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09-05-2008, 16:43
6 linemen
2 catchers
2 throwers
2 blitzers (one of whom is the world famous Dieter Beckhausen)
4 re-rolls
4 fan factor

What do you think?

09-05-2008, 18:51
What Race is this? Some of us old coaches stop calling figures by their stupid GW names and just call them by their rolls.

I normally do this with high elves alot.

09-05-2008, 21:48
What Race is this? Some of us old coaches stop calling figures by their stupid GW names and just call them by their rolls.

I normally do this with high elves alot.

Humans. What do you mean 'by their rolls'?

09-05-2008, 23:10
I've never needed more than one thrower. They're never in the right place at the right time.

Start with 4 blitzers and construct your team around that core for something like:

4 Blitzer 360
1 thrower 70
2 catcher 140
5 linos 250
3 reroll 140



Pink Horror
10-05-2008, 03:01
Linemen, blitzers, re-rolls, who needs anything else? Just max those out.

12-05-2008, 15:01
Humans. What do you mean 'by their rolls'?

I started playing BB back on the old Foam board:D Which i just found again when I moved into my new house.

But why back in 2nd ed. GW named alot of the positionals by their roll. Basically, every position fell under either a Blocker, Blitzer, Lineman, Catcher, or Thrower. They didn't have that many of the WHFB names. Wardancer, Gutterrunner, Stormvermin, Trollslayer.

13-05-2008, 09:28
Tennboy, do you mean 'roles?'

I have to agree with you that positional players should have positional names. It keeps to the spirit of the game much better, as well as warming the cockles of old timers like ye and me. One of the best things about the current ruleset is the way these names have made a comeback. No more 'Lion Warriors,' for example, now we have High Elf Catchers. Much better.

Anyhoo, back on topic, rev's list looks ideal (except that it should cost 980!), and is in fact the starting lineup (or near enough) that I chose recently for my own Hammertown Thaumaturgicals, and is serving me well.

Blitzers are your friend, so take lots, and I find catchers useful because their high MV and Dodge makes them really maneuverable, which is handy on attack and defence.

You might even consider that second thrower. Humans are pretty average, and you'll see just how often 3+ can fail, so positional re-rolls can save your bacon. Most people don't tend to agree with me on this, though...

13-05-2008, 12:49
.......Crap I'm an Idiot. You all just hold on for a minute, I have to go shred my college diploma and quit my job as an engineer before someone gets hurt.

the anti santa
13-05-2008, 18:15
Rev's line up is very good. 4 Blitzers and a thrower is a must, I'd aslo advise getting a catcher or 2 as they are really useful at the start to help you win games. Just look after them as they are big targets and SPP hogs.

A 2nd thrower isn't such a bad idea, they skill up quickly and you can have 1 as a rummer who gets block 1st and another with the passing skills.

You can spend the remaining 30K on Fan factor or save it to buy an apothecary after game 1.

If you can, try to score with the linemen. The rest of the team skill themselves, but you need some good linemen to make the humans effective.

14-05-2008, 13:01
Like Anti-Santa said, you are gonna need 2 or 3 lineman with good defensive supporting skills, Block, Guard, Fend.

These guys are gonna be the people holding the "Gut".

So here is one opinion.

4 blitzers
6 linemen
4 RR

Try to use the Blitzers to do the dirty work and then give a last second hand-off to a lineman to run it in for a touchdown. (a RR is just as good as the Catch skill, afterall)

Buy 2 catchers as the team grows. And as you get another positional, retire any lineman who have sustained any injuries.