witch Hunters, Dark Angels, and Necrons. Contemplating an Alpha Legion or Saim Hann force as well.

26-04-2005, 20:24
Imperial Guard Slave Levies, World Eaters, and Orks

27-04-2005, 18:23

I love the Xenos, but still am true to my original love, Black Templars... cannot wait for the new Codex.
I really want a Guard army after seeing that marroon and green army in the WD a few issues back, but I cannot justify having more.

27-04-2005, 19:58
Saim Hann and 1KSons. Obscure beautiful armies. Gotta love 'em.

27-04-2005, 20:05
I have the following:
fully Mechanised IG Regiment
Catachan Army
2 Full Companies of Space Marines (UM3rd and my onw Chapter 4th, am moving onto the other companies whien the 4th is complete)
IG Tank Company
IG Super Heavy Tank Company
Grey Knight Army
Arbites Army
Kroot Mercs Army

28-04-2005, 23:40
Thats quite a collection.
I can see that you like IG then ;).

Lord Icklebum
29-04-2005, 01:30
I've been playing just about 3 or so years (Got in just as Codex: Armageddon came out). And in that time I've amassed 1500 points worth of Space Wolves (Hey, newbies always go for marines first) that I need to find a way to rid myself of, being that I rather despise space marines these days.

My pride and joy is around 6000-7000 or so of Imperial Guard. With infantry in the hundreds. Ten tanks and about 6 sentinels or so. Nevermind the fact that in those 3-4 years I've only used sentinels maybe three times.

I've also just started in on orks and have a nice account, cobbling together a force through whatever models appeal to me foremost and then building out from there. I'll probably go with a Kult of Speed just due to my being a treadhead with the guard.

And one of these days I aspire to either scratchbuild a Baneblade or blow the majority of a paycheck on one. To hell with rent and bills anyway!

So, yeah, that's about it.

Colonel Kolm
29-04-2005, 02:55
i collect cadian imperial guard, goff orks, and dark eldar

29-04-2005, 10:43
I've been collecting since 94 but only been playing for 6 months :o
Still only Marines so far, but got more than I care to admit :eek:

02-05-2005, 06:54
Marines IG WH & DH Im a purist what can I say

02-05-2005, 10:04
ok i own the followin
Chaos iron warriors
dark angels
angels of vengence deathwing
hellfists (home made chapter)
space wolves sucessor chapter (was my cousins but hes stoped collectin)
iyandann eldar
orks/speedfreeks (can be used as both)

for warhammer i own
orks and goblines soon to be just night goblines and chaos tzeentch

02-05-2005, 10:48
dark angels, dark eldar, and imperial guard

02-05-2005, 12:15
ive got 1500 tau, 1000 death guard, and im going to get one million points of the new nids

shadow hunter
03-05-2005, 17:31

Orks (including various clans)
Eldar (including various craftworlds)
Thousand Sons
+ Just starting Dark Angels

Imperial Navy



Some High Elves


I think that's everything, but I forget. Also, there are other things like - Warmachine, mechwarrior, heroclix ...........

05-05-2005, 11:02
Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Night Lords, Bad Moonz, Speed Freeks, White Scars.

05-05-2005, 11:12
Imp. Fists (WIP)
Blood Angels
Space Wolves

Iron Warriors



Deamonhunters (GK's)

Witchunters (SoB's) (large unbuilt IG force Cadian for use with both these =I= armies to do - eventually)

Shares in a 500 pts Ork army with my sons.


05-05-2005, 11:46
40K: Black Templars! But I tempted to buy a new Nid army. :D

Fantasy: Vampire Counts

The Judge
05-05-2005, 17:44
Black Templars, Eldar, 'Nids

the list goes on...

06-05-2005, 11:07
40k: Iron Warriors
Elysian drop troops (costly but fun)

Fantasy: Wood elves

06-05-2005, 11:15
Salamanders, Lost and the Damned, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, Tyranids.

Fantasy: Undead, Night Goblins (pure), Chaos, Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarfs.

Other: Enforcers (Necromunda), Orks, Muties and Rebel Grots (Gorkamorka), Necrons (BFG), Undead and Orcs (Mordheim), and my own Wolf Riders in Mordheim when I can persuade my opponent to let me use my own list. :rolleyes:

Sgt John Keel
06-05-2005, 16:59
Space Marines (duh), Imperial Guard and some degree of Daemonhunter units mixed in with the Guardsmen.

Sometime in the future, I hope to play Eldar, a Genestealer Cult, Harlequins and an Adeptus Mechanicus army if GW ever gets there.


06-05-2005, 23:19
Usually play Harlequins, but I have a few thousand points of Ultramarines too.

Brush your teeth
07-05-2005, 11:56
Black Leigeion Chaos, Imperial Gaurd Valhallans, and a small force of Orks

07-05-2005, 19:17
Large Tau army, with the startings of an Ork army and an Orc army.

07-05-2005, 19:34
Guard (Cadian models) Marines (Templars and my own Chapter, the War Talons) and Chaos Marines (Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons) for me, though I haven't played 40K for about a year :(

08-05-2005, 08:56
I have only really collected Space Wolves I have tried to do other armies, I even have 500 points of Nids I can use, but for some reason I keep coming back to the sons of Russ.

08-05-2005, 17:52
I collect Iron Warriors... once this one is finished I'll start a Inquisition army.

09-05-2005, 03:43
T-sons , Space Marines (generic) , Orks , Imperial Guard , Imperial Guard Tank Comp. (there own models not shaired with IG) , 'Nids , Grey Knights (Deamonhunters).


09-05-2005, 08:52
Wow, this thread is really quite balanced, especially on SM level. If this was just also true outside portent members...

Delicious Soy
09-05-2005, 09:54
Ulthwe are my primary army, but I have enough space marine stuff and Tau for about 1200-1500pts a piece. And I was working on a Witchhunter/IG army but thats on the backburner for now.

09-05-2005, 09:55
Orkses in the morning.

Orkses in the day

Orkses in the evening

Get da hell outta my way!

WAAAGH da orks.

And space marines. Them to.

Easy E
10-05-2005, 01:59
'Ere we go!, 'ere we go!, 'ere we go!
'Ere we go!, 'ere we go!, 'ere we go!
'Ere we go!, 'ere we go!, 'ere we go!
'Ere we go!, 'ere we go!, 'ere we go!
Through da Kozmoz!

Orks and lot's of 'em!

10-05-2005, 02:38
Wolves! of yeah love them. Then tau and finally some cannon fodder gaurd. All that I ned now are to add some nice evil chaos.

10-05-2005, 21:08
-Kroot Mercs
-Mixed =][= force (on hold 'til alien hunters)
And I have a few Dark Eldar Around as well

- Chaos Space Marines
-Lost And Damned (shock)

10-05-2005, 21:21
I have only really collected Space Wolves I have tried to do other armies, I even have 500 points of Nids I can use, but for some reason I keep coming back to the sons of Russ.

I salute your excellent choice in armies!

And although the Great Devourer will be descending upon me soon, I'll always be running with the Wolves first.

10-05-2005, 22:47
Am SO happy to see lots of other 1k sons players out there!
I thought I was all alone.

But I just love the converting thats needed to make a stand out army of them.

Other armies include:
Space Marines (own creation chapter)
Ultramarines (2nd and first edition ones not used for a very long time as I dont like being one of the masses)
1k sons
Genestealer Invasion Force (will bring them back with new broodlord rules)
Adeptus Mechanicus Army (counts as IG army, lots of conversions!)
Squats (yes, for shame, but I still have the bearded little guys)
Dark Eldar (who are now getting relegated to corpse and trophy conversions)
Orks (evil suns and starting work on updating speed freeks army when NEW plastic vehicles arrive)
And last but not least, some kroot mecenaries. (still in the fr@kkin boxes as I dont have time to finish them whilst the tyranids and marines keep my attention)

ANd if I missed any, well, we all know what its like to have many things on the go at once.

16-05-2005, 19:31
my main army is Necrons though with the upcoming release of the new Tyranids they may be taking a backseat to the relentless swarm

Wolf Sgt Kirke
19-05-2005, 10:05
I'll always be running with the Wolves first.

How true, I've tried nid's and now I'm slowly building my ghosts but The Sons of Fenris always lure me back, can't help it

22-05-2005, 20:49
i collect BA ,Thousand Sons and Aptus Mechanicus

22-05-2005, 21:10
The other in my vote is Necrons.

23-05-2005, 00:27
Necrons, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Witch hunters.

How could you leave the Necrons off the poll??!!

23-05-2005, 00:53
Orks,Daemonhunters,Thousand Sons.

23-05-2005, 01:47
Imperial Guard, lots of them. Mainly Tallarn and Praetorian, but also Steel Legion, plastic Catachans and both old and new Cadians. And with Necromunda Orlock models and IG tanks, my Lost and the Damned might as well have been another IG force.

I've got some other odds and ends too (including a Dark Eldar army), but the Guard are the main thing.

23-05-2005, 12:34
3 Guard armies - Cadian, Mechanised Steel Legion, and Gaunt's Ghosts.
Small Daemonhunter force
Dark Eldar
13th Company Space Wolves
and about 5 companies of Space Marines.

I've been doing this too long.

23-05-2005, 15:00
I am currently building two Space Marine Chapters:

1) Space Wolves
2) Ultramarines Excalibur: My own chapter. Similar looking to Ultramarines but with special rules.

23-05-2005, 15:02
I also plan to do the following armies (in this order):
Imperial Guard (already started but put on shelf for now)

My wife plays Tau

23-05-2005, 16:20
I Play Ork, Bad moons and Biel-Tan Swordwind.

25-05-2005, 08:10
On the list above, I don't have Orks, or Dark Eldar.

To the list above, I can also add that I have a Witchhunter retinue that can be included in to the Imperial armies that I have, along with SM and CSM armies several times over, along with Necrons, and Kroot.

25-05-2005, 08:30
SM, IG and Orks for fun :)

25-05-2005, 15:14
Black Legion, Dark Angels and Ulthwe, although i think i have a few models for nearly every army

25-05-2005, 15:19
Deathguard, Undivided, Tau, Daemonhunters

25-05-2005, 15:51
I have a complete Chaos force, and when the new Tyranids come out I'll complete that one with another biovore and a Carnifex... and offcourse all the haf finished forces... And some fantasy armies... and a bloodbowl team, a human bretonnian team... and I'm thinking about starting BFG, Mordheim and Necromunda... Gotta get meself a life.

The Pumpkin King
25-05-2005, 16:12
I have a fully painted space wolves army, half-painted tau and witch hunters forces and an emperors children army that will remain unassembled until I have at least finished painting the tau :p

27-05-2005, 22:45
i've got a hodge podge of Tau, Orks, Marines, WHFB Chaos, WHFB Tomb Kings and the rest!

28-05-2005, 21:38
Full, painted and correct Ultramarines army, i think i must be one of the few who actually really enjoys the idea of the ultra's, especially with some of the new toys they're getting.
Can get about 2500 points, looking to continue expanding indefinetley.

Just started Eldar Ulthwe, though needs tweeking (read wraithlords, war walker squad, starcannons.....lots of starcannons and some rangers.

Toying with the idea of a demon bomb word bearers, because ive done the loyalist thing and am looking to have a little heresy with my fries.

and finally am looking to start a lizardmen fantasy army so i acn play both systems.

and thats about it.

Tune in next week for more!

29-05-2005, 13:28
Dark Elder.



29-05-2005, 15:59
Orkses and the Imperial Guard.

29-05-2005, 16:12
I started my 40k career with Orks, but then moved on to Space Wolves.

After getting about 2000 points of each I sold my Orks and took up Tau.

Now I have a large Space Wolves/Space Marines force, a 13th Company army and a Tau army. It also looks like I'll be getting me a bunch of space-dinosaurs too. Damn GW for re-doing 'Nids and by extension emptying my pockets!

29-05-2005, 16:17
Uhm, technically I do LatD. I've technically been collecting them since the EoT codex was released... I have had mixed success with that.

Considering that I have yet to actually paint a model. :o

Master Fulgrim
29-05-2005, 17:25
Ultramarines as mainarmy, followed by Catachans and a lot of Stuff for other Chapters/Regiments, mostly Characters and other single Figures.

Master Fulgrim

self biased
29-05-2005, 17:34
great poll. gives us an idea of how portent lay... i've got dark angels, guard, and daemonhunters.

Warlord Gnashgrod
29-05-2005, 18:02
I myself have an old Ork army(I won't do anything more with it though till they redo the codex), Necrons, Tau, and am just finishin up a Daemonhunters army.

I'm planning on doing an IG army next, followed by another Daemonhunter army. I have an idea for a unique theme for each of them.

29-05-2005, 19:03
Wow, 40% of us have an IG army? That's way more than I expected...

29-05-2005, 19:31
I was a bit surprised to :)

29-05-2005, 21:15
Two chaos marine armies and one Eldar army. I 'd like to collect Dark Eldar but still working on the Eldar , and after getting burnt on chaos dwarfs I'd dont collect any new armies.

Brother Loki
30-05-2005, 00:26
Black Templars and Imperial Guard are my main armies. Over the years I've had a go at Space Wolves and Biel-Tan Eldar. I'm just starting a Scythes of the Emperor force, and I want to do a Lost and the Damned army, a pure Tau mechanised force (no kroot) and an all close combat Tyranid force (no guns.)

30-05-2005, 01:52
Ultramarines, Chaos (Empires Children), some nids (just for the fun of it) and my brother is collecting IG... but I pay for it... :)

Way too much if you ask me

30-05-2005, 02:22
i collect lots. tau, tyranids, eldar, dark eldar, necrons, world eaters, thousand sons, space marines (2 armies), & witch hunters/daemonhunters (radicals). that's about it i think.

Isuran Greifenherz
30-05-2005, 09:45
At the moment i collect my own Csm Legion the Shadow Haunters and a undead Chaos von Carstein army.But i have collect many armies: Tau , Dark Eldar, Eldar, Deathgaurd, Grey Knights and Steel Legion.

30-05-2005, 12:49
I'm pretty much a Loyalist. :angel:

Space Marines (Salamanders, a few Blood Ravens), plans for a Daemonhunter detachment, plans for some IG auxiliary forces...

I must paint first the stuff I already have. I must be strong... ;)

30-05-2005, 19:27
Tau and Tyranids for me.

I enjoy the black and white play-styles of the two. Plus their fluff and models are awesome!


30-05-2005, 21:11
I currently and in the past have collected the following.

Space Wolves x 2
Blood Angels
Dark eldar
Imperial guard
imperial guard [Praetorians]

31-05-2005, 12:40
I collect anything and everything. Apart from so far I haven’t got my hands on any demon hunters figures but there is time. I’m not sure if my wallet will like me though with them all being metal figures if I remember correctly.

31-05-2005, 13:05
I used to collect CSM, but quit because they couldn't interest me anymore.

Now I'm moving onto DA.

The Warlord
31-05-2005, 15:13
well, Im between armies. I too used to play csm but got bored of them and now I don't know which army to buy and play with.

31-05-2005, 15:28
I'm surprised to see IG doing do well. They're not really played around my area.

Great Harlequin
31-05-2005, 15:37
Hm... I think it would be quicker for me to say everything bar Dark Eldar and Orcs :D

I have no money left!

Jules Winnfield
31-05-2005, 22:23
Orks and Tau

completely different modeling and tactical challenges, and I just love the Manganess of the Tau :)


31-05-2005, 22:33
Dark Eldar & Necrons

I think its safe to say Dark Eldar players seam to be few and far between :P

31-05-2005, 23:02
I have World Eaters, Emperors Children, DIY Space Marines, Necrons, Tau, Blood Angels and Raven Guard. I know alot of space marines.

01-06-2005, 02:28
Black legion and thinking of starting a wych cult army

01-06-2005, 03:07
A Black Legion Warband and a DIY Chapter the Dragon Templar.

New Cult King
01-06-2005, 07:44
I have a 3000pt IW army, a 500pt or so Nid army, and a Combat Patrol/Kill Team IG force that I could take to about 500 points or so if stretched.

01-06-2005, 08:10
I've got tau, about 1500 pts worth now, raven guard (space marines), probably close to 2500 pts at least (never counted them) and I've sort of started imperial guard, bought several boxed sets - but am waiting until I have the skills I need to really do them justice.

Owen rees has shown me up. Bastard stole my colour scheme, berets, and several other small ideas. I swear, it's like he reached into my mind, took my ideas, and used his skills to apply them better.

Dang it. :( :p

01-06-2005, 08:18
I got my most cherished Deathwing army and am currently painted up a world eaters force.

Once that force is complete I intend to stop buying wargames armies.

I've said it a thousand, bazillion times before, but I'm stopping.
Life is too short to waste painting little men. I've already used up 11 years of spare time painting the little guys.

01-06-2005, 09:46
* Jamaican Imperial Guard - about 2000 points at least....

* Eldar - somewhere around 3000 points.

* Space Wolves 13th Company - 2200 points (or similar).

Everything painted. :) I've mainly been playing the 13th Co. last year. Looking into using the Jamaicans again soon.


02-06-2005, 00:02
I thought that this was an appropriate place for my first post on the new boards. I lurked on the old ones, then joined up about 15 seconds before they went *phut*.

I'm the grown-up version of those kids who collect Ultramarines, the only difference being I never came to the point where I realised that they weren't cool and got something else. (It's actually because I can't paint anything that doesn't have lots of flat surfaces that I can cover in blue)

So for me - 2000ish points of Ultramarines

02-06-2005, 03:37
Ultra Smurfs!

I did play Space Wolves and Tau aswell tho...

Commissar von Toussaint
02-06-2005, 03:41
Iron Defenders (vanilla marines): around 7,000 points (one codex company)
Imperial Guard: 3,000 points
Chaos marines: 2,000 points

Note: All numbers are using the points value from the One True Edition of 40k: 2nd.

02-06-2005, 04:15
working now on 1500 pt deathguard...woot!

02-06-2005, 12:21
ig, dh,sm.

02-06-2005, 13:44
Blood angels (around 2000 points)
Soon be starting my tyranid army:D

Grand Warlord
02-06-2005, 13:49
Knights Templar Space Marines 1850
Cadian 407th Infantry Regiment 1850 (WIP)
Night Lords Chaos Space Marines 1850 (WIP)

Thinking about starting into Dark Eldar and/or Tyranids.

02-06-2005, 22:53
Soul Drinkers marines about 2000 pts. work in progress...
Eldar not a specific craftworld, alternating between them 5000/6000 pts.
Fremen of Arrakis Imperial Guard with some DH allies work in progress...

02-06-2005, 22:58
The Great Devourer as descended upon me....finally.

So now my army list as grown to:
13th Company Space Wolves (around 3000pts)
Tyranids (unknown pts as I've just got them)

I'm getting there!

Gorog Irongut
02-06-2005, 23:37
Survey says:
Space wolves/ Thirteenth Company/ Relictors/ Chaos Space Marines (Undivided)/ Biel Tan/ Tyranids

The Grand Wazoo
03-06-2005, 13:30
I'm a freak, I collect Dark Eldar and Orks. Won't touch Space Marines on principle... not even with a 10-foot pole.

03-06-2005, 15:17
I'm trying to alternate, bad then good. DE, Marines, Tyranids, Witch Hunters.

Next up, Chaos.

Shaft, Lord of Slaanesh
04-06-2005, 00:23
Greetings mortals,

I am currently gluing and throwing dice at my pre-heresy Ultramarines (you may have seen some of them doing the rounds at this years Conflict events)

Ta ta for now :D

Shaft "perhaps I should stop painting and just go to bed..." Lord of Slaanesh

The Black Aquila
04-06-2005, 05:34
Imperial guard all the way and now with the new models, a Drop Troop army using Elysians.

Hideous Loon
04-06-2005, 08:36
Crimson Fists (with loadsa hidden powerfists) and Daemon/Witch Hunters (have both codices, haven't made up my mind yet).

04-06-2005, 10:55
Eeergh I voted 'Other' and ' Tau'. Other because I actually have none, and Tau because if I ever start collecting and playing WH 40K, Tau will definantly be my first army.

They look so cool, and I've heard in another topic there will be a new release in 2006....

Here they are quite on the rare side.... 65 votes of the so many... :) Better so my future opponents won't have any tactic against me... :)


05-06-2005, 16:16
i collect orks my favorite, ig and sm but i want to get armies for every race

Lafeel Abriel
05-06-2005, 20:42
Iron Warriors Chaos space marines...Yeah, I know..most people would consider that boring, but I'm still working on making the army less so..

08-06-2005, 11:20
Non-cheesy Blood Angels (currently at about 3500 points, and all Mark VI Beakies)

Tyranids (about 2000 points, but not complete because they are really hodge podge)

08-06-2005, 16:54
Dark angels (although they're in a bit of a situation till the new codex comes out) and tau.

30-06-2005, 20:22
Imperial Guard. And i just bought some 'nids. Today.

01-07-2005, 09:25
Iron Warriors all the way!

Cheitan Shadowless
01-07-2005, 09:34
Tyranids. Just Tyranids. Bought mah first box o' Stealers back in '98. *nostalgia* :cool:

01-07-2005, 09:34
Dark Eldar, and Tau, and Necrons, and Ultramarines

I've managed to resist the lure of the Nids

For now...

01-07-2005, 11:16
In no particular order of precedence:
Eldar: Llan Fiel Craftworld (homebrew background, 3000pt vanilla list)
Imperial Guard: 'Aurora' Company, Valhalla 292nd (3000pt vanilla infantry list)
Tau: Vash'ya Expeditionary Force (1500pt vanilla list)
Witchhunters: Adepta Sororitas Order Minoris of the Emperor Ascendant (homebrew background, 1500pt sisters-only list)

Not a Marine in sight, but my opponents have plenty so I still get to see the spiffy new stuff!

01-07-2005, 13:07
Black templars (can't wit for the new dex), Cadian IG, Iron Legion, Daemon Hunters and a Deathwatch Kill Team. Ummmm....I think I have too many mini's.

Hi, I'm Bryan and I'm and addict.

Chorus -Hi Bryan....

01-07-2005, 13:28
Selected the armies i have a present, which are Eldar (6000 pts worth figures ranging back to Rogue Trader), Marines (4500 pts worth again figures going back to Rogue Trader that were brought back then as well), Guard (Mordian Figures, which i just brought, about 1400 pts at present), Alpha Legion (1500 pts) Which was made out of my bits box. My Fiancee also has Dark Eldar (just over 1500 pts).

01-07-2005, 13:30
Blood Angels, Tyranids, Ork Speed Freaks, Daemonhunters (only a small force) and I'm working on a chaos-cultist army...

Needless to say, I have no spare time whatsoever. ;)

01-07-2005, 14:03
-White Scars
-an as yet unnamed chapter who specialise in Drop Pod Assaults and Ship Boarding actions (ultramarines scheme but with lots of wolf icons, perhaps Hounds of Guilliman?)
-Schaeffer's Last Chancers

Saevus Secutor
01-07-2005, 20:23
-Imperial Fists SM
-Death Guard
-World Eaters
-Chaos Undivided

Insane Psychopath
01-07-2005, 20:39
My once for over the past 8-9 years

Black Legion (2 version)
Iron Warriors (around 5 version)
Grey Knight (that I'll paint & then sell soon)
13th Space Wolves company
Black Templars (3 version)
Kind of got part to start Eldar.. but not a fan so...
Space Marine DiY chapter: Iron Brothers of Redemption
Iron Hands (2 version)

Some armies I plan: another Black Templars (come new codex & shine models), 2nd Guard army, Ork Speed Freaks, Khoren Bezerkers. That should be me bussy for the next year.

my fav armies: Iron Warriors & Black Templars

01-07-2005, 20:49
Classic Tyranids (95% composed of 2nd. Ed. models) currently being re-painted. Alot...over 3000 pts.

Space Wolves being stripped and re-painted. Alot....over 2000 pts.

Biel-Tan Eldar. Alot.....3000+

Thousand Sons - Good amount. 2500-3000

Salamanders - close to a full Company of 120 Marines. Fills up the FOC, 4000+

Deathwing - Over half of the Company, 55 Terminators plus 3 Characters, I have been tossing the idea of building a smallish Dark Angels Force of around 1000 or so points. All Infantry, no vehicles. 3000+

Alpha Legion - Small force, being worked on, also can count this as a vanilla Chaos force as I plan to collect one squad for each of the 4 Cults. 2000 pts.

Tallarn Guard - All metal figures, a tiny minority is complete. Not sure how many points.

Plus I have enough to make gangs for all 6 Necromunda Houses, and with enough mixing I could play Genestealer Cult, Traitor Guard, DaemonHunters, Witchunters, etc....

01-07-2005, 23:22
Armys I have

Imperial guard
- A mix of cadian and catachan models, just shy of 1000 points (need to get some heavy weapons)
-A small (500 points ish) force of demonhunters, that never won anything and just totally suck :P

Armys i want

Souldrinkers space marines
-Been thinking of collecteing a soul drinkers force just need to get my hands on the new space marine codex and i might start

Imperial Guard Armoured company
-Gonna use the tanks from my imperial guard army to start a armoured company

01-07-2005, 23:31
I think I played as everything except Tau and Necrons up until 4th Edition...

02-07-2005, 00:34
Turned out about how I expected. Nids will slowly climb the charts. I play Eldar


02-07-2005, 02:50
Fluffwise? Loyalist Marines.

Ruleswise? Chaos Marines.

Don't ask.

02-07-2005, 03:13
Far to many people play armies in power armor.

02-07-2005, 04:10
Dark Angels
Doom Eagles (loyal Marines)
Black Legion
Saim Hainn
Kroot Merc
Necron Might be the next on the list.


02-07-2005, 05:48
Blood Axes, Mech Guard, Drop Troops, Nids, Salamanders, Harlequins.

02-07-2005, 07:07
I collect daemon hunters.

02-07-2005, 22:58
i have a 4000 point tyranid army, a 2500 daemon hunter army, 2500 dark eldar army, 2000 ork army, 2000 LotD army, and a 2000 death guard army.

The Dragon Reborn
03-07-2005, 08:05
Well I have 1500 point Dark Eldar, and 2500 point chaos you might say I am evil, but thats just an opinion

04-07-2005, 03:25
Space Wolves and Deathskullz.

Currently doing up Erik Morkai's Great Company.

04-07-2005, 03:32
Started with Eldar way back when, but haven't touched them in quite a while.

I've nearly collected a full company of Dark Angels, not including Death/Ravenwing and scouts.

I'm almost finished collecting a Cadian army; it just needs some bassies, griffons and a Chimera or two. A Salamander would be nice.

Currently, I'm collecting Nids.

Really, I'm just posting here so that I can start my own posts, dangit. I need nid advice.

04-07-2005, 03:51
It's interesting that the volume of Marine armies is not as large as I supposed it might be. Still more than anyone else, but certainly not the 60% or more figure that is commonly thought Marines make up of the gaming populace.

Commander Garro
04-07-2005, 04:08
Space Marines(Flame Falcons,Marines Errant,Space Wolves),Chaos,WH(Arbites)

04-07-2005, 08:46
It's interesting that the volume of Marine armies is not as large as I supposed it might be. Still more than anyone else, but certainly not the 60% or more figure that is commonly thought Marines make up of the gaming populace.

Don't forget that Warseer probably isn't a proper representation of all gamers. That and a lot of space marine players tend to have multiple marine armies (at least more as people having multiple Eldar or Tyranid armies, for example).

When Black Roses Bloom
04-07-2005, 09:01
Undivided. Chaos ofcourse.

04-07-2005, 09:50
Eldar Ulthwe Army. ;)

04-07-2005, 10:04
Anyone noticed the pattern of army being collected correlating with the release of the most rescent codex?
It quite clearly shows why they have been releasing Chaos, IG, SM, Tyranids... And hence I predict "Other" to be the next codex released :rolleyes:

04-07-2005, 10:27
Thousand Sons forever!

05-07-2005, 01:57
but the other covers the likes of kroot merc and other niche armies. harlequins cant be counted with the eldar either, they after all are a mix of the eldar and thier dark cousins IIRC. and of course you see why dark ELdar has the lowest number because of the crappiest figs and fluff.


05-07-2005, 07:50
Anyone noticed the pattern of army being collected correlating with the release of the most rescent codex?
It quite clearly shows why they have been releasing Chaos, IG, SM, Tyranids... And hence I predict "Other" to be the next codex released :rolleyes:

Tyranids don't rank that high on the list, and they are the latest codex...

Sure, they are higher as Orks or Eldar, but those races have really ancient codexes...

Lord Gordonis
09-07-2005, 20:14
I have got Blood Angels and starting the Destroyers which are a Whits Scars successor chapter, doing my own colour scheme for them and i'll be using the white scars traits atm though i might change them in the future.

09-07-2005, 20:19
Guard, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, my own chapter, Eldar, Tau and Tyranids.

10-07-2005, 05:17
Nids and Dark Elder, Anything that looks cool and is weak because that makes a win so much better

10-07-2005, 08:26
Hi i collect mostly space marines since the heresy came out and your own chapters and things like that i collect a little dark eldar and eldar just depends how i feel

10-07-2005, 08:29
I collect Ulthwé Eldar and Chaos Marines. My fiancé collects Dark Angels. I've had my eye on the Witch Hunters for a long time now, but if sometime within the next year GW pulls some IG greatcoat plastics out of their bum then I will go with Death Korp.


10-07-2005, 09:34
Kult of Speed, Orks, Crimson Fists, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Catachan, Cadian, and Which Hunters. I love them all the same . . . except my Orks, they where my first and still the army I play with the most.


10-07-2005, 12:09
Eldar (biel-tan) and Space marines but i only played a few games :cries:

10-07-2005, 17:37
dark eldar, around 2k points
and prolly around 500 points of tau

16-07-2005, 03:09
What no NECRONS as a choice? I know you have already been chastised for this oversight, but I wanted to let you know anyhow.

16-07-2005, 06:43
Chaos Marines at the moment. First Army was Dark Eldar, got fed up with no support for the army, switched to Space Wolves, mutated that into my own renegade Chapter, turned that into a Renegade Chaos Chapter and I have the occasional Tau model. Its a Tau collection that I'll increase over time, not in one hit.

16-07-2005, 08:53
I'm not "actively" collecting anything right now, but the armies that I regularily muck around with are Tyranids, Tau and Iron Hands Space Marines.

I have a Dark Eldar force, but I have not touched it in ages thanks to no support.

16-07-2005, 11:15
Chaos ( black legion ) and marked units as elites

16-07-2005, 11:29
Chaos. Mostly undivided, but sometimes branch off with nurgle, khorne or tzeentch characters and-or units.
In process of slowly accululating an eldar force.

16-07-2005, 12:02
About ten years ago, in the days of 2ed, I decided I wanted to play something original, that few others played. So I got the Ultramarines Codex and started looking for inspiration for a chapter that was a bit off the beaten track, at first I was going for crimson fits, but decided against it, as I wasnt to keen on painting a gazillion fist symbols freehand as well as they were a bit too exposed. I wanted something slightly moreobscure, preferrably with an easy chapter symbol to paint.

So I picked the Black Templars.

Now I find myself excusing my army all the time with "but I've had them since second edition!".

At least they're painted 2ed style, with all black armour and white crosses.

Oh well, the new SM codex was truly inspiring, so if the new BT codex isn't completely to my liking, my boys will get a new chapter symbol and return to being a vanilla chapter.

Too bad I sold all my scout snipers and librarians. :(

Oh right... other armies? Only a smattering of orks since my gorkamorka days and some plans to add some witch hunter allies to my boys, with the option to expand them into their own army at some point.

/Joel - first templar?

16-07-2005, 13:16
I'm waiting for the new Black templars to come out, nothing quite like the zealous madness of the Emperors finest!

16-07-2005, 13:17
IG, Dark Angels, Ulthwe Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Orks, Daemonhunters, Witch hunters, Slaaneshi Chaos, Tau.

I think I may be getting paid too much.....:D

Knight Panther
16-07-2005, 17:30
Only Space Marines...

16-07-2005, 22:20
Mostly Tau with what used to be a little side-project of Thousand Sons, and Salamanders/Blood Angels.

Lord Malachi
18-07-2005, 03:23
I started with plain codex Marines painted with white armor and black shoulder pads with yellow trim. Their first vehicles were painted bleached bone. Over time I started playing them as Black Templars and repainted everybody with black armor and white shoulder pads with black trim. Their vehicles are all-black now.

I recently began collecting an Imperial Guard army. I've bought Cadians so far, but I want to add some Catachans for use as veterans, sgts, etc. I was drawn to the Guard mainly because I love tanks. The Marines don't offer a lot of affordable (points as well as $$$) tanks. I like the look of the new Predators and Whirlwind though.

I figure on getting some Inquisitors and other miscellaneous models to be able to use my IG and Marines as Witchhunters. All other development will be on hold until GW comes out with Alienhunters.

18-07-2005, 04:27
Current armies:

Warhammer 40,000
Chaos Space Marines: Undivided
Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard
Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters
Dark Eldar: Haemunculi Coven
Imperial Guard: Armored Company (soon to be Adeptus Mechanicus tank company using Armored Company with Daemonhunter allies rules)
Space Marines: Dark Angels
Sisters of Battle (not WHs)
Tyranid: Genestealer Invasion Fleet

Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Cult of Ulric

Battle Fleet Gothic

Shadow Warriors
various human warbands

Protectorate of Menoth

Starship Troopers
MI Power Suit Platoon
MI Marauder Suit Platoon

Cynwall Elves

Previous armies: (traded or sold)

Blood Angels
Eldar (twice)
Night Goblins
Space Wolves
Speed Freeks

Hmm... That took way too much thought to come up with that list. Probably forgot some. ::sigh::

EDIT: Forgot Bretonnians under Previous.

18-07-2005, 11:40
That's rather scary....

18-07-2005, 18:37
And to think I'm only 23 and have been doing this seriously for only 7 years (needed to drive to the game stores). I shudder to think what my collection will look like when I'm 30 and actually have a full time job. :eek:

... Okay, so I'm actually looking forward to it. :evilgrin:

Opus T. Penguin
19-07-2005, 04:41
And to think I'm only 23 and have been doing this seriously for only 7 years (needed to drive to the game stores). I shudder to think what my collection will look like when I'm 30 and actually have a full time job.

Like mine.

Where you have to plan the purchase of the house around holding the game collection. I'm so glad I married another gamer.... :evilgrin:

Lord Kitchener
19-07-2005, 10:16
Hi there.

I collect these armies for 40k

Imperial Catachans
Imperial Mordian/praetorian
Imperial Cadians
Four Imperial armoured companies, including Baneblade, tank destroyer, Vanquishers and various others and a mechanised company.
Deamon Hunters
Witch Hunters
Chaos Marines Undivided
Chaos Marines World Eaters including the FW Bloodthirster
Dark Eldar
Black Templars
Blood Angels
Ultra Marines

I tend to collect the models I really like the look of as they come out for release, then I buy the codex's and play with them, so I'm a collector first and a Wargamer second, although I do love to play and so I run my own club from home, in a purpose built clubhouse 30ft by 20ft.

Martin K

19-07-2005, 12:39
Currently working on 13th Company Wulfen and Raven Guard.

As you can see not a fan of lots of vehicles.

19-07-2005, 21:46
I have close to 20k in Guard alone.
Thats an armoured co., artillery co., mech. inf. co. and an inf. co, plus specalist troops not in the regular TOE.

I also have DH and WH contingents.

A LatD force and the beginings of an Alpha Legion army.

19-07-2005, 23:20
Thousand Sons and Dark Eldar in progress.

I have something against "Armies That Win"

19-07-2005, 23:28
Hmm, the infamous what army do you play thread. I play IG, gotta love the Hellhounds and Demolishers.

General Uber
20-07-2005, 13:37
Dark Angels & Nids. Always wanted to start IG (including some squats). Damn Ô_o

24-07-2005, 20:08
40K: Tau & Kroot and small units (unplayable, just for painting) of vanilla SM, Daemonhunters, Witchhunters, 'nids.

Fantasy: just starting to put together my first army, Lizardmen.

Freak Ona Leash
24-07-2005, 20:27
Space Marines. But I am now putting a Squat army together. The Hell's Satans Biker Guild to be exact :D

24-07-2005, 20:31
still working on expanding my Death-Guard.

24-07-2005, 20:36
Tyranids, Necrons, Thousand sons, Dark Eldar, Space Wolves

as to why a Tsons player would collect wolves.. it was given to me

Lady Bastet
24-07-2005, 21:30
I play Goa'uld... seriously!

Use the Wargods models (Aser Spearmen converted into Jaffa) with a mix of Eldar, Necron and Warhammer Undead parts.

May take pictures one day...

24-07-2005, 21:46
I play Kroot Merc, TAU, LatD (wolf themed), and Iron Warriors (wolf themed).

24-07-2005, 22:54
Let's see:

Started with the Hive Mind. 2nd Ed with about 5000pts and still growing.
Next was Space Wolves have a full company with vehicles.
Then Praetorians (Gave them away to start another army.)
Then Cadian Imps: Don't know the size as never point costed them but if you use the standard FOC, I have about a full Company. (Yes a Company not a couple of Platoons. Comes from buying 3 Battle boxes a paycheck for almost 18 months.) Just wanted to see what it would look like.

Mechanized Company (Shared with IG)
Armoured Company with two Super heavies
2500 points of Ulthwe Eldar
2500 points of Harlequins (Rogue Trader models.)
Around 3000 points of Chaos Undivided
2000 points of 1k Sons
2000 points of Chorne
1800 point of Iron Warriors
8000 points of Orcs
3000 points of Speed Freaks

Now Sad thing is is most of these are unpainted as I like the game and just really don't put in the time to paint.

Just picked up the new Big Box o Nids and have to say they is so loverly.

24-07-2005, 22:59
I was born a 'nid player, and in all likelihood, I’ll die one too :p

I started way back in 2nd ed, stopped playing in mid 2002, but since the release of the 4th ed ‘nids induced my to cream my shorts, I'm back building another nid-tastic army.

Oh, and I've also got a small Tau army that I wheel out from time to time.
Talk about polar opposites.

A neutral shade of black.
25-07-2005, 01:09
Woo, I'm another Tau player.
First army I had, still the only 40k one. They've been through quite a few changes (in fact, half the army deserves to be thrown out and rebought), but I'm still sticking to them.
I also dabble in dark elves, and (to my great shame) I've found that I decidedly like Lord of the Rings models - enough to get into the game.

25-07-2005, 10:30
Well in 40k I play Necrons and Tyranids and I have an old Word Bearer force that I doesn't use anymore...

EDIT: wow, over 50% of all players here plays Space Marines...


The Emperor's Child
25-07-2005, 11:35
Tyranids, or atleast I used to collect them. I have about 2000 points of them laying around but I haven't done anything with them for a long time, got tired of painting all those gaunts. :p

After that I started on Fantasy Lizardmen for the change, of wich I also collected quite a force but eventually felt like I enjoyed 40k more, and thus my plans for a CSM Emperor's Children army were born just a week ago.

25-07-2005, 15:08
EDIT: wow, over 50% of all players here plays Space Marines...

No real surprises there. Most people start 40k with marines anyway, and I think if you look beyond warseer, there are way more space marine players out there as this precentage suggest.

25-07-2005, 15:45
I started collecting 40k during 2nd edition, at which point I began my long and continuing attraction to the Thousand Sons, which was quite a task in itself since the Thousand Sons range of models=1 :p .

Now I have 5000 pts of Thousand Sons (Not including my early converted Bezerker Rubric Marines, I'd die a happy man if I never saw green stuff again :rolleyes: )
Which makes me unique in Perth as I've yet to come across another, but I know there is another Sorcerer's Kabal out there somewhere.

I also have a 1500 pt Kabal of the Black Heart and a small pre-codex Necron army (don't those old Immortal's look cool?).
I'm now just beginning a Night Lords army.

28-07-2005, 00:07
I own a space marines army right now and when I get bored of them ethier a Tau army ( that was my first choice but changed my mind)or Eldar which suprises me scince I didnt pay much attenion to them but know they intrest me...............

Rabid Bunny 666
28-07-2005, 00:09
started on marines, did guard, then chaos marines, then eldar, then marines, then chaos marines, then eldar, then marines , then marines and now marines

so there!